Trafalgar Square – London Attractions

Updated On: March 07, 2023

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square should be on your list of places to visit in London as its surrounded by galleries, museums, historic buildings and cultural spaces. In 2003 Trafalgar square underwent a huge renovation to transform into a popular hotspot for locals and tourists, where people could spend their time.

London- Trafalgar Square
London- Trafalgar Square

Things to do at Trafalgar Square

There are a variety of things to do while you are in Trafalgar Square such as checking out the many monuments located around the place. Many of these monuments and statues are of people who played a role in Britians history such as George IV, and General James Napierby.

Trafalgar Square Statue
Trafalgar Square Statue

One of the most popular things to at Trafalgar Square is to visit the National Gallery that is located just at the northern end of the square. At this gallery, there is a wide-ranging collection of amazing art on display. The best thing about the National Gallery is that it’s completely free to enter and enjoy.

Or check out the National Portrait Gallery north of the square. Where you will find a great collection of personalities and faces. Many of whom have helped to shaped British history throughout the centuries. You’ll find a collection of famous royal faces, musicians, artists, film stars and more. This gallery also puts on a variety of different events and exhibitions throughout the year that you must check out. The National Portrait Gallery also has a stunning rooftop restaurant that offers the perfect setting to enjoy a drink or meal.

You’ll have to see the worlds smallest police box which is located in the south end corner of the square. This police box was installed in 1926 as a way for policemen to keep a look out on big crowds and protests in the area. Although now its no longer used for any police involvement and is actually a storage unit for cleaners. It’s still cool to check out and adds to the uniqueness and quirkiness of Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square London

Trafalgar Square Restaurants

There are many great restaurants located in the square and close by that you must stop by while visiting. A variety of modernity, old and a classic selection of British and European foods to try.Trafalgar Square Restaurants

Walkers of Whitehall

Walkers of Whitehall is one of the newest restaurants that provides an all-day eater for people. Offering a variety of international cuisine that is amazing! The restaurant itself also offers guests a lively atmosphere, an open-style kitchen that has a touch of old and Modernity. Then opening times of this restaurant are Monday – Friday from 12:00 pm to 23.30pm.  Saturdays 11:00am to 24:00am. And Sundays from 12:00 to 18:00 pm.

Thai Square

A second restaurant not to be missed is Thai Square that will offer you a fantastic dining experience. At this multiple award-winning restaurants you can try some of the best and authentic Thai food in London. The Chefs here are constantly trying to outdo themselves by creating new and exciting dishes for people to enjoy. You will find many Thai artefacts and memorable here that helps to bring out the character of the restaurant. The opening times of this restaurant are from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am until 18:00 pm.

Thai Food London

The Trafalgar Dining Rooms 

A third popular restaurant located near Trafalgar Square is the Stylish place known as the Trafalgar Dining Rooms. This is a great place to socialise and enjoy amazing food and drinks in the heart of London. In this restaurant, it offers flavours related to the Mediterranean creating the finest and fresh dishes. This is a place to check out if you’re looking for some elegant dining experience. Its opened Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 11:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00am to 11:00pm.

What is Trafalgar Square Famous for?

There are many different things that make Trafalgar Square famous for such as its centrepiece that was built in honour of Admiral Honoria Nelson. He was the man who helped lead Britain to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

An iconic part of Trafalgar Square is the fountain where people would gather around, sit and relax while watching people go by.

Trafalgar Square Fountain
Trafalgar Square Fountain

The place used to be famous for being the home of feral pigeons that would come in their thousands to the site. Today the place is pretty much pigeon free and has become a place to hold local events and concerts in the square.

Every Christmas time the square is famous for having its huge and beautifully decorated Christmas tree that helps get people into the festive mood. The tree always comes from Norway as it’s Norway’s gift to Britain for their dedication to them in the second world war.

Have you ever been to Trafalgar Square in London? We would love to hear your experience 🙂

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