Fun Things To Do in Birmingham: Over 20 Great Attractions & Locations To Visit

Updated On: February 02, 2023

Birmingham City

Birmingham is the second city of the UK, once called the city of 1000 trades. Even now there are so many fun things to do in Birmingham. Whether you are looking for fun with all the family, a great hen or stag do, or a romantic date night there are things to do in Birmingham for you. 

Read on to find out what fun things to do in Birmingham you should try next! 

What fun things to do in Birmingham are right for you? 

This article will tell you all about: 

  • Fun Things To Do in Birmingham for Adults 
  • Fun Things To Do in Birmingham for Kids & Families 
  • Fun Things To Do in Birmingham for a Date Night 

Fun Things To Do in Birmingham for Adults 

Visit a Theatre 

Birmingham is packed full of great theatre and performance so next time you are planning a night out in Birmingham you should check to see what’s on in Birmingham’s many theatres. 

One of the easiest ways to check out the shows and events on in Birmingham’s theatres is to visit the What’s On Stage website, linked here. From The Rep to The Glee you will always find something amazing on stage in Birmingham. 

Explore One of Birmingham’s Museums 

From music to industrial work, Birmingham is a city with a varied and interesting history. There is no better way to experience and learn a bit about this past that to visit one of Birmingham’s many museums. Here are a few of the interesting ones you can find in the city: 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

One of the main museums in Birmingham is the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This amazing institution has exhibits on many topics from The Staffordshire Hoard to the music history of Birmingham. 

Note: The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is closed for essential maintenance 2023 to 2024. For information on its re-opening you can check their website. To explore the amazing collections while the museum is closed you can take a Virtual Tour of its many rooms and exhibits online, linked here

Location: Chamberlain Sq, Birmingham B3 3DH (located at the City Council buildings). 

Museum Collection Centre 

Museums often have a huge collection of objects beyond just what they have on display, but where do these objects stay? The Museum Collection Centre in Birmingham is home to all the collections of Birmingham museums which aren’t on display or on loan to other museums. 

When you visit the Museum Collection Centre you are given the unique oportunity to see objects that aren’t normally seen by the public. By visiting a collection centre you can learn more about the history of Birmingham but also how museums work to conserve that history for future generations. If you have questions about how museums do their work or what goes on behind-the-scenes at museums, this is the perfect day out in Birmingham for you. 

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter 

One of the thousand trades Birmingham is best known for is the creation of jewellery. They have a global reputation for the beautiful craftsmanship which takes place in the city. A great way to learn about this craft and its history in Birmingham is to visit the Jewellery Quarter and its museum. 

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is currently (2023) closed except for special events. To find out what events are available for you to visit check out their ‘What’s On’ page of their website. The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter also offer up fun things to do in Birmingham for kids such as interactive making sessions. 

If you want to look around while the museum is closed check out their 360 tour of the museum linked here

Bars & Restaurants 

Sometimes at the end of a long week its nice to unwind with a pint, a cocktail, or an excellently made meal. If you are looking for great food and drink then you are lucky to be in Birmingham. In every quarter of the city there are hidden gems you can discover serving up everything from burgers to balti. 

If you want a brilliant Balti, check out the Balti Triangle; an area of the city just South of the center. This area is the birthplace of the balti and is the ideal spot to grab a curry. 

Location: Centered around Storey Lane, Stratford Road, and Ladypool Road. 

Fun Things to do in Birmingham - Balti Triangle
Fun Things to do in Birmingham – Balti Triangle

Looking for good burgers? Check out places such as The Meat Shack in the Chinese Quarter. (Also, a great spot for local craft beer). For a superb fried chicken burger check out Bonehead on Lower Severn Street. Birmingham is bursting with delicious burgers and these two are just a small selection of the great places you can discover. 

There are countless interesting, themed, or traditional pubs and bars scattered throughout the city center and there is one for everyone. Some bars even have something different on each floor. This is the case for 1000 Trades, a bar known for its craft beer selection. Their second floor (a bar called Ikigai) has a very different vibe offering up artisan cocktails featuring Japanese ingredients. 

For more bar inspiration and fun things to do in Birmingham check out our guides to: 

Areas To Explore 

When exploring Birmingham you should ensure you see much more than just the city centre as the city has countless hidden gems and areas to explore. Why not check out: 

  • The Chinese Quarter – Birmingham’s Chinatown district with pagodas and lots of Asian restaurants & Bakeries. 
  • The Gay Village – A lively place filled with bars, cafes, and cabaret. Located on and around Hurst Street.
  • The Balti Triangle -Three streets packed full of restaurants serving up amazing curries. 
  • Gas Street Basin – Canalside bars, restaurants, and venues. You will feel like you have been transported to another place in this cosy area. Make sure to check out the Canalside Bar for pints in an inviting space. 
  • The Jewellery Quarter – An area known for bars and restaurants, a whole day out can be had right here. 


When you look up Birmingham shopping you will undoubtedly hear about The Bullring. This truly massive shopping hub is the ideal place to shop until you drop. With over 200 retailers selling there offering everything from Selfridges Gift Baskets to Lego sets. There is also a wide variety of restaurants and food vendors to choose from after a long day’s shop. If you get bored of shopping there’s always the Treetop Mini Golf which is also located within this huge shopping centre. 

 If you are looking for more independent retailers in Birmingham why not check out the Great Western Arcade? You can find your way in on Colmore Row or Temple Row in the city centre. The GWA offer bakeries, barber shops, and more on top of independent shops for you to discover. It is a lesser-known gem in the Birmingham shopping trip. 

Fun Things To Do in Birmingham for Kids & Families 

Getting the kids out and about and keeping them busy is not always easy. Birmingham luckily has plenty of fun things to do for kids and families. Here are a few ideas for fun things to do in Birmingham with kids: 

Live Events for Kids

Theatre in Birmingham isn’t only for grown-ups! Theatres such as The Rep, The Alexandra Theatre and The Crescent have lots on offer that your kids will love. Check out the Birmingham Theatre website for details about live performances you can take the whole family to. 

Even the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra put on children’s performances which can introduce your little ones to a new type of performance. CBSO also provide crafting activities to keep kids busy right up until the performance starts. Check out their website for more information. 

Visit Museums such as ThinkTank Birmingham

A trip to ThinkTank Birmingham is a great educational and fun day out for all the family. This museum isn’t about exhibits in glass cases instead allowing kids to interact and roam through exhibitions. Kids visiting can take part in a huge range of scientific experiments and demonstrations. ThinkTank helps kids understand science and the world around them in a fun and engaging way. An awesome way to help them learn, grow, and be tired out by the end of the day. 

Find Bugs & Plants at the Botanical Garden 

A beautiful Victorian garden contains four glass houses with various biomes which contain fascinating plants and bugs. You can also let the kids run wild at the playpark and enjoy a sweet treat in the tea rooms. 

Try Out Some Chocolate Treats at Cadbury World 

Who doesn’t want to learn a bit more about chocolate? A trip to Cadbury World allows your whole family to experience the history of one of Britain’s favourite chocolates. During your visit, there are VR experiences, fun rides, and plenty of chocolate to go around. 

Watch Fish, Penguins, and Otters at play at the Sealife Centre 

The Sealife Center is a great attraction for kids who want to learn more about the life that lives in our oceans. Birmingham’s Sealife Centre has a very special attraction that no other one does, Sea otters! 

These two sea otters came all the way from Alaska to live in Birmingham where they are taken care of and can be seen on a trip to Sea Life. 

If your little ones love animals you can also have a great day out at Birmingham’s Wildlife Conservation Park. That way you can experience both the land and sea. 

Other Fun Things to do in Birmingham for Kids & Families: 

  • Rush UK Trampoline Park 
  • Bear Grylls Adventure Park 
  • Drayton Manor 

Fun Things To Do in Birmingham for a Date Night 

What makes a great date spot? Do you sit in a cinema not talking for 2 hours? Do you have dinner at a new restaurant? It can be hard to find something interesting to do that doesn’t end up awkward even if the match is right. It’s a good thing there are so many fun things to do in Birmingham for a date night. These recommendations ensure there is enough to talk about, and a fun atmosphere to help you foster that spark even if it is your first date. 

Comedy at Cherry Reds 

A sense of humour is said to be a key point in attraction and even if your date can’t bring the laughs this date idea will. 

Cherry Reds is a cafe bar that specialises in craft beer and local produce. You are sure to be comfortable in their homey atmosphere and will have some great laughs with those on stage. (and hopefully not your date). 

Ghetto Golf

A fun and funky mini-golf experience with a difference. This venue is covered in graffiti and offers cocktails and street food while you’re there. This vibe-filled course is the perfect place to grab some interesting pictures together while competing for the title of mini-golf champion. Plus, if it is a first date you can find out if they are competitive early on. 

Check out their website for more information. 

Activity Bars 

Some of Birmingham’s most interesting bars are those which also have an activity that they specialise in. Plus having something to do while chatting and enjoying a drink is an ideal way to get to know someone. Here are two great options for activity bars in Birmingham: 


This cafe bar is also an arcade with over 20 pinball machines to play while you enjoy something from their drink menu. Tilt promotes local craft beer on tap as well as in cans but also offers artisan coffee for those who want a non-alcoholic buzz. 

Flight Club 

Decorated to resemble a fairground, Flight Club specialises in darts. These are no ordinary darts however, these digitally assisted darts take all the complicated maths out of the game. Sit back, enjoy a cocktail and try your best to hit a bullseye. 

Roller Skating 

Roller Jam in Digbeth is a great place to get a little active while spending time with your date. Your skating will have great musical accompaniment even if you are struggling to stay up. There is even an arcade for fun and games after your skating session. 

Check out their social media to find out if there are special DJ events such as ABBA-themed nights. 


There are so many fun things to do in Birmingham and this list only scratched the surface of some of the amazing venues to be found in the city. 

Why not check out our other Birmingham articles on cocktails and craft beer you can find on your trip to Birmingham?

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