10 Best Things To See In London This Summer

Updated On: March 10, 2022

London this summer

Do you know about the top recommended places to visit in London this summer? We have some recommendations that we would like to share with those who will be coming to visit London this summer. Or even for those who have future plans to visit London.

London is known to be one of the top cities to visit all around the world and that’s because of all the interesting and historical attractions that are found here. Some of these attractions include The Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London and much more.

london this summer
London this summer

London this Summer

London has a lot to offer in summer. The city is full of attractions and activities that will make your summer vacation a dream come true. London this summer has many attractions to visit. Here are the top attractions not to miss in London this summer:

Big Ben

10 – Number ten on our places to visit this summer in London is The Big Ben. The Big Ben is one of the top attractions here if you wish to visit a beautiful historical building. Big Ben and the famous clock is one of the places that tourists love to go and take pictures in front of. One of the interesting things to know about the Big Ben is that its just a nickname when in fact it used to called as ‘The Clock Tower’. At the moment it is currently undergoing renovation which may make it difficult for people to enjoy but hopefully, soon it will be back to its full glory.

Parliament Square

9 – Next is the historic Parliament Square which is located in front of the Houses of Parliament as well as the Westminster Abbey. It’s a great place to visit not just for its location but for the iconic statues found here such as the one of Winston Churchill and many other great people.

St. James Park

8 – Take a trip to St. James Park which is one of the famous park’s in London that is located next to Buckingham Palace. The park offers beautiful greenery, lakes and lovely walks which one could enjoy while getting away from the hustle and bustle of London city life.

Sky Gardens

7 – Number seven on our list of the top 10 things to see in London this summer is the Sky Gardens. On offer at the Sky Garden is beautiful views over the city, where you can enjoy a drink or some great food. Also, check out the beautiful gardens on show that can’t be missed.

Buckingham Palace

London this summer: Buckingham Palace

6 – Following on you can’t miss out on a London trip without visiting the famous Buckingham Palace. It is where the royal family resides and you can witness the change of guards and be sure to get a photo in front of the building as its a popular thing to do when here.

Green Park

5 – Next is another popular park in London which is Green Park that is perfect on a summers day. Green Park is located in the City of Westminster and its name comes from just being green. Since its a park without lakes or building, just beautiful greenery where you can enjoy a peaceful walk.

Kensington Gardens

4 – Number 5 on our list of things to see in London this summer is the beautiful Kensington Gardens. It is also referred as one of the famous gardens found across London, which were once private gardens of Kensington Palace but is now opened to the public. It is also considered among the Royal Parks Of London.

South Bank

3 – Number three on our list is South Bank which is located beside the River Thames. South Bank is a dynamic area at the heart of the city’s cultural scene. In addition to the street shows you can enjoy, the National Theatre and BFI film theatre is also found here.

Camden Town Markets

2 – Following on, the next place you should make sure to visit while in London is Camden Town Markets. Camden town is a great place to check out some local British goods and have a look around the many stalls and shops which has been known as London greatest markets.

Hyde Park

London this summer: Hyde Park

1- Our number one spot of things to see in London this summer is the famous Hyde Park. Hyde Park is the most popular park known in London and lots of tourist tend to head for it whenever they visit the city. The park has lots to offer such as lakes, cafes and restaurants that people can enjoy. It is also the largest of the four royal parks that form a chain from the entrance of Kensington Palace to Hyde Park.

Let us know if you have been to any of these locations and what you thought 🙂 If you haven’t been let us know where you would like to go. 🙂

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