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Central America is an ideal place to visit

All You Need to Know Before Heading to Central America

Grab your pen and paper, sit down at your desk, and then take a deep breath as you are going to experience one of the most journeys in your entire life. Central America will give you a chance to explore high-soaring mountains along with stunning beaches, and impressive monuments in the presence of incredible natural landscapes. Certainly, many things can make you feel that all components for creating heaven have been gathered here.

In this insider guide, we will go through all places you don’t want to miss in Central America, which boasts seven beautiful countries, and each country is home to an astonishing number of tourist attractions.

But don’t fret since everything you need to know is right here. Be sure that you have read this piece until the end and follow our tips to get the most out of your Central American holiday. We have already gone to great lengths to keep you amused, and relaxed and make your trip through this magnificent area a smooth ride.

Without further odds, let’s get started.

But first, we need to answer one of the most asked questions regarding visiting Central America:

Central America is a place to be!
Central America is a place to be!

Is Central America Safe to Visit?

There is a reason why this question is asked too much. Central America has endured violence, solitary from the rest of the world, and political turmoil. It used to be not a recommended place to visit, especially if you are a solo traveller or for a family adventure.

Then, what’s going on right now?

According to almost everyone who has been to this intriguing spot, Central America is safe as long as you are willing to engage with a team, and maintain social contact with a local guide. Most importantly, always trust your gut and use your sense while discovering countries.

Well, is Central America as safe as Europe, where you can go wherever I want?

That is another good question to ask. Absolutely no. don’t expect to feel the same level of safety while exploring Central America. There is a bunch of measures you can take to avoid feeling anxious here.

If I’m travelling alone to Central America, does that pose an issue for me?

Not really, as long as you keep yourself away from isolated places and be cautious about meandering alone at night.

Here you can find some handy and helpful tips to visit Central America without any worries.

The calming beauty of the Fall season
The calming beauty of the Fall season.

Connolly Cove Tips & Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Central America

Overall, you should not worry about safety so much while visiting Central America. It might not have the quirkiness nor the hype like the other hot destinations in the world, but there are some essential tips you have to follow while discovering one of these fascinating sites.

  • Keep your eyes on your valuables.

Yes, we said before that Central America is safe; however, you have to be mindful because sometimes troubles loom out of the blue, especially if you are an enthusiastic explorer to dig into narrow lanes for shopping or capturing memorable photos.

You will, without a doubt, require something to hold your stuff while moving around, whether it is a mobile phone, a pocket camera, or something else. As long as you can, don’t keep all your stuff in one place, and don’t put all your cash in one pocket. Instead, leave your valuable belongings in the hotel’s safe.

Alternatively, you can ask hostel owners about something like that to assure while out and about in the city.

  • Stay away from secluded regions.

Corners of main streets and aqueduct districts in almost every Central American country is tempting to be tracked down where they are teeming with beautiful and atmospheric buildings, along with some semblance of a typical local life. However, it’s not very good to stroll down these pathways alone, especially in big cities, unless you want to come across gang members.

In Central America, don’t go to a place because you found a brilliant photo from where. Instead, go to any site after reading comments on the travelling groups, or leave a question on Facebook to see if anyone has any insight into the safety of the remote location you intend to visit. 

  • Do not schedule your trip until you have reviewed the most recent news.

It would be a great idea to follow the current events of Central America before even reserving your flight or accommodation or before deciding on heading to this exciting part of the world. In such a continent like here, some events strike abruptly; however, some signs of unrest can get easily noticed before the tragedy spirals out of control, like protests, long lines waiting for fuel, or skirmishes between tribes.

Okay, then, you have arrived here… can you go freely without caring about anything at all?

Mmm… that’s dubious, to say the least. In Central America, you always need to have open contact lines with locals who will advise you where you go, where you don’t need to go, and when you should go. 

Finally, judging a country only based on its dark or shady past is unjust and unjustifiable. For instance, Guatemala has a long history of civil wars and conflicts; now, the World Peace Index today ranks it safer than the United States.

  • You should never, ever consider travelling in a taxi alone at night.

Public transportation options are not the best option for tourists here. That’s why taxis are their first choice while visiting interesting sights, attractions, and monuments. But, listen up. Don’t travel alone in taxis at night. It is not safe, and you will experience an adrenaline rush as your heart begins to beat rapidly anytime the driver travels down a dark roadway in front of you.

Additionally, avoid taking public buses with later departure times. The robbers called these buses home. You are likely to find yourself in a precarious scenario where the attacker may demand that you hand over your belongings and exit the bus immediately. Instead, the best bet for a fun and safe night out is to stay near your hotel and go out with a companion – Central American gentlemen are always the best — is the best choice for a fun and safe night out in the city.

  • If you don’t have enough time to go through all of Central America, choose the best

We already know that Central America houses a plethora of eye-catching wonders everywhere you look, and you need to check them all. Where should you start?

You can start moving through the continent from countries nearby to you. For example, if you choose to make Belize your first stop, then head to Guatemala and Honduras, and go on and on.

But in case you don’t have enough time to go around all countries, then the best alternative is to be selective. First and first, you must ask yourself, “why do I want to travel to this location?”

If you are looking for luxury, Belize and Costa Rica are two options to consider. On the other hand, nature and adventure enthusiasts should limit their travel to Honduras and Panama. Otherwise, if you’re seeking the most affordable destinations, Panama should be at the top of your list.

  • The language barrier could be a huge problem.

Spanish is the master language here. Like Belize, you can communicate in English in some countries, especially in touristy destinations. But generally, if you want to make friends here or find someone who can help you discover more places to visit and guide you to the best restaurants to go to, you’ll definitely want to be ready to use some Spanish words.

As you know, “there is always a way when there is a will”. You can use some illustrations to express yourself, like images and the Google translation app. And people are always ready to help you and will do all their best to get your point.

  • Don’t drink a tap water.

Except for Costa Rica or Panama, don’t drink water from a faucet. Central America doesn’t stand on a perfect filtration system, and most tourists catch an infection of vomiting and diarrhoea, regardless of your personal level of resistance. Always invest in mineral water to avoid these troubles. And even in Costa Rica and Panama, please make sure that the tap water is still potable before drinking.

Some hotels and hostels are generous enough to offer purified water bottles for free for their guests; take advantage of this grand gesture, and don’t be afraid to ask for a refill of your bottle with fresh water. It is an excellent economical option as well as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Sunrise in Central America
Sunrise in Central America.

Why Should Everyone Visit Central America?

After all this information and this long list of things you need to know before travelling to Central America, you are most likely to ask, “is that really worth it?”

Yes, it’s definitely worth it. And we have a good reason.

Accessibility of many places, a rich culture, fluid experiences from hiking, diving, and getting lost in the historic spots that’s what Central America is about. We strongly advise you to take advantage of any opportunity you may have to visit this stunning location as soon as possible, as your visit here will be intense, outstanding, and awe-inspiring.

Let me explain what I meant by that.

  • Attracting Not Much Tourists’ Attention

Whether you are a complete novice to the world of travel or have years of experience under your belt, one of the most aggravating difficulties that anyone may encounter while travelling is being trapped in a crowded area. You are most likely not able to see the treasures of the place because many people are around.

You will not have the ability to capture a perfect shot because many people are willing to do the same thing. And you will lose the curiosity to listen to the tour guide because you will hardly be able to hear him.

But in Central America, this nightmare is a thing of the past. Thank you, God! At the time of writing this post, there weren’t many people that wanted to come to this place. And to make it clear, it is not because anything but the people there doesn’t do a great job to promote their countries as touristy destinations, however, it really deserves to be ranked much better than that.

  • It’s a Spectacular Geographic Setting

Most Central American countries share a magnificent coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with their clean urban beaches. That means you have tonnes of things to do here, ranging from sunny seashores to comfortable and lavish five-star hotels, plenty of engaging activities off the tourist trail, and lively nightlife and events.

Furthermore, because of its geographical placement between North America and South America, it is more accessible in various ways. And, as a result of its hospitable population, numerous civilizations have affected them without erasing their own distinctiveness or identity. You will find Maya temples side by side with great trendy shopping centres to link two different eras.

And the atmosphere is elegant, which will drive you to discover more and go around more. Additionally, due to the location of Central American countries, you can move through the whole spectrum of the continent- if you consider it a separate continent. Many available ways will help you explore the glitz and glamour of this zone, whether by sea or road or by reserving a plane ticket.

  • Its Incomprehensible Natural Beauty

The abundance of natural resources appears to be limitless here. You will find a heap of fascinating attractions in each country of Central America. That’s why this continent immediately becomes recognizable by more adventurers who are pursuing to immerse in spacious landscapes surrounded by an extension of mountains and cliffs lined with immersive wildlife.

There is no main artery in the world you don’t need to miss like what you find right here. Each nook and cranny is perhaps best exemplified by a perfect natural heritage. Not to be outdone, you could find some activities or landmarks that are slightly expensive, and that’s because the authority here is always concerned about preserving the world’s most treasured jungle as it is.

Moreover, many modernistic and rustic accommodation options will give you a chance to stay inside this divine grandeur, such as Corcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, and Tikal National Park, recognized for their diverse ecosystem.

  • Authentic Culture and History

Most of all, the history here is bright and remarkable, and most locals still have an excellent bond to their legacy. There are numerous fascinating historical ruins to explore and learn about the area’s rich past and ancient civilizations.

You can spot famous Maya sights in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras, each one of which has its unique style, but all of them are part of the culture of Central America. Being here will give you an insight into one of the distinctive traditions across the world.

But you first have to build trust with indigenous people to speak with them about their lifestyle and the best ways to experience their nation like a local. Furthermore, if you don’t take advantage of visiting Central America and sampling their peasant food, you will make a big mistake.

You can find many cuisines on the table, so please take a deep breath as you will savour different yummy gastronomy. And, of course, round off this experience by taking part in a local party, dancing, singing, and dressing up in traditional apparel.

  • Accessible to Visit – No Need for Visa

One of the arduous matters you have to think of after deciding where you will spend your next holiday is to search for the visa requirements and how much it takes to get it. Central America is a free-visa destination for most nationalities; however, you have to double-check to keep posted about any updates, especially if you plan to stay there for more than 90 days.

A visa known as the CA-4, will be required if you plan to go to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This visa will allow you to freely travel between the four nations without the need for any other papers; however, you must ensure that you depart before your 90-day stay in the country expires.

Speaking generally, you can pack your luggage right away and fly to any county in Central America. However, be careful to keep your passport on you at all times.

Sometimes the police become overly cautious about the security situation. The officer may ask to see your identification. As a result, it would be best to present your passport to avoid any embarrassing scenario. 

  • A Friendly- Budget Travelling Destination

During your visit across Central America, you will notice that accommodation, food, most attraction admission fees, and public transportation will not set you back a fortune.

In terms of accommodation, you will find different options to stay, from affordable hostels, luxury hotels for a higher budget, or a posh villa overlooking the ocean in Belize. Set your priorities and pick something that meets your aspiration. 

If you travel from the United States, then luckily you, since the flight ticket will cost you around $100. But please know that every country differs in living costs like a tourist. The most expensive country that will cost you more money for lodging and exploring its national parks is Belize, be ready to pay about $45 for a night.

Although the local currency in each country is not the same, the US dollar is widely accepted throughout Central America. But it can be wiser to exchange your money for their currencies. On the other hand, the Costa Rican Colon – the local currency in Costa Rica- is worth 0016 USD. So you could need less than cents to pay for some stuff in here, and your dollar will be far more valuable than you may expect.

  • The Diversity of Sea Life

Now is the time for exploring life under the sea. Suppose you are someone who is searching for a diving hotspot. No place in the world deserves to go unless Central America. It comes with hidden gems under the ocean that will owe you with its treasure trove of colour, variety, and rarity. As far as I can tell, you’ll never have to leave this magnificent planet again.

Most importantly, if you are new to diving and have no prior experience, you can enrol in introductory classes before diving into the ocean. Central America has a wide variety of diving opportunities; you can go to Honduras if you are a price-sensitive diver. Or you can head to Belize and go for the world’s deepest natural sinkhole, the Blue Hole if you are a daredevil. Or you can go to Costa Rica if you need world-class service.

All in all, you can treat yourself to many other sports activities, like surfing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, parasailing, and a host of other activities. You won’t just be able to get away from your daily routine here, but you’ll also be able to see some of the gorgeous creatures on the planet.

Central America.
Central America. Pxhere

Things Not to Do in Central America

While Central America is still a perfect place to discover today, you couldn’t come without knowing some things not to do in Central America to enjoy a free-trouble trip.

Read on to know this information you wish you knew before heading to Central America.

  • Don’t come to Central America in September or October.

Basically, rain here can be handled and should not hinder you from moving around the country. But remember, from May to November, the rain falls to the average levels; from September or October, it turns out to be much heavier than you can overlook. You will not be able to spend a day on a beach or go out to visit an open-air market. Everything may go to hell.

However, going to a jungle in the rain is a once-in-a-lifetime event. All you need to have is to pack your raincoat and rain boots in your backpack. Otherwise, it’s up to you and what you consider an “adventure” is. You could like this experience tremendously, or you find it to be the most regrettable decision you have ever made.

On the other hand, you will be rewarded if you visit Central America in the rainy season by the low prices.

  • Don’t pay more attention to the crime statistics.

When you are browsing the internet, reading comments in the travelling forums about places to stay in Central America, or things to do, you will stumble across news and numbers of criminal rates. Please don’t freak out.

“When people are coming to believe, they will find one of the things they search for.”

Yes, there are a number of issues, and the crime rate is still higher than average compared to other tourist sites. But you are a tourist, and you will navigate the countries as a tourist. The only piece of advice I can give you is to avoid making yourself an easy target, such as being flashy or moving around while you are so drunk.

The point here is not to assume that Central America is so dangerous as the numbers say. And it would be a great idea to stay clear from the southern parts of any country here. And before reserving accommodation, double-check the location to make sure that you are on the safe side. 

  • Don’t feed monkeys in the national parks.

Feeding monkeys is quite something in any national park in Central America. It’s very tempting as the monkeys here are super cute and a big hit with tourists. However, your kind deed will alter the monkey’s behaviour, changing its reliance on others for its own existence.

Then these adorable monkeys will refuse to use their power to find food, and they get lethargic and don’t want to do the exercises they need. Not just that, they turn out to be more aggressive and demand a supply of food at any cost.

Plus, it’s illegal, and you will get fined because of just feeding monkeys despite your good intention. As a result, instead of providing the monkeys, try playing with them or snapping a funny snapshot of them while they’re attempting to gain your attention.

At any level, before going inside any park, make sure to read all instructions so well and follow them strictly to avoid any awkward situation.

  • Don’t Follow anyone who told you should leave your car here

Scams in Central America are going so easy, and one of the most popular ways of a tourist trap is a parking lot scam. It happens when you approach a parking area; you will see someone -who looks like an official officer or someone who is in charge of monitoring the flow of automobiles- come to your car and tell you the area is fully completed.

Then he will direct you to an alternative parking lot that is more expensive or a place where this person is actually not anyone unless he wants to get more money from you by paying to a lot he is running. Thus, don’t get anywhere without double-checking that the parking is undoubtedly full, and you can then search for another option that suits you.

A tour program organized by a local tourism agency is always a good option for tourists who don’t want to waste time searching for parking, a safe spot to leave their car, and other such details while travelling.

  • Don’t leave your suitcase open on the floor.

No matter where you plan to stay in Central America, a luxury hotel, or a fancy resort, or a simple domestic hostel, don’t leave your luggage open on the floor. You’ll almost certainly find a scorpion inside your clothes, or you won’t even notice it until it’s too late and then “Ouch!”

It really hurts, I know. Central America is just like a vast reserve, and you can find wildlife around you wherever you go, and the people of Central America have adapted their way of life to the nature of their surroundings.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that by using a repellent spray, you would be able to keep mosquitoes and insects away for good. However, because you will be new to the whole situation, please keep your bag closed at all times because spiders and scorpions can get into it, and you will have to go to the laundry to wash all of your clothes. No, you must always store your luggage inside the cupboard if you have one, and, most importantly, make sure that the doors are completely closed before leaving the house.

  • Don’t hold all your documents while you are out

If you’re a tourist, one of those things that you have to do is to hold your ID, license, or any identification paper with you at all times when you’re out and about, especially if you’re planning on visiting lesser-known tourist destinations. I know you have set a scenario of an officer asking you about your identification card. You are ready to show him the documentation that confirms you’re a valid tourist.

However, it is not a good idea to keep all of your paperwork on you, especially your passport. Consider that you are more likely to be robbed or perhaps lose your way in a country that has already experienced a great deal of hardship and difficulty.

Leave your valuable papers at the hotel or in a safe location to avoid the headaches that could arise if you lose your passport, as well as the numerous phone calls and visits to the embassy that you would have to make in order to be able to return home safe and sound. 

  • Don’t go around without bringing your sunscreen.

Even if you plan to head inside any attraction or building, you still need to wear a good sunscreen. Remember that you are here to witness forests that will give you a sense of wonder, and you won’t be able to fully appreciate your surroundings unless you bring your sunscreen and wear it frequently.

Because it’s a tropical climate, the sun is likely to be burning, and the last thing you want to do while in this continent is to spend your time at your hotel groaning and whining from sunburn. And don’t miss your bug spray if you are going to a jungle where you will run across swarms of all kinds of insects and small reptiles that are just waiting to bite you.

Additionally, it’s preferable to bring these necessities from your hometown if you are loyal to a specific brand, as you may not be able to find it, or you may be surprised by the price.

Best Things to Do in Central America

It’s a magic blend of miles of coastline, golden stretches of sand, habited and inhabited islands, vast natural forests, extensive clear rivers, breathtaking sceneries lapped by crystalline waterfalls, and so much more.
It seems that we will need to build an unending list of landmarks and activities in order to weigh all of the gorgeous landmarks in beautiful Central America.
Located between Mexico and the southernmost region of North America, the weather here is often tropical; most of the time, it’s unpredictable. So, it’s vital to plan this trip wisely.

Anyway, whether you’re looking for a spot well suited to younger swimmers, or hiking long distances as a source of clean and fresh air, or discovering historic sites oozing with mysteries, Central America is indeed all of them. This spectacular region includes one of the best tourist destinations globally, including Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize.

You are just thinking about seeing all of these destinations in one trip; figuring out how to get around, where you can stay, and what you need to know might be intimidating. But please don’t dwell on these thoughts. Because ConnollyCove has done the work for you.

And here, we will put you on the right track to explore the hidden and unhidden treasures of each country. Calm down with the information provided below. You don’t need to go any further. Instead, we pledge that you will refer to this material before travelling to Central America.

Central America
Panama beach

No Room of Anything Except Beauty in Central America: Go to Panama

Allow me to pose a simple question to you. What are your thoughts on Panama? Or what is the first thing pop into your mind when you hear Panama?

Your answers could range from Panama Canal, small isolated islands, or Panam’s framers.
To be clear, Panama has much to offer, and that’s because of its unparalleled location; two oceans and two continents collided to build this dreamy place.

Why Should You Visit Panama?

Oh, you meant to say why I shouldn’t go to Panama. There are a thousand and one reasons why this place must be on your bucket list.

A popular strip of sand with a little bit of a buzz, positively steeped in history, Panama is a place you should go for at least one time in your life since it’s bursting at the seams with many beautiful highlights. It’s a perfect escape from the bustling life or if you need to come up with a great vacation, lounging on a sun-dunched beach and drinking a tasty tropical drink.

Plus, Panama is created to please everyone with its unique culture brimming with fascinating legacy, culinary delights, and beautiful people. Most importantly, it is home to exquisite secluded coves to escape the crowds. And don’t expect to find a rustic country; Panama houses many dazzling skyscrapers dotted along the coastline.

Regardless of how much money you want to spend on a memorable adventure, Panama has made it all, and it often doesn’t expose all its beauty. But today, we will see what this country has in store for you.

Let’s check out the hot highlights before planning a trip to this glorious country.

Top Things to Do in Panama

Central America
Terrific landscape in Panama

Don’t Miss the Most Popular Attractions Here: Visit Panama Canal

Location: Isthmus of Panama
Price: $5

Here is our first pick while visiting Panama, Panama Canal, a must-see spot in Central America. Panama Canal is an artificial waterway that links the Atlantic ocean with the pacific ocean, and it’s the lifeblood of the global business world.

Your tour here will be unlike any other since you will discover how this canal is working. Additionally, you will find substantial colourful containers packed on the shore, ready for their time to journey around the world till reaching their final station.
A boat tour down the canal is one of the most exciting activities you can do where to explore this gigantic engineering wonder.

Central America
A panoramic view of Panama

Roam Around a Central America’s Historical District: Casco Viejo

Location: Panama City
Price: Free access

It’s the fascinating historical side of Panama, where you will meander through impressive churches with contrasting facades. Also, there are unique historical buildings, and well-design architecture, plus the whole city is blessed with a stunning view over the ocean. You will find yourself surrounded by a myriad of beautiful landmarks that will make for a happy return to the holidays.
With hotels and resorts packed on the coastline, you will always have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Plan to come here again at night while each building lights up with tasteful illumination, allowing you a romantic or pleasantly different evening tour. Strolling down streets here is a journey in itself for people-watching, drinking your favourite coffee, or just admiring the charm around you.

Central America
A local bus in Panama

A piece of Heaven: Plan to Visit Chiriqui National Marine Park

Location: the Gulf of Chiriquí, on the Pacific coast of Panama
Price: Free access

Imagine wandering through paradise with no restrictions and pretty sceneries are placed to treat your eyes. Without any doubt, this place is a traveller’s dream come true. Chiriqui National Marine Park is an open space brimming with lush landscapes, natural miracles to behold, extensive hiking trails, and a plethora of exhilarating outdoor activities. All you need to do is to make sure you have enough time to do it.

Here, you can just sit down and relax to appreciate how the sun kisses the blue water making it sparkling, and you will know more about how to be free after watching birds tweet wherever they go. If you don’t have an idea about paradise, Chiriqui National Marine Park will teach you what you are missing.

Indulge in New Travel Habits: Chill out on Bocas Del Toro

Location: Bocas del Toro Province
Price: Staying for a night here will set you back around $62

Appreciating the charm of its beaches, Bocas del Toro is the capital of Panama, and it’s famous for its sparkling white beaches punctuated with colourful buildings. This region comprises five main islands: Isla Colon, Isla Carenero, Isla Bastimentos, Isla Solarte, and Isla San Cristobal.

Here you can come across street performers and marvel at bird sellers and flower stands, among other activities. Even if you don’t have time to visit them all, it would be beneficial to schedule some time not only for stretching on a beautiful beach or relaxing under the shade of towering plane trees but also for strolling down the entire island.

Make the Sand Engulf Your Feet: Let’s Explore Costa Rica

Central America
A Caribbean beach in Costa Rica

Conveniently located in Central America, Costa Rica offers so much to see, not just Caribbean ocean beaches; this country is the best gateway for your next adventure. Whether you are planning to come here for a solo trip, with family, or even spend a romantic honeymoon, pack your luggage now and be ready for a lifetime experience.

Why Should You Visit Costa Rica?

After a tough year filled with uncertainty and anxiety, you need a place to let yourself loose in a tranquil atmosphere, marvel at the remains of ancient monuments, discover historical wonders, or just book a suite at a luxury resort. At the moment, it seems that while not all roads go to Roma, they all lead to Costa Rica.

Not only that, this Central American country has a biodiversity environment that will allow you to get in touch with several wild animals, from monkeys to sloths and colourful exotic birds. Plus, you are going to enjoy unlimited spirit while riding the horse and taking in the picturesque scenery of the ocean.

Moreover, Costa Rica provides its visitors with a great jungle adventure among its rich woods and lovely waterfalls cascading down the high cliffs, creating a decent river valley.

And if you are wondering about how the safety of Costa Rica, there is nothing to worry about it. It’s a totally safe destination whether you come here as a solo traveller with a companion. It’s said that Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Central America, thanks to its political stability and its welcoming and peaceful community.

But remember, it’s always a good idea to be cautious when moving through the country by not showing your valuable things.

But it’s a relatively expensive destination; prices for one night range from $230, not including food, transportation, or other expenses.

Let’s help you how to plan your itinerary in Costa Rica.

Top Things to Do in Costa Rica, Central America

Central America
An aerial view of a national park in Costa Rice

Here Roads Are Made for Journeys: Arenal 1968 Volcano Park

Location: La Fortuna – El Castillo, Provincia de Alajuela, San Carlos, 21007
Price: $17

This park comes with a couple of stimming hikes, but there’s also quite the hip scene going on there now. For a good reason, Arenal 1968 Volcano Park is one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist attractions. This place will be one of your favourite spots around Central America if you are willing to discover the fantastical wildlife, beautiful coastlines, crystal clear waters, impressive high trees, incredible lakes, and old lava flows that created this unbelievable spot.

Your walking tour here will include two trekking around the park which will take you in around unspoiled natural grandeur that will leave you speechless.

Central America
An island for a great vacation in Costa Rica

Soak up the Orginal Charm of Central America: the Nicoya Peninsula

Location: Western Costa Rica
Price: Around $15

The Nicoya Peninsula is the place to be, a pristine beach coming with undreamed green-copped hills; it’s a slice of earthly paradise. Stretching to an 80-mile coastline, you will enjoy this peninsula which is home to enormous forests along with a simple rustic hamlet where they are still preserved their culture and traditions. You can go fishing or just chill out on sandy beaches enjoying the panoramic view.

Delicious food? Yes, absolutely; the Nicoya Peninsula serves many fresh mouth-watering kinds of seafood that will add joy to your trip. The charm of this hotspot is translated into luxe hotels overlooking tasty vistas. This place would have a wide range of lodging options, here if anyone out there was wondering!

Central America
A national park in Costa Rica

Sit in the Shade on a Nice Day: the Caribbean Coast

Location: Eastern Costa Rica
Price: The majority of Costa Rica’s national parks range in price from $7 to $14.

Let the sunlight glitters the city of dreams, and nighttime lights shine on the shore of the Caribbean. Let’s dig into the splendour of Costa Rica. If you want to be convinced about your decision to travel to this Central American nation, just look at these unlikely photos.

What we love most about this side of the country is that it takes less attention than the Pacific Ocean coast, which is so good for finding an escape from jam-packed touristy attractions and roam around the shores without being stuck in a huddle of locals and foreigners.

Central America
Roaming around in a forest in Costa Rica

Catch the Beauty of the Moment and Snap Away Anywhere: Guanacaste

Location: Northwestern Costa Rica
Price: Free Access

It is one of the best free activities you can participate in Costa Rica to take advantage of the calm and atmospheric open space in Guanacaste. Though even walking past the building, breathing in the fresh air will make you feel revitalized. Giant trees line the shoreline, and a couple of exotic birds settle down on their nest to take in the sights and sounds of the natural world. 

You can walk across savannas that stretch from ever-changing forests to eccentric roads, shuffling through stunning scenery on your journey from one location to another. Never mind that a lot of tourists shun this sequence of promenades; this spot is not to be missed due to its spectacular details, striking waterfront, and exciting hiking paths leading to volcanoes.

There are many people around Europe and Asia, A few people around Central America

Find out the Sunny Side of Life in Central America: Come on, Nicaragua!

Central America
A colonial city in Nicaragua

Nicaragua will provide you with a spotlight on how to keep yourself occupied and relaxed in a modest community. Here we are dealing with another marvellous country that deserves to b stopped for a few days. Nicaragua is unquestionably a place to go to break its spell, share special memories with your family in local tavernas, or just appreciate the amusement of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts side by side with modern and excellent hotels.

Why Should You Visit Nicaragua?

Most people overlook this awe-inspiring country when they plan to visit Central America. They think there is nothing to share on their Instagram accounts or a shortage of activities and places to see. But that’s a falsehood. Nicaragua is teeming with astonishing landscapes dotted with mighty mountains and pleasant people. You will simultaneously fall in love with them since you will find everyone wants you to keep a positive impression of their nation alive. Thus, everything is settled to please you.

It’s a small country with more landmarks and adventures to hit. And if you don’t expect so much from Nicaragua, please rethink again because if you made it once, I bet you will return here again.

Here, you can find many thrilling watersports to do, with everything set up on and off beaches, surf, and crashing waves for more unforgettable adventures.

What’s the weather like?

I am in awe of this. Please make no mistake; this is a country where you can be happy with minimal resources thanks to its ideal location and natural treasures.

In this section, you will find our picks for the most exciting things to see and do in Nicaragua, including must-see attractions and hidden gems.

Top Things to Do in Nicaragua, Central America

Central America
A volcanic park in Nicaragua

Roam Around a Colorful City: Granada

Location: On the coastline of Lake Nicaragua.
Price: A free walking tour

If you are searching for a free activity in Central America, don’t go any further. Granada is all yours. You can join a group to stroll around the small city to catch a glimpse of Nicaragua’s history, or if I were you, I would drop this idea and just allow myself to indulge in the glorious ambience.
The first impression you might get from this lovely city is that it is the Spanish city of Granada. And you have a point, by the way, as it was a Spanish colony prepared with extraordinary architecture, splendiferous churches, and fascinating tumbledown buildings.

Otherwise, there are many heart-racing outdoor sports like kayaking around the surrounding lake. You don’t have to read about the various things waiting for you; instead, you need to do them face-to-face.

Central America
In Nicaragua, you will find many parks for hiking

Why Not Visit a Religious House: León Cathedral

Location: Calle Rubén Darìo, Av. Central Nte., León.
Price: Around $100

It doesn’t matter how many churches or cathedrals you have been to before; trust me, this one is totally different from any worship house you have seen before. It’s a must-visited place, even if you think it could be slightly costly. Trust me again; it deserves every penny.

Conveniently located in Nicaragua’s downtown, you will have a chance to explore more exciting hubs or have your launch at one of the cozy restaurants to sample some local dishes – an extensive array of culinary delights from pork to vigorón. Alternatively, take your time to leisurely stroll down cobblestone lanes to buy souvenirs or some traditional goodies, or you can create rapport with indigenous people who are excellent and always open to talking.

Central America
A lovely view from a boat in Nicaragua

Don’t Read About Volcanoes in Central America: Just Go to Experience them.

Location: 19 volcanoes scratted on the west coast
Price: Around $100

Just being there shows how the magnificence of these volcanoes will take your breath away. It would help if you made an effort to explore this natural masterpiece, especially when you know that two of them are directly adjacent to Lake Nicaragua. Consider how expansive the vistas will be when they are all taken in at once. But please be aware that some of these volcanoes are still active. If you are an enthusiastic explorer, don’t miss the chance to see hot lava bubbles and boils.
It’s a mistake to assume that your entire trip would consist of nothing but walking. It’s the case since you can experience volcano boarding, and you will be sorry if you give it a shot.

Fuel Your Itinerary While Exploring Central America: Honduras

Central America
A spectacular beach in Honduras

Unmistakably a spot to discover, it’s Honduras which comes with a diverse range of attractions you can see, taste, and feel. I know many of us will deem it ludicrous or unworthy of your time because of its negative image since the news is often overflowing with really awful reports. But you are invited to see this country with a fresh perspective. Forget about all that hassle and come with me on a virtual tour to explore this wonderful country.

Why Should You Visit Honduras?

It could be easy if you are willing to visit a country packed to the brim with things to see and do. Yet, it could be not so easy to browse a country such as Honduras, an idyllic destination since it’s designed for both history buffs and hedonists alike, making it so interesting and fun for all types of travellers.

However, it’s not so popular as a touristy venue; this captivating country really has something for everyone. It could be wordy, or you might find me somewhat repetitive, but please put your trust in me and let me show you why you should be so excited about visiting this less-known spot.

A natural landscape is unlike anything in Central America. Once you leave Nicaragua and land here, you will quickly notice how the surroundings have changed drastically; barren landscapes have been replaced by deep forests, dense forests with plentiful wildlife.
Honduras has a scenic coastline bringing sunseekers and holidaymakers to its many beaches.
Have you heard before about a paradise-like warm climate? You will know what it’s exactly in Honduras. Overall, the highest temperature could be 32°C, which doesn’t come down to 20°C.
Not so popular as a tourist destination, Honduras will be an excellent choice if you need to stay away from overcrowded attractions.

Top Things to Do in Honduras, Central America

Central America
A beautiful beach in Honduras

Taste the Peace within Sky and Land: Roatán

Location: north of the mainland in the Caribbean
Price: Free Admission

One of the most beautiful bay islands in Central America, Roatán comes as the first destination to be visited by those who are searching for a beach vacation. Continuing to attract many thousands of visitors each year, Roatán offers a bunch of watersports, particularly snorkelling and diving to spot intriguing atolls – and activities that certainly suit leisure travellers.

And about your budget, this location is always ideal for people who are on package holidays, that’s why Honduras’s islands have been on top of many travellers’ bucket lists. Plus, the whole island is just an epic artistic backdrop, green mountains scattered the shoreline offering a stellar vista, especially if you wait until the sunsets.

Central America
Explore Copan Ruins in Honduras

Find Your Passion at a Historical Site: Don’t Miss out Copan Ruins

Location: Copán Department of western Honduras
Price: $10

After indulging yourself in mesmerizing cerulean waters and exploring the exquisite culture of Hondurasian people, now you need to capture a glimpse of the history of this breathless country; visit intriguing Maya archaeological sites. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the list of reasons why you should make time to check out this place can go on and on.
This outdated old nation was one of the most baffling eras that have been puzzling archaeologists. It was so-called that Copan Ruins goes back to 2000 years ago and there are thousands of mysteries around this site; nevertheless, it’s a worthy place if you need to know more about Hondurasian history.

Central America
A national park in Honduras

Feel Reborn Again and Refresh Your Soul in Central America: Head to Pico Bonito National Park

Location: J49Q+H4G, La Ceiba
Price: Around $8

An unbeatable combination of natural phenomena, Pico Bonito National Park is simply a must-explored hub, no matter how you want to spend your time in Honduras. With a dramatic formation of rocks and mountains, the park gives you access to many natural landscapes ranging from pineapple plantations, cattle farms, and Cangrejal rivers.

Additionally, this spot will enable you to consider your capsule edit of attractions, from climbing up to the summit of mountains – some of which exceed 2,435m, to coming close to the wildlife of one-of-a-kind species of birds and animals and kayaking the virgin rivers with its dazzling waterfalls.

The Best Way to Get Lost in Central America: Discover El Salvador

Central America
Visit the historic district in El Salvador

It’s an absolutely fabulous experience to explore a country such as El Salvador. There’s a misconception that a holiday in Central America has to be between Panama and Costa Rica, and El Salvador isn’t even worth your time. That’s why it often deters people from booking a flight to Central America because they feel that it doesn’t make any sense to go that far for just two countries.
And we come here today to disprove the notion that this is indeed the case. Despite its tight space, this country has many things on offer, and we always recommend undervalued destinations because you won’t go over your budget. For a fraction of the price of a luxury resort in Costa Rica, you may opt to stay at a more economical option in El Salvador instead and still have access to the same facilities and beautiful attractions.

Why Should You Visit El Salvador?

I know you could now feel somewhat overwhelmed, but fret not — here’s a valuable guide on travelling around El Salvador to uncover its hidden treasures, and here you will find all those myths about this enchanting country.

For instance, El Salvador is not a high-end destination, but it’s by all odds a place to be where you are invited to have a try for a life-altering experience. El Salvador will give you insight into Maya culture with its incomparable history, offering a plethora of archaeological sites and remnants of this exciting civilization.

Furthermore, this country is home to multiple national parks for hiking, biking, and breathing fresh air in spacious open spaces. No exception, the beaches here are something you will never forget because of their crystal clear water, golden sands, and rich marine life.

Top Things to Do in El Salvador, Central America

Central America
Admire the amazing sunset view over the beach, El Salvador

Hoist Your Backpack and head up to the Santa Ana volcano

Location: the Santa Ana department

Price: $85 with a guided tour

One of the most enjoyable ways to travel throughout El Salvador and really immerse oneself in this diverse country is to embark on a lengthy trek to get a closer look at the Santa Ana volcano. It’s a vast national park with a magical crater lake and photogenic landscapes to admire this magnificent miracle of nature.

No matter how many volcanoes you have been to before, nothing like this has ever been done before. Adjacent to the volcano, you can visit nothing like this that has ever been done before. Consider the fact that it is an active volcano, with the most recent eruption occurring in 2005, making it one of the most popular tourist sites in El Salvador.

Central America
A volcanic park for hiking and exploring the wildlife, El Salvador

Breath in the Wild Air: Lake Coatepeque

Location: Western El Salvador

Price: $75

Our insider guide in Central America never comes to a complete conclusion without including this masterpiece. A horde of colourful beaches attracts thousands of visitors every year, surrounded by wonderful green spaces shielded by highlands reaching the skyline; Lake Coatepeque is indeed all of them.

This spectacular lake is ideally located in the Cerro Verde National Park, where an ancient volcano created it. Then, it turned out to be home to a wide array of peculiar sea species, including catfish, guapote, and zebrafish, which may be found in abundance.

For those who plan to stay for a while, it would be a great idea to take a stroll through the neighbourhood to watch the inhabitants and find out how they dress, live, and why their culture is unique. And if you are planning to get as close as possible to knowing this community’s secrets, plunge into the world of coffee farms.

Central America
A cruise trip in the blue crystal lake in El Salvador

Pay a Visit to an Archaeological Site and Gorge on Produce: Mayan Ruins 

Location: El Tazumal, Joya de Cerén, Cihuatán, San Andres, and Casa Blanca

Price: Most of them offer free access.

If you are obsessed with creating a to-do list, please mark this spot down right now. El Salvador houses more historical hubs belonging to the Mayan culture than any other country in Central America. Offering myriad locations to head to, El Salvador has a rich cultural heritage, some of which are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

And due to the scarcity of tourists interested in this culture, you could hardly find any information on-site. That’s why a guided tour is highly recommended in El Salvador, not just for your safety but because you need someone with a profound knowledge of the Mayan empire to let you know about El Salvador’s vague legacy.

Designed with Love: Don’t Skip Guatemala

Central America
Discover small communities in Guatemala

It’s a place you should even think of returning to your home without taking at least three days to roam around the country and absorb its magnificence. And for the sake of saving time and effort to know the best things to do in Guatemala, we have compiled a list of the most popular and wonderful destinations to hit it up and take a sip of the Guatemalan spirit and see whether you like it.

Why Should You Visit Guatemala?

Towering architecture with towering mountains dotted the coastline, creating a breathless hotspot; Guatemala is a city that seamlessly melds medieval culture with the most picturesque natural scenery. Defining the reasons why you should include Guatemala in your following Central American itinerary could take longer than anyone could anticipate, and the list could be much longer than you think.

Located adjacent to Mexico, Guatemala is a country to visit, no matter your interests. If you are a history geek, go to Maya sightseeing. If you plan to explore more about culture, you can roam around small villages and discover their distinctive traditions. If you are a nature enthusiast, don’t get me started, you definitely are smart enough to know the world’s most pristine scenery can be found right here in Central America.

But what really cuts it is Guatemala’s colonial city, Antigua, where you will find iconic buildings performing a significant era of this country’s history encircled by massive mountain ranges and scenic volcanoes offering a spectacular view and so much more that truly stands out. And if you are interested in alternative medicine and fresh herbs, you can check out Chichicastenango, one of the most important markets to get these herbal remedies.

Top Things to Do in Guatemala, Central America

Central America
Many archeological sites can be found in Guatemala

Begin with a Fascinating Spot: Antigua

Location: in the heart of Guatemala

Price: Free access to discover its colonial streets

Being present in such a city means that you will be rewarded with many impressive architectural wonders and remnants of the colonial art style. This small city used to be the capital of Guatemala until 1773, when a massive earthquake struck it. Antigua is thrust upon you as long as you are willing to wander around its cobblestone lanes and communicate with locals.

It would be on all of you if you allowed yourself to sip your hot drink at one of the local cafes. Or pay a visit to  Arco de Santa Catalina, snapping away this landmark structure, or even go to the tiny communities to see Caoba Farms. It’s a fantastic opportunity that you should not pass up.

Central America
Guatemala, Central America is brimming with culture and interesting traditions

Go Around Guatemala City By a “Chicken Bus”: an Adventure in and of Itself

Location: You can spot them around the city, especially in the main squares.

Price: It depends on where you want to go and how far is it, but generally, the coach ticket will set you back from $200-$19.

Discovering any country through the eye of its people could be overwhelming, but at the same time, it’s the best way of reflecting the genuine culture. And nothing comes close to the experience you’ll have on a Chicken Bus Guatemala. Regardless of its cheap fare, the positive vibes you will feel once you get in it is unlike anything before.

It’s just an old repurposed bus school, and then the driver adds his charm to make it a masterpiece with colours and traditional items. To be honest, what you have all been through is not comfortable, but the experience itself to hop on the board of rustic and popular transportation.

Central America
Climb up to the summit of a huge mountain to witness an unforgettable view, Guatemala

A Heaven for Foodies: Go a Cook Lesson at Antigua Guatemala

Location: Southern Guatemala

Price: It depends on which kitchen you love more, but it will set you back around $30.

Guatemala is a culturally created country, every corner oozing with its own unique characteristics, and that’s why we highly recommend booking a session for this fun and hilarious activity to get a real sense of their inspiring culture. And don’t assume that you will just cook some local recipes (which, by the way, has already been an enriching experience).

Still, you will find more than that, from dancing, drinking, singing, chatting with kind and welcoming folks, or even sampling what you make while cooking. It’s a blast. Most importantly, you will learn authentic Guatemalan cuisines to try out when you return home.

This is Your Kind of a Happy Destination: Make a Trip to Belize

Central America
Belize has some of the best tranquil beaches ever

Prompt every emotion and come directly to Belize which will give you an implicit message with its explicit beauty. You can set a travelling bucket list including Paris, Italy, maybe Brazil, but you are more likely to neglect this paradise, Belize, which will provide you with an unbelievable ambience. 

Why Should You Visit Belize?

Adventurous lovers are who more frequently check in on this adorable country. Moving around Belize will rejuvenate your soul, open your mind to watch different cultures, and pamper your senses and your eyes. Millions of things you do in Belize before when it’s time to go back.

This Central American country contains hundreds of pristine scuba diving locations as it’s the second-largest country of having a wide collection of coral reef reserves, a Great Blue Hole, which is utterly incomparable. Many spectacular cays can be spotted along the ocean, along with extensive forests peppered with a wealthy and diverse wildlife environment.

Additionally, if you urge to taste a new culture, you will find what you want right here as well. That’s why Belize is a must-see city with its own identity. And that’s why the standing of Belize is rising as one of the most beautiful beach vacation destinations.

There’s something to delight everyone in Belize due to its unforgettable charm is like nothing you’ll see anywhere else. You will feel like you have been soaked in a world-class experience as in the morning laying on a beach and at night go around a city for shopping, drinking, exploring tours, and activities, and hitting up popular landmarks. If you’re a food lover, then Belize has also a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

Top Things to Do in Belize, Central America

Central America
Swim with sea turtles in Belize

Definitely the Most Beautiful on the Earth: Actun Tunichil Muknal

Location: Near San Ignacio, Cayo District

Price: We recommend joining a guided tour to spot the best place to dive in and follow preventive measures for your safety and it will cost you around $100. Otherwise, if you are a professional diver, you can make it alone and you will still have much fun.

Heading to Actun Tunichil Muknal?
Oh yes! What’s the harm in trying?8

However, this is partly down to your definition of adventure. But for me, this cove is not something to be missed. Just bear in mind that this spot ranked 1 as the most worth-visiting coves in the world. Even though you need to know that tours around this scuba diving site are not cheap, it’s worth it.. Not I am serious; it’s speechless.

Central America
A country like nothing before Belize

Drafting on a Pure River to Witness Natural Miracle: Barton Creek Cave

Location: Barton Creek area near San Ignacio, the Cayo District

Price: Having a boat tour through the river inside the cave would set you back around $100.

Since the medieval age, this cave has drawn archaeologists attention over the years. Given the changing nature of the composition of the rocks, this historical cave is an inexhaustible spot filled with different spacious insects and flora. The river you are about to navigate is the largest in Belize, illustrating many glorious organic features.

This location served as a celebration hall for the ancient Maya civilization, where they held their religious ceremonies. You will be awestruck as you pass through the entry hole because of the scenery. Your canoe journey is the best thing to do at this beautiful attraction.

Central America
Many historical sites are waiting for you in Belize

Receive More Than You Seek: Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Location: Western Belize, just 700 miles away from Belize city

Price: Around $56

Would you please add this tour to the premium charm of Belize,  Xunantunich Mayan Ruins?

Like a sizeable tropical playground nested in the heart of nature, this site will most likely take your breath away due to its exquisite carving details. You will find Maya temples copped by great forests; I am not exaggerating when telling you that you won’t know where to begin.

These giant grey structures are unbelievable, and even if you are not a thriller-seeker, trust me- you will be once you enter this historical landmark. The whole setting will arouse the sensation of discovery and curiosity to learn the unique history of this gorgeous country. And don’t be surprised if you run into a swarm of friendly iguanas while exploring the attraction.

Central America
Central America is the place to be

Be ready for this memorable trip across Central America. Don’t forget to check our YouTube channels to know how to travel like a savvy voyager, and always remember that the best experience comes after the most challenging adventure.

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