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With the fast pace of life, all we need is just a break from everything. The perfect choice, then, is to travel anywhere in the world. Solo travel is the best choice if our holiday break doesn’t meet the availability of our friends or family.

Solo travelling is a solution if you need complete freedom to tailor your trip. Sometimes, you need to try a new madness journey or a whim, and not everyone will agree with it. So, it’s time to travel alone.

If you want to try solo travel or are an expert solo traveller but need to find out a suitable destination for your next journey, the following lines list the best destinations for an ideal solo travel trip. Let’s start without further ado!

What are the Best Destinations for Solo Travel?

The most common question for a solo traveller is: “What is the best destination for my solo travel trip?” The answer is not as easy as it seems; there are many elements you need to consider when replying to this question, such as safety, accommodation, and language. So, let’s dive deep and learn more about the best destinations for solo travel.


It is no wonder that Iceland is the best country for solo travel for many reasons. It is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Put your worries aside and walk around the world’s 18th-largest island and Europe’s 2nd-largest one, following Great Britain.

This awesome country allows you to watch the Northern Lights—a wonderful natural phenomenon that travellers around the world seek to see. Experts advised that the best times to see the Northern Lights are in April, August, and September.

Iceland is also a perfect place if you prefer outdoor activities and inspiring landscapes. You will feel excited and in a fairy tale when discovering its caves, volcanoes, and glaciers.


Solo Travel

Thanks to the low crime rate, Japan is a favourite place for solo travellers as it is one of the safest countries. If you were thinking about language difficulty and how to deal with the Japanese, it is not a big deal. The Japan National Tourism Organisation provides a 24-hour English-speaking helpline to help visitors and travellers.

In some other countries, you don’t feel comfortable while you are alone. Japan isn’t one of them. It is a country where you can feel comfortable without worrying or being afraid of getting lost, as it has good transport links, and you can get anywhere easily. On top of that, the Japanese are friendly, and you will not feel you are a stranger.

If you are asking about where you can go alone in Japan, you can hike in the forests, enjoy some outdoor activities, and discover amazing landscapes. Japan is also a paradise for food lovers, as it has a variety of unique foods to experience. It is also a customised cultural country, as it has plenty of culture and art gems that call you to discover. So, don’t waste any time and plan your trip to Japan!


Ireland is another country considered a safe solo travel destination. It’s a country where everyone will find their taste. It has a combination of culture and history in addition to astonishing landscapes.

If you are travelling alone and want to enjoy your trip, Ireland is your perfect destination. You will find numerous things to do and see there. The Irish people are also very friendly and are always willing to help.

Ireland also offers a lot to nature enthusiasts where they can immerse themselves. It has green spaces and impressive outdoor spaces everywhere. What about walking in a park such as Phoenix Park in Dublin? You will breathe fresh air away from the crowds, and the lovely deer resting there will catch your eyes.

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and the biggest city there. If you are a culture and literature lover, don’t miss visiting Dublin, which is considered a UNESCO City of Literature. It also has cultural symbols and museums, including Trinity College Library, which is one of the best libraries all over the world.

Galway is another Irish city with stunning nightlife. Don’t think twice and enjoy live music and concerts. The City Museum is another famous cultural destination that retells the story of the city and its people.

Cliffs of Moher is one of Ireland’s famous spots. Rising up to 214 metres above the Atlantic Ocean, you will be astonished by the incredible views. It’s a must-see at least once in a lifetime! Located in the west of County Clare, this unique natural attraction blends a wide range of flora and fauna and has great features that inspire many visitors. It appears in Leap Year and the fantasy movie of Harry Potter.

New Zealand

Solo Travel

New Zealand is also a preferable country for solo travellers because it has a low crime rate. It’s your ideal destination if you are seeking to go on an adventurous trip or explore outdoor spaces. New Zealanders are friendly and welcoming. It has many tourists and backpackers, so you can meet and make new friends.

One of the recommended towns in New Zealand is Queenstown. If you want to get an adrenaline rush, visit —the city of adventure. There are many activities you can do there, from bungy jumps and giant swings to skiing and high-speed jet boat rides.

It is no wonder that the iconic trilogy movie of The Lord of The Rings was completely filmed all around New Zealand. With fantastic landscapes, there were more than 150 locations in New Zealand where this movie was filmed. If you are a big fan of this trilogy, don’t miss visiting these filming locations.

You can also visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, where you can walk in the dark cave and see these unique species of glowworms found exclusively in New Zealand. It is absolutely a must-see destination and a fantastic experience.

Costa Rica

Solo Travel

If you want a unique solo travel trip in Central America, you can embark on an adventure to Costa Rica, where wildlife and fun are mixed. The country has magnificent natural scenery, from waterfalls and lakes to volcanoes. Costa Rica has many diverse things to do, making it difficult for you to choose your first spot.

La Fortuna in Costa Rica is a famous and fabulous place which attracts solo travellers. It offers multiple activities to do and try. You can go hiking or tour this town to explore the live volcanoes. Enjoying the hot springs in the La Fortuna jungle is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

La Fortuna waterfalls are also magical; watching them while cascading down the mountainside is such a relaxation. Remember to take a lot of photos of this natural beauty. You can also engage in ziplining and whitewater rafting activities.

The Caribbean Coast of Limón is another tourist attraction in Costa Rica. It’s a place where the Caribbean and Latin cultures are blended. The Costa Ricans are also warmly welcomed.


Solo Travel

Switzerland is a European country that doesn’t need further ads; its stunning, beautiful nature speaks for itself. It is no wonder it is called The Paradise on Earth. It has plenty of natural elements, from ranges of mountains and endless green spaces to crystal lakes and peaceful countryside. 

Switzerland is a perfect country for solo travel, as it has almost no crime rate. It’s one of the most luxurious places where you can feel you live like a king.

Nearly all of us know or have heard about Switzerland’s rich and delicious chocolate. Many types of Swiss chocolate are the best in the world. Switzerland is also famous for its cheeses, which have nearly 450 species of cheese. Don’t miss this unique experience.

The best way to explore and discover Switzerland is by train to enjoy the panoramic view throughout the country. It has a fantastic transport system, where you can visit the countryside by train. The train will stop at all the attractions you want to visit. Swiss Alps and waterfalls also deserve your time. Hiking or riding a cable car to take in the breathtaking panoramic views will be an incredible adventure.

Nature’s beauty is not the only thing which solo travellers can enjoy. For example, Basel is a cultural city that is known as The City of 40 Museums. You can also explore the city’s photo galleries and visit the Museum of Cultures in the old town. Other adventures await you in Zurich, Geneva and Bern, the most common valuable cities in Switzerland. Don’t think twice; Switzerland deserves your time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Solo Travel

If there are points that need to be clarified, we list the most frequently asked questions about solo travel in the following lines.

Is Solo Travel Safe?

Yes, solo travel is safe. However, it also depends on the country you choose to travel to on your own.

How do you Choose Your Destination for Solo Travel?

Thorough research is a very significant factor; you need to know whether the place you want to travel to alone is safe and whether the people of this country are friendly and willing to help tourists.

Is the Language a Serious Difficulty for Solo Travel?

No, in most countries, people can communicate with each other in English. If not, there are many translation applications you can use. Some phrases in the local language will fit the purpose.

Last Word

This article covered all the necessary information that will help you plan your next solo travel. Solo travel is a great experience that is worth a try. It enables you to depend on yourself in discovering, problem-solving, and making decisions. On top of that, you will enjoy yourself and have fun.

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