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Are you searching for the ultimate travPavilion hotelel guide to London? Then we are here to help you out. Sometimes it can be difficult to find all the information you need on a certain city on one page. That’s where we want to make life easier for you.

This London travel blog guide will cover everything you could possibly want to know about planning a trip to London. From helpful tips about visiting London, why you should visit, things to see and do, places to stay, hidden gems and much more.

The great thing is we have spent numerous times in London so we can give you our own advice on exploring Britain’s Capital City. We hope this London travel guide will help you to plan the most unforgettable time in the city and get the most out of it while you are there.

London Travel Guide

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London Travel Blog Guide

For those that don’t know London is the Capital and the largest city in the United Kingdom. London is a city that is unlike anywhere in the world. It is one city you need to experience at least once in your lifetime. A very dynamic and exciting city, you could visit it two or three times and still find something new to discover.

The place is filled with incredible history, culture and wealth of famous attractions including Buckingham Palace and world-class museums. No matter what you are interested in you’ll be certain to find it in London. In fact, the hard part about visiting London is choosing what you see and do. As there are so many amazing things to appreciate and enjoy in the city.

Hopefully, this London travel guide will help make your future trip to London much easier.

London Travel Guide 3
London City View

Reasons to Visit – London Travel Guide Blog

London is one of the world’s most global cities, there is always a good reason to plan a trip to the UK’s Capital City. But in case you need convincing here are our top reasons why you need to visit London in the near future.

1. The Variety of Attractions

If there’s one reason why you should visit London then it’s to explore all the unique attractions that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. London won’t fail to excite you with its impressive list of attractions, and you’ll soon be planning a second trip to keep exploring the city.

From exploring the city from above at the London Eye to uncovering treasures in the British Museum to meeting your favourite celebrity at Madame Tussauds there is nothing you won’t enjoy about London.

2. The Unmissable London Theatre Scene

London is known worldwide for its iconic theatre scene, visiting the city to watch a play or performance is one of the must things to do while in London. From famous musicals to West End shows, the London theatre scene is one of the most diverse in the world.

The shows you’ll see in London are out of this world and are enough to make a trip to the city. London’s Theatre is a huge part of the city’s identity and is not to be missed.

London Travel Guide 2
City of London

3. The Diverse Food Scene

The food scene in London is really something special, with an incredibly diverse range of restaurants that cater for literally everything. The food scene is constantly evolving just like the city.

London has a reputation around the world when it comes to its food scene with many top restaurants and chefs based in the city. Foodie lovers out there could just spend their whole time in the city checking out the different cultures and cuisines in London because there is an endless list to choose from.

4. Perfect for Shopping

If you enjoy shopping, then a visit to London is a must because you will be spoilt for choice with shops. London is home to Europe’s largest urban shopping centre Westfield, as well as famous department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

London has everything you could possibly want from luxury shops, high street outlets, street markets and more. No better place for shopping than London, you’ll be sure to find something special in the city.

Shopping in London London Travel Guide This London travel blog guide will cover everything you could possibly want to know about planning a trip to London. From helpful tips about visiting London, why you should visit, things to see and do, places to stay, hidden gems and much more.
Shopping in London

5. See Amazing Art for Free

London is one of the best places in the world to see amazing art and what’s best of all a lot of museums and galleries won’t cost you a penny to visit. London does well in putting on brilliant art shows and exhibitions that you can visit for free.

Some of these free museums and galleries include Tate Modern, The British Museum, The National Portrait, and the National History Museum. London can be quite an expensive city at times so taking advantage of the brilliant free attractions is a must.

Art in London - London Travel Guide
Art in London

6. Accommodations

You will be spoilt for choice when comes to places to stay while you are in London. The place is packed with a variety of accommodations to suit everyone no matter what your budget is. From five-star hotels, boutique hotels, B&B’s, hostels and more. It shouldn’t be hard to find the right accommodation for you in London.

Things to Know Before Visiting London – London Travel Guide Blog

Before we fill you up with all the great things you can see and do in London, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some tips and advice before setting out on your London adventure. Especially if you have never been to London before it’s important to know what to expect.

Get yourself an Oyster Card and London Visitor Pass

The best thing you can do before going to London is to buy an Oyster Card and Visitor’s Pass. These are vital to help you with saving money and time in London. The Oyster card is a quick and easy way to pay for public transport and is cheaper than buying paper tickets.

Then the London Visitors Pass is also great for saving you money when it comes to visiting London’s top attractions. As well as giving you a discount on food and drink around the city. You’ll definitely need this as London’s not the cheapest place to stay and visit. Every little thing helps.

How to get to London

London is a huge city that has five major airports with flights coming and going from around the world. So, getting to London should be pretty easy, as nearly everywhere in the world should bring you to Britain’s Capital City.

Getting around London: London Travel Tips

Once you get to London there is a fantastic public transport system available that makes it easy to get around the city. Although for anyone new to London, the variety of choices can be a little overwhelming that is why we’re here to help.

There are also several ways that you can pay for transport in London such as buying a ticket, using a contactless card, purchasing an Oyster card or a travel card. We recommend for visitors to buy a visitors Oyster card and a London Pass to help save money on travel and other things.

The Tube

One of the most efficient ways to get around London is using the Underground or as it’s known “The Tube.” It is actually the world’s oldest underground metro network. There will most likely be an underground stop within walking distance of wherever you are in London.

Trains are quite quick coming every 10 minutes or so. The great thing about The Tube is you don’t have to worry about traffic and streets, personally, I think this is the best way to get around the city.

The underground is also easily recognisable with the London Underground Logo everywhere. A London travel tip for you is to try and avoided the tube station during rush hour on weekdays as it can get very overcrowded.

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

If you are wanting to get around the east and south-east London, then the DLR is the best transport system to use. The DLR is an automated rail system that covers the dockland areas of London.

The most notable difference between DLR and the train system is that the Docklands Light Railway is fully automated, meaning no drivers. The Docklands Light Railway is great as it links to London City Airport and to other tube networks.


Taking the bus in London is another popular form of public transport to use and get around the city. There are over two billion journeys a year taken on London buses alone.

This is probably due to the fact that the bus routes cover a wide variety of areas in London. Everywhere in London is pretty much accessible by bus and usually cheaper than other forms of transport. Many of the London Bus services operated around the clock, meaning after a night out in London you can still get home by public transport.

Although the buses will be slower than using rail services as the traffic in London can be pretty bad at times. London is famous for its red buses so just for that reason alone you have to experience London from a bus.

River Boat

A unique way to get around London is by using the River Boat that goes through London’s main river, River Thames. It’s one of the more fun and scenic ways to travel around the city and will be less busy than other routes. It can easily get you from one end of London to the next with four different routes available.

The River Boat service run by Thames Clipper can be a bit more expensive than other transport systems but it’s something different to try. Plus, the views you’ll get to see of London will make paying a little bit more all worth it.


Another great way to get around London is by waving down one of the iconic black cabs in the city. It offers a different experience, a more intimate one where you can get to know the local taxi drivers.

This might be a more expensive way to get from one part of London to the other but it’s more convenient. Also, if you are travelling in a group black cabs can work out well in terms of cost.

Taxi fares in London can either be paid by cash or credit card when the journey is completed as they work on a metering system.

Cycling Around

Next up is one of the newest public transport systems in London that was rolled out in 2010; the bicycle. Around London, there are many cycle points and the increase in cycling lanes makes it a great way to make short trips around the city.

Hiring a bike for the day couldn’t be any easier, only costing two pounds and anything less than 30 minutes is completely free. Hiring a bike is a great way to explore London on your own and find hidden gems.


If you are staying in central London the cheapest way to get around to different landmarks and attractions is simply walking. People might not know this, but London is very pedestrian friendly. Most attractions aren’t too far from each other and walking around gives you a better opportunity to explore the city.

These are all the different options you can choose from when travelling around London. I would always recommend going with the underground as it will be the most convenient. But where you can grab a bike or walk and see the city for yourself, you never know what you’ll discover.

Best Time to Visit London

The best time to visit London all comes down to your personal preference but we are here to guide you through the things you should know before choosing the date. The biggest thing you should be aware of is the weather and daylight.

We recommend the best time to visit London is during the summer months when the weather should be warm and dry. Also, this is when the days are brighter for longer meaning you can do more things.

12612196 st jamess park in london This London travel blog guide will cover everything you could possibly want to know about planning a trip to London. From helpful tips about visiting London, why you should visit, things to see and do, places to stay, hidden gems and much more.
The beautiful St. James’s Park in London in Springtime.

Although it is worth mentioning that the Christmas period and the New Year is also great time to visit. This is when the place becomes alive full of festivities and liveliness everywhere you go.

It also depends on what you are coming to the city for that might influence when you decide to visit. For instants, if you are coming to London for the Museums and Galleries, they are quietest around January and February, when you will most likely avoid the lines.

Or if you are coming to London with children and families, spring would be a great time where the weather will hopefully be nice, and prices aren’t sky-high. Although the summer months are when there are a lot of family-friendly attractions and events but much busier with people.

Chirstmas in London - London Travel Guide
Christmas in London

How Long to Stay in London?

London is a big city that offers those visiting so much to see and do, so we recommend at least staying five days in the city. But it all really depends on what interests you, what you would like to experience in the city.

You might need more or less time in London to check all your boxes. If you want to enjoy your time in London and see everything at your own pace five or more days should be enough time in the city.

Tipping in London

Tipping in London isn’t as big of a deal as it would be in the United States but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyways. I would say tipping around 10-15% in restaurants is more than fine but there’s no need to tip while in bars.

Although I’m sure the bartender would still appreciate it if you do. It’s always nice to be nice and if you have a good experience let them know.

Get a London Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Pass

A London travel tip is to get yourself one of those hop-on-hop-off bus passes, it’s one of the best ways to get around the many London attractions. It’s great because it doesn’t limit you to a set schedule and you can get on and off whenever you like and go exploring. The buses have three different routes and stop at around 60 attractions every 20 minutes or so.

London Hop on - Hop off Bus - London Travel Guide
London Hop on – Hop off Bus

London on a Budget – London Travel Guide Blog

As we have mentioned a few times already London isn’t the cheapest place to visit but we have some helping money-saving times.

Accommodation in London

Firstly, London is home to some of the most expensive hotels in the world but that doesn’t mean there aren’t also affordable ones. The closer you are to central London the prices will go up. So best to maybe find somewhere outside the city that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Also, London has a great public transport system so you can easily make your way to central London that way.

Check out the TripAdvisor list of the top 30 cheap London Hotels, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style and budget here.

Another way to save money on accommodation is if you find great deals online, it’s a good idea to ring the hotel yourself and let them know about this. Most places will be happy to match the offer you found online. Always worth asking.

Sites like Airbnb and Roomrama offer rooms to stay for people living in London that can be pretty cheap. As long as you don’t mind staying at someone’s home then this definitely something to check out.

London’s Free Attractions

Make sure you take full advantage of the amazing free attractions in London.  London is famous for its brilliant museums, many of which you can visit at no cost at all. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your culture fixed in London. Check out our blog on the Top 10 free things to do in London to help guide on what to see.

Eating on a Budget

What we would suggest is looking into getting a London Tastecard which can offer you up to 50% off on different restaurants around London. There are so many amazing places to check out in London when it comes to food that is also budget-friendly.

Search around, don’t go to the popular spots, and check social media as many new up-and-coming places give away freebies and more. The local supermarkets also offer a great variety of pre-made food perfect for a quick snack or lunch.

It’s always good to use sites like Trip Advisor to find the best restaurants that are within your price range. This is good to avoid eating at overpriced tourist places.

Plan your Trip ahead of Time

One of the best ways to save money in London is to plan your trip well before you even get here. It’s impossible to do everything in London in one trip, so don’t put yourself up for failure.

Make a list of the essential things you would like to see and do. This can help you to save money as you can find out discounts for attractions online ahead of time. To get the best value when it comes to sightseeing make sure you have a London Pass.

London Attractions – London Travel Guide

London is home to many famous attractions that you’ll want to make sure you tick off seeing. These include Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, the London Eye and Hyde Park.

These are the main places people associated with London before they even get here. So yes, make sure you get to all those popular attractions and get your tourist photos but don’t forget about exploring all the hidden gems in London also.

London’s Most Popular Attractions

  1. Buckingham Palace: A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without checking out one of its most famous homes. Catch the changing of guards, see its lavish gates and explore its beautiful gardens.
  1. London Eye: This is where you’ll get to see the most amazing 360 views across central London. The London Eye has become an iconic feature in the city that’s not to be missed. As long as you’re not scared of heights, you’ll get some cool photo opportunities up there.
  1. The Tower of London: This is one of the best tourist attractions in London offering over 1,000 years of British history to uncover. Throughout its time it has been used as a royal resident, prison and execution site. It is home to London’s famous Crown Jewels and it’s located in central London which is extremely convenient to get to.
  1. Tower Bridge: This is another one of London’s iconic landmarks, the famous river crossing is packed with interesting exhibitions, rooms to explore and magnificent views.
  2. Paul’s Cathedral: You can’t miss out on visiting one of London’s architectural masterpieces and one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. The cathedral is one of those special features in London. The King of the churches in London.

More London Attractions Not to Be Missed

Famous London Markets

One thing that we personally love about London is the amazing markets you’ll find here. For a long time, the markets have been a central part of life in London. They are the cornerstone of the community and a place where you can find unique things and try great food.

One of the best food markets you can visit in London is the Borough Market. It’s located next to London Bridge and has often been referred to as a foodie’s paradise. At Borough Market, you’ll find the best quality meats, fish and vegetables. As well as an array of delicious street food that you won’t want to pass up.

A second market you should make time to check out within London is Camden Market. Camden Town Market is a diverse community market of creative sellers, street food traders and independent stores next to the Regent’s Canal. It has become one of the popular markets in London due to its unique alternative style. You’ll be sure to find some interesting treasures while you are here.

Other London Markets for you to check out while you are here include Brick Lane Market, Covent Garden Market, and Alfie’s Antique Market.

World-Class Museums

Get your culture fix from London by taking a trip to its iconic museums and galleries located throughout the city. The great thing about London is you are never too far from a museum. London is home to some amazing national museums, free museums and some weird and wonderful museums. Impressively there are over 170 museums in London alone, some of the world’s best.

One of our favourites to visit is the Tate Modern Museum that’s dedicated to all things contemporary art related. Any art lovers out there will be in their element here exploring some of the best international and British art around. The best thing is that the museum is free to visit, except for special exhibitions.

Next up on the museums for you to check out is the Natural History Museum. The museum is renowned for its world-class visitor attraction and its brilliant science centre.  It’s a great place to visit if you’re in London with your family.

The Natural History Museum offers a unique collection of the biggest challenges facing the natural world today. Best reason to visit is to get an up-close experience with some animated dinosaurs.

Another museum to not miss while you are in London is the Churchill War Museum that’s part of the London Imperial Museum.

It’s one of the most fascinating but underrated museums in London. Visiting the museum which is located underneath the streets of Westminster is recommended for its high historical value. You will get to unravel many secrets about the brilliance and courage of a very significant man in the history of Britain, Winston Churchill.

Chinatown London

One place that you have to visit while you are in London is Chinatown, located in the heart of Westminster. Chinatown offers so much from its great selection of restaurants and shops that you’ll not even feel like you’re in London. Just walking through its streets which are lined with red paper lanterns and Mandarin street signs, is like being transported to somewhere in East Asia.

London’s Chinatown has been around since the 1950s, home to more than 80 different Asians restaurants, cafés and bars. As well as Chinese food shops, souvenir shops and much more. The place is always a hit with tourists so don’t pass up the opportunity to check it out on your trip.

Hidden Gems in London – London Travel Guide Tips

Many people would be able to name all the highlights of visiting London, whether they have been there before or not. Who hasn’t heard of the London Eye or Big Ben or Buckingham Palace? These are all great attractions but sometimes you’ll want to find something more unique about the city you are travelling to.

The great thing about London is that it has so many hidden gems around the place, that all you need to do is go exploring to find them.

Hidden Gems in London (Photo Source; Pixabay)
Hidden Gems in London – London Travel Guide

Here is our list of some amazing hidden gems in London for you to discover:

Little Venice

Check out the beautiful tree-lined canals that many people miss out on while in London. What makes Little Venice special is that it’s very different compared to anywhere else in the city.

Spend the afternoon walking the little Venice towpath taking in the colourful canal boats that roam the waterways. You can even enjoy afternoon tea and cafes on the canal boats. In Little Venice, you’ll feel like you are in the middle of the countryside with its beautiful picturesque environment.

Neal’s Yard

Not far from Covent Garden you’ll find the hidden courtyard of Neal’s Yard. Neal’s Yard is a place you enter and think to yourself “I could stay here for a while”.

It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of London life full of colourful streets, secret bookstores, cute tea shops and pretty corners. The place may appear small but sometimes finding a quiet place in London to enjoy a coffee and read a book is all you need.

Camden Passage

Secretly tucked away behind Upper Street in Islington, you’ll find another great hidden gem in London, Camden Passage.

At Camden Passage, there are so many treasures for you to enjoy, from its quirky cafes to independent boutiques, and vintage shops, to an antique market. Perfect for those who love to find one-off pieces from clothes to furniture it’s got it all.

Best views at Sky Garden

Not so much a hidden gem but a London gem. Sky Gardens is a public space that offers beautiful panoramic views overlooking the city of London. And the best part of all its free to take in all these amazing views.

Free tickets are released online usually a week in advance, so you need to move fast to get one. Sky Gardens is also a great place to enjoy dinner in the different restaurants found here or have a drink in its rooftop bar.

Chin Chin Lab’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

One of the best-hidden gems in London is this unique ice cream shop that does things a little different. Located in Camden, you’ll find Chin Chin Labs, Europe’s first liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream Parlour.

You get to experience your ice cream being made thanks to the freezing priorities of liquid nitrogen. Looking more like a science lab than an ice cream parlour, this is definitely a place to experience and enjoy the many unique ice cream flavours.

The Churchill Arms:

Possible one of the most photographed pubs you’ll come across in London due to its incredible colourful array of floral decorations on its outside.

It is a place that not many people have heard about but just to see its stunning floral display is enough to check it out, and of course, you can enjoy a drink while you are here.

Pop Brixton

Another unmissable hidden gem in London is Pop Brixton a place to head to if you want to try a variety of London’s delicious food stands, cool hipster bars, art galleries, pop-up clothing stores and some quirkier finds.

Pop Brixton is a temporary project created to help local businesses thrive and is currently planned to remain in place until 2020. It’s a great place to spend the afternoon or evening in London enjoying food and drinks or checking out the photography exhibitions.

I hope this list of hidden gems in London will help you experience a different side to London that not everyone knows about. Visiting some of these hidden gems will make your trip to London that bit more special and of course there are many more hidden gems in London to be discovered.

Places to Stay in London? London Travel Guide

Here we will provide you with our London travel guide tips for the best places to stay while you are in the city. London is a big city full of many different forms of accommodation that will suit every personal style, taste or budget.

One of the best sites to check out is Visit London which will help you find the best accommodation whether you are travelling to London by yourself or with friends or family, on a budget or not – the site will guide you to all you need to know.

But this is our list of what we recommend when staying in London:

There really is no ‘best’ area to stay in London as many of the city’s attractions and things to do are spread out. It all really depends on what you’re interested in and what your budget is.

Best Cheap Accommodation in London:

1. Generator:

If you want to stay in the middle of London without having to pay huge prices then Generator is the place for you. This is a vibrant hostel with dorms and private rooms on offer. The place is a little quirky that includes a games room, bar and a graffiti-painted piano.

Perfect for those travelling by themselves in London or with a few friends and close to attractions such as Piccadilly Circus and British Museum.

2. The Z Hotel Soho:

Soho is definitely up there with our favourite areas to stay while in London, close to major museums, shops, restaurants and bars. Staying at the chic boutique Z Hotel is central to everything you could possibly want.

You can get a room here for less than 100 pounds which is incredible for its area. It’s a great hotel and great for a few nights in London

3. Pavilion:

The best way to describe the Pavilion hotel is extravagant and quirky with rooms that all have different themes and unique names. The rooms have a lot going on – it can be a bit overwhelming.

So if you like things simple then this is probably not the place for you. But with rooms starting at £63 pounds and including breakfast it’s not somewhere to quickly pass up.

4. Dictionary Hostel

This is the perfect place to stay if you like partying and going out as it’s located in the heart of the party town.

The hostel is located above a bar and close to all of London’s best bars and clubs. And with prices starting from £18 pounds and free breakfast it makes for an enjoyable stay while in London.

More places to stay in London:

5. Montague on the Gardens:

This four-star boutique hotel is one of the top hotels and provides one of the best services in London as recommended by TripAdvisor. The hotel offers the best of both worlds with the British Museum and touristy spots in the front.

While at the back there is a peaceful private garden that is cut off from the city by beautiful Georgian townhouses. Rooms start at around 200 pounds, so if you have a little bit more money to spend on your accommodation this is definitely somewhere to consider.

6. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge:

Located in the heart of London overlooking popular tourist attractions such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament is this hotel. If you want to stay in central London, then this is a great place to consider.

The Park Plaza has eight contemporary hotels all located in central London. Offers the perfect base to stay in while you explore the amazing city of London. It offers reasonable pricing and great views across the city.

7. The Tower Hotel

This is another large luxury hotel located in London just north of the River Thames and on the east side of Tower Bridge. The place offers great value for money, really lovely rooms with all that you need when staying at a hotel. Considered one of the best hotels in London for the views that you’ll get to experience.

These are just a few of the places that we recommend when you are looking for places to stay while in London. Of course, the city is huge and you’ll find many other great accommodations that might suit you better.

Best Places to Eat in London – London Travel Guide

If you are a big fan of food and trying different cuisines, then London will not let you down. London has become one of the leading culinary centres in the world. There is so much on offer in this great city when it comes to food and drink.

The city is filled with trendy restaurants, new arrivals and old classics that you don’t want to miss out on. The diversity of food in London is incredible from traditional British dishes to international renowned food. The hardest thing will be deciding where to eat on your London trip, so we have a few suggestions to help you out.

1. Afternoon Tea

One thing that is a must when you come to London is to enjoy some afternoon tea, and there are many places to do this in London. There are a few places that you should try for afternoon tea in London.

Firstly, check out Biscuiteers in Notting Hill for a cosy retreat inside a charming shop, where you’ll be filled with everything sweet.

The tea includes a delicious miniature version of their most loved cakes and patisseries filled with lots of flavours. There are also famous for their London- themed biscuits that include Union Jack and telephone booths iconic features of the city.

Secondly, check out the afternoon tea at The Petersham restaurant in Covent Garden where can also indulge in a British tradition while overlooking the river Thames. The Petersham stays true to the classic combination of sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries for you to have a delightful afternoon tea experience.

Thirdly why not enjoy afternoon tea at the Royal Albert Hall where you can get a slice of culture with your cake. The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most iconic performance venues and a very treasured London building.

If you would like to enjoy afternoon tea and a tour around a famous building, then this is the place. You can enjoy afternoon teas in its Verdi Restaurant located on the first floor.

2. Botanist Broadgate

This one is for those that might have a bit of money to splash and wish to enjoy an intimate experience in this trendy haven that offers a welcoming atmosphere.

A restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge all in one. The place is a city favourite serving a wide range of drinks, signature cocktails and classic British and European Menu.

3. Great Guns Social

If you are searching for amazing fine cuisine, then Great Guns Social offer just that. Helping to further the Boroughs area’s long and renowned relationship with creating fine cuisine.

Food is at the centre of this place with an innovative menu that’s constantly changing. But it’s also a place where people can relax and enjoy an impressive list of beers, wines and great cocktail list.

4. Burgers and Lobster

You don’t always need to go somewhere fancy to enjoy food in London, sometimes simplicity is the best and that’s why we recommend Burgers and Lobster. This restaurant couldn’t get any simpler with only offering two options a Burger or Lobster.

There are nine Burger and Lobster restaurants located around London including in Soho, Mayfair, Bond Street and Leicester Square. We’ll let the food do all the talking, you won’t be disappointed.

5. The Doodle Bar

If you are looking for a unique experience and some fun in London, we highly recommend visiting the Doodle bar in London. The Doodle Bar is a unique dining experience where people can unleash their creative side through doodling on the walls. As well as enjoying the market and great street food on offer.

6. Dans Le Noir

This next restaurant also offers you a unique dining experience while in London. Dan Le Noir serves guests with a surprise menu while they eat in complete darkness.

The restaurant is hosted and served by visually impaired people and may change your point of view about many preconceived ideas about the world.

This place focuses on sharpening your senses and allows you to taste a surprising wine and food experience that’s adapted to an unusual context.  This is definitely a different kind of experience that you’ll not quickly forget.

7. Cereal Killer Café

If you love cereal and all things sweet, then this is one place not to be missed in London. At the Cereal Killer Café, you can enjoy over 120 different types of cereal from all around the world. As well as 30 types of milk and lots of toppings.

You’ll be spoilt for choice here. This ’80s and 90’s themed cafe is quirky and unique that will truly take you back in time. From the amazing artwork on the walls, 90’s video games, and a fun atmosphere that will leave you feeling nostalgic.

Your One-Stop London Travel Guide

I hope this London travel guide will help you to plan an incredible trip to Britain’s Capital City. This is our personal London travel guide to all the best places, hidden gems, attractions, and best places to stay and eat in London.

What I haven’t covered here you’ll be sure to find somewhere on our site. There’s not much we haven’t covered when it comes to London. If you also want to see amazing videos of places around London, Ireland and further afield make sure to check out our YouTube Channel that’s filled with all that.