When planning to spend a great vacation with our beloved ones, many considerations pop into our minds— budget, booking hotels, alternative and cheap flights. We also search for cities we should visit and others we shouldn’t, and maybe how to make all fantastic travel photos shine. However, it has proved that people are looking for other peoples’ favourite places. That means our travel decisions are affected by other people’s preferences and how they spend their last time offs.

We all are there where we want to get even more likes and comments on social media from friends and gain more followers and make viral videos and reels on Instagram. But, even if you don’t belong to these folks, you still want to pair your travel time with a perfect vacation. 

It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it’s time to go out.

We will review some travel statistics about holiday destinations during the last year to plan your journey accordingly.

But first, let’s have a look at some fun figures and statistics about the tourism industry in general before heading to your dreamy destination.

Without further odds, let’s get it right!

Holiday Travel Statistics… Know Before You Go

  • Family trips are expected to rise from 300 million visits in 2017 to 376 million visits annually by 2022. (source: Condor) *It seems this summer is an excellent time to go with your family.
  • Remote work opportunities encourage more people to handle their jobs anywhere. The number of travellers with internet to work remotely while away is roughly double in 2022. Also, they tend to add some more days to their vacation time to get the most out of their journey, thanks to remote working. (source: Deloitte) *If you are lucky enough to spend a night in one of the huts at the mountain summit to take breathtaking photos to post while checking your work emails or putting the final touch to a task before sending it to the client, consider exploring the world this year.
  • While being quarantined in one’s own house during a pandemic was a pain, it had its advantages. Many have saved a fortune for later use. No time is better than now to treat yourself after this harsh situation. For example, 15% of Americans tend to immerse themselves more in leisure time by spending much money on upgrading rooms and flights. 16% of them are willing to make some dreams come true by visiting their bucket list destinations. (source: Expedia) *Come on! You deserve this experience as well.
  • This year, 150% of people will board flights in order to go on a new journey to recover from the trauma that has befallen us since the pandemic collapse. (source: The International Air Transport Association) *so normal, for me at least! Honest, once everyone is on a plane, they have limitless options to heal from burnout.
  • 65% of a survey sample conducted by Expedia are planning to make a “big-go” in 2022. (source: CNBC) *It’s a total loss for words when describing how excited you are when drawing your travel roadmap. You need to chill out in a hut overlooking the Caribbean this summer.
  • 87% of Boomers plan to spend at least $4,000 on their next travel. (source: MMGY Travel Intelligence) *Even if you are not Boomers, a great vacation across Europe is well-deserved.
  • In terms of how you can set a plan to travel to your bucket-list destination, online comes at the top. Listen to this: 700 million people will be booking their hotel rooms online by 2023. (source: Condor) *Endless booking websites are out there. Yet millions of airlines offer all services online. Just write your destinations and check out our insider guides anywhere around the world. 
  • Not just that, online booking has been estimated to be worth $817 billion in 2020. And this number is expected to increase by 20% in 2022. (source: Stratosjets) *Online booking is the leading trend in this era. There is no need for any intermediate or an agent. Book. Confirm. Go!
  • 84% of adult travellers want to plan their trips on their own and book flights and accommodations online. (source: Stratosjets) *You should take advantage of millions of offerings available everywhere and take your time to find something that meets your requirements.
  • 74% of travellers planning to travel shortly have visited online travel agencies regularly. Most views and visits go to Expedia, Tripadvisor or Travelocity. Also, The volume of research about loyalty programs and cruises is increasing significantly. (source: MMGY Travel Intelligence) *Always read comments and travel blogs about your next destination before going.
  • Domestic tourism is expected to be recovered during the last quarter of 2022, which comes faster than any other travel industry like international flights and hotels. (source: McKinsey) *if it seems hard for you to explore the other side of the world, spending your next vacation in your hometown can be a great option.t
  • In 2022, Paris will still be one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. based on some forces— tourism infrastructure, attractiveness, health and safety, and tourism policy. (source: Timeout) *No wonder, at least for me 🙂 Paris will never lose its lustre. It is the most beautiful city for any type of travel. Museums, weather, art, beaches, boutiques, cuisines, and more!
  • However, a study by Mastercard has revealed that Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, has been the most visited destination from the beginning of 2022 till now. (source: Travelness) *It’s a big chance for you to head to this paradise to savour a lifetime experience and post a photo on Instagram with a #travelgoals caption.
  • Dubai will become the most popular destination in 2022, thanks to Expo Dubai 2020 and world-class museums, hotels, dining, shopping centres, etc. (source: TripAdvisor) *However, the pandemic disrupted several industries in the UAE, and it has succeeded to go back on the right track. At the same time, others can hardly find a way to get out of this unpredicted dilemma. And after travel fell particulate fast and hard, Dubai was ready with its successful plans to attract visitors worldwide.
  • If you want to understand some trends in the duration of a post-pandemic travel climate, pay attention to this, travellers tend to choose rental accommodation in favour of hotels. However, hotels have the biggest share in the logging industry; 43% of rental travellers have decided to go for private rental houses in their travel destinations. (source: Deloitte) *if you can not afford hotel prices, rental houses are here for you with less costly rates.
  • 18-34 travellers are most likely to go beyond their hometown. (80% of the sample) However, just 56% of over-50s plan to do the same thing. (source: Expedia) *One of the most critical holidays travel statistics will help any company define its potential customers in 2022.
  • People are willing to explore small cities rather than capitals. According to AirDNA, vacation home bookings increased by 60% in non-capital cities compared to only 25% in 2019. (source: The New York Times) *These travel statistics are pretty interesting. People finally want to push borders and wave into unpopular places. 
  • Tourist numbers are up for the first time in a long time, thanks to years of hard work. Now some countries have leveraged their revenues; they’ve risen to their rightful place globally. In fact, searches for Tanzina have climbed by 36%, and flights to Jordan’s Petra have surged by 22%. (source: Amadeus) *it offers an excellent opportunity to everyone who strives to visit these countries and were not sure about this idea. New destinations now welcome their visitors.
  • 20 % willing to go abroad this year have an annual income of less than $50,000, while 22 % have an annual income of less than $100,000, and % have a yearly income of more than $100,000. (source: Deloitte) *It’s a good indicator that everyone should include travel in his plans as it’s a must-try experience.
  • 57-40 people are willing to spend more money on fancy restaurants. However, they only represent 18% of the same generation. (source: Expedia) *it’s not about how much you spend. It’s about what experience you want to have. Whether High-end restaurants or street food, what matters is to know more about new cultures and make new memories. 

Where To Go

  • US Travel Statistics

The US is home to some of the most amazing places on Earth- beautiful national parks, world-class museums, and awe-inspiring landmarks. It’s a melting pot of cultures arousing your curiosity all the time to explore more and let yourself loose in its streets, attractions, art galleries and theatre.

But what about Americans themselves. 

In 2021, 79.6 million tourists visited the US, and entertainment-based travel estimates 73.8% of the tourism industry in the entire country offers more than 5.29 million jobs, according to Condor Ferries. According to Geoguessr, the most visited city in the US was Orlando, with more than 5 million tourists every year.

As Americans call it, Florida, the city, is situated in Sunshine State, is something for everyone. From greeny landscapes, themed parks, lively nightclubs and tons of eateries to taste water-mouthing cuisines, Orlando should be on your list this year.

But what about Americans themselves? Where do they travel? If not, why don’t they travel? What are their plans for the vacation?

TripAdvisor has already answered some of these questions— nature lovers in America prefer to go to Costa Rica and India, specifically Jim Corbett National Park and Tanzania. Meanwhile, food enthusiasts often go to Roma, London, and Paris. Americans also prefer to travel domestically on holidays, and Hawaii is one of their desired relaxation destinations. 

“Americans choose Switzerland as a perfect place for skiing.”

Source: TripAdvisor

  • Canada Travel Statistics

Many of us think of Canada as the least-visited place. It’s a friendly community packed with multinational background… yes, that’s right. “But why should I go there?” If you are wondering the same question, Just take a look at the diversity of its nature, landscape, and history, and you’ll understand why it’s you should add it to your list as soon as possible.

Moreover, according to Statistics, Canada received more than 32 million tourists in 2019, the highest number in many years. This number shrunk during the following years, estimating roughly 4 million. But it’s expected to double in 2022. However, Canadians are masters at finding ways to have fun with their families. Ontario comes as the most-visited province by Canadians, followed by Quebec.

Also, Canadians are pouring to the US all the time to spend their vacation, based on some holiday travel statistics by the National Travel Survey.

And if they’re looking for an overseas destination, Mexico always wins. Cuba comes as the second alternative place to explore during the holiday season. 

“Most travel expenditures of Canadians go-to accommodations.”

Source: The National Travel Survey.

  • UK Travel Statistics
UK Travel Statistics min It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.
Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You 8

It’s a country like nothing ever before. Fully packed with attractions, historical sites, upscale hotels, pristine beaches, iconic landmarks, cultural hubs and much more, as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, particularly London, it’s no surprise that it’s so popular. For what is called leisure tourism or studying at one of the most reputable educational institutions globally, the United Kingdom ranks high among other travel destinations.

UK travel statistics correspond to this fact—assuming we disregard the duration of the pandemic period.

For example, the UK received 40.9 million in 2019 compared to 37.9 million in 2018, according to Now, it seems tourism gets back to the right track, and it reached a higher level in April 2022 since Coivd-19— with an average of 7,463,800 visitors— 56% of them are British nationals, which still lower 18% than April 2019, based on official statistics issued by the government.

London comes as the most-visited city in the UK, based on a report published by Statista— with 21.7 million tourists in 2019, followed by Edinburgh (2.206 million in the same year)

English people are so energetic to go beyond their nation to explore more amazing places. With more than 93.1 million visits overseas in 2019, 18.13 million chose Spain as a vacation destination. Meanwhile, France is the second option for UK tourists with roughly 10.35 million. 

Now, the only thing about visiting so many stunning spots is to find the best itinerary to explore this awe-inspiring country, the United Kingdom. 

“Greece succeeded in attracting more British tourists marking the largest percentage change between 2018 and 2019, increasing by 18%.”

Report by ONS

  • Ireland Travel Statistics
Ireland min It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.
Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You 9

Ireland is blessed with the best things to do to enjoy yourself. It can be hard to whittle all the spots down in one visit. Wherever you go, you will be surrounded by unique places that I’m pretty sure all attractions will captivate you within a second or two! 

That’s exactly why we wanted to share some holiday travel statistics to delve into the tourism industry in this picturesque country if you’d like to visit it soon.

Ireland ranked 23rd among the most-visited countries across the world in 2019, reported by, with 11.3 million visitors— representing a 1% increase from 2018.

Most tourists came from the UK (42%), followed by the US (15%). Many individuals came to Ireland for a variety of reasons, but the vast majority of them were just on vacation.

Despite this, the primary indicators of the tourism volume in 2022 are still lower than expected—580,000 persons arrived in Ireland in January 2022, compared to 108,000 arrivals in the same month last year. 

Most visitors preferred to visit the capital city of Dublin (59%). The Guinness Storehouse is the most-visited attraction there.

Then, South West became the second choice (7%) in 2019, a report issued by

According to AA Travel Insurance, Spain ranked high among other holiday destinations around the world for the Irish people. However, the majority of the Irish population planned to travel domestically and explore the local cities of the Republic of Ireland. 

Though Ireland deserves more attention, It’s easy to fall in love with this incredible country. You just need to create a little map to highlight the key spots you shouldn’t miss. 

“Tourism generated €5.851 million in revenue in 2019.”

  • Australia Travel Statistics

Offering stunning views, along with pleasant weather and award-winning hotels and restaurants, Australia is a country that will push your limits. Here, you can find the most expensive and cheapest way to enjoy your time and visit every tourist attraction during a vacation or holiday. In addition, Australia will give you a chance to take photos that can be featured.

But most importantly, how many people think of Australia as a bucket list destination?

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, visitors to Australia in 2019 reached 9.4 million in 2019, showing a 2.4% increase from 2018. 

The top five countries people visit in Australia are; China, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Singapore. Australia received 2.600 million from each China and New Zealand.

The most visited state was New South Wales, with 4.4 million international visitors– then Victoria. 

With returning to everyday life after the pandemic, Australia received more than 374,630 visitors monthly, and this number is expected to double by the end of 2022.

In general, Australia has never been placed among the top ten most popular tourist destinations due to many reasons— its location plays a significant role since it’s an isolated continent, and it costs a fountain to fly to it.

But where do Australians travel?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics stated previously that New Zealand is the perfect destination for Australians willing to go around the globe, with 1.4 million visitors from 2018-to 2019. Indonesia comes secondly with 1.3 million visitors during the same period. 

Australia is teeming with fantastic tourist spots to explore. So plan your next trip and be ready to be impressed. 

“China attracted more Australians and advanced to the fifth most visited destination in 2019.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 

  • New Zealand Travel Statistics
New Zealand min It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.
Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You 10

Spectacular attractions with spectacular views! New Zealand is perfect for hikers, history buffs, nature lovers, luxury seekers, and daredevil adventurers. You will never come back home disappointed. Instead, each corner you’d discover has its own flavour and character. Most of all, New Zealand people are the friendliest folks on the planet. So many attractions, national parks, amusement centres, and impressive villages are waiting for you, and you just need where you can start. 

But instead, we will tell you some holiday travel statistics about New Zealand since numbers never lie.

In 2020, the total number of international visitors was 996,000 tourists. While in March 2022, arrivals were 229,000, showing an increase from March 2021 (177,000). Before Covid-19, New Zealand received 3.89 million overseas visitors, as stated on the StatsNZ website.

Most visitors came from Australia (22.6%), the United States, and the United Kingdom. However, the last year showed that more Chinese chose New Zealand to spend their vacation (41%). And the most-visited city in New Zealand is Auckland, famous for its beautiful beach and historical landmarks, followed by Rotorua, a prominent cultural hub based on a report issued by Skyscanner.

And as mentioned before ahead, most New Zealand residents opt for Australia as the perfect place to spend their vacation. Otherwise, they trek out around their nation.

New Zealand is a stunning stop to unwind and explore one of the richest ecosystems in the world. Pretty cool, right? 

“New Zealand has received 89,000 tourists from Australia during only March 2022.” 


  • China Travel Statistics
China min It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.
Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You 11

Not just an economic giant, it’s a hotspot for many people who are willing to delve into this vibrant cultural country with unbelievable technology infrastructure and state-of-art facilities. Just head to the Great Wall and admire spectacular sunset and sunrise views. You will have tons of precious moments during travelling around China.

But is it worth it?

Being the most crowded country in the world, 1.4 billion, can be discouraging as you’ll be stuck with millions of people wherever you go!

However, many oversea tourists come to this sprawling country every year. Read on to explore some exciting statistics.

Approximately 145.3 million international arrivals checked in China in 2019, showing an increase from the previous year— only the last year, a published report by Statista said.

Due to travel instructions during 2020 and 2021, this number dropped to 27.5 million.

On the other hand, domestic flights always record higher than international arrivals. For example, in the first quarter of 2019, data showed that 1776 million people travelled around China, compared to 830 flights during the same period in 2022. 

The majority of international visitors to China were from South Korea, followed by Russians, Japanese, and Americans. In 2019, Hong Kong ranked the most-visited city in China, with 26.72 million tourists according to Euromonitor. However, the Forbidden City in Beijing received the highest number of tourists among other China’s attractions.

Before the coronavirus, 150 million Chinese travellers went abroad, especially to Thailand and Japan, which are usually the most attractive destination, according to the World Tourism Organization.

China has something to cater for everyone! Just draw your map, select your desired destinations, search for great deals on flights and accommodations, and let’s go.

“In Shanghai, China, why do so many people visit? The answer lies in the city’s numerous malls and its imposing yet stunning skyline.”

  • European Travel Statistics
Europe11 min It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.
Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You 12

Whether you want fun family attractions, sites oozing with history and mysteries, adrenaline-pumping activities, lifetime adventures, or you just need a place to calm and retreat, Europe is an exceptional experience. Everyone around the globe has written down two or more countries in this continent on their bucket list. Just imagine relaxing at a pristine beach in Santorini, having an endless tour around Louvre Museum, or eating pizza while admiring the sunset from a cosy restaurant in Milano; oh! It’s a dream come true. 

It’s no surprise that Europe is the most popular continent globally— over 700 million EU people fly around this spot. And on average, 496 million outbound trips arrived in Europe in 2019. 

But let’s go deeper!

The Eurostat website stated nearly half of the international tourists stayed in France, Italy or Spain.

In the first quarter of 2022, the total trips out of Europe were estimated at 88,196. A survey conducted by Statista explained that 77% of respondents are planning to travel domestically or to another Europe destination during 2022.

France was at the top of the most-visited countries in 2019, receiving 41.7 million visitors from abroad and 91 million from European countries. Of course, Paris came after London as the most attractive spot in this area. 

After France, Italy placed second, followed by Spain and Turkey. 

On the other hand, according to Eurostat, when EU people want to travel outside Europe, they are most likely to travel to the United Kingdom, Turkey and the US.

But in another interesting survey by Statista about the favourite destinations to visit in Europe in 2022, Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, was the first option by global participants.

What is your dream destination in Europe? No time like the present to travel to this outstanding side of the world!

“Inbound tourists to Europe are likely to increase in all regions in 2022, especially in Northern Europe, according to experts.”


  • Middle East Travel Statistics
Middle East min It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.
Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You 13

It requires a minute to decide that your next trout would be to the Netherlands. But it takes weeks just to weigh your options and see if that’s possible to visit the Middle East or if it’s better to keep searching in somewhere else. 

But travel trends constantly change, and new countries are making progress in placing themselves as tourist destinations by investing in infrastructure, launching marketing campaigns, and establishing a new tourism concept. For example, a leading event in the United Arab Emirates, Expo Dubai 2020, was an enormous success in 2022. Indeed, if you were to draw what is the best vibes and travel experience you would like, Dubai might be it. Saudi Arabia has recently lifted the limits on outbound travellers, and you can issue an online visa within a minute. Egypt comes with several national projects to promote tourism, from opening new museums and setting up new coastal cities. 

So, what is the volume of tourism in the Middle East?

The UAE was positioned as the top destination in 2019, with  16.73 million international arrivals. However, during the pandemic crisis, this number went down, reaching 5 million in 2020, making Saudi Arabia place itself in the first rank with 20.29 million visits. At the same time, the UAE welcomed 97 million visitors, including overnight or excursionists, in the first quarter of 2022, showing a 214% increase from the same period last year, the government announced. Interesting, right?

Qatar ranked second among the most-visited countries in the Middle East in 2019.

However, if you think of Turkey as a country in the Middle East, it takes the cake.

With 51.75 million visitors in 2019, up from 45.8 million in 2018, data released by the World Tourism Organisation, Turkey surges gradually as a welcoming tourist destination. 

Meanwhile, the government announced before that Turkey is expected to receive more than 45 million in 2022, which can be a good boost for its vulnerable economic position.

The largest number of tourists visiting the UAE in 2019 was from India, representing 2 million arrivals. However, Russia is the most important source for the tourism market in Turkey, with an average of 7 million annually, followed by Germany, which sends roughly 5 million, according to DW.

This spot offers a hefty bunch of wonders, from stunning historical sites to tasty foods. Hu, ready to go! Let us know which cities you’d like to visit first in the Middle East.  

“Dubai has the world’s highest first-quarter 2022 hotel occupancy rates, at 82%.” Reuters

  • Dubai Statistics 
Burj Khalifa It seems being aware of holiday travel statistics is a must. Numbers can not be wrong, and, of course, there is a reason why specific cities rank high among others. As travel moves towards recovery from the pandemic circumstances, many factors will shape the future of tourism. There is no question that the travel industry shrunk dramatically because of the lockdown and restrictions. But now it's time to go out.

Search for all your long-waited places, add all the adventures you want to venture into and choose how many nights you’d like to stay. Then, plan your trip wisely because you will head to one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world. Once you enter the airport city, you’d realize how this city was transforming within just a few years from a small port to one of the most-visited cities across the globe.

It’s one of the trendiest cities to have a good time whether you’re a solo traveller or want to spend a family vacation.

Dubai has emerged as a futuristic city housing the best thing in everything.

Even during the whole world is suffering from the pandemic. So Dubai has quickly outgone and established itself as a haven for those looking to have a good time attending Exop2020.

In 2019, Dubai received 6.73 million visits, up from 5.09% in the previous year, Statista said.

In the first quarter of 2022, the government stated that Dubai was a leading international tourism market with 4 million visitors. 

Most visitors came from India (910,000), Saudi Arabia (491,000), then Russia and the UK.

And Burj Khalifa was the most-visited and searched place in Dubai in 2022, reported by Global Media Insight.

Thailand was the most popular destination for UAE people in 2019, followed by Turkey and the United Kingdom, said the CNTRAVELLERMe website.

Imagine climbing to the highest tower in the world and taking a memorable selfie with your beloved one! In 2022, Dubai is a must. 

“During the first quarter of 2022, Dubai was the 4th most visited city after Bangkok.”

Travel Medium

  • Egypt Travel Statistics

The land of Pharaohs, the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and sun-drenched beaches year-round, Egypt is absolutely your happy place and one of the underrated tourist destinations with impressive monuments that will blow your mind. Actually, it’s one of the few countries for which the word iconic can be correctly used. Egypt has a trove of treasures and activities that will never let you down. From luxurious hotels to humble villages, go around this country and explore its special spirit ranging from mouth-watering cuisines to unique culture.

Decide if you’d like to start from Upper or Cairo to the North Coast. Of course, you’ll be tempted to return to each location again to replenish your vitality.

However, Egypt in numbers doesn’t reflect its beauty. After years of political unrest and adverse economic conditions, the country still has a big challenge attracting more tourists. 

2019 was the best year for Egypt, with 13.1 million arrivals, according to ClicData. However, this number dropped significantly in 2020, reaching 3.5 million.

Aiming to draw over 7 million visitors by the end of 2022, Egypt is already making significant investments in its tourism infrastructure.

According to Enterprise, Germany represented the most crucial source injecting tourism market in Egypt in 2019 with 2.5 million arrivals, followed by 1.5 million Ukrainians and 1.4 million Saudi people.

To compensate for the loss of Russian and Ukrainian tourists, Egypt is focusing on attracting more German visitors.

Most Egyptians travel domestically to spend their summer vacation at its beautiful beaches, such as Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheik, and Marsa Matruh. Even expats or Egyptians who live abroad come to Egypt for family visits or enjoy pleasant weather.

Ready to lay down on Egypt’s beaches with your favourite playlist on repeat, or do you want to finish your time off somewhere else? 

“More than 1.5 billion foreign visitors are expected to visit Egypt by 2025, resulting in an increase in the country’s tourism revenues.”

UN Economic Commission for Europe

  • Spanish Travel Statistics

Spain is a long-established tourist destination, loaded with landmarks, historical forts and castles, impressive museums, wildlife gems, and endless outdoor activities. Spain is sprawling more than you might think, with multiple cultures and diverse ethical groups. It’s a melting pot of different civilizations, besides its crystal clear water and calming and pleasant breeze where you can listen to soothing sounds of nature. Recently Spain has adopted a powerful tech infrastructure to boost its tourism position.  

So, it makes sense to be one of the top tourist destinations over time, with 83.7 million arrivals in 2019.

It’s a place to go for an exciting and reinventing experience. That’s why it is striving to regain its footing again after the Covid-19 is about to cease to exist. International arrivals recorded 9.7 million in the first quarter of 2022, showing an annual increase during the same period in 2019, the Schengenvisa website reported. 

Barcelona topped the most-visited cities in Spain, followed by Madrid and Seville, the Spainvisa website said.

The United Kingdom represented the largest inbound market for Spain, with 18.13 million travellers, followed by Germany and France in 2019. However, by 2021, the number of British tourists visiting Spain had dropped to about 4 million, while France had more than 5 million visitors, according to Statista

When Spanish people are not sure where to go in summer, they prefer to head to their Mediterranean shores or visit Belgium, according to the travel agency of Travelgenio.

Hit Spain as soon as possible, and don’t wait for someone to build your route! Instead, lose yourself beyond its narrow lanes, and you’ll see why everyone loves it.

“International visitors spent 299 million nights in tourist accommodations in Spain in 2019, accounting for 22% of the EU’s total, making it the most popular destination in the Euro area.”


  • French Travel Statistics

Synonyms with luxury, love, freedom and classic, France has everything to make your trip the best. With many iconic buildings wherever you go, a walk around its cobblestone streets and chic avenues is enough to fuel your energy. Each corner is ideal for discovering its priceless gems. Paris is enough to satisfy your wanderlust, or you can go beyond Paris to explore new regions and landscapes. So head up to a high summit or head down underwater; your tour will be filled with enthralling activities. Some of the best beaches, mountains, museums, restaurants, historical spots, art galleries, and much more are waiting for you.

Choose the best way to venture around France, whether at the wheel of your car or taking a cruise to unknown islands; France has so much on offer.

But hold on to take notes.

For more than 30 years, France has always come as the first choice for millions worldwide, with 90 million international arrivals in only 2019.

Tourism contributes dramatically to enhancing the French economy, amounting to 8% of GDP.

Surprisingly, France reached the pre-pandemic level, bouncing back quickly in 2022, the Paris Tourist Office (OTCP) stated. Eiffel Tower welcomed 22,000 visitors per day, and the hotel capacity recorded 82%. There is no question that Paris is the most-visited city in France—actually, it ranked 9th as the world’s most populated city, with 19.09 million tourists visiting the city in only 2019.

Americans topped the list of people who visited France the most during the last two years, accounting for 6.2 million tourists, followed by 2.7 million visits from the UK, Luggagehero reported.

Most French travellers prefer to go to EU countries to spend summer vacation. Spain is the leader in ultimate terms, followed by Italy. Also, French people love to trek out to long-haul destinations, and the US ranked the highest on this list.

Ready to know what life has in store? Go to France and write a new chapter in your life 🙂

“Nôtre-Dame Cathedral welcomed more than 12 million tourists, ranking the most-visited attraction in 2018-2019.”


  • Italian Travel Statistics

Everyone has dreamed of travelling on unknown roads among Italy cities to explore the hidden gems of Roma. But if you want to double the excitement, head to all Italian cities, from Milan, Florence, and Venice. Italy is a cultural hub packed with historical treasures, UNESCO Heritage sites, lively festivals, and inspiring landscapes with rugged peaks and picturesque natural lakes. 

Also, it’s a mecca for all hikers; even less experienced are willing to come here to immerse themselves in mountain ranges to get to the summit at the end and admire the breathtaking views. That’s why Italy features on the bucket list of every avid traveller.

About 100 million international tourists visited Italy in 2019, ranking the most-visited fifth country globally and the third in Europe, Statista showed. Even though the arrivals fell dramatically during the pandemic, the number of domestic and international tourists is expected to increase by 43% compared to 2021, based on a survey conducted by Demoskopika.

Italy’s tourism market mainly depends on EU travellers. In 2019, German tourists were the most people who visited Italy, recording 16 million. Meanwhile, this figure dropped in 2020, reaching only 5 million. On the other hand, French travellers in Italy accounted for 6.3 million arrivals in 2020. 

Roma ranked the 17th city in terms of tourists number with 10.32 million arrivals. On the other hand, 6 million travellers flew to Milan, making it the second most-visited city in Italy and the 40th in the world, according to

If Italians plan a trip abroad, Spain and France are the most popular destinations.

Italy is a place to be to explore the beautiful side of the world, thanks to its unique culture, food scene, laid-back lifestyle, and gorgeous scenery.

“Italy’s tourist flows might create 26.4 billion euros in tourism expenditure by 2022, an increase of 11.8 per cent over the previous year.”


  • Northern Ireland Statistics

Northern Ireland will exceed your wild dreams with the highest mountains, quint beaches, and imposing castles. Every spot offers an unmissable chance to take memorable shots with its unspoiled natural landscapes. Belfast has too much to please you, but many counties are waiting for you if you want to get the fullest experience. Undoubtedly, Northern Ireland is a wonderland to unwind and relax in its blazing attractions and world-class restaurants, streets, and hotels.

No matter when you are ready to go, Northern Ireland has something for you anytime. Christmas markets are blooming in winter with thrilling winter sports. Outdoor activities and hiking trails are nestled everywhere for solo travellers and working holidayers.

It comes as no surprise to find that 5.3 million travellers visited Northern Ireland in 2019, including overnight and domestic trips from residents, as reported by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

During the first quarter of 2022, Northern Ireland is ready to recover from the circumstances of Covid19, and hotel occupancy rates have reached the highest level since 2020. Tourists from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and America make up a large portion of Northern Ireland‘s visitors. 

The same report stated that Giant’s Causeway and Titanic Belfast were the most visited attractions in Northern Ireland. 

On the other hand, The main reason for most Northern Ireland travellers is to visit national parks and green landscapes. 

Where do Northern Ireland people go? First, they prefer to travel locally for a holiday or visit families. 

With no shortage of excitement, plan to come to this fantastic getaway for your next journey!

“Almost three-quarters of all Northern Ireland’s vacation rental units have already been booked for the coming summer in 2022.”


These statistics for sure give you some inspiration for your next great vacation. So share with us where you want to explore this year!

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