Top 3 beautiful Islands of Oceania

The Pacific region is also known as Oceania. Oceania is quite huge. It is around one-third of the Earth’s surface area. If you think that’s big, think again. That is why you should wait till you know the number of islands that exist within the region.

Approximately, 25,000 islands exist within that region. They are homes to many diverse ranges of people and cultures. Oceania can be divided up into three main groups. Those are groups of islands. Melanesia is the first group. Micronesia is the second group. The third group is Polynesia.


Melanesia is a sub-region of Oceania. It exists in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Did you know that it extends from the island of New Guinea? That exists in the west. Reaching Tonga. What lies in the east. It includes the Arafura Sea. 

There are about 4 independent countries. They lie within the region of Melanesia.

The nation of Fiji which is composed of many islands is one of the four. There are 2 of those main islands. That belongs to Fiji. The first is Viti Levu. The second is Vanua Levu. Vanuatu is the second country. The third is the Solomon Islands. The fourth is Papua New Guinea.

We will try and learn more about each of those in detail. So, buckle up. If you are considering a visit to the Pacific region, then you should most certainly read the following. But first things first, you should check our must-see section.

The Nation of Fiji

Fiji is a country. It can be found in the South of the Pacific. It is an archipelago. That consists of about 300 islands or even more. There, you can find palm-lined beaches. In addition to the rugged landscapes and coral reefs. They have clear lagoons. The two most prominent islands of the Fiji Islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Vanua Levu contains most of the population. Viti Levu is a home. Home of the capital. The capital is Suva. Suva is a port city. It is full of British colonial architecture. Where you can find the Fiji Museum. It has ethnographic exhibits.


People can speak Fijian in Fiji. In addition to Fiji Hindi and English. It is a safe place to visit. However, visitors fall prey to petty crimes. Such as theft and ATM skimming. Avoid walking alone at night. Especially, in urban areas. Particularly, downtown Suva. Keep any expensive valuables out of sight. Lock your car in case you have one.


Vanuatu is a nation that lies in the South Pacific Ocean. It makes up about 80 islands. Those islands are about 1,300 kilometres overall. There are many activities to do there. For example, scuba diving. Especially, at the coral reefs or the underwater caverns. Maybe even at the wrecks.

The Vanuatu National Museum has many of the nation’s Melanesian cultures to offer. Violent crime is rare in Vanuatu. However, petty crime still takes place. So, make sure that all your belongings, including passports and other travel documents, are secure at all times.

Sometimes break-ins occur. So, lock your doors. DON’T leave those windows open at night. Especially, if you are not home. Vanuatu is quite a poor country. People in Vanuatu can speak English. So, don’t worry. They even speak Bislama and French.


Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands, on the other hand, is a nation of hundreds of islands. They lie south of the Pacific as well. Despite the tragic history of cannibalism (That is rumoured) and the World War II that the islands keep, it is a safe vacation destination for you and your family. So, don’t worry. Nobody is eating you.

However, you are only safe by day. By night, you better be cautious. The Islands are considered one of Asia’s sadly poorest nations. However, the land is rich. Many minerals and resources exist there. For example, lead and zinc. You can even find nickel and gold.

Still, the people prefer to continue working in farming and fishing. Maybe even forestry. They speak English. The waters of the Solomon Islands and the islands in themselves are quite special. Especially, for their biodiversity. That is considered remarkable. Therefore, many species are only known to those living on the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea lies in the southwestern Pacific. It captures the eastern half of New Guinea. In addition to its offshore islands. It is quite popular for its beaches. Also, the coral reefs are something else. When on land, you can find volcanoes. Maybe even dense rainforests. You can go on hiking routes. For example, the Kokoda Trail.

However, do not travel there! After COVID- 19, crime spread. Normally, we’d put it on top of the list. However, it is unsafe at the moment. So, maybe skip this destination for the time being. You can continue reading, however. In that case, check out this interesting article.

Maybe we can help you find another destination. That can be safer and affordable for your next travel plan where you can enjoy your vacation safely. Crime in Papua New Guinea spread. In turn, this caused social and political strife. Even economic upturns.

Papua New Guinea


Micronesia is The Federated States of Micronesia. It is a country. It spreads across the Pacific Ocean. It contains more than 600 islands. It is divided into 4 island states. The first is Pohnpei. The second is Kosrae. The third is Chuuk. The fourth is Yap. Micronesia is known for its palm-shaded beaches. It is full of diving treasures.


Pohnpei State is the first state in question. We will be talking about Pohnpei first out of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia. The other states from east to west; first off is the Kosrae State; then, there is the Chuuk State; finally, the Yap State. The mainland of the state is Pohnpei.

Do you like dancing? Well, whatever your answer is! We can promise you that you will love dancing. Especially, after you visit Pohnpei. Pohnpei is famous for its energetic dance. In addition to the relaxing Sakai drink. It has kava-like drinks. That is used. Especially, in ceremonies. They are even sold in bars.

Pohnpei means upon a stone altar. People in Pohnpei call themselves Mehn Pohnpei. It means Pohnpei. The island was known as Ponape. Make sure you visit Nan Madol. Did you know that it was once considered the eighth wonder of the world?

Female scuba diver beside large starfish


Kosrae used to be known as Kusaie. Some may even know it as Strong’s Island. It’s the alternate island we will be talking about out of the four countries of the Federated States of Micronesia. People there speak Kosraean. Sometimes they call it Kusaiean. 

Kosrae has further than 50 dive spots available for all the explorers out there. Kosrae is known for its virgin reef. Asa well as its pristine waters. It’s more or less a coral society. Kosrae reefs are pristine. They are there for all the explorers out there. 

Kosrae is fairly safe. It’s located on the easternmost of the Caroline Islands. It lies about 600 km north of the dimension. What are you holding on for? Get those diving suits ready and reserve your trip. 

Pacific Trip, let's go!
Pacific Trip, let’s go!


Chuuk is the third of the four countries of the Federated States of Micronesia. They speak Chuukese in Chuuk. It’s a Trukic language of the Austronesian language family. It’s spoken in Chuuk and the Caroline Islands in Micronesia. So, get that dictionary ready. 

Chuuk is fairly safe, so do not worry. It’s the perfect destination spot for you. The people of Chuuk or the Chuukese people are fairly humble and dutiful. They truly want their guests to have a good time in Chuuk. 

Chuuk is enough known for its wreck diving. However, you should remember that it is not for the faint of heart. The PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving listed it among the four top wreck diving spots. Guess what? Of course, Truk Lagoon or as you may know it, Chuuk Lagoon, made it as one of the four on the list. 


Yap is an island. It exists as one of the Federated States. That of Micronesia. It’s the fourth of the four countries of the Federated States of Micronesia that we will be talking about. It exists in the Pacific Ocean. It’s rich in coral reefs that are home to manta shafts and harpies. It’s full of villages. For illustration, Kadai, and Wanyan. 

In Colonia megacity, the Yap Living History Museum explores Micronesian culture through dancing and crafts. Yap is known for its stone money. Yup, you read that correctly. Stone Money! That stone money has a name, you know. It is known as either Rei or Fei. 

It’s a large doughnut-like sculpted scrap of calcite. It can reach up to 4m infringe. The smallest is about 3.5 centimeters infringe. The only way to arrive at Yap is by sailing.


Polynesia is the third sub-region of Oceania. It makes up further than islands that are scattered all over the central and southern Pacific abysms. The natives of the Polynesian lands have a distinctive name. They are known as Polynesians. They partake of multitudinous goods in common from language to culture and beliefs. 

The corners of the triangle are three. The first is the Hawaiian Islands. The second is New Zealand. The third is Easter Island. Polynesia means multitudinous islands in Greek. Polynesian history can be divided into four periods. The first period is the exploration and agreement period. 

It passed between1800B.C. and 700B.C. It was followed by the pre-European growth period. That was between 700 B.C. and 1595 A. D. During this time, the first traces of a distinctive culture came to formation. It appeared in northwest Melanesia and spread throughout the Pacific. 

Still, it was soon overcome by Western colonization from 1595 to the early 1900s. During World War II, multitudinous islands were used by the United States, but the multitudinous islands of Polynesia gained independence, eventually. Polynesia has two distinct societies. That of the west. As well as that of the east. West Polynesian culture is distributed by a high population, strong marriage institutions, and developed judicial and trade systems. 

The West Polynesian lands include Tonga, Niue, Samoa, and the Polynesian outlines. However, you would most easily know Samoa, If you have seen Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw. We can perceive the East Polynesian culture in the Cook Islands. 

These are Hawaii, Tahiti, Easter Island, and other small islands. However, also you should know Tahiti If you have seen Disney Moana. However, I suggest you come one because you are missing out If you are neither a Fast and Furious addict nor a Disney addict. 

Polynesia is now known as French Polynesia. Polynesia consists of six independent nations, two political units that are corridors of larger nations, two-tone- governing realities, and five homes. The first independent nation formed. That is New Zealand. 

The second is the Solomon Islands. The third is Tonga. The fourth is Tuvalu. The fifth is Vanuatu. The sixth is Samoa. Hawaii is one of the many states. That of the fifty United States. American Samoa is one of the homes that is administered by the United States

New Zealand 

New Zealand is an island country. It exists in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two mainlands. The North Island and the South Island. New Zealand consists of over 700 lower islands. 

New Zealand is one of the few safe countries in the world. So, do not sweat there are no snakes, scorpions, or crocodiles. It’s one of the swish countries to live in. They speak English and Maori. Maori is the New Zealand Subscribe Language. 

Still, it’s fairly precious to live there. Everything costs more in New Zealand. It’s fairly far. The houses are not erected well. Public transportation is limited. Earthquake is an everyday end. So, yes New Zealand is a good vacation spot, but not an endless bone.

Northland Coastline Aerial, New Zealand


Tonga is a Polynesian area that contains about 170 South Pacific islets. Numerous of those islets aren’t inhabited. Most of the islets are lined up with white strands and coral reefs. In addition to that, it’s covered with rainforests. That’s tropical. 

The main islet is Tongatapu. It’s defended by lagoons and limestone cliffs. It’s the home of the rural capital of Nuku’alofa, sand resorts, colonies, the Ha’amonga’a Maui, and a monumental coral gate that was ever since the 1200s. 

The islanders are enough friendly. The Tonga Islets are also known as The Friendly Islets. They speak English and Tongan. It’s quite a safe place. Still, it’s closed off on Sundays. Sunday is perceived as a sacred day where church and family are the precedences. 


Still, Tuvalu is the place for you, If you want to have a holiday on the sand with a stable internet connection. It’s about 9 islets that are small, thinly, populated, and with reef and win-fringed strands. 

It’s one of the favourite places for snorkelling and diving among ocean turtles and tropical fish. In addition to, many islets that aren’t inhabited, but sanctum ocean catcalls. It’s affordable to go on holiday there. Make sure you know Tuvaluan. Don’t worry if you don’t, they also speak English. 

Tuvalu is one of the safest places for you. In the whole world for you to visit that is. Specifically, in Tuvalu. The islet substantially depends on fishing as its source of income. About 1600 tourists visit Tuvalu each time. 

Tuvalu island

Cook Islets 

The Cook Islets is a nation in the south of the Pacific. It has many political links to New Zealand. They’re about 15 islets that are scattered each over a vast area. The largest islet of the Cook Islets is Rarotonga. 

Rarotonga is home to some mountains. The public capital of the Cook Islets is Avarua. To the north, you can find Aitutaki Island which has a vast lagoon that’s encircled by coral reefs and small flaxen islands. 

The Cook Islets are famed for the numerous snorkelling and scuba diving spots. The Cook Islets can be found halfway. That is between New Zealand and Hawaii. They’re some of the most asked vocational spots on the chart, currently. 

Easter Island 

Easter Island is a remote stormy islet in Polynesia. It’s natively known as Rapa Nui. It contains about 900 monumental statues that were created by the occupants between the 13th and the 16th centuries. 

The islet is veritably safe, so there’s no need to worry about bringing plutocrat onto the islet. In addition to that, it’s affordable to enjoy your holiday there and cross it off of your pail trip list. The monumental statues are known as Moai. 

The Moai are sculpted mortal statues with massive heads and they frequently rest on massive monuments that are known as ahus. There are about two ATMs on the islet, so you won’t be running out of plutocrats. Still, there are no trees there. Did you know that cannibalism started on Easter Island? Happy Holiday! 

Pacific 1


Hawaii is surely on the list of numerous trippers. It’s a nice holiday spot. Still, it’s enough precious. You more start saving up, to have a chance of going there. However, you’ll be met with the diurnal prices of Hawaii, If you manage to pay the travelling charges and all. 

You’ll pay from 10$ to 30$ and further for food on a diurnal basis. Except if you plan on dieting all day, you’ll only be charged with regale which exceeds 30$ daily. Now that we covered all the materialistic issues, let me tell you further about Hawaii. 

Hawaii is enough popular for its strands. Let us be honest, the strands there are beautiful. There are indeed strands of white beach. You can indeed find a variety of various beaches. Some strands have green, red, pink, and black beaches. You’ll find lots of conditioning to do there, don’t worry. Hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, swimming, diving, or just chilling on the sand are each available. 

Snorkeling Bay in Oahu,Hawaii


Tahiti is the largest islet in French Polynesia. It’s shaped like a figure eight. It’s divided into Tahiti Nui, which is the larger and western section and Tahiti Iti, which is the eastern promontory. Tahiti is a popular holiday destination. Sorely, you won’t get to see Moana. 

Tahiti has black- beach strands, lagoons, falls, and two defunct tinderboxes. It was explored. By none other than Captain James Cook. That was in the 18th century. Tahiti was frequently painted by the French artist Paul Gauguin. 

Tahiti is about km2. Papeete is on Tahiti’s northwestern seacoast. It’s also the capital and executive centre of French Polynesia. Moorea is the islet neighbouring Tahiti. It’s about 12 country miles to the northwest. 

Bungalows in Tahiti


It’s an independent state. Until 1997 that is. When it was known as Western Samoa. It’s a Polynesian islet country that consists of two landmasses, two lower, inhabited islets, and several lower uninhabited islets. Like, Aleipata Islets. 


Samoa lies south of the ambit, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Specifically, in the Polynesian region. That of the Pacific Ocean. The total area is km2. It’s a stable islet with a nice healthy frugality. 

Crime rates are low in Samoa. People are friendly and veritably helpful. It’s an affordable destination to travel to. It’s relatively simple and you won’t be spending important plutocrat. They speak Samoan and English there, so get a Samoan wordbook just in case. 

Make sure to check out more of the enchanting wonders on ConnollyCove!

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