Exploring Germany: An Outdoor Traveller’s Guide (Top 9 Places)

Updated On: March 27, 2023

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Are you seeking a new adventure? Want to travel somewhere new? Want to explore both land and sea? Well, Germany offers just that and lots more.

Throughout this ConnollyCove guide, you’ll discover all the different adventure while exploring Germany. Including picturesque scenery, family-friendly activities and some thrilling adventures for daring explorers out there.

Oberstdorf – A Welcoming Town in Germany

Oberstdorf, Germany

The first location ConnollyCove recommend you to visit when exploring Germany is Oberstdorf. Located in central Bavaria, you will find some of the deepest rocky gorges, Breitachklamm. Surrounded by stunning scenery, it is the perfect place to escape into a land of adventure.

During the warmer months, enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, paragliding, hand-gliding and the toboggan ride. During the winter months, take advantage of the weather and enjoy ice skating or skiing. As it contains Germany’s longest downhill slope it is the perfect place for thrill-seekers.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen National Park

Located in Germany’s highest mountain peak, Zugspitze. Exactly 2,962 metres above sea level. Home to Germany’s highest ski resort. Surrounded by natural beauty, enjoy snowboarding and skiing at this peak destination.

Another activity offered is a ride in their cable cars which takes you up to the peak of the mountain. Perfect for those who want to explore Germany’s highest mountains and be mesmerising by the beauty on offer.

Black Forest National Park

Perfect for active individuals wishing to explore Germany’s sporting activities. With a 200 kilometre stretch, this is the perfect destination for mountain biking and hiking. The River Rhine offers wakeboarding, canoeing and paddling.

The Schluchsee and Titisee Lakes offer many water sports such as sailing and surfing. Along with picturesque views, there is never a dull moment in this national park. There is also a guided ATV Tour offered, starting at Malsch, bringing passengers through the Black Forest.


Königsee, Germany

Freshwater paddling is a must-do for all travellers in Germany. Offered in thousands of lakes across Germany, the prime destination is in the Königsee, rated Germany’s most beautiful Alpine lake. Located in Bavaria’s Berchtesgadener Land, perfect for activities on land or in the lake.

Many enjoy hiking or mountain biking near the lake (only the most adventurous dare to climb the east face Watzmann Mountain). Königsee means ‘King’s lake’, and the Königsee is surely fit for the royally adventurous.


Rügen, Germany

This is Germany’s largest island, one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations. An island full of picturesque scenery and many activities for all. The island and coastline can be explored by bicycle or sailing tours and the sandy beaches are perfect for all water-based activities.

There is also the magnificent Aussichtsturm Adlerhorst forest, walk to the top of the spiral ramp and amaze at the view from above the treetops.

Stuttgart and the Black Forest

Stuttgart and the Black Forest, Germany

Perfect for exploring Germany’s range of outdoor activities, perfect for both the family and the lone thrill seekers. Home to many exciting outdoor activities, such as kayaking, canyoning, stand up paddle boarding, skydiving and hot air ballooning.

Take a hot air balloon path above Germany’s stunning nature. While experiencing all these thrills, stepping into the world of The Brothers Grimm tales with picturesque scenery and castles.

Harz Mountains and Thuringian Forest

Perfect for those who enjoy hiking, this 260-kilometre trail is perfect for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and explore German culture and old architecture. The Harz Mountains includes both forest and rocky passages, including opportunities for bikers to do jumps and five bike parks.

For those who want a thrill, the Mega Zipline is perfect as it reaches speeds of up to 55 miles per hour or the Gigaswing which has a 75-metre drop from one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges worldwide.

During winter, visitors can enjoy sledge dog tours, tubing, snowboarding, skiing and skating on the lake. With the large 500 kilometres of trails, tobogganing using a traditional wooden sledge is a must-do.

Alternatively, if hiking is not your preferred method of transport, enjoy a scenic train journey. The Harz Narrow Gauge Railways operate a fleet of 25 steam locomotives and historic coaches, offering jaw-dropping views of nature and mountains.

Bavarian Forest National Park

This is Germany’s first and largest national park and should be on every tourist’s list when visiting the country. It has extensive hiking and biking trails, and a thrilling tree-top walk. This park has 300 kilometres of hiking trails and cyclists get to enjoy the highlights with an isolated 200-kilometre biking trail.

The tree-top walk (Baumwipfelbad) allows travellers the perfect opportunity to explore Germany’s nature up close, from a 44-metre-high-observation deck, the splendid views of the forest and alps are phenomenal.

Tree Hanging

And the best for last… Perfect for thrill seekers wishing to explore Germany’s nature up close. In the German Alps town of Kappel, campers do not sleep on the ground, but rather, from tents hung from tree branches high up in the forest canopy.

If this doesn’t sound thrilling enough, there is the option to go higher… to sleep on the side of cliff faces, up to 2000 metres high in the air! Sleep on ‘portaledges’, build around a sturdy frame with strong camping ropes. Definitely only for extreme thrill seekers!

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