Everything You Need To Know About Liverpool City, the Pool of Life


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Liverpool is a famous British city that has become renowned as one of the best cities in the UK to live in. It combines history, beauty and entertainment with an affordable cost of living. Living or studying in Liverpool offers opportunities to be exposed to British society and many diverse activities.

Liverpool is on the River Mersey, making it a beautiful coastal city. It also ranks sixth among the most visited cities in Britain, due to its distinguished architecture and charming nature, in addition to its friendly residents.

The popularity of the city of Liverpool in the Arab world has increased recently, especially after the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah joined Liverpool FC, and who doesn’t love Mo, honestly?


History of the City of Liverpool

Liverpool was once a fishing village in the northwest of England in 813, and then it was developed by King John, who established the Port of Liverpool in 1207. Next to the port was a weekly market where goods could be exchanged.

During 1699, the commercial growth in the city began to increase even further because many merchants arrived from the West Indies, Ireland, and the European continent.

Weather in Liverpool

The weather in Liverpool varies, like the rest of Britain, as it is a mixture of rainy, sunny, windy, and cloudy weather all year round. The weather in the summer is warm and reaches up to 20 degrees Celsius between July and August. In the winter, the weather is cold between December and February, reaching 4 degrees Celsius.

The City of Liverpool and Football

The city is famous for its world-renowned football clubs, two of the biggest teams in Europe and the world: Liverpool and Everton.

Liverpool FC


As many people know, Liverpool is one of England’s major football teams. The team has won more trophies than any other in England, and its home stadium is Anfield. It was founded on 15 March 1892, in Liverpool, in Merseyside, England, by John Holding. 

The stadium tour offers an exclusive look inside the football grounds, where you can learn more about the team’s trophies and history. While touring the grounds, you may actually come across some of the Liverpool FC legends and even receive a signed photograph. 

Liverpool has won 13 European titles, more than any other English club, after winning the Champions League 6 times, the last of which was in 2019. The team also won the European Cup 3 times and the European SuperCup 4 times.

Locally, Liverpool is the second-most English club to win the league title, with 19 championships. At the level of cups, the team won 15 titles in the FA Shield, seven in the FA Cup, and eight in the English League Cup.

Everton FC

Everything You Need To Know About Liverpool City, the Pool of Life

The other famous football club in the city is Everton, founded in Liverpool in 1878. The team is renowned for its blue colours and shared the same stadium with city rivals, Liverpool, before taking sole ownership of Goodison Park.

Everton was crowned with many local titles, winning the League 9 times, the Super 9 times, the Federation Cup 5 times, and the European Cup Winners Cup once.

Things to Do in the City of Liverpool

The most important thing that distinguishes the city of Liverpool is that it is the birthplace of the famous Beatles, and fans of Beatles music can take a tour to see their childhood homes. Many tourist attractions are also associated with the port in the city. In 2011 the city museum was opened, a great addition to its list of attractions, where you can find many art collections representing the city’s social and cultural history.

Liverpool is famous for its many tourist sites, where you can shop, view historical buildings, and visit entertainment venues and picturesque beaches.

Let’s start our adventure in the beautiful city of Liverpool, getting to know everything about the city, the places you can visit, and the activities you can do there.

Merseyside Maritime Museum


The Merseyside Maritime Museum, located on the historic Albert Dock, includes many exhibitions that display information about immigrants who left Britain for North America between 1830 and 1930.

Enter the Anglican Liverpool Cathedral


The Liverpool Cathedral is a majorly famous attraction in the city. It is situated on St. James’s Mount and was built in 1904. Its designer is the architect Giles Gilbert Scott who created the famous red telephone boxes.

This Cathedral is the longest in the world, reaching 189 metres, with a copper roof and 2,500 bells, the largest of which weighs around 4 tons.

Discover Everything about the Beatles


Who doesn’t know the famous musical band the Beatles? It is the perfect place for music lovers since the city was the birthplace of the renowned band. You can take an exciting tour and discover many things about the Beatles, such as visiting Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields.

Also, you can visit the Beatles Story in Albert Dock and the Cavern Club, where they made their debut in 1961. Another place to see is the Beatles shop and Paul McCartney’s former home, where the band wrote and rehearsed many of their early songs. Now the place is open for tourists, featuring photos and many memorabilia about the Beatles.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral


The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral was built in 1967. It was named the Catholic Cathedral to distinguish it from the Anglican Liverpool Cathedral, and it is the largest Catholic Cathedral in Britain. When you visit, you will see that it is designed in a circular style and has standard features such as stained glass windows.  

Get to Know more about Art at Walker Art Gallery


Walker Art Gallery includes many collections of works by Italian, Flemish, and French artists from the 14th century until now, including renowned masterpieces by Rubens, Rembrandt, and Rodin.

Don’t Miss Visiting St. George’s Hall


It is one of the top attractions to visit in Liverpool, where its façade is adorned with Corinthian columns and statues. The great hall is luxuriously decorated, adorned with one of the world’s largest organs that is also often used for concerts. The hall is an excellent example of neo-classical architecture.

Pier Head


The Pier Head is an area located in Liverpool. When you visit the area, you will spot the Titanic Memorial, which was erected in commemoration of the Heroes in the Engine Room that continued to work as the famous liner sank on that dark night in 1912. In the same area, you will also find the Queen Victoria Monument, the Beatles Statue, and the Georgian Town Hall, built in 1754.

Take a Walk on the Silver Jubilee Bridge 

The Silver Jubilee Bridge is located just near the city of Liverpool, and it was built in 1961 with an extension of 482 metres long and 87 metres tall. The single arch that characterizes the bridge, now a listed building, is famous for its gleaming architecture.

The Silver Jubilee Bridge lies across the River Mersey and is considered the entrance to Liverpool and the city’s surrounding area.

Enjoy Your Day at Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach is located outside of Liverpool, and the extension of the sandy beach overlooks the Irish Sea. It is easy to reach the beach by car, and you can enjoy watching the magnificent sunset from there. Besides that, you can try the walking trails located along the coast.

Discover Sefton Park


Sefton Park is a large public park in Liverpool spread out over 235 acres. Both locals and tourists prefer to visit the park to enjoy its historical features, like the palm house built in 1896 to showcase exotic plants.

You will also see historical statues and gorgeous architecture beside the Victorian bandstand that inspired the Beatle’s song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Give the Central Library a Visit


The Central Library is located next to the Walker Gallery and had a three-year reconstruction until 2013. When you visit the library, you will see an elliptical dome made of around 150 pieces of glass. 

Also, visit the circular Picton Reading Room, which is among the most beautiful of its kind, as its walls are lined with rich, dark wood, and there are books from the floor to the ceilings. The room is circled by a monumental wooden pillar topped with a vast flower-shaped lamp, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge.

There is a room called Oak Room, which includes a vast glass-cased copy of John James Audubon’s Birds of America, a seminal work of 19th-century naturalism illustrated by beautiful life-size prints.

251 Menlove Avenue


One of the famous places to visit in the city is the childhood home of John Lennon. Some of the Beatle’s songs were written in this house, and it is a listed heritage building. You can actually go inside the house that was redecorated to look just like it did while Lennon was growing up there during the 1950s.

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