UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great?

Updated On: July 24, 2022

UK Travel Statistics

There’s always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it’s the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it’s such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!

So, what do the UK travel statistics tell us?

Well, first of all, we know that UK holidays are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, over the last five years, there has been a steady increase in the number of UK holidaymakers, with more and more people choosing to stay closer to home for their annual break.

But it’s not just UK residents who are holidaying in Britain. The latest figures show that the number of overseas visitors to the UK has also been on the rise in recent years, with record numbers of people coming to experience all our country has to offer.

In this in-depth article, you’ll learn more about the travel industry in the UK and the secrets behind why this country always keeps its option as one of the tourism market leaders. And what is expected to happen during the upcoming years? Does the UK maintain this position, or it will leave it for another country?

We promise you an insightful case study to learn more about any aspects of this giant and influential empire. 

UK Travel Statistics 1 There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 9

Why Should Everyone Visit the UK?

So, what is it that makes the UK such a popular destination? Well, there are a number of factors that contribute to our appeal. For starters, we are in front of the most iconic landmarks and attractions in the world, from Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall, and of course, the Queen herself. Nothing can compare with walking around Trafalgar Square, snapping away wherever you go or bringing a cup of coffee to warm your heart if you have the chance to visit London in December. 

We also boast a rich history and culture that is second to none, with a wealth of museums, galleries and historical sites to explore. And let’s not forget our world-famous countryside, which offers visitors the chance to escape the bustling city life and experience some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

Of course, there are also plenty of activities and experiences to be enjoyed in the UK, from shopping and dining in our cosmopolitan cities to hiking and cycling in the stunning small towns and losing yourself between its picturesque lanes. Whatever your interests, you’re sure to find something to suit you in Britain.

There are many reasons, but these are just a few of the most important ones. So if you’re considering booking a trip to Britain, keep these things in mind. You won’t be disappointed!

Important UK Travel Statistics Before You Should Know Go

The United Kingdom is home to many wonders that will leave you amazed every single moment. You saw many posts that entice you to pack your luggage immediately and fly to Britain. But identifying the country through detailed figures will help you understand and expect what is waiting for you there!

Here we go…

  • Tourism in the United Kindom contributes £106 to the British GDP offering 2.6 million job opportunities. However, this ratio has changed during the last few years. In 2019, tourism supported the British economy by 237 billion British pounds. While after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the industry incurred huge losses, estimated at £ 7 billion. Source: World Travel & Tourism Council (Ouch! However, a strategy for the country’s recovery from this catastrophe has been put in place for the coming months!)
  • According to the National Travel Survey, the total number of trips across private and public transport in England is 739, down 22% from 2019 (953 trips). Source: Official government website  (Holiday or vacation travel is one of the most prominent segments in this industry in the UK., So if you want to find the best and cheapest prices, keep your distance away from peak seasons)
  • 53% of the inbound visitor spend goes to London, the rest of England’s cities demonstrate 35%, Scotland accounted for 8%, and Wales takes only 2%. Source: Condorferries (This number tells you how much you will need to spend for your trip to the United Kingdom. Divide your budget ahead! Also, it illustrates that London is the most expensive UK city, filled with many places where you can spend a great deal of money —which is true. So, if you’re willing to go beyond London— which is highly recommended, stay at less-expensive accommodations and take advantage of free activities.)
  • The total number of overseas visitors to the UK reached 2.1 million in April 2022, 27 times more than in the same month. Source: Office for National Statistics. (the UK is a beautiful country with a plethora of offerings and long history of pride and glory! That’s why once the restrictions were lifted; people were bouncing up to book their vacation right here!)  
  • Most UK visitors spend a great time browsing its excellent museums; however, the rest look for wildlife and outdoor activities. Source: Condorferries (If you’re looking to see some fantastic wildlife, you don’t have to go far than South West, London and Scotland. They are home to a variety of parks and green spaces that are perfect for observing animals in their natural habitats, from deer and squirrels to birds and bats!)
  • For literary tours, the South West comes as the second option for bibliophiles who want to savour the unique taste of English literature. Source: Condorferries (If you have the chance to hit this artistic spot, don’t forget to check out the historical characters of Winchester’s past and the most-beloved attractions to author Jane Austen)
  • However, there was an increase in air passenger arrivals in the UK in 2021; 40% of these arrivals were British people. This number fluctuated each month during 2020 and 2021 because of new corona variants and other factors like the weather. But in February, the government announced that taking a departure pretest, a self-isolate procedure, or containment measures was no longer required. Source: UK Home Office (People are willing to travel around the UK this year for family meetings after the harsh circumstances of the pandemic. So, becoming caught up in a sea of people is easy. But who cares! You need to have a usual holiday this summer)
  • Before the onset of the pandemic, travel revenues and the tourism market in the UK were calculated at approximately 36.4 billion U.S. dollars. Still, this figure shrank by roughly 67% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 measures. Source: Statista (The UK’s tourism industry is facing an uncertain future after tourism, including spending on hotels, package holidays, or cruises, dropped roughly, but there is hope that it will eventually rebound.)
  • People in England made the lowest number of trips by car in 2020 since this kind of trip began in 1972— on an average of 14 trips per week, making the weakest miles taken by travellers. Source: UK Home Office (People have different preferences when it comes to accommodations— some like a romantic shack in the woods, others want to chill out at a luxury resort with a household vibe, and the rest maybe look for a Bond-themed windmill, but all of them love walking experience across the UK Don’t miss out on this pleasant opportunity!)
  • By 2025, the UK tourism industry will amount to over £257 billion, worth around 10% of the UK GDP. Source: Condorferries (This number could be unrealistic among the inflation and uncertain economic conditions but with the increasing rate of bookings, vacation rentals, and cruises. Before you go, check out many extraordinary ideas to explore the UK on your own by indulging yourself in its diverse scenery and rich cultural heritage.) 
  • The average daily spending as a tourist amounts to £122 in the United Kingdom, which is the average everyday price based on other visitors’ experiences. Source: (You should plan to spend on this average before per day if you want to hit the most popular attractions on your vacation — no less, but it can be more if desired)
  • Most travellers spend around £30 on meals daily, which is the average daily price, but it depends on your own expenses and food preferences. Source: (Local restaurants offering Indian or Asian cuisines can be a little bit cheap, primarily if they are located away from hotspots)
  • From April 2020 to January 2022, the United Kingdom attracted a total of 36,657,500 visitors, a decrease of 82% from the year before. Source: UK Home Office (This data shows how the UK’s tourism industry has been affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Many tourists cancelled their trips to the UK, and businesses such as hotels and restaurants have been hit hard. But the UK government still has a plan to help the country recover more quickly.)
  • Tourism revenues reached around 18 billion U.S. dollars, which is expected to rise over the following years— revenues are forecast to hit 46 billion U.S. dollars in 2026. Source: Statista’s Mobility Market Outlook (However, nothing can replace the pleasure and experience of travel, you can explore the UK virtually, such as through online resources and virtual tours. Is it going to give you a taste of what awaits?!)
  • The pandemic affected UK travellers’ behaviour as well. The number of overseas holidays from the United Kingdom was down from 58.7 million in 2019, hardly reaching only 14.2 million in 2020. Source: Statista (This number will jump steadily this year as many UK people are willing to an enormous go and explore countries outside their borders to make up the time passed during the lockdown!)
  • The coronavirus crisis caused a 58 billion British pounds decline in the total domestic expenditures throughout the kingdom. Source: Statista (With this in mind, you can expect how crowded the UK will be in the coming vacation season because many people want to visit the best places in the UK after containing the virus!) 
  • UK Tourism revenues in 2023 are estimated to peak at over the 2019 levels— worth more than $30 billion. Source: Statista Mobility Market Outlook (It means that prices will peak as well. Pack your luggage as soon as possible and take advantage of cheaper deals which will not last forever!)
  • The pandemic forced many businesses to send workers to work from home or even adopt a hybrid workplace. But now, after the restrictions have been lifted and people are free to go wherever they want, 84% of employees said in a survey generated by Office for National Statistics that they planned to keep their work remotely or at least mix between working at home and on-site. This policy gives people more freedom to work from anywhere and start travelling within work. Source: UK Office for National Statistics ( A study on working from home strategy found that this remote approach makes it easier to take advantage of opportunities to travel. For employers, offering remote working options may be a way to attract and retain employees and boost morale and productivity — more about this study, look below)*
UK Travel Statistics 2 There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 10
  • Tourism is one of the fastest-growing markets in Britain. It’s expected to increase by 3.8% a year until 2025, creating a 10% up in all relevant jobs. Source: Condorferries (The industry supports more than 3 million jobs, hugely impacting the British economy.)
  • Some tourism segments, such as the cruise sector, increased after the coronavirus era by around 52%. Source: Statista (Exploring the UK on a cruise trip is one of the best ways to make the best of your vacation. The trip will include everything from beautifully preserved buildings and castles to many world-class museums, shopping centres, and art galleries. It’s a highly-recommended tour to spot the best and most unique country estates in Britain!)
  • Despite all the disappointing numbers of tourism segments during the pandemic, people intended to experience something different like cycling and walking. In 2020, average cycling trips increased by 26% compared to 2019. Source: UK Home Office (People tried a new healthy lifestyle within the COVID-19 crisis, and it seemed to pay off!)
  • Spain is the most popular tourist destination for UK travellers, with around 4.2 million in 2022 and over 18 million in 2019. Source: Statista (It makes more sense! Only 2 hours by plane or 20h by train. But Spain is packed with many iconic attractions, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisines and affordable accommodations which make anyone’s holiday everything they have dreamed of)
  • In 2021, the vacation rental market amounted to 2.6 million bookings. This number is estimated to increase to roughly 16.7 million in 2026. Source: Statista (It’s an excellent way to save money while visiting the United Kingdom. Consider renting a studio instead of staying at a hotel and paying so much more than you can afford!)
  • In 2017, 2 million tourists from other countries spent a record-breaking £24.5 billion in the UK Source: Condorferries (Actually, there are many ways to spend your money while you’re there. One option is to visit some of the UK’s many tourist attractions. From the Tower of London to Stonehenge, there is much beautiful stuff that could blow your mind. Another option is to go shopping. The UK has many high-end shops, as well as more affordable stores. You can also consider spending your money on food and drink. The UK has a variety of traditional dishes you can try, and there are many places to get a good pint of beer.)

*UK workers who are able to work from home one day a week are more likely to take trips for leisure, new research finds. The study, conducted by UK-based travel company First Travel Solutions, found that employees who have the option to work remotely are significantly more likely to use their extra free time to travel. Among the respondents who said they could work from home, nearly 60% said they had used their spare time to take trips, compared to just over 40% of those who could not work remotely. The findings suggest that working from home can help people to balance their work and personal life.

Where You Can Stay in the UK Based on Travel Statistics

So, why not visit the UK this summer to hit all these staggering attractions? Why not spend a night in a red hut set on a ridge to appreciate the sunset moment while hugging your coffee?

You don’t know where you can stay in the UK! Okay, fair enough. It’s a reasonable reason. That’s why we are here. 

The United Kingdom is a large country with plenty to offer visitors. So whether you’re interested in the big city life or want to explore the natural beauty of the countryside, there’s a place for you to stay in the UK In this part, we will take a look at some of the best cities to stay in when visiting Britain. From London to Edinburgh, we’ve got you covered!


UK Travel Statistics London There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 11

London is the capital of the UK and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There’s plenty to see and do in this historic city, from visiting Buckingham Palace to exploring the Tower of London. If you’re looking for a place to stay in London, many options are just right here to suit your needs and budget.

It’s absolutely the most visited city in the UK, and there is no wonder about it! It houses prestigious museums, impressive structures, outstanding theatres and beautiful nature.

There are many unique places to visit in the world, but London is definitely one of the best. This city has something for everyone – from history and culture to shopping and nightlife. There are countless reasons why London is such a great place to visit.

London always attracts UK visitors with an estimated 30 million visits per year, according to Condorferries. But please note, London has gained this reputation recently. For example, from 2002 to 2016, the number of visitors increased from 11 million to 19 million for a reason. 

First, the country has used some intel to prompt itself as a dream destination offering a new experience for those who have wanderlust to explore Europe’s grandeur. 

This number dropped during the last years as statistics relating to visitors and passengers flying to London showed 21 million arrivals in 2019 compared to 4.6 million in 2020. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many figures relevant or irrelevant to tourism have been demolished till some industries have been trying to recover, and the total number of arrivals in London reached 7.4 million, based on a report published by Statista.

The same report showed that the total visitor spending in 2019 was estimated at £2,104 million as international tourists spent nearly 119 million while inbound tourist spending recorded 15.7 billion British pounds.

But due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, London lost one of its central national resources, and this spending decreased dramatically in 2020 over pre-pandemic levels reaching £409 million.

The overnight tourist visits to London ranked third before the pandemic coming after Paris and Bangkok. However, this position is most likely to change due to the new travel trends and the will of Britons to travel overseas more after two years of lockdown and only bad news about infections, cases, and death.

It’s not the whole thing! If you want to know how much tourism affects this city, you can tell that the number of overnight stays exceeded 1.3 million in 2019, but it went down, reaching 0.3 million in 2020.

Even after many limitations have been lifted, the 2021 and 2022 figures are still far from the pre-pandemic levels, and it could happen until 2025, according to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. (However, we can see the light in this pessimistic outlook; you can navigate around the most popular attractions and plan a one and two-week UK itinerary without getting stuck with crowds!)

Based on an official release, the number of daily visits to London totalled 19.7 million in 2019 and only 4.3 million in 2020.

On the other hand, City Attractions Monitor explained that the number of popular city attractions exceeded 7 million before the pandemic. However, it’s still under this average in the post-pandemic era (only 1.56 million in 2020 and 1.54 million in 2021) as most London attractions, notably the Bank of England Museum and City of London Police Museum, were closed during the pandemic outbreak.

And if you think that the number of UK visits recovered in 2021 after people understood the pandemic situation and how to get protected from this invisible enemy, you are wrong!

The visits were down 1% in 2021 compared to 2020 and 79% compared to 2019! (It seems that the mayor’s expectations ring true!)

What about how much people spend in London? People spend an average of £145 per day, according to It’s not a fixed price, of course, many things might cause higher or lowers expenses, but this number depends on previous travellers. And be ready to spend £29 on meals for one person and £21 on public transportation — of course, other modes would cost you more.

So who is visiting London? Based on reports released by Statista, the United States represents the largest source of the tourism market in London, with 3.09 million visits in 2019, followed by France and Germany.

Want to know some secrets about how people spend their vacation in London? Most UK visitors are looking for free attractions and activities to do in London, and you should be no exception. People have realized there’s no need to break the bank to enjoy London. In fact, there are plenty of things to do in this fantastic city that don’t cost a penny!

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends or you want to explore the city on your own, many free activities are available just right here. Most of these attractions are museums like the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Maritime Museum, and several art galleries such as Tate Modern and the National Gallery. 

That’s why it makes sense to hear that 47% of people prefer to visit London museums. And literature and history lovers always include London on their bucket list to see its galleries, classic performances, and even movie shows. 

Otherwise, wildlife is one of the main reasons to visit London, and almost all tourists appreciate its pristine beauty by heading to its national botanical parks, according to Condorferries

Finally, walking is one of the best experiences to do in London. Taking to the streets in the United Kingdom, whether in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, has long been among the most popular outings here. You don’t need to visit the most popular tourist destinations. You can just lose yourself in its decent streets lined with enhancing buildings where every corner offers an opportunity to take amazing shots.  

How many days do people spend in London? Based on some unofficial survives, people tend to spend 3 – 5 days in London. If you have your own plan to spend your time here, go ahead. If not, stick to this average, especially if it’s your first time to be there. However, the longer, the better, but also it depends on your schedule and budget.  


Edinburgh UK Travel Statistics There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 12

You will most likely check some appealing news about Edinburgh on social media. Truly, it’s heaven! Without any doubt, bursting life has us dreaming about quaint places where we can unwind and fuel our energy. Edinburgh is the perfect antidote to crazy busy days.  

So, if you’re looking to explore the Scottish countryside, Edinburgh is the perfect place to stay. This city is home to many historic landmarks, such as Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. You can also enjoy the views of the city from Arthur’s Seat, a peak in Holyrood Park. Or you can enjoy the much-beloved Devonshire tea while admiring the iconic structures manifesting how the greatest this city is!

While Jounyuray can be cold and dark in some places, you can feel warm by browsing this city. It will help you forget the winter blues. It’s a romantic getaway you can visit in summer to immerse yourself in its extensive landscapes or enjoy the Christmas spirit on cold days. 

Indeed, when it comes to finding a place to stay in Edinburgh, there are plenty of options ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly Airbnbs.

To know more about UK travel statistics, we have to have a look at this incredible city because it can be exciting, and they can tell us a lot about a city.

For example, did you know that Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK? Over two million people visit this historic city every year for many reasons. From the imposing castle to the beautiful Georgian architecture, there is magic wherever you go to make you enjoy yourself. And let’s not forget about the whisky!

There are over 100 distilleries in Scotland, many of which are in Edinburgh. So whether you’re a history buff or a lover of fine spirits, there’s sure to be something for you in this vibrant city. results in 2019 showed that Edinburgh welcomed roughly 3.1 million overnight trips from British residents who spent 7.9 million nights and £731 million.

And not just Britons who fell in love with this city, international travellers exceeded 2.3 million in the same year. 

The same site showed that the total international visits (34%) were 3% higher than the domestic (31%) in the same year. And the total overnight spending totalled £20 billion, and the number of bed nights was calculated at £20 million. So in 2019, tourism in Scotland recorded impressive numbers. 

Additionally, seasonal festivals contribute to making Edinburgh one of the best cities to visit in the United Kingdom, such as the Festival Fringe with more than 3 million attendees, the International Festival, and the International Book Festival, data produced by the City of Edinburgh Council showed.  

What about how much people spend in Edinburgh? People spend an average of £116 per day, which varies a lot depending on the experience they want to gain from this lovely city, based on budgetyourtrip. This cost includes £31 for meals and £13 for public transportation. Please don’t learn that the hard way. Some travellers waste their travel expenses and leave many beautiful places behind because they lack money. Instead, set your budget ahead of time to make the best of your trip. 

So who is visiting Edinburgh? The city welcomes tourists from all over the world. However, 24% of the international arrivals come from the United States, followed by Germany and France, just like London. Most travellers are between 25 and 44 years old and willing to spend their vacation among its epic castles and historical spots, according to Statista.

Want to know some secrets about how people spend their vacation in Edinburgh? Edinburgh Castle constitutes one of the most popular attractions in this breathtaking city. 

Statista report presents this fact several times; the latest update on experimental statistics relating to the number of local and international passenger arrivals recorded 2.2 million for the period 2019 to 2020, then it dropped during the COVID-19 and even after the restrictions loosening— it never got close to this pre-pandemic level (424 thousand in 2021)

Also, the National Museum of Scotland is the second most popular attraction in Edinburgh, with more than 2 million visits in 2019 and only 661 thousand in 2021, according to an official release by the Scotland government. 

The city is filled with other places that are definitely worthy of your bucket lists, such as the Scottish National Gallery, St Giles Cathedral, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Zoo. 

Edinburgh is also packed with some attractions, which can be a great way to bond with family, friends, or your significant other, and most importantly, they would cost you nothing!

It can also be a fantastic opportunity to explore new cultures and learn more about our world. However, with the rising cost of airfare and accommodation, many people are forced to forego their travel plans. Edinburgh is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a budget-friendly vacation destination.

The Scottish capital is brimming with free activities for the whole family. From exploring the city’s many museums and galleries, such as Edinburgh Old Town, the Writer’s Museum, and Museum on the Mound, to taking a stroll through one of its many green spaces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy Edinburgh.

So why not ditch the expensive travel plans and head to Edinburgh for your next vacation? It’s one of the best places to visit in the UK, packed with things to do and gems to uncover, whether you’re a nature lover or a history buff.  

How many days do people spend in Edinburgh? UK travel statistics show that the average person spends four days in Edinburgh. However, this number does not consider the many different types of travellers who visit the city. For instance, those interested in history may want to spend several days visiting Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile due to its priceless treasure and wide array of collections they wish to explore.

Those who are looking for a more relaxed vacation may prefer to spend their time strolling through the city’s parks and gardens. And those who enjoy nightlife may find that four days is not enough time to experience all Edinburgh offers. Ultimately, the time needed to explore Edinburgh depends on the traveller’s interests and preferences. But for first-time travellers, we suggest spending at least 3 days catching a glimpse of the must-see attractions.


Manchester is a UK city full of culture, music and history, making it the perfect place to visit for those who want to experience a mix of everything Britain has to offer. Travellers can explore famous landmarks such as Manchester Cathedral and the Castlefield Roman Fort or shop till they drop in the world-renowned Arndale Centre.

The nightlife is also not to be missed, with plenty of bars and clubs to keep visitors entertained into the early hours. For those looking to experience some of the UK’s best-loved music, Manchester is home to several live music venues, including the O2 Apollo and the Albert Hall. And with two massive football teams in the form of Manchester United and Manchester City, sports fans will also have plenty to keep them busy.

The best time to visit Manchester is between May and September when the weather is at its best. However, there is always something going on in this charming city, so there’s never a wrong time to pay a visit.

Marketing Manchester company’s tourism is significant for the Greater Manchester economy. For instance, it’s worth £7.9 billion, which is more important than any other industrial sector in the city. In addition, the town always receives support from the kingdom to prompt tourism activities to welcome thousands of domestic and international travellers.

In 2019, international visits recorded £1.7 million. On the other hand, the global holiday visits only were estimated at £563,620. When you compare the pre-and ongoing COVID-19 using 2019 as the baseline for that comparison, you will notice the impact of the pandemic. For example, Manchester attracted 307,000 visits in 2021, which excelled Edinburgh for the first time.

However, in 2018, the economic impact of tourism activity in Greater Manchester amounted to £9 billion, and £4.86 billion in Manchester City, a report published by Marketing Manchester.

Of course, there’s something so gorgeous about Manchester, and yes, we might be slightly biased, but it’s not just our perspective. 

Actually, Manchester is the third most-visited city in the UK Not just that, Manchester is one of the top eco-friendly gateways in the UK, and its citizens are the greenest in Great Britain as they depend on sustainable solutions in their daily lifestyle to reduce household emissions, based on Big Zero Report 2022. But, of course, that means the city’s appeal has much to do with its extensive green areas and national parks if you want to meditate and reconnect with nature.

The report compares UK people’s attitudes and examines some smart eco measures. That’s why you should consider visiting Manchester to explore the culture and new lifestyle trends making it so different from other UK nations.  

Tourism offered roughly 100,700 jobs in Greater Manchester in 2018, and the value of this industry was worth £904 million with a £93 daily value, according to the same Marketing Manchester report.

So, what about how much people spend in Manchester? Most visitors prefer to stay close to the city centre to be adjacent to different leisure activities, which people are willing to pay an average of £46 daily, showed. Previous travellers generally spent around £147 per day, including £44 on meals and £15 on local transportation. However, marketing Manchester explained that Travellers looking for more luxurious options spend about £130 per person per day. 

So who is visiting Manchester? Most domestic visits to the city come from North West; however, it attracts other national travellers; Irish Republic is the biggest market to Manchester, followed by Germany and the U.S. However, China dominates the Manchester tourism market in terms of holiday visits, according to International Passenger Survey 2019.

Want to know some secrets about how people spend their vacation in Manchester? 73% of visitors prefer eating out at one of the upscale restaurants dotted the city. Another exciting activity people like to do within Manchester is shopping. Undoubtedly, the city embraces a number of decent malls teeming with well-known brands, Manchester Arndale and Middlebrook Retail & Leisure Park. In addition, parks and museums have become familiar to tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the artistic antiques and well-crafted paintings. 

That’s what your vacation would be like in Manchester. All entertainment tools and facilities are on set for you.    

If you’re on a budget, fortunately, there is an abundance of free activities to enjoy in Manchester. Start your day by strolling through the city’s many parks and green spaces, such as Heaton Park or Albert Square. Then explore the world-famous Museum of Science and Industry, or take a self-guided walking tour of the historic Manchester Cathedral. Finally, enjoy free live music in the evening at one of the city’s many bars and clubs. With a bit of planning, you can quickly fill your days in Manchester with no money.

How many days do people spend in Manchester? UK travel statistics show that the average visitor spends 3-4 days in Manchester, which may vary depending on your interests. For example, if you’re a fan of the arts, you could easily spend a week visiting all of the city’s museums and galleries. Or, if you’re more interested in nightlife, you could focus on exploring Manchester’s bar and club scene. Whichever way you spend your time, there is no shortage of ideas for having a blast in Manchester. 

However, most visitors make a common mistake when they come here, including me, but I can tell you how to avoid that — prepare only a day trip before returning home. Manchester is unique and has gained an international reputation as a popular tourist destination in just a few years. So plan to stay here one night — at least you can enjoy a drink at a cosy local bar. 

The only advice is not to book your ticket on the big games’ days like a match between the giant Manchester teams. The airlines might price a ticket considerably higher than on other days unless you want to attend the game. And it would be an unforgettable experience. 


Birmingham There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 13

Birmingham UK is a top destination for travellers from around the world. It’s a large city in the West Midlands region of England. 

Birmingham’s unique atmosphere will keep you amazed, from its rich history and culture to its diverse attractions and activities. So whether you’re looking to explore one of the many museums and art galleries or just enjoy a leisurely stroll through one of the many beautiful parks, Birmingham UK is sure to satisfy you with its offerings.

On average of 41.8 million visits, people come here to watch a play in Shakespeare’s birthplace, in an evening concert at the sumptuous Birmingham Symphony Hall, or even visit world-famous museums.  

Tourism created more than 9,424 new jobs in 2019, according to a report produced by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

So, what about how much people spend in Birmingham? For a solo traveller, the estimated spending is £932 per week based on In summer, prices are going to surge because many visitors are fleeing to the city to enjoy the sunlight. A night in the hotel could cost you an average of £50. As far as you have a great plan on how you can spend your vacation here, you can save money and have a great vacation 

So who is visiting Birmingham? Previously, Birmingham was merely the layover for almost all tourists. In 2017, the city welcomed a spiring figure of travellers who wanted to know more about the city’s culture. It became the fourth most-visited city in the United Kingdom, according to Condorferries. Most visitors are UK citizens, but if you really want to get a sense of the society, you should make the trip. 

Want to know some secrets about how people spend their vacation in Birmingham? One of the most popular attractions concerned with Birmingham’s history is Victoria Square & the City Centre, which will offer you a unique and heartfelt experience. But, generally speaking, museum tours across the city are much preferable to go along with your memories whether you come here alone or with a beloved companion.  

 Any free activities in Birmingham? Of course! Actually, a lot!

There are many activities to enjoy in this city, whether looking for family fun or a night out with friends, like Birmingham Open Media, Donkey Sanctuary, and the Jewellery Quarter.

On the other hand, many attractions are scratted around the city. For families, the Birmingham Zoo and Botanical Gardens are a great way to spend a day. Kids love seeing the animals and exploring the gardens, while adults can appreciate the tranquil setting. If you are looking for a night out on the town, there are plenty of clubs to choose from. Or, if you prefer something a little more low-key, hit one of the lovely cafes and order a mouthwatering cafe with a cup of tea to warm your heart.

How many days do people spend in Birmingham? Of course, the answer is; that it depends! Birmingham is a great city to explore, with endless things to see and do. However, 4 days is enough, and a week is much better.

In terms of history, Birmingham has an authentic legacy, from its Roman origins to its role in the Industrial Revolution. Explore the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which is a great place to learn about the city’s past. At the same time, the Birmingham Back-to-Backs are a must-see for anyone interested in Victorian architecture.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Birmingham is a place to go. Enjoy its canals, parks and public open spaces. Also, they can explore castles and enjoy different festivals. Not to mention that world-class shopping and dining options are exotic, making Birmingham a lovely spot for you.

And with so many great Michelin- starred restaurants, bars, and shops, you’ll never be short on things to do. So why not add Birmingham to your travel list today? You won’t regret it! 


Glasgow Scotland There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 14

Another excellent option for exploring Scotland is Glasgow. This city is known for its lively music scene and vibrant nightlife. There are also many museums and art galleries to check out, such as the Kelvin rove Art Gallery and Museum. When it comes to finding accommodation in Glasgow, there is no shortage at all. Just take your time searching and comparing what is best for you.

In 2019, the city welcomed 2.5 million domestic and foreign tourists, bringing in £774 million in income for the city’s government.

There are many ways people choose to visit Glasgow. As the UK’s most populous city outside of London, it offers a wealth of sights and activities to keep visitors busy. From the world-famous Loch Ness Monster to the stunning Glasgow Cathedral, whatever you’re waiting for, this vibrant city has a lot to offer. In addition, Glasgow is home to some of the UK’s best shopping and dining experiences. With over 2,000 shops and over 200 restaurants, visitors are sure to find something to suit their preferences.

And with its convenient location just a short train ride from London, Glasgow is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. So whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a more extended vacation, Glasgow is enough to please you!

So, what about how much people spend in Glasgow? Based on other travellers’ reviews, it would be much better to plan to spend around £112. However, Glasgow has a number of the best wellness resorts and accommodation; you can try one of them if you’re looking for a luxurious stay. Daily meals can cost you £36 on average and £22 for transportation, mentioned. Just make sure to book ahead of time to guarantee better offers.  

Also, plan to spend money on leisure. Because Glasgow is a welcoming place with plenty to see and do, you will find many tempting things to indulge in. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s remarkable history, enjoying its diverse culture, or simply taking in its stunning architecture, Glasgow can not be overlooked.

And, best of all, it’s easy to get around; Glasgow is served by an extensive public transportation system that makes it easy to explore all the city has to offer.

So who is visiting Glasgow? From all over the world! Honestly, the United States are the leading source of tourism in Scotland, especially in Glasgow. Other countries include Germany, France, Australia and Canada. 

Want to know some secrets about how people spend their vacation in Glasgow? People come here to enjoy the authentic style of architecture, they capture unbelievable pictures with great travel captions, and their pics always get viral. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is the top attraction people love visiting all the time, according to the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland, followed by walking around the city centre. Additionally, they come to pick up some lovely stuff from Buchanan Street. It’s a shopping hub with cheerful vibes.

Also, head to the Riverside Museum, one of the best places to learn about. The museum traces the city’s past, from its days as a small fishing village to its present-day status as a major metropolis. Visitors can see how Glasgow has changed over the years and how its people have adapted their lifestyles. The museum also houses a large collection of artefacts from Glasgow’s history, including Glasgow Cathedral and Glasgow University. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that the Riverside Museum is one of Glasgow’s most popular tourist attractions.

In Glasgow, you always have something to do. 

Also, many free activities are at your fingertips. For starters, Glasgow is home to over 90 parks and gardens, including Glasgow green, which is perfect for a picnic or a game of frisbee. Most of these places will offer you free access. 

If you’re looking for something more active, Glasgow also has several golf courses and tennis courts that can be used for free. And yes, you will be overloaded by several museums and galleries that are free to enter, making it the perfect place when the weather is not on your side on a rainy day. And if you’re looking for something truly unique, Glasgow is home to the world’s only Whiskey Museum, which offers free tours and tastings. So whether you’re looking for a stroll or an educational afternoon, come to this place, and you will be surprised!

How many days do people spend in Glasgow? Whether you travel for leisure to rejuvenate your body and mind or take instagrammable shots, stop here for at least 3 days. That depends on what you want to see and do. If you’re just looking to get a taste of the city, a few days is probably sufficient. But if you only want to experience what Glasgow has to offer, plan on spending at least a week. It’s spectacular!

Indeed, Glasgow has plenty to offer, and now it’s calling you to lose yourself among its thriving districts and colourful buildings. 


Liverpool There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 15

UK travel statistics show that Liverpool is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city is brimming with points of interest that visitors love to explore, from its glorious history and culture to its picturesque architecture and lively nightlife. In addition, there are a plethora of things to see and do in Liverpool, making it the perfect place to visit for a short break or a more extended holiday.

While some people disembark in Belfast without going on to Liverpool, others prefer to stop here for a while to discover this quaint city, which we recommend doing if you have time. 

Whether you’re prone to exploring the city’s museums and art galleries or prefer to spend your time shopping and dining out, or just meandering around the city for people-watching, Liverpool is an incredible experience. So why not add it to your list of UK travel destinations? A fantastic experience you should be part of!

Liverpool became a unique tourist destination in 2019; the overall tourism value was worth more than £4.93bn, based on a report produced by Liverpool City Region. Throughout the last years, Liverpool has been the sixth most visited city in the United Kingdom.

So, what about how much people spend in Liverpool? According to, the daily expense in Liverpool can not be less than around £129— on average, £48 on meals and £21 on public transportation. Meanwhile, you can stay in hostels without spending so much on accommodation and roam through its narrow mazes to explore its hidden gems. As a result, it’s one of the most affordable UK cities. 

According to the same report, the city received over 67.3m in 2019.

So who is visiting Liverpool? 6.2 of visitors come from North America, and the rest are fleeing from Europe, according to However, Liverpool is a city with diverse British, Irish, Asian and African cultures. You will never feel out of place. Just go to Baltic Market, and people of many ethnicities and nationalities will pass you by.

Art galleries are so common here to spend an enjoyable vacation. Also, you don’t want to miss out on a cruise down the River Mersey or enjoy a match at Anfield Stadium. Liverpool is also home to many festivals and events throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for a vacation. So whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation, Liverpool is just right here to help you create incredible memories.

Want to know some secrets about how people spend their vacation in Liverpool? People come here to visit National Museums, which are a great reference to catch a glimpse of the city’s legacy. 

How many days do people spend in Liverpool? Liverpool is a city full of everything you could need to enjoy your vacation, and there’s no better way to explore it than by spending a few days here. From the world-famous museums and galleries to the vibrant music scene, Liverpool should be your final destination in the United Kingdom.

And with so much to see and do, you’ll want to ensure you have enough time to experience everything this city offers. So, we think three days is the perfect time to explore all Liverpool offers. Of course, if you’re looking for a packed schedule, you could easily spend a week or more here. But if you’re just looking to get a taste of Liverpool, three days is the perfect amount of time. So, book your tickets to Liverpool today!

How Expensive is the United Kingdom? Travel Costs

People always describe the UK as an expensive destination that not everyone can afford this trip. But is that even true? 

The short answer is YES! But, unfortunately, the United Kingdom is slightly expensive compared to other European countries, especially if you don’t plan wise and get overwhelmed by visiting all these fantastic fairytale spots. Therefore, it’s important to draw a clear pathway on places you must see and others you can overlook for the sake of free activities or less-costly alternatives. 

So, one of the most common questions we’re asked all the time from people who are craving to visit the UK and read all UK guides: how much does it cost to travel in and about this great empire?

Glad you asked, too! 

In this section, we will share some travel hacks that might surprise you on how to save unnecessary costs on transportation, attractions, and accommodations and how to enjoy your vacation and explore more hidden gems and cities with our limited budget.

  • Sometimes airlines and even train companies make very popular routes more expensive for a traveller due to the high demand. For example, the flight from Chicago to London will be higher than from Chicago to Birmingham via London. So, check all your alternatives before confirming your booking. 
  • The UK is a great country to travel to, with many exciting places and things to see. However, the UK can be an expensive place to travel to, especially if you’re not familiar with the local currency. Planning is key to avoiding spending a fortune. 
  • One way to cut costs is to take advantage of free attractions. The UK is home to world-famous museums, galleries and parks that can be enjoyed without costing you any money. Make a list of all places you can visit in each city you’d visit. 
  • Avoid taking a taxi around the country. Public transportation is accessible, comfortable, and much cheaper. And if you’re looking for something a little more active, consider renting a bicycle or taking advantage of the country’s extensive walking and hiking trails network. Of course, not all places or cities can be discovered by bike but consider it once you find it.
  • Try looking for a local bus company while transmitting around the country. In some cases, they run a scheduled program for daily trips. That will include seaside or countryside trips or even popular attractions. And when there are any events, you can depend on these buses. Thankfully, these trips will consist of entry fees for attractions and events with a reasonable discount, which would be a good deal to save money. More information on local buses can be found on these companies’ websites. Make sure to check them out before you go.
  • When booking your flight to the UK, don’t just focus on the best window view or a plane with multiple features. Instead, use many websites to compare the best deals for you and please note that the cheapest flights are not always perfect. Multiple stopes or uncomfortable layovers could be the main reason for the low price. 
  • Regarding accommodation, consider staying in a hostel or Airbnb instead of a hotel. Not only will this save you money, but it will also give you a chance to meet new people and experience the UK from a local’s perspective.
  • Some hotels offer windowless rooms for a deep discount. Some rooms include bunks which make them the cheapest. You don’t spend much money on your room anyway, so for your wallet’s sake, enjoy the benefits of this promotion.
  • The UK is a large country, so you’ll need to decide which parts you want to hit. Instead of visiting many cities, spending so much money and missing out on many places in between, focus on areas that would excite you more. England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland have distinct cultures and attractions; making them all on only one trip is impossible. Which of these has piqued your interest the most so far?
  • The UK is renowned for its rainy weather, so pack an umbrella, a raincoat and more coats— especially if you visit it during cold weather. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending money on heavy clothing to be warm, which will eat into your budget.
  • Consider investing in your travel insurance which will protect you financially in case of any problems while you’re away, such as cancelled flights or lost luggage.
  • Food in Britain can be tricky. Attend a high-end restaurant for a gourmet meal, but be prepared to pay a hefty price when the bill arrives. Tourists in the UK don’t do that because they know this dining out can break the bank quickly. Indeed, UK food prices have also risen sharply. For savvy travellers, this presents an opportunity to eat for less. There are a number of ways to do this, including avoiding restaurants and opting for street food or home-cooked meals. UK supermarkets also offer a wide variety of reasonably priced food items or even try Chinese and Indian vendors across UK big cities, so it is easy to find something to suit everyone. With a bit of planning and creativity, it is possible to eat well in the UK without going over your budget.
  • Invest in a heritage pass which will help you visit many historical sites with the same ticket. There are many packages based on how many places are on your list; pick the best deal for you.
  • Choose giant supermarkets to buy your essentials or food or even some souvenirs. Morrisons is the best and can be found throughout the country. Shopping can be expensive in the UK if you don’t take the time to search for the best place to bring your stuff. In general, don’t buy at tourist attractions. Prices might rise by as much as double for no reason at all.
  • Book your flight and accommodation in the off-season. Winter is the cheapest but avoid Christmas vacation.
  • Express trains from and to Gatwick and Heathrow airports are much more expensive because they take less time to arrive anyplace across London. If there is no reason to use the quick service, regular trains will pick you up at your destination. 
  • Search for alternative and less-known airports to find the cheapest flights. When you use booking websites like Skyscanner, select nearby airports to help you spot more options and compare the cost of the bus or train which will pick you up to your destination. Check the best deals that would save you a lot of money.
  • It’s not just about money! Heathrow Airport is by far the busiest airport in the country, handling over 80 million passengers each year. That’s a lot of people, and it’s no surprise that things can get pretty chaotic. You’re more likely to experience long wait times, crowds and queues at Heathrow than at any other UK airport. And if you’re trying to catch your flight, the chances of missing your connection are also much higher, which will cost you extra charges to book another flight. So if you’re looking for a stress-free travel experience, it’s definitely worth considering a smaller airport. While they may not have as many flight options, they’ll definitely be easier to navigate.
  • On the other hand, there are some advantages to flying into a large airport like Heathrow. For one thing, more flight options are available, so you’re more likely to find a direct flight to your destination. And if you miss your flight, plenty of other options are available. In addition, large airports tend to have more amenities and services, so you can usually find everything you need without leaving the terminal. So next time you’re planning a trip, don’t be put off by the size of Heathrow Airport – it might just be the best option for you. But also remember, using any services in this airport means a lot of money. Check them out from afar without wasting your budget before your travel starts.
  •  Consider a car share when going out on a day trip. If you know someone in the UK, why not share the same trip together and split the fuel cost and maybe parking. 
  • Travel cards like Oyster in London are the best way to save transportation fees. But please make sure to get accurate information from the official data sources.
  • Book your railway tickets in advance to guarantee the best value. And we mean by “in advance” 40 days at least. Visit, which will issue your ticket without any hidden charges.
  • Before buying an online railway ticket, go to the station and ask for the cheapest option and best route to get to your destination. That’s how you can find the best deal and save money while visiting the United Kingdom. 
  • If you’re willing to use the railway a lot, visit to pay for a train card which can save up to a third of some railway tickets.
  • Buy your attractions ticket before your adventure even begin. Just visit, look at all nearby attractions, and purchase the ticket ahead of time for less-costly trips.
  •  When booking online tickets, be aware of redirection websites charging extra fees.
  • London landing fees are the highest in the world. If possible, start your journey by visiting Paris, Brussels, or Amsterdam, and then take the Eurostar Channel Tunnel train into London. It would be a daunting trip, but you would save a lot. And no one wouldn’t like to spend a few hours in Paris navigating around Avenue des Champs-Élysées and taking a selfie with Efile Tower.
  • Walk, walk, walk. The UK is a walking journey because everywhere, you will stumble upon a friendly attraction, building, or a shop with a gorgeous design. Also, some attractions are so close to each other. Don’t pay for a ticket to get to Leicester Square from Covent Garden. Instead, it’s a 3-minute walk, and it’s free.  
  • Take advantage of attractions that combine different kinds of leisure in one place. For example, the National Trust takes you around various historical sites and will bring you close to extensive landscapes where you can catch a number of festivals and events if you come here during summer. Most are free or at least for a reasonable cost. 
  • Before booking your trip, listen to this brilliant info: every September, several royal and historical castles, especially those not open to the public, welcome all visitors for free, such as Open House London and Heritage Open Days. It’s a terrific chance to learn about this distinct culture without spending money.

So whether you’re looking to save money or add some adventure to your trip, these travel hacks are sure to come in handy.

Best Time to Visit the UK

UK Travel Statistics London There's always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it's the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just the fact that it's such an easy place to get around, UK holidays never disappoint. And now, with our latest set of UK travel statistics, you can find out exactly why Britain is always a great idea!
UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great? 16

The UK is a great destination at any time of year. However, the best time to visit depends on what you want to see and do.

If you’re interested in outdoor activities, the spring and summer months from July to August are ideal.

The best time to visit the UK is when you’ll be able to enjoy long days out and make the most of the country’s beautiful scenery.

As we mentioned, several events occur this season, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where you can catch theatre shows. Various food stalls to taste, feel and see the authentic spirit of Great Britain.

Also, check the Royal Regatta to attend hilarious boat races and picnics when people go out to trek and spend their time watching prestigious competitions. Don’t forget that gentlemen have to put on a classic suit and ladies can wear dresses underneath the knee. It will be a lifetime experience 🙂

If you’re more interested in city life, autumn and winter are the best times to visit. That is when the UK’s major cities come to life, with a host of events and attractions to enjoy.

So whatever your interests, there’s sure to be a time of year that’s perfect for you. And with UK travel statistics showing that more and more people are choosing to visit the UK every year, there’s never been a better time to start planning your trip.

So what are you waiting for? The UK is calling! Start exploring this fantastic country today!

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