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Updated On: November 07, 2023

National Gallery

National Gallery – Perfect for Art Lovers

The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square in London that is the perfect place for art lovers to visit. This museum houses a great collection of art with over 2,300 paintings that date from the mid 13th century – 1900.

The National Gallery opened its doors back in 1824 and was considered one of the most visited museums around the world. Coming after the Louvre, the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

When you compare this gallery to the other European museums, the collection is small, but encyclopedic in scope.

Collections that you can check out at this gallery are 13th to 15th-century paintings that include work from Botticelli, Duccio and Van Eyck. 16th-century paintings from well-known artists such as Michelangelo and Leanardo. Then 17th Century painting from Caravaggio, and Claude. As well as 18th to 20th-century paintings from Goya, Turner, Van Gogh and much more.

History of the National Gallery

The National Gallery started when the British government bought 38 paintings from the heirs of John Julius Angerstein in 1824. After this first purchase, the gallery was shaped by its directors and by private donations which are now shaping about two-thirds of the collection.

This building where the Gallery is located was designed by William Wilkins from 1832 to 1838. Although the building has been expanded throughout its history, the facade onto Trafalgar Square is the only thing that remains the same.

The building was being criticised for being too small and that it wouldn’t be able to hold everything inside the gallery, and that’s why the Tate Modern Museum was opened back in 1897.

The National Gallery is not just about the artwork that one will get to see inside, but there are other experiences that one could have in this place, such as enjoying something to eat or drink, checking out events, shopping for books, prints and gifts.

National Gallery Events

There are many different events and activities that take place at the gallery that would interest both young and old. There is a variety of creative classes for adults where they will learn to draw, write and create.

This a great way to see a collection in a different light as you learn how to master different techniques. Many of these classes are lead by artists themselves as well as poets and National Gallery lectures.

You can also learn more about collections through free guided tours that last around one hour. Great way to meet likeminded people and discover things you might not know about paintings and artwork. Also, perfect if you’re new to the gallery.

There are then free events for families and children on Sundays and during the holidays. These fun events and workshop give children the chance to get creative and learn from professionals. There is a variety of workshops for different ages even once for under 5s.

To find out more about events, workshops and activities take place to make sure to check out the National Gallery Website.

Why You Need to Visit This Amazing Gallery

Most people love to check art in every single country they visit and this is usually because they want to check the history and culture of the place.

The National Gallery in London is one of the places that would bring people closer to the artistic world and let them know more about its history of London.

There are many reasons why tourists in London should visit the National Gallery: Firstly it gives people the permission to come inside for free and enjoy the work of different artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh.

Secondly, there is something for the whole family to enjoy such as workshops, talks and exhibitions. Thirdly, this place gives people the chance to find inspiration, know more about art and at the same time run away from the city and its chaos.

Check out some of the photos below from our visit to the National Gallery:

National Gallery Opening Times

You can visit the National Gallery daily from 10am until 6pm. Later nights on Friday from 10am until 9pm. It is also closed from January 1st and 24th to the 26th December. The gallery is located at the following address Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN.

Have you visited the National Gallery in London before? Or would like to plan a trip? We would love to know!

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