10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

London this summer

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Do you know the top recommended places to visit in London this summer? We have some recommendations that we would like to share with those who will be coming to visit London this summer. Or even for those who have plans to visit London.

London is known to be one of the top cities to visit all around the world, and that’s because of all the exciting and historical attractions that are found here. These attractions include the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and much more. And because we know that summer means picnics, don’t forget to pack your favourite shades and be ready to soak in the sunlight while having spectacular picnics in some of the most vibrant parks in London.

london this summer
London this summer

London this Summer

London has a lot to offer in summer. The city is full of attractions and activities that will make your summer vacation a dream come true. London this summer has many attractions to visit. Here are the top attractions not to miss in London this summer:

Big Ben

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

10 – Number ten of our places to visit this summer in London is Big Ben. Big Ben is one of the top attractions here to see a beautiful historical building. Big Ben and the famous clock are two places tourists love to visit and take pictures in front of. One of the exciting things to know about Big Ben is that it was just a nickname when it used to be called the Clock Tower but was later renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

When the Palace of Westminster was destroyed by a fire in 1834, it was decided that the new building would include a tower and a clock. It is also worth knowing that Big Ben first rang across Westminster on 31 May 1859 and still holds this tradition. It is currently undergoing renovation, which may make it difficult for people to enjoy, but hopefully, it will return to its full glory soon.

Parliament Square

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

9 – Next is the historic Parliament Square in front of the Houses of Parliament and the Westminster Abbey. It’s a great place to visit for its location and iconic statues, such as one of Winston Churchill and many other great people. This neo-Gothic building has stood since the mid-19th century, with Westminster Hall being the oldest, dating back to the 11th century. The Houses of Parliament are a combination of two houses: the green-hued House of Commons and the scarlet-decorated House of Lords. Visiting this vital building will enhance your understanding of British democracy; it is like being at the very heart of it!

St. James Park

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer
View towards St. James Park in London during the spring season

8 – Take a trip to St. James Park, one of the famous royal parks in London located next to Buckingham Palace. The park offers beautiful greenery, lakes, and lovely walks, which one can enjoy while escaping the hustle and bustle of London’s city life.

Famous landmarks like the Clarence House and Whitehall also surround it. It also includes The Mall and Horse Guards Parade. When you go there, immerse yourself in the views across St. James Park Lake from the Blue Bridge. Ducks, geese, and pelicans are all residents of this lake, and it would be great if you could catch them when they have their meals. It is a must-see place to visit in London this summer.

Sky Garden

London Sky Garden | London | England | Things to Do in London | London Attractions

7 – Number seven on our list of the top 10 things to see in London this summer is the Sky Garden. The leafy indoor garden offers spectacular views at absolutely no cost! To see fantastic panoramic views of the London skyline, visit the Sky Garden’s viewing gallery on the 43rd floor of the Walkie-Talkie, one of London’s most remarkable modern attractions.

This spot has many bars and restaurants where you can get a drink or have a bite to eat while looking out of the floor-to-ceiling substantial glass windows. If you fancy British dishes to relax, Darwin Brasserie is the answer. There is also Fenchurch, which specializes in modern British cuisine. If you want to go for a drink, there are three bars: Sky Pod Bar, City Garden Bar, and Fenchurch Terrace. Because London this summer may be a bit crowded, we recommend reserving your ticket online to Sky Garden in advance.

Buckingham Palace

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

6 – Following that, you can’t miss out on a London trip without visiting the famous Buckingham Palace. It is where the royal family resides, and you can witness the change of guards, so be sure to get a photo in front of the building, as it’s a popular thing to do when here. There are many things to do and see while visiting Buckingham Palace. The palace swings its door open for visitors from July to October in the summer, so make sure you visit during these months and make unforgettable memories.

One of the things that we recommend you to do at Buckingham Palace is to explore the nineteen State Rooms. These rooms hold many famous, must-see objects, like the mysterious painting Music Lesson by Johannes Vermeer, the Queen’s Diamond Diadem, the Table of the Great Commanders, and Antonio Canova’s sculptures in the Marble Hall of the Palace.

After being mesmerized by all this beauty, come outside to the Palace Garden and the Garden Café. Enjoy a cup of tea and sweet treats while enjoying the greenery view. You can also book a 45-minute guided stroll around the private side of the Palace garden. Get ready to immerse yourself in all the stories provided by the guide!

Green Park

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

5 – Next is another popular park in London: Green Park, perfect on a summer’s day. Green Park is located in the City of Westminster, and its name comes from being green. Since it’s a park without lakes or buildings, it’s just beautiful greenery where you can enjoy a peaceful walk.

Kensington Gardens

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

4 – Number 4 on our list of things to see in London this summer is the beautiful Kensington Gardens. It is also referred to as one of the famous gardens found across London, which were once private gardens of Kensington Palace but are now open to the public. It is also considered one of the royal parks In London.

South Bank

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer
View of St. Paul’s Cathedral from the South Bank of the Thames River in London

3 – Number three on our list is South Bank, which is located beside the River Thames. South Bank is a dynamic area at the heart of the city’s cultural scene. In addition to the street shows you can enjoy, the National Theatre and BFI film theatre are also found here.

Camden Town Markets

2 – The next place you should visit while in London is Camden Town Markets. Camden town is a great place to check out some local British goods and look around the many stalls and shops known as London’s most significant markets.

Hyde Park

10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

1- Our number one spot of things to see in London this summer is the famous Hyde Park. Hyde Park is the most popular park in London. Many tourists head there whenever they visit the city. The park has lots to offer, such as lakes, cafes and restaurants that people can enjoy. It is also the largest of the four royal parks, forming a chain from the entrance of Kensington Palace to Hyde Park.

Let us know if you have been to any of these locations and what you thought 🙂 Let us know where you want to go if you haven’t been. 🙂

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