Best 10 Places to Visit in Taiwan

Updated On: November 09, 2023


Best Places to Visit in Taiwan Anytime of the Year

Although Taiwan is a small semi-tropical island in East Asia, it has a renowned reputation for travelers. In 2021 Taiwan was selected as the best place for living and ex-pats in the world. Taiwan is densely populated, where its people are hospitable and warm. Nonetheless, exotic cultures thrive throughout the island, and tourists can find breathtakingly unspoiled scenery in its mountainous interior. Due to the above reasons, Taiwan is becoming a popular destination for international tourists.

Pray for Luck at Long-Shan Temple

Long-Shan Temple, this magnificent temple, has existed for more than 280 years. In Taiwanese culture, religion is an important part of daily life. Whether people have bad luck, having an upcoming exam, looking for a relationship, people go to temples for God’s help. The worshipers hold incense sticks in their hands when praying to God at the temple.


 Also, you are sure to see someone Bua Buay, as one particular rite is called in the Taiwanese language. These are used to ask deities questions.

It doesn’t matter if visitors don’t know how to draw a fortune stick. The volunteers in the temple and the older generations will be happy to teach you these old traditions.

Instead of Going to Night Markets, Try a Typical Taiwanese Breakfast!

To name the most representative thing in Taiwan, it must be food. The variety of culture in Taiwan makes our delicacy more astonishing. Most people would recommend night market food to travelers. However, that’s not what Taiwanese eat every day. There are tons of choices on the menu.

Here are some commonly recommended options that you should take a try.

  • Chinese Omelette: a dish made from beaten eggs fried with oil in a frying pan and usually folded around fillings such as cheese, ham, hash brown, etc.
  • Radish Cake: made of rice flour and turnips and usually cut into slices. After it is pan-fried and will be crispy outside yet tender, almost melting in the mouth inside.
  • Taiwanese rice balls: They are made from rice and usually come with fried breadstick, pickled radish, pickled mustard greens, and braised eggs.

There is an old saying that breakfast is the best start of a day. With a sumptuous breakfast, your trip to Taiwan will have a very good start.


Jiu Fun Old Street – The Mining History in Taiwan

Jiu Fun was initially a gold mining town, where was once on the verge of getting abandon due to the halt of mining. As you walk through Jiu Fun old street, you’ll see the mountain and ocean scenery of Shen Au fishing port and port of Keelung comes to your view. In this narrow old street, there are plenty of Taiwanese Snacks and souvenirs shops. Such as Lai A-po Taro Ball, which is famous for its unique texture without any artificial fillings. The film” The City of Sadness” took place here. Some of them say Jiu Fun was the inspiration of the movie “Spirited Away.”


Soaking in Hot Springs in Beitou

Beitou is located at the foot of Yangming Mountain in Taipei. Since there is an active volcano in this area, there are many hot springs in Beitou. When winter arrives, visitors come here to soak in hot springs to get away from the cold. At an affordable price, you can relax and bathe in its healthy waters. There are various kinds of hot springs. The ones that aren’t used to public pools can also choose private ones. Many of the Onsen-style hot springs date from the Japanese colonial era (1895-1945). What’s great for travelers is that the convenient transportation to Beitou can arrive with MRT.


Visit a Taiwanese Aboriginal Tribe: Smangus-God’s Tribe

Smangus is located on a high mountain above 1,500 meters above sea level in Hsinchu County. This is a remote village populated by the Atayal tribe. Due to its remote location, many traditional Atayal lifestyles have been preserved in this area.

As people enter the tribe, most of the buildings are made from wood, and the area is populated with many wood carvings. Setting out from the village, there is a mountain trail. You can first go through a green bamboo forest and then finally reach a group of giant trees that are 3,500 years old. If you visit here in February or March, there will be cherry blossom along some pathways. 

However, many parts of the road are like this, a steep mountain on one side and a cliff and a deep valley on the other. Despite the inconvenience, it’s still worth it for visitors to come to Smangus Village to see its wonderful beauty.


Watch the Sunrise in Alishan

The Alishan National Scenic Area is in Chiayi County in Central Taiwan. The area is well known for its sunrise over a sea of clouds, small gauge Alishan Forest Railway, cherry blossom viewing, and its unique favor Alishan High Mountain Tea. 

The forests on Alishan are regularly shrouded in mist, presenting mysterious scenes reminiscent of Chinese classical paintings. You can also enjoy the green shower in the woods. Due to its altitude, it’s the best spot to watch the sunrise. It’s essential to buy tickets for the sunrise the day before. Therefore it’s recommended to stay at least two days in Alishan.


The Spectacular Taroko National Park

It has considered a must-see attraction in eastern Taiwan. Taroko Gorge is a combination of marble rocks and flushing rivers. With the erosive power of the Liwu River forming the gorge valley. When you walk through the 19 km-long gorge, you can’t stop seeing the cliffs high above you. Then you can gaze down at the Liwu River filled with the boulder. As you enter here, remember to wear comfortable and durable for a long walk. It takes a full day to visit all sights in Taroko. 


Explore in Taitung

There are several recommended activities to do there, such as trekking and biking. You can also do paragliding or arrange for a hot air balloon ride during summer. Going on a hot air balloon overlooking the area is one of the best things in Taitung. 

This Festival takes place around the end of June. It is most active at sunrise and sunset and lasts for about six weeks. Tons of hot air balloons take off, and you can even ride some of them. It’s a unique experience and really worth visiting.


Best Spot for Sea-Lovers: Green Island

In the past, Green Island was mainly used to detain political prisoners, but now it’s a renowned tourist attraction for water activities. It is the only coral reef island in Taiwan, located off the east coast of Taitung. Due to the influence of the Kuroshio tributaries, the seawater temperature is maintained above 25 degrees all year round. Therefore it’s even possible to go underwater in winter, which makes here a superb snorkeling environment. Moreover, there are thousands of different coral reefs, which breed various marine species. The must-see marine animal is the sea turtle. They are protected species in Taiwan so remember not to touch them and protect their natural environment.


Penghu Islands

Most international travelers aren’t familiar with islands nearby Taiwan’s mainland. Visiting the Penghu Islands is a must for anyone’s travel bucket list. Penghu is an archipelago of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait. This gorgeous archipelago offers fantastic ocean views decked in a saturated turquoise color and with white coral sand on the shores. When you come to Penghu, you must go to see the spectacular basalt. In addition, Qimei Island has a Twin-Hearts Stone Weir, which is a romantic love spot. Moses parts the sea at Kuibi mountain will you admire the power of mother nature. In Penghu, you can also feast on the freshest seafood and try some cactus ice!


Although Taiwan is a small island, it is a place full of astonishing geographic scenery. Not only are there many mountains for you to explore, but also countless delicacies for you to savor. Taiwan is your best choice of all Asia countries, and you’ll definitely have an unforgettable journey here!

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