United Kingdom

United Kingdom

If you asked me for the best travel advice I have ever received, I would tell you to never travel with someone you don’t love! If you asked me about the most enjoyable travel experience I’ve ever had, I would tell you about my recent trip to the United Kingdom, which I consider to be the best one yet.

Visiting the United Kingdom is a sensory treat unlike anything else you’ve ever had before. You will learn how to see beyond what you already see, how to let your lungs expand and breathe in the fresh air entering your nostrils, and how to sip the most beautiful cup of tea in your life.

It’s a fairytale that would fuel your wanderlust every single moment. We love the United Kingdom because there is actually no certain way to explore its wonders. There is no strict guide you should follow from the first moment you leave the airport to your accommodation.

A row of phone booths in rainy London.
A row of phone booths in rainy London.

Although I always recommend that you should listen to your gut, if it tells you, “No, don’t go to the United Kingdom,” don’t trust it; just trust me instead! Through my exploration of this awe-inspiring country, I have learned that although whisky will not solve your problems, what you will get out of your journey around the United Kingdom will do.

This travel bible will show you how to make the most of your next journey to the United Kingdom. We cover things to do and not to do in the United Kingdom and the most key travel advice you need to know.

Scroll down to read through the article, or click on one of the highlighted sections below to jump ahead. Excited? So am I! Here we go!

Many tourists take photos with the iconic telephone booths in the UK.
Many tourists take photos with the iconic telephone booths in the UK.

Why Should You Travel to the United Kingdom?

I think this question has already been answered. Questions like, “Why should I visit the United Kingdom?” or “Is the United Kingdom worth visiting?” are just ridiculous, no offence!

I just mean the United Kingdom can stand out from the crowd even though there are many great destinations around the world. The United Kingdom can easily snatch the trophy from any other country; just one of its iconic castles can beat many other historical sites worldwide.

Known as Old Blighty, this authentic country has plenty of significant attractions. However, if you were interested in tracing its origins, you would be amused by the history behind each bend. Without further ado, let’s see why the United Kingdom should be on your bucket list.

Gorgeous Views That Will Leave You Speechless

When it comes to admiring breathtaking views, endless stretches of lush landscapes, and eye-catching points of interest, it’s hard to find a place that can outperform the United Kingdom. Wherever you go, you will find exciting things to explore. Any place you visit packs a big travel punch. Its immense size leads to finding scenic views that are never behind.

Also, there is no shortage of fun ideas for spending your vacation here. The plethora of exciting things to see in this European country has made it one of the top tourist destinations over the years.

What if you are obsessed with snapping away and recording your travel adventures on your Instagram account? Then visiting the United Kingdom is a must since many reports always mention London as one of the top Instagrammed cities globally, with more than 72,863 hashtags in 2021.

It’s the result of developing enlargements made in every tiny English town and city to preserve this nation worthy of visitors’ attention. Not to mention that the United Kingdom is home to tons of iconic tourist buildings like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and much more.

Glorious History That Will Turn You into a Storyteller

When it comes to history, no two countries are created equal. To be quite honest, history has shown to be far from impartial. As a result, the nation has an extensive historical heritage, a plethora of monuments, and various archaeological sites.

On the other hand, it might completely miss out on other countries. With a long and renowned history that stretches back thousands of years, the United Kingdom is fortunate to fit into the first group. This definitely one of the best persuasive reasons for hitting up this country, and that’s why you can find many attractions packed in the peak seasons.

Big Ben with a traffic jam in the evening.
Big Ben with a traffic jam in the evening.

Undoubtedly, this beautiful country has been home to an impressive empire that makes it heavenly for history buffs.

With that being said, you don’t need to overlook any metropolises since it has a lot to offer, ranging from mighty castles, fancy museums, and unique royal palaces checking out opulent banquet halls. Be ready to be surprised by world-class art galleries brimming with masterpieces by the finest European artists.

Even though it may seem impossible to discover all of these marvels in one trip, we invite you to immerse yourself in these exciting encounters and adventures as you travel across one of the most influential countries in the world for centuries upon years.

The Coastline is Unbelievable

Many tourists don’t refer to the United Kingdom as a place where they would spend a terrific beach vacation. Their itinerary is limited to historic attractions and the most famous museums. Well, let me tell you that they have missed out on one of the most memorable experiences that one can have when visiting the United Kingdom.

At Connolly Cove, we offer you a complete guide to being a traveller, not a tourist. It’s not about roaming superficially around famous spots and leaving out what significantly enriches your travel. Instead, it’s about building up great adventures, which are never made in comfort zones. 

The stony beach of Hove, England, United Kingdom

Longshore towns dot the coastline of the United Kingdom, and their enchantment and natural beauty will take your breath away as you pass through them. Moreover, some of these coastlines have earned the reward of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason.

Your tour of the United Kingdom will not be completed without discovering these distant islands. The best time to plan a visit to these small cities like the Jurassic Coast is in summer, but if you are ready to fly to England in winter, no worries since extra enjoyment is waiting for you, especially if you come during Christmas.

The Architecture is Out-of-This-World

In the United Kingdom, don’t even think of blinking for a second. Every location will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to feast your eyes on visually stunning building styles. It is not limited to London; everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by the allure of the European structural class. There is no better way to explore the United Kingdom than to get lost in its streets and hidden lands.

Your time will be split between roaming about Manchester to see its magnificent palaces and stopping at a famous restaurant in Birmingham that will allow you to experience the feeling of royalty. Just gazing at these majestic buildings or joining a guided tour will give you insight into the history behind each edifice.

You can expand the rich knowledge you obtain from your journey around the country while discovering many worthwhile sights and getting access to imposing structures.

The Accent Will Fascinate You

Whether you are an English speaker or not, you will fall in love with the unique English accent. Yes, I think it’s a big deal and a compelling reason to book a flight to London right now. This brilliant accent might impact how other nations preserve English people. For example, many people still believe that the English sprung from imperial ancestors or are stuck to traditional etiquette. 

Side Tip: No country has zero issues, and the United Kingdom might have a turbulent past. But during your visit, please keep yourself away from politics and just enjoy what this country has in store.

Let me discourage all these misconceptions. Although the United Kingdom retains the Queen’s accent and uses traditional English pronunciation, this does not apply to the whole nation since the country has welcomed many different groups from many origins.

It encompasses a large area and is quite diversified. While travelling across the nation, you will hear a variety of accents, each of which differs significantly. If you have a 30-minute drive away from your accommodation, you are most likely to hear a completely different accent. That’s what makes the United Kingdom unrivalled.

Countless Gardens, Excellent for Family Vacations

If you plan to make your next vacation a perfect family gathering, you are making a challenging decision. But don’t get me wrong! Family always comes first, and your adventure with them will be etched in your mind forever.

However, you should be aware that not every nation will have the ideal utilities and entertainment alternatives for families to consider. In other words, some tourist destinations might offer little or nothing to your kids or teenagers, so keep that in mind!

Beautiful view of St James's Park and the London Eye on a beautiful summer afternoon
Beautiful view of St James’s Park and the London Eye on a beautiful summer afternoon

Thankfully, England is at the top of the list of destinations for any parent who wants to take their children on an overseas adventure. One of the best ideas to have a blast with your family is to visit its pristine gardens (great news: most of them are free of charge). No need to go to dangerous hiking trails or travel for several hours to break from bustling cities.

The United Kingdom is a country made of exquisite gardens dotted across it. Not to mention it houses several botanical gardens teeming with a bunch of exotic plants; some of them have been rewarded several times as the best gardens in the world.

Roughly half of these gardens were transferred into prestigious museums and open-air galleries, offering two types of outings in one place.

Outstanding Culture With A Rich Legacy

Since the United Kingdom will allow you access to superior civilization and rich history, this northwestern European section has its genuine culture reflecting on every component of life. For example, you can see this culture in the way the government runs the country and how the crew of the royal guard dresses up while participating in a renowned event, ceremonial parade, or just protecting the holly complexes.

People walking on Oxford Street, London, UK, in the evening
People walking on Oxford Street, London, UK, in the evening

You can see this thriving culture in how its people enjoy themselves, whether dancing or hanging out at a typical pub. I wouldn’t recommend missing the chance to attend a Shakespearean play after gussying up. It’s also great if you cover all historical avenues where you can find buskers playing their guitars and setting up festival vibes.

When I think about this unique culture, I picture myself laughing at the dark humour of wonderful Brits or taking a seat at a lovely café surrounded by a flowery design, drinking -not gulping- a chic cup of tea in the afternoon.

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to the United Kingdom

With this long list making the United Kingdom a dreamy destination for everyone, another matter of concern is popping into everyone’s mind. In general, your trip to the United Kingdom may be the finest you’ve ever had, but all the preparations might exhaust you.

British Royal Guards perform the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
British Royal Guards perform the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

It could be somewhat confusing, especially if you decide to ask for advice or recommendation on some social media groups or leave a question on Quora from some nomads who have been there before. The scenario is most likely to be: your phone would be exploded with notifications from people who would love to share their stories with you.

These alerts might leave you perplexed if you look them up later on. “What is going on? I just want to see London, Scotland, and Belfast to fulfil a long-held desire!” Yes! You absolutely have the right to explore this region of Europe, but there are a number of things you should know before you go.

For a stress-free journey to the United Kingdom, we have put together some of the most helpful advice you can read before packing your belongings and flying to the country.

Two Separate Taps: One for Hot, Another for Cold (Really!)

Yes, really! Be prepared to find two different water taps, especially in public places. However, fancy places like hotels and lush restaurants have kicked off this weird system with mixed tape! (Thank god!).

Those who visit public restrooms and pubs that have been renovated since the 1950s will have the option of burning their hands with fiery water that has been heated to a lethal temperature (for reasons no one knows). Or you can allow your hands to become frozen in this land by chilly water that has just been transmitted from icy moats used to torture foes.

Actually, people here are not devils who believe that this is some kind of joke (while those switching between taps are surprised by the intense heat or cold). However, the story behind this hell is that the United Kingdom has reestablished a new plumbing system after the bloodiest Second World War. But, unfortunately, that means most cities in England have two different water sources.

The Supreme Court in London, UK
The Supreme Court in London, UK

Cold tap water is being dispensed from the primary and oldest system (safe for drinking). Hot water has already been stored in large tanks circulated through the heating system to guarantee that the water is of high quality. No one, however, can swear for the hygiene of these massive storage facilities.

OK, please repeat after me to keep yourself away from disgusting problems or being attacked by diarrhoea: cold water is Yay. Hot water is Nay!

The last question is, “How could you find out that this tap is hot or cold without potentially burning your hands?” Just read the sign behind every tap. Look, it’s simple! The bottom line: don’t be in a rush while washing your hands. Read the sign attached to the tap, and explore if it’s hot or cold! Want to drink free water? Pick the cold tap water.

Don’t Assume Everyone in the United Kingdom is British…

The United Kingdom is divided into many areas. Each one has its unique culture, and each one is obsessed with manifesting its distinct character. In addition, some UK countries have separate ceremonial, traditional, and administrative entities.

OK, let’s break it down to make it easier (it’s challenging, but I hope my breakdown will help out!) The United Kingdom is officially named the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain actually comprises four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Thus, the Queen is more than merely the Queen of England. All four nations are subject to the rule of the monarchy.

Why does it even matter for a tourist?

Good question! First, you need to know that you have an infinite list of countries, places, and sights you need to check out before departing. Second, to prevent getting consumed by lengthy hours of travel across many nations and save money on transportation costs and other expenses, a faultless plan is essential.

Third, which is most important, is not to fall into this unforgivable assumption that everyone in England is British. Most non-Brits people refer to the United Kingdom as England. It’s a justified stereotype, even some Britains born and raised on this land might have this misconception.

England is the most significant part of the United Kingdom, and you can call them British if you want. But don’t do that when you are in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. People there are so proud of their legacy and culture, which differs from England’s.

However, people of the United Kingdom —except England— will not scold you or anything like that. They would correct this for you, “Not British, just English!” You will probably hear something along those lines. In Northern Ireland, some people are OK with the term “British,” while others may be more concerned about the subject. “We are Irish!” they may say.

OK, to keep yourself away from this hassle, don’t label people here; no British, no English, no Irish, and don’t spark this useless debate.

The London Eye is amazing to ride at night
The London Eye is amazing to ride at night

Know the Visa Requirments

One of the complications you might face if you decide to travel to the United Kingdom is the visa requirements. Please follow them strictly to get it appropriately because if you don’t do so, it will negatively impact your chances of receiving it on future trips, not just this one.

These requirements vary significantly depending on your embassy, nationality, and the duration of your visit. That said, it would help to double-check it before you go to the United Kingdom.

For example, for people eligible to visit the United Kingdom without a visa, their visit should be less than six months; however, you need to register for a new one if you have been refused before. In addition, anyone with a criminal record will need to request a Standard Visitor visa.

So, who is eligible to visit the United Kingdom without a visa?

  • EU citizens (you can show just your passport or a national identity card issued by an EU country) *Please note that your identification document must be valid for your stay.
  • Irish citizens to visit Northern Ireland. *Please note that you will need a visa if you plan to stay in the United Kingdom for an extended period.
  • Citizens from the United States can travel to the UK without a visa as long as they have a valid passport.

Otherwise, people from any other place in the world will need to apply online for a Standard Visitor visa. Then, you will get an appointment with the United Kingdom representative in your country at a visa application centre. The online visa application will cost you about £125 for a Standard Visitor visa.

*Please note that you need to apply for this visa three months before your travel schedule.

Check the visa requirements when planning your trip to the United Kingdom!
Check the visa requirements when planning your trip to the United Kingdom!

“If I visit the United Kingdom with my family, could I submit one application for all of us?”

No, not at all. All your family members should submit a separate online application and pay a particular cost, and everyone is required to appear for their interview at the visa centre. However, if you have kids or they cannot fill in the application on their own, you can make it on behalf of your non-adulated persons.

Finally, you also need to know what papers and documents you need to have before going to the official United Kingdom government site:

  • A valid passport for the whole period of your stay in the United Kingdom. *Please note that your passport should have a blank page filled by the authorities to get your Standard Visitor visa.
  • Specific dates of your arrival and return.
  • Papers for your reservations, where you will stay in the United Kingdom.
  • An initial plan of how much this trip will cost.
  • A detailed address of your current residence, as well as the length of time you have been living there.
  • Some general information about your family and parents, like their names and dates of birth.
  • Please include any income you receive in your application—for example, a statement from your employer confirming your employment status.

Tricky! Yes, I know, but the United Kingdom is undoubtedly worth it.

Brits Are Always So Excited to Talk About the Weather

Here is golden advice: if you want to start any conversation with English people in the United Kingdom, you can begin by discussing the weather conditions. It’s a perfect subject of matter, especially if you want to praise how beautiful the sunshine is or how refreshing the breeze is.

Hi, look at the sun. Brilliant!” absolutely not; it doesn’t work like this. Instead, you might want to strike up a conversation like, “Wow, the weather is pretty today,” if you are in a garden and people around you are already enjoying their time. Basically, the weather is a big deal here, and people are willing to check the weather forecast a week ahead to organize their schedules.

Our favourite picks for things to do in London, UK, at night

By the way, they have no clue about it. The weather there is unpredictable, and it can be so different while navigating around the country. It might be sunny in London, cloudy in Scotland, and rainy in someplace in Belfast.

You don’t need to be frustrated about it. It’s just part of the experience while vacationing in the United Kingdom. And it’s a unique advantage in itself. It means if you didn’t like the weather today, you would have a chance to appreciate it tomorrow— today is rainy, and tomorrow is sunny!

Moreover, you have to download a weather app on your phone. So, when it comes to weather in the United Kingdom, don’t assume. “Oh! Yesterday, the sun was amazing. I’ll put on this shirt, and I will be OK!” No, it doesn’t work like that here. Check the app before you go.

In general, if I were you, I would never go outside without a coat—unless you plan to travel to the United Kingdom in the summer.

It raises another question: what is the best month to visit the United Kingdom? There is no best month to visit the UK. For me, it seems that every month offers something different.

In winter, it could be freezing in most places. Still, Christmas is definitely the perfect time to travel, during which dazzling decorations spread across the country dotted with traditional European-style markets.

Regent Street lit with Christmas Decorations
Regent Street lit with Christmas Decorations

Spring starts in March with an idyllic setting, adorned floral gardens, and a great chance to have an outing with your family. But don’t take it for granted. Remember: the UK’s weather is never predictable. So do not assume that you will be able to go out in your shorts since the sky may get hazy and rain may begin to fall on you at any moment.

The warmest month in the United Kingdom is July, during which the temperature could reach 32℃, and the average temperature recorded in London is less than 21℃. So if this suits you, then plan to visit the UK during your next summer vacation.

Now, we move on to autumn, and oh my gosh! The season I love the most. The leaves of the trees turn a stunning orange colour, and the sun’s rays provide a burst of warmth after a chilling breeze. This is why the best time to visit the United Kingdom is in September and October when you can take advantage of the last of the summer’s pleasures while still being surrounded by a chill.

Respect UK Etiquette

Since the United Kingdom has a unique lifestyle with unique culture and traditions, you should know more about UK etiquette before you go to keep yourself away from any embarrassing situations. This section will go through some things you should not do while visiting the United Kingdom.

Don’t Even Think of Taking Another Person’s Place in a Queue

Generally, not every place you visit might have this law; however, Brits consider the waiting queue rule a bible. So if you break it, don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Trafalgar Square in London, UK
Trafalgar Square in London, UK

People across the United Kingdom tend to be punctual, and they would never be able to get along with somebody who is not inclined to obey their rules in any case. So, no matter where you are from or how you deal with long queues, join the back of the line and just wait.

However, no one would insult you, especially if you are a foreigner, but resentful stares will not have mercy on you.

Greeting Brits With a Handshake is More Than Enough

When you meet a Brit for the first time, you can just offer a handshake. It is a common way to greet others in the United Kingdom (everything has changed in the age of the coronavirus, whether for the better or worse, I have no clue! However, it is preferable not to stretch out your hand to another person without first asking whether it is acceptable to be touched).

While we’re on that note, try keeping your eye contact to a minimum while in the UK. Observing a person for an extended period might be awkward for some individuals.

Extend Your Reach Outside of London

London seems more than satisfying to most people who have picked the United Kingdom as their next vacation stop. And it is, by the way. From impressive landmarks and posh hotels to prestigious districts lined with trendy restaurants, London has it all. To some extent, your desire to remain in London for as long as possible is rationalized.

The United Kingdom, however, is varied and intense, and you can discover new things and go on new adventures while there. First and foremost, Wales is a brilliant place for exhilarating outdoor activities with magisterial, splendidly decorated stony imperial castles overlooking gorgeous coastline towns standing proudly with its decent beacons.

Not to mention the considerable expanses of national parks that are scattered across the unique European country.

The village of Beddgelert in Snowdonia, Wales
The village of Beddgelert in Snowdonia, Wales

Travelling to the UK isn’t complete without heading to Scotland, which offers many outstanding exhibitions and museums. Other sights include the Isle of Skye, with its picturesque fishing villages and vibrant cultural aspects wherever you turn.

Located just a short walk away from Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, you will find yourself surrounded by ascending waterfalls at one of the public parks. Also, you will be touched by its distinctive culture. No question, the United Kingdom has something for everyone, no matter what kind of traveller you are,

Simply, when you travel to the UK, don’t stick to the common attractions since you will miss out on many ventures that would tell you why this part of the world is so significant.

What if you are travelling on a budget and cannot afford the luxury of going out and discovering all that the United Kingdom has to offer?

We’ve got you covered. It is possible to go on a day excursion since you can find so many travel firms that provide such a wide variety of tours with a variety of packages.

Travel to the United Kingdom is More Than Just a Luxury Experience

I badly want to travel to the UK, but it’s expensive!

It’s a statement we’ve heard a lot, and we’re not surprised. Generally, the UK is expensive to travel to, yet it’s one of the most expensive countries in Europe, especially if you are willing to stay in London next to its attractions.

Also, a plan to move through the UK without breaking the bank could be nearly impossible. You’ll have to fork up a lot of money for transportation and lodging.

Guest Houses on Weymouth Seafront
Guest Houses on Weymouth Seafront

Need numbers? OK… let’s see. On average, a night in a hostel will set you back £45. On the other hand, a hotel will set you back by £90, offering basic needs— don’t expect to find a world-class service, though. It’s not about where you stay or what you eat in the UK. Ultimately, it’s more about how far you’re willing to go and how much history you want to see.

However, before you travel to the United Kingdom, you can check out our easy-peasy tips that will help you make the most of your time there without spending a fortune:

Experience a Camping Adventure:

When it comes to going to the UK, everyone is searching for accommodation that is close to historic imperial landmarks to be able to check them out anytime. In one day, you would want to go immediately to the Natural History Museum, then in the afternoon, take a selfie with Big Ben, and lastly, in the evening, get some fresh air by walking via Tower Bridge.

I know it’s so tempting to do so. However, it would kill your budget fast. Instead, we invite you to experience camping. Here is a surprise: camping is not just for backpackers. Everyone should do it at least once in their life. It will be the most worthwhile thing you can do in the United Kingdom while enjoying incredible views over mountains, flawless lakes, and unmistakable greenery landscapes.

Make Your Reservations as Early as Possible:

Travellers who are well-versed in the art of planning their trips book more than a week or even a month in advance. The sooner you book your accommodations, flights, and even train tickets, the greater the chance you will have of taking advantage of lower-priced services later on.

So, here is the deal: you have already settled down on travelling to the UK. Plan three months before your arrival, and book your accommodation and flight. Then, register for your online visa application. That’s what savvy travellers do, and that’s what we need you to do to be like them.

Don’t Put All Your Faith in Eating at Restaurants:

Make sure to ask about a stove or microwave availability when making your hotel reservation. It would be a great way to avoid wasting money on restaurants and street food. If you have already been persuaded by the previous point (camping), you can pack a backpacking stove with you, a unique adventure you should strive to have.

Things to Do in the United Kingdom

This list might be the most difficult task assigned to any writer! Oh, I could even mention all the places you should visit in the United Kingdom, all the things you can do, all the activities you should not miss, and all the mazes of narrow alleyways you need to discover.

This journey will take you on an unbelievable tour to witness the world of wonders. There will be off-beaten paths included in this tour, and we want you to stop worrying about potholes and instead take a deep breath and enjoy every second of your journey to make the most of your time.

We have tried hard to narrow down this list, dividing it into four parts based on the UK’s four countries. Still, it has something for every travelling type. Let’s get started on this non-stop adventure.


England is a wonderland for everyone on the planet. Having seen the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine as a child, England has had a special place in my heart since that day. All of it turned out to be fantastic, like something out of a fairytale, and it isn’t just my experience.

England has garnered a substantial amount of interest from people all over the globe, who have begun looking for more things to do in England and are pleasantly delighted.

While writing about attractions and things to do in England, I came across a better idea. I polled everyone I know who hopes to visit England and those who have been there to find out why they think it’s a great place to visit.

Learn more about the hidden gems of London, England, UK

The first one said, “Watch a Manchester United live match at Altraford! Oh, it will absolutely be crazy!” Certainly, dude, the Premier League is the best!

Another one replied that she had always dreamed of roaming around a grand hall for emperors from a bygone age. And she is right! England is home to several beautiful structures that served as permanent residences for previous kings.

If you just need one good reason to come to England, I can offer you hundreds. But what I’m seeing right now is a stroll down a crystal-clear river, taking in the sunshine and, when I’m tired, settling in for a cup of sweet English tea and a cake at a vintage café! Oh, how could anybody not be in love with England?

This time, it was my closest friend, and she nailed it. There is no wonder that tourism contributes to a significant portion of the UK economy.


Picturesque, historical, giant, beautiful, pleasant, worthy. No adjectives are enough to describe how London can fascinate everyone with its unparalleled charm. That’s why London doesn’t fail to be one of the hotspots in Europe. Actually, it’s the most-visited city in Europe.

For first-time visitors, it can be daunting to decide where to go, what they should not miss, and how to keep an eye on their wallets so that they do not go over their budget while still being delighted and entertained.

A tour around London to hit all attractive spots

First of all, London has more than enough that will appeal to you year-round, but we also find the best time to visit London is between March and May. During these months, you can enjoy checking out splendid castles that were built thousands of years ago.

With London’s glorious museums, you need to split your time between seeing the Emperors’ collections and visiting stunning art galleries displaying exhibits hardly found anywhere else. And, of course, you can head to opulent royal residences with intricately adorned hallways, ceilings, and walls to enhance your knowledge about the Queen’s life.

Speaking of spring as the best time to visit London, your tour will be incomplete if you don’t make time to explore London’s gardens and incredible national parks, with easy access to many other offerings. Things to do in London can be a no-end list, but here you can find all the information you need to know before going to London.

Our pick includes highlights of the city to see and explore, which fit family vacations, couples, and backpackers.

Things to Do in London, England

The V&A: Visiting museums is a must when it comes to things to do in London, England. Victoria and Albert Museum is home to 145 galleries displaying more than 2 million objects, covering more than 12.5 acres. Most importantly, you can visit it for free, and you can get there by getting out at the South Kensington underground station within a five-minute walking distance.

*Please note that the free ticket does not include the temporary class-world exhibitions running from time to time, and if you are willing to listen to our advice, you can save your money by not paying for them unless you are a well-known artist! Another thing, don’t go without booking an online ticket, even for free ones.

The Tower of London: Perched on the banks of the River Thames, the Tower of London is one of the most popular attractions in London, where you can stroll around this impressive medieval castle admiring its facade. Or you can go inside its priceless exhibitions, much of which can be explored on your own, or you can hire a local guide to help you uncover all its treasures.

When the sun goes down, the whole castle is illuminated with dazzling lights. That’s why we always recommend coming here at night for a romantic setting. The price of the Tower of London ticket is about £52, and you can get it through Tower Hill subway station within just a 5-minute walk.

Tower Bridge: A long corridor for pedestrians whether you want to come in the morning or after sunset, Tower Bridge is an iconic landmark in London, located next to the Tower of London running across the Thames. It’s one of the most famous bridges globally, manifesting the grandeur of this inspiring city.

If you are searching for things to do in London at night, no place can offer you what you can experience here. Snapping away wherever you go is how you will most likely spend your tour here. To walk across the Tower Bridge would set you back £25, or you can meander around it for free.

See attractions from a different perspective!

Big Ben: It’s kind of a joke to visit London without checking out Big Ben, an epic sightseeing and the most famous giant clock in the world. Big Ben could be an authentic way to discover traditional London life, and it never stops being a tourist attraction for visitors and locals alike. A city’s history can be traced back to this one spot, Big Ben.

This eye-catching structure will give you insight into the momentous events of London. Don’t follow people who would discourage you from visiting this iconic place by saying something like, “it’s overrated, crowded, and you will not enjoy it much!” This place is a must-see at all costs. Plan to come here at night for a scenic view.

Big Ben, an epic landmark in London

Shard: London is a city that has left a foot in the past and another placed in the future. It rings so true once you step inside this sophisticated tower. Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, offering a high-profile experience teeming with classy restaurants and a 360-degree view of the whole city.

At the height of 95 stories, Shard will make you feel a tingling sensation due to the tangled beauty you will see, feel, and smell inside the soaring tower.

The nearest underground station is London Bridge, which provides access to several nearby attractions. Spend a day navigating around the worthwhile points of interest, but be ready to climb up to 244 meters before sunset. The panoramic view is unbelievable! Or you can have a lip-smacking meal at Sky Garden restaurant.

SKY Gardens is a must-visit in London, UK

Chinatown: A resort for everyone obsessed with Asian culture, Chinatown will make you feel as if you’re already in China without even leaving your place in London. Covering the centre of London and stretched between Soho and Leicester Square, it’s a great spot for resting after a daylong tour of London attractions.

From the eastern and western edges of the avenue, Chinatown invites you to hang out at some snug pubs or have an Asian snack while browsing among the stalls of all things Chinese on display.

Don’t be surprised by the many Asians from different Asian countries you will come across here; London is more diverse than you might think. Just like China’s hutongs, you can even find a rickshaw moving through narrow lands.

If you are lucky enough to find them, don’t miss your chance to ride one. I promise you this place will appeal to your kids enormously. Just let them play with a Chinese yo-yo made of wood or bamboo in the courtyard.

Visit Chinatown in London, which is one of the reasons why the United Kingdom should be your next holiday destination

Kensington Gardens: An idyllic gateway in which you can see many spectacular royal gardens transmitting the nature of the United Kingdom. Let yourself lose between its twisting and turning pathways and on the other side of the Serpentine Galleries, make a stop at Kensington Palace. It undoubtedly deserves your attention.

Kensington Gardens links old-European traditional style with trendy activities added recently to the garden facilities to enrich your pleasure, such as a wooden pirate ship ride or a visit to Diana Memorial Playground. Good news! Kensington Gardens has no entry fees.

London is blessed with many lovely parks.

HMS Belfast: This guide is super helpful in finding your way to discover more of your exciting things to do in London. That’s why we include this attraction in our must-visit list. It will give you an extraordinary glimpse into the world of navy pride, especially during the Second World War.

Your kids can listen to sacrifices made to keep the world peaceful and worthy of living in, and they can experience what soldiers were put through to survive, including Surgeon Lieutenant Robert Anthony Rowan.

You can reward them with the snacks they love after this rich experience. The HMS Belfast entry ticket is £42.96, and you need to check the opening time before you go.

Discover HMS Belfast in London to know what it has to offer for you

BFI Shop: This place should not be missed if you consider yourself a bookworm. Brimming with novels, film-related books, and other related items, BFI Shop is an excellent destination to visit, where you may lose yourself in a world of bookshelves and unique artworks, among other things.

Learn something about the history of the United Kingdom or shop for some cute gifts; everything here is placed to satisfy you. Don’t forget that the shop is closed from Monday to Thursday. Otherwise, it’s open from 12:00 to 18:00. No fee admission is required.

However, there are some strict measures based on the current circumstances of the pandemic, like the maximum capacity of people on the shop floor is 10, and it is always preferable to book your visit ahead.

For an exceptional shopping experience, visit BFI Shop, London, United Kingdom

The Supreme Court: No, trust me, it isn’t as boring as it seems. Besides being a traditional legitimate dwelling of England, the Supreme Court houses several galleries offering brilliant artworks, precious valuables, and other one-of-a-kind historical documents recording remarkable events throughout London’s history.

In case you don’t know, the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal contributing dramatically to the law system of the UK. It should be included in your itinerary if you search for free things to do in London. But for a more insightful visit, you can join a guided tour that will enable you to uncover the hidden gems of the place.

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to London

Places to Eat in London

London houses the best places to eat, not just in London but in the whole of Europe. Cereal Killer Cafe is one of our favourite and unusual places to eat in London. However, the best dishes you can taste in London are Thai cuisine with traditional curry and some intense flavours. So, Kiln, Smoking Goat, and Begging Bowl are among the best places to eat in London. Otherwise, we invite you to savour mouth-watering tandoor and check out The Barbary, yummy!

A bunch of amazing restaurants in London, United Kingdom. Pick what you need

Things to Do in London With Your Kids

London is a modern-day metropolis with a legendary history. If you plan to travel to the United Kingdom with your kids, London will offer you exhilarating experiences and exciting adventures. Aside from visiting well-known sights such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge, London is home to unique spots such as Shrek’s Adventure Shop, which offers a diverse selection of stalls, gifts, books, antiques, and fantastic games.

One of the best things to do in London with your kids includes visiting the famed M&M’s world. It’s a theme store, so take your time and explore all of its levels. Make sure to snap a lot of shots! It is essential to capture special memories with your children right there.

Fun worlds are waiting for you in M&M’s world

Things to Do in London for Free

Smart travelling is one of every voyager’s wishes. It’s not about the best time to go because each season has its good points. It’s not about the popular places to visit in London since each area has different characteristics and different benefits for travellers.

It is also not about overlooking free activities to do because you have enough money to spend and enjoy yourself.

If you want to find free things to do in London, you should look for them since taking advantage of no-fee excursions is an adventure in and of itself. So, you can walk across Tower Bridge for free. Visit Saint James’ Park, chill out on the greenery ground, and enjoy a pleasant time with your family.

One of the things to do in London for free is marvel at the scenery of Big Ben or make your way to explore Parliament Square, spotting many attractions around.

Many free things you can do in London! Explore more

Fun Things to Do in London

When travelling, dig into fun things. Life is short and brutal. We need to have a break from its brutality from time to time. Harry Potter Museum is considered to be the top fun thing to do in London. It will take you on a magical tour to get close and personal with the world of Harry Potter and his pals.

Want to scream in excitement? The only place you can go is Blingo. Sing and dance till the sun comes up! It is impossible not to be awed by London. After that, your body will deserve some pampering. Consequently, it is time for a HotTug, a heated tube that will allow your body to rest.

London is perfect for romantic moments.

Best Hotels in London

Thankfully, London has a great collection of hotels suitable for all budgets. And thankfully, again, there is no place to beat the other. All locations are brilliantly connected by the tube. However, you ought to know London’s area before choosing where to stay in the city.

This would make a massive difference in your travel experiences. Honestly, to list the best hotels in London in one article could be out of the question. However, we have done our best to pick the best alternatives for you.

The best hotels in London don’t necessarily mean the costly ones; you can enjoy your time and still not kill your budget. Covent Garden Hotel is one of London’s best yet upscale hotels; however, a night is enough to make your bank account break! £1050! Yes, but it’s all worth it in the end. It has a rating of 9.5 on Booking.com, which is exceptional.

According to the Telegraph Experts, the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane is a mid-range hotel that costs £460 per night. It’s an excellent choice for classic mode fans. If you’re on a tight budget, go no further than the hub by Premier Inn London Covent Garden Hotel, where a night costs only £330.

Have a tour around the heart of London, UK


Look at the stars; look how they shine for you… But in Bristol, they shine like no other. Sorry, Coldplay.

Centrally located in the southwest of England and conveniently situated on the River Avon, Bristol is a dream come true for all smart enough not to leave the United Kingdom without heading to this outstanding corner of Great Britain.

If you are wondering, “Where is Bristol, England?” or “How far is Bristol from London?” then you should know that Bristol lies on the other side of London. It means that a train ride from London to Bristol will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes and will cost between £85 and £134.

More low-priced alternatives are also available: take a bus from London Victoria Coach Station and get out at Bus & Coach Station. The ticket price will save you £20 to £27, which is an excellent option if you don’t want to exceed your budget. So, let’s explore what you can expect from this visit.

Bristol is vibrant and unpredictable at all levels. You don’t even need to take a bus or subway to visit its attractions. Throughout your walking around the city, you will find top upscale places that promise to be amazing and entice your curiosity to dig more and more.

Because Bristol is home to a plethora of attractions, short stays are not recommended in this city. We guarantee that you will discover something that appeals to you 100% of the time.

As you know, Britain is famous for its terrific structures, beautiful museums, and incredible public parks. However, Bristol is known for preserving the essence of medieval England.

Things to Do in Bristol, England

Harbourside: Bristol is anchored in the past with a sense of contemporary finish. This past is settled on the boating industry in the marine area, Harbourside.

A hidden gem of England, United Kingdom, Bristol

A wide variety of great ships, including the SS Great Britain, will give you insight into the history of this harbour and how it played an influential role across centuries. And don’t forget to have a look at the Matthew of Bristol, a typical copy of the Italian explorer John Cabot’s original ship.

Along your way, the harbour offers a great chance to take in a panoramic view from walking around the Waterfront. When you get hungry, don’t hesitate to take your breath at one of the eateries serving international cuisines along with lip-smacking fast-food chains.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge: The Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of the best bridges, not just in Bristol but in the United Kingdom. Huge and breathtaking, it was designed in ways that no building can beat for long centuries.

This structure has introduced an organic concept of setting up a multifunctional bridge— not only picking up people from one side to another. It’s a masterpiece in engineering and innovation patterns.

Dating back to 1864, Clifton Suspension Bridge could make you feel uneasy while walking across it — but certainly, it’s awe-inspiring, especially if you come here before the sunset and marvel at the open space within the golden hour.

Visit iconic bridges in Bristol, England, UK

The Clifton Downs: A massive green space to chill out, the Clifton Downs is another idyllic outing idea for free in Bristol. In Downs, you will realize how British people have actually believed that life is too short to wait around for the perfect time to relish. They are masters when it comes to enjoying a natural landscape.

The park spans the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which means you can plan a day trip to explore the whole area to save money on transportation. Speaking of vehicles, Bristol has a genius public network of buses; just make sure to purchase your Travelwest Travelcard from their online app, enabling you to tour more destinations around Bristol with mid-range ticket costs.

Ashton Court: If you need to explore the core spirit of England, take a ride bike around Ashton Court and when you find a small pond, get off and feed some cute ducks. This place is considered soul healing.

Also, it’s one of the best activities to do in England for free. However, if there is any concert or festival taking place in the allocated avenue, you would have to pay for it. But if you are asking for our advice, these events are not the best value for money if you aren’t really interested in this kind of entertainment.

One of the most popular attractions in Bristol, UK, Ashton Court

Even though this location is idyllic to go far from the daily hustle and bustle that is not easy to get away from, you will find crowds around on weekends.

Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill: One of the best places will cost you nothing. Cabot Tower is another iconic building of Bristol, offering a gorgeous view over the whole city. Situated in a public park, Cabot Tower is nestled in Brandon Hill, which comes with a sheer ambience.

The only disadvantage is the park could be packed on weekends. However, it would be an excellent chance for people to watch. The crowded park will give tourists an insight into daily British life and provide a perfect way to enjoy themselves with less budget.

Located just next to Harbourside, the park will give you access to Park Street, one of the best streets to admire the striking architectural art or have something to eat while meandering around the plaza.

Get a 360 view over Bristol from Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill

Goldernty House: What we love about Bristol, England, is that it offers many open spaces for fresh air and long stretches of public gardens, which are free to enjoy.

Goldernty House is one of the historic gardens surrounding the University of Bristol. You can come here in the morning to breathe in the sunlight or in the afternoon for some fun activities with your kids. However, please note that dogs are not allowed, and some public amenities are unavailable, like public toilets (you have to go out to the Suspension Bridge).

If you want to join a guided tour of the Goldernty House to chat with locals or other visitors with different backgrounds, you can ask for a private excursion to uncover all its treasures. The tours cost around £19 – £29.

The Exchange: The oldest part of Bristol, the Exchange, was built between 1741 and 1743. However, most of it was destroyed during World War 2. Then, after renovation, it became the most stunning place, gathering a comprehensive collection of retail and stalls on one site, Nicholas Market. The market is packed with different kinds of exciting things you can purchase.

Foodies love to call Nicholas Market at The Exchange home. There are many different stalls selling unique cuisines and snacks. For anyone looking to experience some of the best food in England, The Exchange is a must-visit location!

The market also hosts many restaurants serving international cuisines by professional chefs. Simply order your food of choice and find an empty table to enjoy a lovely meal and some people-watching. Don’t leave the Exchange before having a look at Pieminister if you think one pie is enough to solve all of your troubles, like me!

Nicholas Market in England, United Kingdom
Nicholas Market in England, United Kingdom

Check Out The Graffiti Art: Make use of your vacation in Bristol, England, and explore some of the most fantastic graffiti spots right here. There is no specific place in Bristol I can recommend to you. Instead, you need to let yourself loose on its streets, and you will be loaded with terrific graffiti wherever you turn.

However, the high-profile hotspots for graffiti art can be found in Stokes Croft, Nelson Street, and Dean Lane.

Graffiti is now one of Bristol’s cultural aspects, and individuals have discovered it to be a powerful means of expressing themselves, supporting a public movement, or opposing another. Head to the south Bristol, Upfest— a glamorous art gallery covered with graffiti masterpieces. Here, you can marvel at vivid murals and snap incredible shots of public art.

View of the famous Banksy graffiti piece titled Mild Mild West
View of the famous Banksy graffiti piece titled Mild Mild West

Aerospace Bristol: Wondering about the best place to visit with your kids? Undoubtedly, Aerospace Bristol is the location to be. What could be better for your kids than exploring the mysteries of aviation and boarding historic aeroplanes? The answer is nothing!

Aerospace Bristol will help you catch a glimpse of the victory and achievements of English aviation. You can listen to stories about real heroes and how much they sacrificed during rough times of war. The museum will allow you to board the Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, the last supersonic aircraft to fly. It is a symbol of innovation and dedication in the history of British aviation.

We the Curious: Take Line 8 to College Green from Bristol Temple Meads station, get out at Bristol Cathedral, look to your right, and We the Curious will be in front of you. This spot is a cultural and scientific hub stuffed with hilarious activities to learn more about our solar system.

Before you go, book a ticket to attend the Planetarium show with a 3D video experience to learn about the universe and what life in space looks like. Start with the Project What If exhibition with interactive videos and funny games fusing technology with art and science.

If you have kids, this place is unquestionably a must-visit. The standard entry ticket will cost you £46, with a lower-priced package for kids.

Terraces of colourful houses, Bristol, UK
Terraces of colourful houses, Bristol, UK

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Bristol

Best Hotels to Stay in Bristol

Bristol is home to various lodging options; you can find budget guesthouses against luxury 5-star rating hotels; pick the best for you and enjoy your stay as much as possible you can since Bristol is a worthy weekend getaway.

In Berwick Lodge, you will see a different perspective of being indulgent in an opulent setting. Everyone loves being treated like a king/queen, and this place is all about that (£184 for a night).

If you are planning a holiday with your loved ones to discover a new location during the next season and looking for less-costly alternatives, the Bristol Harbour Hotel is the best. It’s about a few minutes from the hot tourist attractions (£172 for a night).

Hostels are always available here; the Kyle Blue will blow your mind with its unparalleled interior design (£64 for a night).

If I have one night to uncover Bristol, which place shouldn’t I miss?

Definitely Banksy artwork! Which is one of the world-class graffiti hotspots taking the city by storm. It will also gift you and your travelling companions with a tasteful view over the City Council of Bristol. But, of course, the best trip you can make here is to ride a bike and explore the hidden gems of your surroundings.

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.
London is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Another location to go for in Bristol, especially if you are looking for places to go with your kids, is Bristol Aquarium. Marvel at some marine wonders and reward your kids with some snacks at the end of your tour. It will be a life-changing experience for them

Where is Bristol on England’s map?

Bristol is located on the west of London and the south coast of Wales, making it easily accessible by a variety of modes of transportation. There is also an international airport in Bristol if you need more comfortable alternatives.


Adorning the southeastern corner of England and administratively divided into East Sussex and West Sussex and Brighton and Hove, Sussex is covered by history, natural landscapes, and many compelling discoveries.

However, Sussex is a place you need to plan to make use of your trip since it’s a sprawling county filled with many things to do and places to visit.

Castles of Sussex, United Kingdom
Castles of Sussex, United Kingdom

First, Sussex is located within roughly 1h of London. Take the train from London Victoria and get out at Haywards Heath, then you can catch a cab to the city centre. The whole trip will cost you between £40 to £71, depending on which train company you choose to travel with.

To move through the county, you can use public transport, especially line 98, to travel from East Sussex to West.

Which part is the best for me? It may sound corny, but every part of Sussex is worth exploring. Every region has its unique characteristics and allure. Each part will lure you to explore more, and many reasons could be behind your decision to visit the whole area since it’s ranked high among the best places to live in 2020.

That’s why it’s one of the best destinations to explore in Europe, especially at Christmas. I know you often hear everyone talking about going home for the holidays, but you need something more unique, more adventurous, and more gripping.

Take a moment to appreciate what Sussex offers and what is waiting for you on Gatwick Airport’s doorstep. Let’s see what Sussex brings for you:

Things to Do in Sussex, England

Horsham: When we mentioned that Sussex is one of the best places to live, we actually mean this small town, based on an annual quality of life survey. Horsham is capped with all of the life-enhancing characteristics, drawing viewers from all over the world to come here and partake in these exhilaratingly life-affirming adventures.

There’s no shortage of leisure in Sussex, UK

Just roaming around the city will be a feast for all your senses, and marvel at its gorgeous buildings. Don’t forget to bring your favourite drink from a local coffee shop. During your expedition, pay attention to the waves of details covering the whole city, just as graffiti spots, quaint cobblestone streets, and imposing churches.

Most of all, Horsham is an underrated place, which means you can go up and down through the city without worrying about crowds and take incredible photos. Trust us when we say that it’s an excellent destination for a romantic getaway.

Newhaven Beach: If you plan to go for a long-waiting vacation during Christmas, there is no need to sacrifice that time with your family. Instead, you can pick a place that has something for everyone in your family will love it.

Newhaven has a lot to offer, with plenty of great options that the whole family will adore. It is a port town- just a slice of heaven with its coastal roads, great restaurants, and several shops with domestic and international products on display.

Whether you’re looking for a less-priced weekend escape in England, a great place to chill out, or enthralling outdoor activities, we invite you to explore this hidden city and take in its likeable beauty.

Stony beaches of Sussex, Newhaven Beach, United Kingdom

Shoreham-by-Sea Beach: What if you are a solo traveller and you are looking for a singles getaway? Then, there is no need to go further than West Sussex. If I were you, I would never miss out on appreciating the view from Shoreham-by-Sea Beach at the golden hour. Simply exhale slowly and deeply, and experience time slow down and nearly stop here.

Also, you can come here in December, during which you can find a unique Christmas vacation and a winter wonderland filled with stellar decorations and activities. Otherwise, you can head somewhere warmer, like a posh resort with an inspiring view.

Shoreham-by-Sea Beach lies just next to the city’s historic harbour. You can have a sneak peek if you are interested in knowing more about the history behind this quaint city.

Tranquil beaches of Sussex, Shoreham-by-Sea Beach, UK

Littlehampton: Another seaside town that will absolutely be worth your visit is Littlehampton. The town is situated in West Sussex with a pleasant setting that will come to terms with your inner peace. One of our favourite spots here is award-winning Littlehampton Beach.

It’s for everyone who wants to spend a beach vacation without the uncontrollable hassle of crowds or if you are yearning for something a little merrier to get close to locals and know more about their culture. Remember to head to River Arun Beach, a daily retreat to chill out.

The town also will offer you ample green spaces to explore, making it an idyllic destination for families, individuals, and couples alike. Littlehampton becomes more appealing for snowy activities and unbeatable Christmas vibes in winter.

It’s beach time, visit Littlehampton, Sussex

Seaford: Undoubtedly, a visit to Seaford and a stroll down Seaford beach, followed by a meal at one of the many coastal restaurants, will not be complete on your vacation throughout Sussex. Make your time to discover traditional European-style markets, especially at Christmas, offering fabulous festival vibes.

Seaford is situated on the southwest corner of Sussex, boarded by Maryland if you don’t know. The best way to immerse yourself in its wonderful atmosphere is to take a bike ride around the city, and when you come across something staggering, make a pause, capture pictures, and then continue your non-stop trip.

Seaford Town in Sussex is filled with fun vibes

Hove Beach: Offering a panoply of activities, sights, trendy restaurants, vintage shops, and much more. Hove is bursting with vibrancy and energy that you can breathe wherever you go. It’s a port city with a unique ambience coming with a swath of beaches, many superb attractions, and plenty of thrills. Make your way to sit at an awe-inspiring stony beach for a quiet time.

An offbeat feeling will be creeping up on you once you stroll down the streets looking for some points of interest. That’s because you will find tons of them, ranging from lively markets to out-of-tale buildings and well-designed streets. To purchase souvenirs, go immediately to Bobby & Dandy, which is brimming with various handsome items.

Hixon Green: I know you now feel tired, and you need something to fuel your energy to embark on your journey. Located in the heart of Hove, Hixon Green is one of the best places to Eat in Sussex, serving a variety of platters, drinks, and snacks.

Inspired by New York, this eatery will complete your memorable trip with a yummy dish or an intense, favourable cocktail. Due to its premium location, you can have a seat on Hixon Green and do people-watching or just marvel at the magic spell of Hove.

On weekends and during the festival season, you can enjoy watching joyful parades and lovely giant Christmas trees. Just remember to check out opening times before heading to it.

Explore places to eat in Sussex, the best restaurants in the UK

Explore vineyards and gardens: Anywhere you go in Sussex, you can find something palatable around the corner. But now you have to be ready to pay a visit to fancy gardens and sparking vineyards dotting the countryside of Sussex. So, if you are interested in exploring the wine industry, look no further than Sussex.

There are beautiful surroundings and many wild spaces to relish its offerings, like Wakehurst—one of the royal botanic gardens in England. All you need now is to pack your luggage and get ready for this joyful journey radiating with passion and adventures. Don’t search for a likeable travelling companion to join your trip; this guide will do the best for you.

Beautiful old half-timbered Tudor-style houses on a cobbled street in Rye, East Sussex
Beautiful old half-timbered Tudor-style houses on a cobbled street in Rye, East Sussex

Drusillas Park: One of the best things to do in Sussex with your kids is to pay a visit to Drusillas Park, housing more than 100 beautiful animals. Located in Alfriston, East Sussex, this park should be on your list of unusual and fun things to do during your stay in England.

Just bear in mind that Drusillas is an award-winning destination as the best option to spend a family vacation, thanks to a wide assortment of fauna and flora ranging from sloths, monkeys, and other exotic birds. Don’t forget to ask about red pandas to say hi to this unique species.

Swallowtail Hill: If your appetite for travel increasingly drives you to uncover the simple lifestyle of Sussex, book at least two nights at Swallowtail Hill, with extensive landscapes and a rustic atmosphere that brings you back in time.

This charming accommodation will make you remember this trip forever since everything has been placed to go beyond your expectations. Swallowtail Hill is next to many exhilarating attractions like the Storymaster’s Tales Interactive Theatre and the CM Booth Collection.

The time to call is now for the next adventure, so don’t delay.

Incredible houses of Swallowtail Hill, Sussex
Incredible houses of Swallowtail Hill, Sussex

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Sussex

Sussex Weather

Sussex weather is pleasant year-round, especially if you don’t have issues with the 8°C temperature in winter. In summer, you can enjoy a mid-range temperature of 21°C. Spring may be colder than you might think, with a temperature of no more than 16°C. So you may make use of your time whenever you choose throughout the year. So pack your bags and get ready for the next journey, and Sussex will finally be yours.

Things to Do in Sussex for Free

Sussex can make you amazed and delighted for free. Yes, like you heard for FREE! With a long array of options, activities, and places to discover, Sussex boasts South Downs National Park, offering a broad collection of activities ranging from hiking, cycling, camping, and maybe hunting if you are fascinated by these kinds of thrills.

*Please note that this outing is perfect for a summer holiday whether you are with your family or you are willing to be a solo nomad.

Otherwise, your children will find their desires and curiosity met at every bend of the Sussex landscape, especially in the Level. Brighton’s central park comes with extensive playgrounds for kids, hosting many different sports and entertainment.

Moreover, you can quickly adapt your approach to exploring many cities and towns, offering a vivid picture of the magnetic culture of this fascinating county, like exploring the ancient town of Arundel over the river Arun to check out many historical attractions.

Many children enjoy riding on a carnival Merry Go Round.
Many children enjoy riding on a carnival Merry Go Round.

Even though holiday celebrations might look different during Christmas, every city is covered with cheerful adornment, provoking sheer fun in your soul.

Across Sussex, you will be rewarded with pristine beaches; almost all of them are free, such as St Leonards-On-Sea. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to marvel at the stunner vista during the sunset.

Where Can You Stay in Sussex?

If you are asking about the best places to stay in Sussex, Gravetye Manor is all set against the backdrop of a stunning destination. Standing in the heart of nicely-trimmed gardens, this place offers you a splendid mansion for a romantic gateway (for £335 a night).

Rated 9 out of 10 based on reviews on Telegraph Travel, Pelham Hall Bed & Breakfast would be a perfect choice for an ideal holiday destination located on the rural side of East Sussex, Burwash— within a four-hour drive from the London centre (for £164 a night).

View of buildings in Midhurst, West Sussex
View of buildings in Midhurst, West Sussex

Then, you are invited to a vintage lodging brimming with warmth and passion, The Horse Guards Inn. Nestled in Petworth, West Sussex– this lodging is fussing with heritage, natural beauty, and classic furnishings (for £150 a night).


Wondering where you can actually travel for your next vacation, or are you already in the UK, and you are afraid to miss out on something? Then Brighton should be your next stop. For many reasons, this city has gained a rapidly growing demand as an idyllic destination for many travellers.

Therefore, Brighton deserves to be your ultimate destination while roaming around England, from the sunny coastline to winter festival vibes, as a wonderland for sports enthusiasts and exceptionally cheerful ski resorts.

Here is the deal: Brighton Beach is one of the magic spots in this corner of the world, so unique and pure with no touch. Brighton can cast a spell on your heart, soul, and mind immediately with priceless gems that can capture you in an instant.

Also, it’s a friendly cycling environment with perfectly paved shore paths offering you exclusive access to take in these scenic landscapes. So, is Brighton among the best places to spend Christmas this year? Certainly, yes.

Discover seaside towns in England, the United Kingdom

Not just that, you need to be so confident about your choice. I can’t conceal our bold feelings since I have decided to write about this glamorous city.

As we previously mentioned, Brighton lies in the county of East Sussex, specifically located on the south coast of England. So, how do I get to Brighton?

The best way is to catch the train from London Victoria. However, it would set you back by £20 – £60, depending on the operator service you pick.

Things to Do in Brighton, England

Brighton Beach: While some destinations, attractions, or places of interest could be overrated, Brighton Beach is something you can die for. Once you have a holiday plan to visit Brighton, you need to take this place as a high priority. Brighton Beach should be listed on each day of your stay in Brighton.

Come here in the morning, afternoon or night; every time has its allure. Hug your favourite drink, have a bite from a snack, and enjoy the stillness of the entire area.

This atmosphere has never been subject to change since locals have already appreciated what they have, and they have constantly retained their natural sense as it is. *Please note it’s not a sandy beach, which means it wouldn’t be perfect for swimming.

Beaches of England is a memorable experience you shouldn’t miss

Brighton Palace Pier: Be sure to check out this place before departing. Brighton Palace Pier is one of Brighton’s symbolic attractions, manifesting the identity of this city and offering free walking around the area to soak up this city’s offerings and culture or maybe for people-watching.

It’s a stunning seaside hub, perfect for biking rides or aimless strolling. You can find stalls for delicious snacks, soft drinks, and cafes.

This pier is not just a blessing dot to relish in Brighton, it has a long history going back to 1899. That’s why you will find British people call it a Victorian Palace Pier, highlighting how the royal family used it to have a break from the confines of their lives.

Brighton Palace Pier is a must-see attraction in England, Uk
Brighton Palace Pier is a must-see attraction in England, Uk

WaterSports: While planning your trip around Brighton, allocate a budget for water sports that will arouse your excitement to a level you never experienced before. Visit Brighton Watersports, which includes surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, and more.

What’s not to love about a vacation that allows you to scream as you ride waves of fun and excitement? There is a shop which offers many water sports facilities, from goggles, swimming suits, paddleboards, and much more. From lazy paddling to wakeboarding or taking a deep dip into the water, pick the best activity for your taste.

However, before you go out and rent anything, make sure the weather is suitable for this kind of watersport.

Head to the Amusement Park: After you have finished your tour around Palace Pier, look at the right side of the area. The amusement park will receive you warmly with endless games to get away from your stressful responsibilities and conjure up the inner child.

Ride roller coasters, get a bumper car ticket, become queasy after spinning thrill rides, and don’t forget to participate in the haunted house ride experience. It could seem like a traditional game, but it will be a hilarious adventure that will warm your soul.

After that, you may explore the market, which is loaded with a variety of fantastic dolls and other impressive memorabilia.

Old roofs and frontages under a cloudy blue sky in Brighton UK.
Old roofs and frontages under a cloudy blue sky in Brighton UK.

Upside-Down House Brighton: Here is another attraction you can explore in Brighton with your kids. Upside-Down House Brighton is a typical upside-down house. Step into this bizarre world, stroll across the ceiling and experience what it’s like to be a spider.

Also, make sure you have your phone handy since you will be fascinated to capture a plethora of images in each bend. While exploring this bizarre structure, you will be unable to keep your laughter and amazement contained.

The ticket is roughly £6. Make sure to leave time to explore the surroundings, offering many welcoming and top-rated restaurants and cafes based on Tripadvisors’ reviews, like Baqueano and Nanninella Pizzeria, which are near this attraction.

The famous Upside Down House located on the coastal beach area of Brighton Beach
The famous Upside Down House located on the coastal beach area of Brighton Beach

The Royal Pavilion, which looms gloriously in the middle of the city, is available to the public and offers visitors privileged access to a wide variety of green areas, as well as an insight into the deep history of the British monarchy.

Get to the palace from Brighton Rail Station within a 15-minute walking distance. You can get a combined ticket for the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Museum, and Preston Manor for approximately £20.

Royal Pavilion, Brighton
Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Brighton Museum: One of the best places to find refuge, relaxation, and rest during the few days of your stay in Brighton is Brighton Museum, a laid-back charm including a myriad of artworks and masterpieces by renowned European artists.

Your tour around the museum will include exploring the Art Gallery with an important yet fascinating collection of different art styles. Invest in a guided tour to not miss out on any innovative pieces and high-tech exhibits to immerse yourself in this phenomenal museum.

You only need to come early, especially on weekends, to avoid crowds since this attraction has gained popularity in England, and for a good reason.

Sip Your Coffee Slowly: When I came back from the long journey around the UK, people loaded me with questions asking about the best thing I have experienced there. They thought it would be the spirit of giving and decorating trees since I had been there during Christmas.

However, I definitely blissed out on pristine beaches in England, tracing back hiking trails and getting enough from museums and art galleries; I find a special kind of pleasure in Brighton’s coffee. This city arguably hosts one of the best coffee shops in the world, setting a delightful scene along the way.

Our favourite is Stoney Point, a perfect excuse to spend a day far away from the bustling centre.

There are many places to enjoy your coffee in Brighton
There are many places to enjoy your coffee in Brighton

Amusement Arcades: Take it from me: your kids will have such extraordinary times in Brighton, England since the city hosts plenty of outing ideas and outdoor activities. Located side by side with Brighton Beach, it’s a magical hub teeming with gaming machines, video games, and many prizes waiting for lucky winners.

That means that if people-watching along Brighton’s shoreline has exhausted you or you want shelter from the rain, these arcades will be an excellent option. Like a funfair, it’s an entertainment exhibition with no shortage of amusement for all ages. Even grandparents can come here to conjure up the inner child.

*Remember: It rains in England, even on the hottest days in July.

The British Airways i360: Get ready for the most breathtaking view you will ever see and climb up to the British Airways i360. Whether you’re simply craving a weekend to refuel your energy, you will come to Brighton specifically to absorb its beauty.

This spot is a must-visit as it is one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway. Stretching 162 meters high, this tower is one of the newest tourist attractions in Brighton, representing how this city is trying to blend its heritage with a futuristic version.

I bet even locals always feel a tingling sensation in their feet every time they head up to the top point of the tower to enjoy its unbelievable 360-degree view.

The British Airways i360 skyline tower is the tallest structure on Brighton Pier
The British Airways i360 skyline tower is the tallest structure on Brighton Pier

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Brighton

Brighton Weather

The ugly fact is Brighton has a rainy climate throughout the year. That’s why it’s described as oceanic, and there is no wonder since Brighton is a coastal city. But compared to other parts of England, Brighton is less cloudy and chilly.

So expect to enjoy warm sunny days in August with a 21°C max temperature, and it can go under 3°C during January. So Brighton weather is pleasant; however, always be ready for the heavy rain.

The Best Place You Shouldn’t Miss in Brighton

If you are willing to plan a one-day trip to Brighton, you should spend it around Brighton Beach, in which you will revel in the merry grandeur of royal Pierre and other points of interest that will shape your adventure up to be gripping and intimate.

Best Brighton Restaurants

Brighton restaurants vary, serving many international cuisines along with local lip-smacking dishes. We’ve gathered excellent alternative options that you will find something to meet or maybe exceed your expectations.

Our list starts with Purezza Hove, and it’s not just our opinion; more than 50 reviews on TripAdvisor have rated it as one of the most incredible places to eat pizza in Sussex. Indian Summer will pleasantly surprise you with top-quality food and an amiable atmosphere of traditional Indian flare. Vegetarians, sushi and Asian culinary fans can dine in Tropical Sushi; it’s one of a few restaurants in Brighton serving top-notch vegan options.

There are many amazing coastlines throughout the UK.
There are many amazing coastlines throughout the UK.


Let’s start with this quirky question: how many of you have visited the city of Bath, England? No answer!

Okay, let’s try something different. How many of you have ever heard of the city of Bath in Great Britain before? I suppose the response would be similar to the first.

Bath is the secret of all English people who already know that this city is one of England’s best cities to visit. But no one will tell you that because they want to leave it untouched, uncrowded, and unknown. But we have scrapped their plans.

We’re telling you everything you need to know about one of the most charming places to visit in England. It is a great place to start your adventure and leave your comfort zone behind.

Within 97 miles of London and only 11 miles from Bristol, Bath is a river town on the banks of the Avo— located in Somerset. Also, if you’re curious about the oddity of its moniker, BATH! Really? You’re right, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

After Romans used its natural thermal springs as bath spas, they gave it its iconic name. It blew their mind due to its tremendous natural treasure. These hot springs were formed by a volcano that was dormant for aeons. However, its name has no significance other than to suggest that it is a soothing and peaceful alternative, like how you feel after a bath.

The United Kingdom is an amazing place to visit.
The United Kingdom is an amazing place to visit.

You can come here from London Paddington by catching a direct train trip to Bristol Temple Meads, taking about 1h 15m for £48. The English see it as a treasure in the South West, and we regard it as a crown on the head of England’s south.

Join us to see why this city is a must when travelling to the United Kingdom:

Things to Do in Bath, England

The Roman Baths: An archaeological site with endless offerings to let you know the history of this city and why Romans called it home once they arrived. The Roman Baths have an incredible setting. It’s believed that the whole town started from this spot and served as the oldest religious spa in the world.

The place is divided into three main sections: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, and the Roman Bath House. Here, you will explore that keeping your body physically relaxed is one of the reasons Romans successfully built this inspiring civilization.

Also, you can check out the museum inside the Bath House to learn more about the heritage of Rome in England. It will cost you about £41.

Roman Baths in Bath, UK
Roman Baths in Bath, UK

Bath Abbey: A magnificent church crowned the city centre, Bath Abbey is a medieval worship house stretching more than 24 m wide and 69 m in length. Since Bath is the largest city in Somerset, this church used to have a considerable influence on England’s heritage, but after 1935, it turned out to be a parish church.

We invite you to investigate the luxurious intricacies and exquisitely decorated design, but most importantly, to indulge in a moment of calm and solitude inside the space. The church is open every day but is sometimes closed for praying or special events. So, make sure to check the availability to visit Bath Abbey before you go.

Also, don’t forget to head to the shop adjacent to the church if you want to bring some souvenirs from this vibrant city.

Detail of the Gothic stone vault in Bath Abbey on a sunny day
Detail of the Gothic stone vault in Bath Abbey on a sunny day

Taste Bath’s Brew: Many visitors visit Bath just to enjoy its pleasant drinks. While they are going around to find out the best areas for tourism, shopping, and nightlife, they have always focussed on not missing out on drinking brews, especially if you are a big fan of craft beer.

With plenty of flavours to choose from, we invite you to hit local breweries not just to drink authentic glasses of wine but also to look at how they are making Bath Ales and Abbey Ales. There is no room for boredom in Bath; bring your old British cider while walking across the bridge a few minutes before sunset. If you have this opportunity, do not pass it up.

Royal Crescent or the Circus: One of the hotspots places to visit in England, the Royal Crescent is a semi-circle hall, just like a crescent, housing museums and open space for chilling out and marvelling at the allure of these Georgian townhouses.

Dating back to 1800, roaming around this crescent will help you catch a glimpse of the authentic history of this place. However, don’t be satisfied with only the outer atmosphere. I know it’s so cool to lay on the grass, enjoy sun kisses or appreciate the stunning vista before the sunset.

However, you should not pass up the opportunity to explore the inside, where there are several exhibits to see. Hiring a local guide will be a brilliant idea who will provide you with information including how to get around the park and make the most of your time.

Royal Crescent at Spring
Royal Crescent at Spring

No. 1 Royal Crescent: You will come across beautiful historic buildings during your tour to explore this uncanny city. On the eastern side of Royal Crescent, gaze carefully as you are about to see one of the most spectacular attractions in Bath, England, No. 1 Royal Crescent.

Manifesting the development of structuring in Europe and how the aristocratic class used to live, No. 1 Royal Crescent is filled with luxurious details showing in bedrooms, a withdrawing room, and other facilities that offer comfort and peace for high-profile figures.

A single ticket to the palace is available for approximately £9, or you can invest in a combined ticket if you come here with your family.

Pulteney Bridge: More than just a bridge, Pulteney Bridge is a masterpiece art of work by the Scottish architect Robert Adam. The bridge is a must-see attraction in Bath, England, and should not be missed. Just remember that only four bridges in the entire world offer what you will witness here (It was, however, unlike anything else I’d experienced before)!

Wander over the bridge, soak in the beauty of this great edifice, and pose for a zillion photos. You will find a large collection of restaurants, cafes, and everything in between. If you are searching for things to do in Bath for couples, indeed, it’s the best of the best!

Come here later for a dream-like night when the whole setting turns from its daytime red to its nighttime silhouette ablaze with lights.

View of the Pulteney Bridge River
View of the Pulteney Bridge River

Fashion Museum Bath: For fashion enthusiasts, Fashion Museum Bath always comes as one of the best attractions to visit in Bath, England, based on reviews on TripAdvisor. A tour around the museum will include the history of European fashion over centuries, how it has developed, and how current affairs have left their touch on the fashion lifecycle.

However, there are still other enjoyable things available, such as snapping photographs with your companion while dressed in period garb.

Fashion Museum, mmm… This does not strike me as a really fun idea!” I heard you, and it doesn’t seem to be what you assume it is. This location will put you right in the heart and soul of Europe’s top fashion, or you can just come here if it’s raining, which is a fantastic indoor activity to do in Bath, England.

Fashion Museum in Bath, United Kingdom
Fashion Museum in Bath, United Kingdom

Treat Yourself With a Thermal Bath Spa: Being in Bath makes spending a day in a thermal bath spa very welcoming. If you come to Bath after staying a couple of nights in London navigating around museums, getting on the tube among crowds, and discovering cultural landmarks and historical monuments, you will absolutely need to dip yourself into a bath like what Bath has to offer.

Here you can soak in a large outdoor roof bath overlooking the fascinating attractions in this city. You need to book in advance or come here as early as possible to avoid any hassle and enjoy your spa session.

Spas in the United Kingdom are perfect for a relaxing retreat
Spas in the United Kingdom are perfect for a relaxing retreat

Art Galleries Museums (Victoria Art Gallery – the Museum of East Asian Art): Bath is home to millions of museums with a culture steeped in history and tradition. They all have a unique collection of artworks unlike any other by some of the best European artists.

If you are a big fan of Jane Austen’s novels, without any doubt, check out the Jane Austen Centre, where you can learn more about her unparalleled literature, how she grew up, her family, and how she got her inspiration behind her books. In addition, you may dress up and snap a fantastic portrait.

The Holburne Museum is also a place to enhance your art experience with a great collection of paintings and sculptures.

There are many galleries and museums in the United Kingdom
There are many galleries and museums in the United Kingdom

Attend a Play or a Fun Event: The best way to enjoy the nightlife here is to check out the availability to attend a play at the city theatre. Many local pubs will give you access to enjoy watching a classic sarcastic play while enjoying your dinner or drink.

Thankfully, there is literally something for everyone in this charming city. You can head to Theatre Royal Bath and choose the best performance that fits your taste. First and foremost, before attending any event, you must select a great restaurant to dine at, and fear not, the city offers a diverse mix of culinary delicacies.

On the other hand, if you are ready to sample anything from British cuisine, there is no better location to go than a Michelin-star restaurant.

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Bath

Places to Eat in Bath

In the heart of Bath, you will find a broad collection of restaurants, cafes, and pubs blending English culture with global kitchens. However, you don’t need to eat an Asian soup or pasta soaked in different flavours of cheese.

The London Underground is one of the best ways to explore the city.
The London Underground is one of the best ways to explore the city.

In England, eat English food, simple! This is why Olive Tree is one of the best places to eat in Bath, England (the average price per person is £39 – £120), based on Telegraph Travel’s recommendation.

So now, are you looking for the best pubs to steal your breath away after spending a day between museums and checking out the Royal Crescent? In Bath, everything is possible. Head to the Marlborough Tavern, a perfect place to recover your energy before resuming your trip through England.

Things to Do in Bath for Free

However, this metropolis is not massive; you can find multiple options to spend significant time and activities and things to do in Bath, England, for free. Our picks should start with Beaux-Arts, a gallery museum that always hosts a number of temporary exhibitions along with permanent showcases.

After that, take your time to check out the University of Bath; most of its facilities are accessible, and you will have a look at the impressive buildings and roam around the main campus.

Shoppers can not miss out on visiting Bath Artisan Market, packed with many great products and delicious snacks. If you don’t get enough from shopping, the Bath Antique and Flea Market and the Guildhall Market frequently come as the best spots to buy lovely souvenirs and household items in Bath.

Need more ideas for things to do in Bath for free? Check out the medieval churches sprawling around the city, such as St Nicholas Church and St John the Evangelist Church, with entirely free access.

The historic centre of Bath
The historic centre of Bath

Best Hotels in Bath

You’ll want to choose your neighbourhood to stay in Bath carefully. That’s why I’ve put together this section to help you decide where to stay in Bath, England. It will be more than perfect if you choose your accommodation next to the city centre to have an unbeatable view of Bath’s attractions.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa is a luxurious lodging with world-class amenities combining the past heritage and a sophisticated, stylish setting (a night starts from £370 per person). If this doesn’t align with your budget, you can book a night (or more!) at Elegant Central Georgian Apartment for £130. It is elegant and somewhat affordable, and you are still placed in the city centre.

Cheaper alternatives? Try the lovely St. Christopher’s Inn. It will set you back by about £100 with different options for a blast— cool stuff and excellent service.

Best Time to Visit Bath, England

The weather in Bath doesn’t vary significantly from the rest of England. However, winter tends to be longer and more cloudy. Generally, the best time to visit Bath is between the autumn and spring months, with average temperatures of 20° C.

Tips Before You Go to England – Your Ultimate Guide to Explore the United Kingdom

  • Although the majority of people throughout the United Kingdom are friendly and open to passing chats, this is not always the case. It is best not to grin at people you don’t know well, particularly on the London Underground, and it is also best not to start a conversation without first asking if they would mind helping you.
  • Don’t forget to look to the right since people use the right-hand drive. It’s a common mistake all tourists make all the time while walking in traffic. When they cross streets, they look left and right, then get to the other side. Wrong! It doesn’t work like this in England.
    • Cars come from the right side, and you must look to the right first, then left, then right again. So, if you want to check out streets and hit up walking routes, you need not forget this. Otherwise, you may get hurt, and it would be your fault as you didn’t follow the traffic rules. I hope your travel insurance can cover this damage!
Driving in the UK can be challenging for tourists.
Driving in the UK can be challenging for tourists.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by discovering all the places in London. It’s hard to do so, and you will find your vacation time running out in vain, boarding different means of transportation.
    • Instead, please pay attention to the most interesting places and count on our picks mentioned above, in which we have taken care of your budget and time, highlighting areas located near each other.
  • Forget about underground stations in rush hours, especially if you have luggage. If you don’t already know, England’s capital is quite packed most of the time, and relying on tubes to explore between 7:30 and 9:30 am and 5:00 and 7:00 pm puts you in the centre of the work commute rush.
  • If you want to attend a classic English performance, skip the idea of a West End Show. It’s most likely to be so dull that you deserve better than that.
    • Even if you’re a fan of traditional English theatre, you should go directly to the Royal Court or the National Theatre, where you’ll be able to enjoy a quality play. The Barbican, for example, will provide you with unique access to old English literature with a fresh perspective.
  • Except for the officers, don’t ask for directions in England, especially in London. Londoners are not likely to help you find the right paths for no reason, and they find it ridiculous. Instead, if you need to taste fine Thai rice in a hidden street, simply drift your attention to Google Maps, and it will guide you accordingly, saving your face and keeping you out of trouble.
  • Don’t forget to tap out your Oyster Card while exploring London; it would save hundreds of dollars, primarily if you use the tube a lot or your accommodation is not near attractions. Public transportation is generally expensive; a single ticket would cost you £7.
    • That’s the benefit of purchasing an Oyster Card; it is the king in London when it comes to transportation. Also, tap out before you leave the station unless you want to pay a huge charge equivalent to the cost of a plane ticket to a faraway destination.
Watch your steps while boarding the UK tube.
Watch your steps while boarding the UK tube.
  • Always keep yourself to the right of stairwells or elevators to avoid blocking people’s flow going up and down the steps. Some folks have run out of patience and can’t wait for the escalators to reach the bottom, particularly during peak hours. So again, bear in mind: Right for waiting, left for walking.
  • Read on this scenario almost every tourist gets through in London, England: go to Harrods, a shop screaming with luxury offering a pleasant atmosphere with a traditional British style. Everything is so tempting to buy more and more… But hold on for more than a minute!
    • First, take a look at the price tag. You will most likely abandon everything in your hand and flee as soon as possible. In the UK, don’t rely on your gut. Instead, get an idea of the price before proceeding to the cashier.
  • Even if you think something is so beautiful that you want to photograph it, refrain from doing so—especially if there are others nearby and there is a risk that they may appear in your photograph. The Brits value their privacy, and they will not tolerate anybody interfering with it.
  • Don’t expect to understand English in the UK even if you grew up speaking English as a mother tongue due to the various accents you are about to hear. In England, it’s more about the culture than the language. In other words, they use colloquialisms, sayings, and phrases.
    • Sometimes, they could say something you are unsure what it means that could throw you off thinking, “Did he just say something mean to me?!” Don’t worry too much about all of these ideas colliding in your head. British people have their own way of having fun; don’t take it personally.
The Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom
The Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom
  • Here is the thing: English food doesn’t have a very excellent reputation (actually, it has a horrible reputation!) Even some English have trusted the rumours about the British kitchen: “British food? No! There is nothing good about it! Let’s order Indian!
    • Yes, Indian and Chinese food are very thriving here. When I told people I would travel to the UK, they would go red, exploding with excitement. “Oh, attractions, museums, landmarks, Big Ben! Good for you, man! But food, oh my god!” Don’t listen to the reputation. Instead, try out some British cuisine for yourself.
  • You don’t need to tip anyone in England. According to locals and bloggers who have spent over four years living in bustling cities and remote towns, tipping is not expected by waiters. However, it would be a nice gesture if you want to do so.
  • Don’t just ask the bartender for a beer. In England, it doesn’t make any sense. Be specific, the lager or ale, since many different styles and flavours exist.
Pubs in England serve many different beers.
Pubs in England serve many different beers.
  • Listen up. I am about to hit you with the best insider advice you have ever heard: don’t touch British guards. I know it’s so appealing to do so, especially if you have tried to catch their attention and they acted like they never saw you. However, if you do that, you will not like their reactions.
  • No one in England cares about your social class, how much money you have, or how much you earn (even if it’s a number consisting of more than six figures), so never brag about what you have.
  • Never rent a car unless you are confident with complicated British driving rules and know how to drive on the left side. Generally, it’s not an impossible task, but you’ll need to get comfortable with it first, which can be difficult.
    • The driving experience in large cities, particularly London and its bustling squares, is a nightmare for even the most seasoned Brits. Instead, rely on public transportation like the tube, which is more practical and will not burden you with sitting in traffic.
  • Are you not convinced and still need to experience driving in the streets of England? Okay, let me tell you that there is another problem. No, not simple; it’s huge. You need to consider parking since it will cost you hundreds of pounds.
    • It seems you are hardheaded, and my words don’t make any difference to make you change your opinion! Okay, just keep in mind that breaching traffic regulations in England will result in a slew of fines.
Streets of London, England
Streets of London, England
  • Keep your voice down while conversing. The British tend to talk in the quietest voice possible. Everywhere you look, you’ll find places that are meant to be serene and allow you to relax. Speak softly on the phone so as not to disturb others.
  • Don’t be limited to just staying in hotels. England has plenty of excellent accommodation options. All you need is to choose the best neighbourhood to suit your interests. One of the quintessential parts of exploring England is to try to stay in B&Bs that you can find throughout the country, either in big or small cities.
    • B&Bs will give you exclusive access to stay with a family to see how English people live, and you will most likely catch a glimpse of England’s history, brilliant tips to travel across the UK, and other exciting stories. It will be a pleasant experience and let you feel the core sense of England.
  • Don’t expect to find standard US outlets in hotels and B&Bs in the United Kingdom. You’ll need a converter to use US plugs in the UK.
  • Great Britain is not England. Here is the thing: this part of the world could be confusing to everyone around the world (I think even Brits get confused, but they don’t confess it). England is one of Great Britain’s countries. The island of Great Britain is also comprised of Wales and Scotland. On the other hand, Northern Ireland lies on the island of Ireland.
    • People in the other three UK countries have their own cultures and traditions, and you should avoid interfering with them by participating in pointless discussions about whether they’re British or English!
    • When we say the United Kingdom or the UK, we refer to all four countries. England is the centre of the UK, the most populous country, and the financial hub. That’s why it is always under the spotlights. It could lead to heartburn in other UK countries. England is their biggest brother who draws the attention. The rest can feel frustrated, but no one wants to lose him.
The museums are must-visit attractions in England.
The museums are must-visit attractions in England.
  • Contrary to the common opinion that England is an overpriced tourist destination, the most famous attractions could cost you nothing or at least a few pounds. Rather than going to the pricy London Dungeons, take advantage of many art galleries and museums that give you free admission to a wide range of Da Vinci and Van Gogh masterpieces.
    • Another great tip for travelling around England is using combined tickets or free activities. For example, don’t board the London Eye or go up the Shred to enjoy the panoramic views. Instead, go to the Sky Garden to take in the incredible views of London. It’s FREE!
  • Don’t go on about your day when English people ask, “How are you?” In England, this rhetorical question is a common greeting and not an actual enquiry about your day. No one needs to hear about your suffering with the flu or how your manager yelled at you for your poor performance caused by….! No, no, come off it! No one really cares.
    • When someone says, “Hi, how are you?” A simple “Fine, thank you, how are you?” will suffice. The other party will respond similarly, and then the actual conversation will start. There are no expectations other than that the other person expresses an interest in learning more about who you are.
  • Don’t devalue English coins; they are worth more than they might look. I first thought that people in England were using play money! But the British coins go from 1 pence to £2! Two coins could enable you to buy a snack.
It's time to leave England and head to Scotland!
It’s time to leave England and head to Scotland!

Now ready to dive into another UK country. Let’s go to Scotland.


Now, we are ready to resume our trip, pack our luggage, and explore a new place. But, first, we will descend slightly to the north till we find a large blue sign with white writing on it saying, Welcome to Scotland.

Yes, we have just arrived at our long-desired destination, Scotland. Scotland is as big as South Carolina, USA, and has a small size and a richer heritage than Wales and Northern Ireland.

Many factors contribute to making this country appealing to everyone who visits and spends a memorable time with their family or friends, or even to solo travellers. Scotland is ideal for a plethora of factors, including its steadfast business hub, excellent transportation system, and lower costs than other parts of the United Kingdom.

There are many wild animals across the Scottish countryside.
There are many wild animals across the Scottish countryside.

Green landscapes in this nation are always beautiful, and they will inspire you to take a break and delve a little deeper when travelling through them on your journey. In addition, Scotland contains large wild spaces spanning across the country, which will give you the sense that there is no place in the world quite like it.

The unspoiled, rugged, and untamed landscape of the Scottish countryside will make you feel invigorated and eager to discover everything that it has to offer. Like a postcard-perfect destination, Scotland will make it hard for you to leave after experiencing all its visually pleasing offerings, especially if you are a photographer or you are obsessed with capturing every moment to post on Instagram.

Things to Do in Scotland

Edinburgh: The capital city of Scotland with feel-good movies, Edinburgh is set to impress everyone with its offerings exclusively dripping from luxury. You will need a complete tourist guide to explore Edinburgh since it’s home to countless places to discover.

For history buffs, this place is a must, with a lot of mighty castles oozing history and culture, like Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, along with inspiring museums. Also, you can visit the National Museums.

For adventure seekers, Edinburgh is a must-visit as well, with many trekking trails around the river offering a break from indoor activities. Edinburgh makes everything available. We recommend heading to Dean Village.

Moreover, you can check out some exciting shopping streets with a medieval sense, including the Royal Mile. Don’t wait any longer to book airfare. Edinburgh has something that will keep you amazed to the fullest.

An aerial view of Edinburgh
An aerial view of Edinburgh

Loch Ness: It’s one of the best places to visit in Scotland, or to be honest, it should be one of your reasons for travelling to Scotland. Located in the small city of Inverness, Loch Ness is obviously packed with many things to do.

I am sure you are now imagining a mythical monster tightly attached to Loch Ness’s heritage and legends. You are not the only one! Everyone has believed that the lake contained a slew of hideous monsters for many decades.

Suppose you are still wondering about the best places to visit in Scotland as you’re considering holiday travel to Loch Ness. In that case, Drumnadrochit Hotel’s Loch Ness Exhibition is among the hotspots that will let you immerse yourself in Scottish grandness.

Loch Ness, Scotland, is a laid-back gateway
Loch Ness, Scotland, is a laid-back gateway

The Falkirk Wheel: It’s an engineering innovation in which you will receive unique feelings ranging from ooh to wow! The Falkirk Wheel lies in Falkirk, Scotland, serving as the only boat lifting globally.

You may come here to marvel at this beauty and learn how it works, but if you want to experience something extraordinary, you can schedule a 60-minute boat ride around the wheel for approximately £19, which is well worth it.

Be ready for a thrill when the lifter takes your boat up to 35 metres above the surface of the water to enter the Union Canal! This unique structure connects the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The Falkirk Wheel, a masterpiece of engineering
The Falkirk Wheel, a masterpiece of engineering

Orkney: A trip to this delightful city makes all your fellow travellers enjoy and have a blast like never before. With more than 20 islands, Orkney will be a great treat after a hectic journey around enchanted castles and splendid museums. These inhabited islands will let you feel the original spirit of this blessing natural landscape of the United Kingdom.

Orkney is a city made up of stretched archipelago off the north coast of Scotland. If you have the opportunity, visit Skara Brae, where you may see remnants of the ice age and discover many intriguing legends since it is the only hamlet to have been left standing from this ancient period.

Skara Brae’s extensive history dates back more than 5,000 years. This archaeological site contains a stony building kept as a UNESCO Heritage Site. In Orkney, you can cosy up to a crackling fire and conjure up a nostalgic sense. 

Orkney Island, a stunning tourist destination
Orkney Island, a stunning tourist destination

Book a ticket on Jacobite Express: Imagine boarding Harry Potter’s train, which will take you on a fairytale-like journey among mountains and crossed by medieval bridges. This ride is one of the top things to do in Scotland.

Be ready to spot Scotland’s Highlands and take a photo with Fort William and Mallaig, and expect to find a class-world service inside the train and receive premium treatment and maximum value. Through an 84-mile trip, order an English tea with a sweet cake or other fresh beverages or homemade bread.

Spend 4 hours appreciating the unspoiled beauty of Scotland, feed your heart with warmth and comfort and then enjoy the most intriguing train ride in the world.

The Hogwarts Express runs between London and King's Cross Station Platform 9
The Hogwarts Express runs between London and King’s Cross Station Platform 9

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews: Do you know that Scotland is the birthplace of golf? And there is no wonder that it has the oldest golf club globally. There is no reason to visit Scotland and not play at St. Andrews’ Royal and Ancient Golf Club. Located in St. Andrews, this place often hosts all royal respectful golf competitions.

It’s open to the public, and it would set you back by around £250 for everywhere; however, there are other packages depending on how much you are willing to spend. Ridiculous, right? Okay, you can visit the British Golf Museum for roughly £17. The entire area is teeming with history dating back to 1750.

St. Andrews Clubhouse and Golf Course of the Royal & Ancient, where golf was founded in 1754, is considered by many to be the "Home of Golf".
St. Andrews Clubhouse and Golf Course of the Royal & Ancient, where golf was founded in 1754, is considered by many to be the “Home of Golf“.

Glasgow Science Centre: Another tourist attraction in Scotland, Glasgow Science Centre is home to a planetarium, a science show theatre, and an IMAX cinema screen. Pick the best ticket according to your preference and what you intend to do, but the entry fee is roughly £13. Before booking your ticket, ask for any discounts for your kids or if you are a student.

Don’t forget to head to interactive exhibitions bursting with games, activities, and touch screens. It wouldn’t be like any outing. It’s creative and insightful and helps you get acquainted with many natural phenomena.

When you get enough, head up to Glasgow Tower, where you will take in a panoramic view over Glasgow, one of the most beautiful cities in Scotland, housing the largest port in Britain.

Aerial view of Glasgow science centre
Aerial view of Glasgow science centre

Explore Loch Lomond and the Trossachs: No place can let you feel the pleasure you are about to find in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. Come here to lose yourself among lush national parks and intense forests in Trossachs or dip in the tranquil water of Loch Lomond.

If you’re visiting Loch Lomond, it is recommended to come during the early summer or off-season. This is because in late July or during August, everything becomes expensive, and there will be slim availability of accommodations. If you visit during these months, expect to find hotel rates astronomical.

However, local travel experts suggest booking your flight in June, as flights are typically less expensive when you book well in advance, and you’ll be able to enjoy staying at decent hotels without breaking the bank. No matter what time of year it is when you are reading this article, now is always the best time to begin planning to cross items off your bucket list.

Loch Lomond during the Summer in Scotland, UK
Loch Lomond during the Summer in Scotland, UK

Glen Coe Valley: Glen Coe Valley is among the best Scotland highlands to visit, and hikers are happy to call it home. With plenty of options for travellers, including greeny destinations and mountainous landscapes, Glen Coe is jam-packed with flora and fauna, trekking paths, and small botanic villages.

Waste no time when heading to Glen Coe village with endless offerings put together to spend the best holiday trip possible. The Pap of Glencoe trail is just there to weave the jungle, wild terrains, and much more together for more adventure alternatives. History fans will also find something to their liking; simply take a look at Stalker Castle, which stands amid Loch Linnhe and dates back to 1320.

Glencoe in Scotland
Glencoe in Scotland

Isle of Skye: Or Cloud Island; no matter what, you must cancel all your plans and sail to the Isle of Skye, a long-awaited getaway for breathtaking views and scenic spots. This island has a unique appeal since it is often blanketed in a thick layer of mist.

It turns out to be one of the most popular destinations among nature enthusiasts since it’s home to extraordinary surroundings with a pristine backdrop ranging from beautiful waterfalls to green valleys and sprawling lakes.

Your journey here could be far more flexible than usual as you will explore hidden gems of Scotland manifesting in small villages. You will be able to delve deeper into the country’s authentic culture and glorious heritage.

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye
The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Scotland

How is Scotland’s Weather?

Scotland’s weather is like the rest of the UK. However, suppose you are planning to travel to Scotland shortly. In that case, you will be loaded with information regarding Scotland’s weather, some talking about non-stop rainy days, others reviewing sunny days during summer.

We think this is slightly unfair. The best time to visit Scotland for warm weather is in July. While the winter months may be cold at times, we promise that incredible festival spirits will surround you and that the arrival of snow will never dampen.

April is also the most favourable month to go to Scotland. So even if a hard downpour strikes you, it is worthwhile, but remember to carry a raincoat all the time.

How Many Days Should I Stay in Scotland?

There is no ideal answer here. But you know, Scotland has a widespread reputation for its pristine lakes, rugged landscapes, and impressive castles. We highly suggest staying there for at least five days to hit all well-known and lesser-known places and immerse yourself in all the beauty around.

But I have planned to stay less than that. What can I see in Scotland in 3 days?

If you only have a few days, then Edinburgh is a must-visit destination. You should be selective! If I were you, I would visit The Meadows and Edinburgh Castle. Then I would head to Inverness to check out Scotland Highlands, and then I would spend the last day in Skye, the colourful Scottish village.

What are the Cool Places to Visit in Scotland?

Fortunately, we’ve gathered some advice regarding cool places to visit in Scotland. Let’s see and start with Finnich Glen, an incredible natural phenomenon, including a small canyon or gorge with waterfalls. You can find it before the village of Croftamie. It’s a one-of-a-kind place and one of the cool places to visit.

While in Scotland, you will have to factor in that you are in Scotland, which means making time to check the national parks. One of the best cool places is Cairngorms National Park, a wild space brimming with flora, fauna, and everything in between.

And undoubtedly, Glasgow is the best of the best, what a welcoming city we just all need to unwind there!

Tips Before You Go to Scotland – Your Ultimate Guide to Explore the United Kingdom

  • Don’t pretend that you have a Scottish accent. Even before you open your lips, the locals can tell you are not of Scottish descent. In addition, it is not hip, and Scottish people do not find it humorous or appealing.
    • On the contrary, you will seem to be nothing more than a foolish tourist! And no one really cares about where you’re from. Just be yourself and stop bothering locals with your fake accent.
  • Don’t expect that you will understand every Scottish accent. Even native speakers might find it challenging to follow Scottish people when they talk. Before coming to Scotland, you can watch movies, interviews with locals and Scottish celebrities, or TV programs to get familiar with what you are about to deal with.
    • Otherwise, please don’t be ashamed to ask someone to slow down and repeat what they have said to ensure you understand what they are saying. *Another point to mention is that Scotland is home to various accents and dialects. For example, you could be able to comprehend folks in Edinburgh but not be able to do so in Lorch.
    • To save your sanity, here are some words you would often hear during your travel to Scotland: wee = small, canny = clever or careful, crabbit = angry or bad-tempted, and finally dram, which you’ll tend to hear in bars and usually refers to whiskey constantly.
  • Before pronouncing the names of some Scottish cities, get some practice. It’s Edin-bura, not Edin-burg. When you ask for directors or use them in a sentence, be sure you state them correctly.
    • Some Scottish people may find it insulting if you mispronounce the cities, and you will need to explain to them that you didn’t have any idea before or are not a native English speaker. Please avoid this hassle and use Google to learn how to pronounce the names appropriately.
  • Don’t buy traditional Scottish attire. I know it seems appealing, but please resist the temptation. If you really need to experience traditional clothing, you can take a photo with the outfit and take it off before roaming the streets.
    • Again, the Scottish will immediately recognize that you are not a native Scotsman, and you will be deemed disrespectful to their heritage. *plus, locals don’t wear kilts anymore, just during ceremonial occasions.
  • Speaking of kilts, remember it’s not a skirt, and don’t even try to argue it. This traditional attire dates back more than 1000 years. It has seen several transformations throughout the years, beginning as a long gown and evolving to the shape we see now.
  • Don’t meander around Scotland’s Glasgow city centre, especially after Rangers and Celtic matches. Besides congested roads and increased fares across the pubs, you will see the ugliest aspects of racial discrimination and the terrible consequences of a hangover.
    • It is sufficient to know that these two football teams are the most well-known in Scotland, but their relationship extends beyond a simple rivalry. It exemplifies the tensions that exist between the Protestant and Catholic churches.
  • Don’t expect to see Nessie (the monster of Loch Ness). It seems ridiculous, but believe it or not, most visitors came to the lake to catch Nessie. There is no Nessie, and the last time it was seen was in 1925, according to local legends. So, swim freely without freaking out from a gigantic monster that can devour you.
Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye
Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye
  • Don’t forget your raincoat. “But I am planning to visit Scotland in the summer.” Mmm.. bring your raincoat! The weather in Scotland is unpredictable, like in other parts of the UK, and if you are travelling outside the capital to explore what Scotland has in store, you’ll have to be ready with your raincoat.
    • Never trust anybody who tries to predict the weather in Scotland. The weather might change from sunny to overcast to rainy.
  • Before even considering renting a car to travel across the country, pick up the tourism booklet from the airport or your hotel to learn more about car rental places and search for the best deals. Most importantly, it would help you learn more about speed limitations, roundabouts, and general driving rules.
  • We recommend you book your accommodation as soon as possible after deciding to visit Scotland to take advantage of the most incredible deals. As we all know, the finest deals can be discovered when you book ahead of time.
    • Another thing is that since the pandemic adds an additional layer of logistic stress (as if travel has not enough hassle), you need to check each hotel’s regulations regarding cancellations and refund options. By this, you will save worlds of pain if you have to delay your holiday vacation due to sudden problems.
  • Scotland is not an actual country, but you should think of it as such! Yes, the UK is complicated, which might confuse you, and English people probably know it. Scotland is a country, but it’s not independent, and the worst thing you could ever do is refer to Scotland as England!
    • It’s part of the United Kingdom but with a distinctive culture, separate history, and a sovereign political system. It embraces its own parliament and government, and the First Minister is the head of the country.
      • On the other hand, the British government has placed the majority of the prominent orders. However, there is still a divide between those who are for and against leaving the EU. You are not required to participate in such a debate. All that is needed is to deal with Scotland as if it were a separate country.
Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, at dusk
Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, at dusk
  • Please don’t assume that Scotland has its own currency. Even if it seems different, it’s also pound sterling. Don’t bother Scottish by asking why it looks different as if they don’t already know since there is no explanation. Please just remember that it is equal in value and refrain from saying anything.
  • Despite their brilliant looks, don’t be overwhelmed by using hop-on-hop-off buses or city sightseeing buses. Instead, use the Lothian Buses network offering better service and less-priced tickets and will help you navigate across the country.
    • Most importantly, it has a mobile app to book your trip and know the schedule, lines, etc. You should only know that the Lothian Buses have tons of stations. Be picky and choose the station closest to each place you visit to avoid wasting time roaming aimlessly.
  • Don’t leave Scotland without bringing locally-made products that will help you remember this fascinating country forever. The best deals can be snatched from Armstrong’s Vintage, located in Grassmarket in Edinburgh, where you can purchase kilts and perfect woven traditional clothing.
    • Remember, don’t stroll about when you’re wearing these outfits. You may also pick up some souvenirs and other local products from shops tucked away in the back streets of tiny towns. Simply ask which stores have such items on display.
  • If you have a ticket to attend the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, it would be better to keep it as a memorial and not go. The tattoo is a traditional celebration each year from 5 August to 27 August.
    • Regardless of how spectacular and festival-like the atmosphere is, you will find yourself jammed with crowds of people arriving from every corner of the globe, all of them travelling in the opposite direction from you.
    • If that’s not a problem for you, go ahead and do it. Otherwise, Edinburgh offers many more soothing activities than this catastrophic (at least for me!) situation.
Amazing Architecture in Edinburgh
Amazing Architecture in Edinburgh
  • Because there is no change available on public transportation and you would have to leave it to the driver, use public transport with the exact amount of your ticket in your hand.
  • Don’t be limited to just visiting Loch Ness and thinking you have made the most of your time in Scotland. This European country is home to tremendous lochs or lakes, and although Loch Ness is the largest and most popular one, it could be disappointing at some point. “But you already said before that it’s one of the best things to do in Scotland!
    • Yes, it is. I’m not trying to go against anything I said before. You just need to visit beyond Loch Ness in a country with more than 300,000 loches. You probably didn’t understand what you were about to lose out on! The best things are always more relevant than the most popular attractions when it comes to vacationing!
  • Don’t order your whisky with ice. It doesn’t work like that in Scotland. As far as we know, Scots have amassed all knowledge and expertise from every corner of the globe. Then, they blended it all to create their world-class whiskey. You may come across folks who are proud of their local goods, and they are correct in their judgment, by the way!
    • They may believe that adding ice would lower the whiskey’s or dram’s worth. If you come across a skilled bartender, he will suggest you forego the concept of ice and opt for an original dram of Scottish wine instead. If you don’t, you’ll be met with a barrage of bitter glances.
  • Don’t have any idea about what you should order in the bar? Well, it’s okay to ask the barkeeper to help you spot the best whisky, depending on your preference. Trust him and show respect for the culture and history tangled with this drink.
    • However, be smarter than asking for barman recommendations on a busy Saturday night. No one is going to pay attention to you. Instead, come in the afternoon and sample anything you want while engaging in endless conversation with him.
  • Avoid Edinburgh and large cities during rush hours. It’s most likely to be fully clogged with people everywhere. Fortunately, we’ve got the sanity savers you need to get to your destination and keep yourself away from the streets during these times: 07:00-10:00 and 16:00-19:00.
  • And lastly, don’t forget to check the Scottish National Gallery!


Wales is a country where culture and divine nature are woven throughout each bend, from lofty castles, high-end palaces, and decent streets to high rises of mountains and national botanical parks. The country features unmistakable local cuisines and lovely pubs, thrilling sports and adventurous activities, and is a dreamland for history lovers owing to its imperial past.

Wales will become your getaway to discovering the other lively side of English legacy and traditions in one of the heart-beating countries in the UK. You should end longer than five days in Wales, if possible, and plan your schedule accordingly.

There is plenty to see and do there; each stop will be worthwhile in terms of both time and money spent there. Located on the western-south edge of the United Kingdom, Wales is a feast for your senses with a history dating back to the ice age, according to archaeologists who discovered several ruins stretching back to the prehistoric period.

Conwy Castle in Wales, United Kingdom
Conwy Castle in Wales, United Kingdom

Take a train from London Paddington and confirm that you have booked a Great Western Railway (GWR) service. This will be the way to South Wales. Otherwise, head directly to London Euston and take advantage of an Avanti West Coast service.

When you arrive at Llanfairpwll Railway Station, you’ll see why Wales is a popular tourist destination and why everyone should take the time to see it while in the United Kingdom.

In addition, don’t miss out on visiting Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, which is one of the world’s longest names, translating to “St. Mary’s Church in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the red cave.

Interesting, right?

Things to Do in Wales – Travel to the United Kingdom

The Brecon Beacons: Wales is booked with other space discovery spots. Each one is so rewarding and comes with great options and activities designed to make everyone amazed and entrained. When we spoke with globetrotters or locals asking about the best places to visit in Wales, they also referred to space-theme parks, avenues, and attractions.

The Brecon Beacons have ample open space, including mountains, while small villages hide behind valleys, waterfalls, and lakes. Besides its diverse natural treasures, this place is idyllic for everyone fascinated by cosmic magic.

Sunrise in the Brecon Beacons
Sunrise in the Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons will provide you with an excellent opportunity to see the grandeur of our cosmos and to photograph a real-life moon rock and other marcels. It’s an experience that you should do once at least.

Snowdonia National Park: In Wales, there is always room for green landscapes and open spaces for hiking or maybe practising meditation. I think Wales could be a healing journey from any stressful thoughts, and it’s not our only opinion.

Around two million travellers each year have chosen to relish in Wales, whether it comes to celebrating Christmas, jetting off around historical sites, or opening their hearts to breathe in new adventures.

So, suppose you have plans to travel over these holidays this year around the United Kingdom and still redefine your options. In that case, Wales is the place for you. This national park is one of the oldest wild spaces in Wales, packed with stunning spots to explore.

Stretching more than 1000 square miles, Snowdonia is home to the tallest mountain in the UK. Even if you are not enthralled by the idea of climbing up to the summit of this mountain, the good news is that there is a railway system that will transport you there to take in the breathtaking scenery over Bala Lake.

Llyn Tegid, Lake Bala in Snowdonia National Park
Llyn Tegid, Lake Bala in Snowdonia National Park

Cardiff Castle: Even if you are travelling within Great Britain for a few days, you need to follow tactics of making the most of your time when you travel to the UK. Here are our expert-approved tips and recommended places: check out a magical spot, Cardiff Castle, one of the best picturesque royal castles in the United Kingdom.

Located in Castle St, Cardiff CF10 3RB, this castle is one of the most postcard-perfect forts crowned with a small plateau that will grab your attention once you arrive. Inside, prepare to be awed by the architecture’s splendour and tour the State Apartments, which contain a range of well-preserved objects stretching back more than 1,000 years.

If you have enough time, make your way to uncover National Museum Cardiff, another worthwhile spot awaiting you.

The exterior of Cardiff Castle in Wales, United Kingdom
The exterior of Cardiff Castle in Wales, United Kingdom

Conwy: Often overlooked by visitors in favour of other mighty towns, Conowy should be included in your itinerary. Located next to Snowdonia National Park, this medieval town deserves more attention than its exquisite surroundings and offerings.

You can book a ticket to Conwy from London, taking roughly 4h to get there. That means even if you don’t have the option to stay here for a couple of days, you can arrange a day tour for an extraordinary journey that will introduce you to a unique sense and distinctive culture.

Walking through its small alleyways, encircled by more than 200 historical sites, is a pleasant experience. Certainly, Conwy will show you how to have a great time.

A waterfall in the woods at Bodnant Garden in Conwy, North Wales
A waterfall in the woods at Bodnant Garden in Conwy, North Wales

Wales Coast Path: Welcome to a genuine adventure. The Wales Coast Path was the first coastline to wrap an entire nation completely. But you will still have a great chance to be carried away to see what this country has to offer.

Yes, I know I have repeated the country” several times, and that’s because it’s a country 🙂 Surprise. So, if you are asking yourself, “Is Wales a country?” yes, it is. However, it’s part of the UK, as we discussed before.

Covering more than 870 miles, this route will give you insight into this beautiful country, empty beaches, mountainous villages, and extensive hiking trails. All of them are just in one place without flying off or deep end.

The Coastal Path of the Rocky Sea Shore in Rhossili, Wales
The Coastal Path of the Rocky Sea Shore in Rhossili, Wales

Cadiar Idris: A range of mountains scattered around the city of Meirionnydd, Cadiar Idris is idyllic for hikers as well. So, planning on travelling this holiday season should start with this spot, especially in the early morning of July days, to get a warm-weather getaway to appreciate the power of nature.

Visiting Meirionnydd is always preferable in winter since it’s a Christmas town; you will have a great time with your family. However, keep in mind that you need to have some company, despite being an adult or how much time you have spent planning.

Almost all of the trekking routes of Cadiar Idris are not as easy as Snowdonia, and, of course, you will have a lot of fun when you get involved with other hiking enthusiasts.

The Cadair Idris Mountains towering over Cregennan Lakes in Snowdonia National Park in Wales
The Cadair Idris Mountains towering over Cregennan Lakes in Snowdonia National Park in Wales

Aberystwyth: While some places in this world can’t meet the needs of each travel type, others can be unexpectedly appealing to every taste. We think this place will exceed your wildest dreams. So, whatever you anticipate from Wales, you can double it to the highest level.

Located in western Wales, Aberystwyth is one of the UK’s best hidden gems, which is absolutely worth your visit. You can start with Devil’s Bridge during your travel around the United Kingdom. Then, you can watch Falls Nature Trail, and don’t miss Hafod Estate or Jacob’s Ladder.

Here is the deal: before you plan to travel in the next three months, for example, it’s crucial to explore your options for at least a two-day stay in this city to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

The North beach and marine terrace taken from the Royal Pier at Aberystwyth in Wales
The North beach and marine terrace taken from the Royal Pier at Aberystwyth in Wales

Portmeirion: Despite anything, you need to head to this charming, unbeatable city. Portmeirion lies in the northwest corner of Wales, holding new points of interest that will take your holiday vacation to the next level.

There, you will never find yourself at a loss as it’s packed with a vanity of incredible things to see and feel. Once you arrive, you will wonder, “Have I travelled to Italy or something?” because this city is unlike any other English city, combining Italian flair with English elegance. Anyone who goes there gets the same experience.

Consider spending a night at the Portmeirion Hotel, known only for its abundance. You may also take a train from London Euston to Bangor and get out at Portmeirion, Tollgate, by booking a seat at Bangor Railway Station H. The whole trip will cost between £146 and £336 and take around 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Portmeirion was designed and built in an Italian style by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.
Portmeirion was designed and built in an Italian style by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.

Green Man Festival: if you need to know something that will push you to book your flight right now, it will be the Green Man Festival, a spectacular atmosphere in which people across the United Kingdom, or maybe the world, make their way to relish, drink, sing, dance, shop, and do everything in between.

This event has drawn the attention of everyone who wants to find a respite from routine and immerse themselves in the Welsh culture and how people enjoy themselves. The Brecon Beacons hosts this annual event in mid-August for four days.

You need to stay updated on the latest ticket availability news as soon as it is made available on the official website. Keep in mind that tickets get quickly sold out.

Explore Wales’s Railway: The railway system in Wales is one of the oldest ones in the world. It was originally used to transfer mining works to quarries. However, most of these mining sites are closed now; you need to explore these historical spots by railway.

This sprawling railway network can even visit the most famous landmarks and national parks. We encourage you to book a ticket on the Ffestiniog Railway if you plan to visit Snowdonia National Park. You will not just have a seat like any passenger boarding a train.

Instead, you will get a train-driving course to watch how the train is run and delve into a unique experience. You just need to call the booking centre on 01766 516024, and the standard ticket starts from £14.

Ffestiniog Steam Railway at the railway station in Snowdonia National Park, Wales
Ffestiniog Steam Railway at the railway station in Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Tips Before You Go to Wales – Your Ultimate Guide to Explore the United Kingdom

  • Be attentive to Wales’ history; it’s filled with controversial events. For instance, castles around Wales are English, not Welsh, which means they have been set up for suppression and conquest.
    • However, most Welsh people have gotten over it and realised it’s part of their heritage, story, and identity. So, don’t feel sorry for them; enjoy your tour while exploring imposing houses like Cardiff Caernarfon Caerphilly.
  • If you plan on visiting Wales during the Christmas season, take the earliest flight on the day of the holidays. Most of the time, this vacation turns out to be a notoriously tricky time to fly due to winter weather, peak crowds, and a constant surge of flight ticket prices, along with delayed flights.
    • The golden advice is to book your flight as soon as possible and try to make it in the morning. That will help keep your journey under control and help to avoid the above situations.
  • Don’t ever say “Oi! Boyo!” to anyone in Wales. In Ireland, “boyo” means fellow or man. In Wales, it could be an offensive word. Actually, Wales is a place of culture and traditions, and you need to accept these differences or, more specifically, to be more specific, to be knowledgeable of cultural gaps and respect them.
The red dragon is the symbol of Wales
The red dragon is the symbol of Wales
  • One of the most important things you need to know before you go to Wales is to be aware of the nature of Wales vacation. It’s about wild and outdoor activities with trekking trails and non-stop expeditions.
    • Most of your time will be spent between landscapes while goats walk freely and other reserves. Be prepared for tons of cycling and hiking, among other things. If you can stay after sunset, please do. You will be rewarded with watching shining stars unlike any other.
  • Don’t be shocked when you are listening to the Welsh language. It happens all the time to visitors to Wales. The people of Wales surely speak English, but Welsh is very common here. You will find many signs and section names written in Welsh in supermarkets.
    • Don’t ask ridiculous questions like, “How did they put these characters together? How can I even spell them out? It doesn’t make sense!” Actually, it really makes sense. However, don’t worry; most signs that are shown in Welsh are accompanied by English.
  • Learning some Welsh words would be helpful, and it will be an excellent addition to locals that you are open to knowing more about their distinctive flavour and diving deeper into their glorious culture.
    • We’ve already compiled some expressions for you to use: Thank you = Diolch, Hello = Helo or Shwmae/S’umae, and finally, Please = Os gwelwch yn dda! Welsh people will build a monument for you if you pronounce them correctly, and that’s all I need to say.
    • Saying something like “Welsh is a dead language” or anything along those lines would offend the Welsh to no end. They’re still quite proud of their language, even if they only utilize it briefly.
Tenby Harbour, Pembrokeshire, Wales, the United Kingdom.
Tenby Harbour, Pembrokeshire, Wales, the United Kingdom.
  • “Fake it ’till you make it!” No, don’t do this, at least not in the terms of the Welsh. Even if you have a talent that qualifies you to talk like a native Welsh speaker, do not speak it as long as you are not from Wales.
  • In no way should you refer to a Welsh guy as an Englishman. Wales has a great history, but it could be complicated; you don’t need to get lost behind all these details. Your trip around Wales will keep you busy, with forts and festive fireworks to keep you entertained all the time. But when you chat with locals, never call them Englishmen.
  • Don’t assume that you can go shopping late. Even in major cities like Cardiff, it would be perfect to be done checking retail stores at lunchtime and bring all your beloved items. Except for gas stations and certain supermarkets, most retail establishments shut around 6 p.m., especially if you are looking for presents for Christmas.
Cardiff Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay
  • Never say something like, “Is Wales a real country? I thought it was just a city in England!” If you do, then Wales is a no-go area, so don’t even consider entering it. Locals are likely to get enraged and irritated, and you’ll learn a lot about their culture and history from them, which they take great pride in.
  • Don’t expect Wales to be a cheap tourist destination. Yes, it could be less expensive than other parts of Great Britain. However, it’s still expensive. Be prepared to spend around £230 a night. That’s why we encourage you to check free activities and plan your budget accordingly to spot places that are worth it or not.
  • Don’t overlook small towns in favour of big cities. Trust us: paradise is always inhibited between corners, especially for cultural lovers or Christmas vibes with lights dangling from cottages. The good news is that these picturesque villages are accessible without a car.
  • When it comes to travelling around Wales, you will need to rent a car and drive to the park. “I don’t think driving in the UK is a perfect idea!” We have already covered you. You have two options: get a private tour guide or even participate in other publicly organized trips.
    • For instance, Brecon Beacons doesn’t offer convenient public transport. It could be tricky, and you may have to walk a long distance to reach your destination.
Food stalls in the Cardiff Festive Quarter set up in the city centre ahead of Christmas
Food stalls in the Cardiff Festive Quarter set up in the city centre ahead of Christmas
  • If you have settled to rent a car, then invest in a car with GPS. This way, you can check out all landmarks, especially those located in narrow lanes. The GPS will help you ensure you have taken the right direction and eliminate concerns.
    • I have Google Maps on my phone!” Mmm… it’s a trap. If you’re travelling outside major cities, forget about using your phone as a guide. The signal will progressively fade away until it is no longer detectable.
    • You also need to know you will pay for parking in almost all tourist attractions. A tip: when you leave your car at the parking lot, please keep your car away from the beachfront. Sometimes, the tide becomes very high and floods the whole shoreline.
  • Always have cash. Some places can be quite old-fashioned, especially towns away from major cities, and credit cards are not accepted.
  • Before going to Wales, it’s essential to read about some significant facts about the country that may save you from potentially awkward situations, like asking, “Where is Wales?” or “Should I get a visa to travel to Wales?
    • Don’t ask people in the United Kindom where they are from if your knowledge about geographical information is limited.
The historic medieval Caernarfon Castle on the River Seiont on a summer day in North Wales
The historic medieval Caernarfon Castle on the River Seiont on a summer day in North Wales
  • You are probably wondering about Wales’s weather. Well, I am not going to lie to you. It rains a lot, dear! Listen up; we are not talking about daily rain or a sheet of rain. We are just trying to say that you need to be ready all the time with hiking boots and raincoats, especially when you are out to bask in national parks.
    • It seems that walking shoes don’t work here. Boots will be more effective for your comfort and safety when walking on muddy terrains. On the other hand, we must thank the rains for bringing us this magnificent natural beauty.
      • You will need walking shoes as well. Here is the deal: bring different shoes to ensure you have something to wear for each scenario.
  • Ruins of castles are as significant as actual castles. It will provide you with another perspective on Welsh history. So, when you are moving through the country, make sure you take a slight detour to see these impressive sights.
  • Again, it’s one of the things you shouldn’t ever do in Wales: don’t call Wales England. I know I’ve said it innumerable times. But believe me when I say that neglecting it might cost you your life. Kidding! But people will just see you as an arrogant tourist, and that’s even worse!
  • Don’t expect that you will get a super discount on your quasi-official youth/student ID card if you’re a student. In the case of popular attractions, you will only get a few cents off the total ticket. However, full-time students can benefit from an International Student Identity Card. Get yours from ISIC.
Many seaside buildings are painted in bright colours throughout the UK.
Many seaside buildings are painted in bright colours throughout the UK.

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Wales

Is Wales’s flag different from the United Kingdom’s? 

Actually, yes, Wales has its own flag since it’s a different country but under the big umbrella of the UK. The Welsh flag includes a red dragon with a green and white background. Generally, this extraordinary country doesn’t let any identity components pass quietly.

That’s why you can see that the Welsh flag has evolved a lot, and each phase has highlighted a significant chapter of its history.

The Welsh Flag
The Welsh Flag

When is the best time to visit Wales?

To enjoy a pleasant experience during your travel, the best time to visit Wales is in Spring, from April to June. Lush trees dotting streets and gardens are blooming in a breathtaking setting. But please don’t expect that you will bask in the sun. Mist regularly fills the air.

Autumn is also a great time to head to Wales when the leaves turn a rich brown, but temperatures drop precipitously.

How many days should I spend in Wales?

There is no perfect answer to this question. For me, even three days will not be enough to explore castles, national parks, or go shopping. Let’s say it depends on how you wish to spend your time in Wales and how to take advantage of being in the United Kingdom. You can stay there for at least five days and plan appropriately to experience a bit of everything.

It rains very often throughout the UK.
It rains very often throughout the UK.

Northern Ireland

Often unnoticed by visitors planning to travel to the UK, Northern Ireland is an eclectic country that is worthy of your attention and will serve as a beautiful treat after your journey through the United Kingdom.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case, as this magnificent nation has captured the eye of both the media and filmmakers, with eight seasons of the blockbuster series Game of Thrones being shot in more than 25 sites around the country.

It has an array of attractions and landscapes that will puzzle you with its captivating characteristics. Never overshadowed by other UK countries, Northern Ireland will have your heart bound with joy as long as you have time to explore all its striking scenery.

In Northern Ireland, traditions outweigh modernity, and that’s why it’s one of our best picks to visit in the UK. No more high rises or new skyscrapers; instead, this European country is nestled on the shore of the Irish Sea, offering a variety of gorgeous beaches and entertainment ideas for every type of traveller.

Explore Belfast

Daily trains from London to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, run on time, but there are no direct ones; the journey takes more than 11 hours and costs around £110. Alternatives include a direct flight from London, which costs an average of £190, and a ferry from Liverpool, which costs an average of £320.

If you’re looking for the lowest option, go ahead and take a £50 bus from London, but be prepared to spend 15 hours on the road.

Visiting Northern Ireland isn’t a good idea if you’re only passing through. So, instead, we believe that it should be your first and last goal, and we will explain why in the following sections.

Things to Do in Northern Ireland -Travel to the United Kingdom

Belfast Peace Walls: If my last journey around the world has taught me anything about travelling, it’s the importance of being prepared to learn more about the history and culture and the ways in which they have overcome challenging times to achieve their own greatness.

As a result, you may bring these tales back to your own house and share them with others. Maybe someone might learn something from it… maybe!

This spot symbolizes tolerance and how to reconcile with the past even though it wasn’t at all pretty. Belfast Peace Walls have been established to resolve a dispute between Loyalist and Nationalist groups. By the way, these walls have already done their job so well.

Belfast attractions, Peace Walls

You can spot them between the Falls and Shankill Road in West Belfast. Graffiti art is at its finest there. It elicits powerful emotions and narrates tragic stories in one gorgeous piece. This is why it is a must-see for us, and it is one of the few spots where you can walk about freely and snap an endless amount of photos.

Glenoe Waterfall: With its unpredictable nature, the Glenoe Waterfall is a place worthy of your attention more than you might think, especially when you know it’s all free. You can plan to visit it with your family for a memorable trip and an excellent photographic spot.

While most of the visitors made their way to the waterfall by accident and got in, they were completely taken aback! “Oh wow, this place deserves more attention“— you should put Glenoe Waterfall on your bucket list right now.

The waterfall is 10 hours away from London and 4 hours away from Dublin, and the easiest way to get there is to take the train and get off at Lanyon Place, then take a taxi to the waterfall, where “your destination is on your right,” as the GPS lady says.

A tour to explore the gems of Belfast, Gleone Waterfall

Cathedral Quarter: While some places you travel to in the UK could resemble a disruption compounded by high cost or difficulty in getting to them, other places might be a piece of paradise. Fortunately, the Cathedral Quarter is in the second category, located in Belfast, where you can find the best bars, restaurants, and unbeatable atmospheric scenes.

To help you spend your holidays at your destination and take advantage of visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland, pick a hotel with a premium location next to the centric cultural and historical hub, Cathedral Quarter.

With fantastic eateries and stories tucked away among stunning architecture, this avenue is home to different attractions and cosy nightclubs with buskers and vendors lined along the district.

Every corner in Belfast is worth visiting, including the Cathedral Quarter

Hillsborough Castle and Gardens: With an ample royal garden stretching to 100 acres, Hillsborough Castle and Gardens is a place to visit while exploring County Down, Northern Ireland. Many fun things can be discovered here, but if you are wondering about what you shouldn’t miss in this monarchy palace, it would be the State Rooms.

But before you go, instead of getting stuck in the security line, pre-book your ticket online (for £18) and pick the most suitable time slot for you. Lose yourself among its lush trees, marvel at its nobility, and be prepared to sip your English tea in the heart of this charming setting. *Important note: the castle is open to visit on Sundays only.

Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

Crumlin Jail: Dating back to 1850, Crumlin Jail or Crumlin Gaol served as a prison for the most famous criminals in Northern Ireland’s history. This place was used to accommodate some prominent political figures, and for over 150 years (until it turned into a museum), Crumlin Jail played a significant role in the political scene.

The jail was an arena for riots, hunger strike demonstrations, and executions. You will go through an underneath tunnel connecting the courthouse to another edge of Crumlin Road. You can book the £16 ticket in advance.

Although visiting a prison may not seem very appealing, you will get valuable insight into the lives and routines of inmates if you do. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it’s one of Belfast’s most popular tourist attractions.

Belfast worthy places, Crumlin Jail

Divis and the Black Mountain: We discovered this place while trying to find lunch at the highway rest stop in Belfast, and then we realized how lucky we were. It is one of the best places to go with kids, offering vast open space for hiking and getting close and personal with untouched nature.

With cows and calves roaming aimlessly around green meadows, Divis and the Black Mountain is a blanket mire, making it a top choice for people who are curious to spend an entire day between English rural communities.

Also, don’t miss your opportunity to go for a bike ride and uncover the spotless treasures of Divis and the Black Mountain.

Hiking trip around Divis and the Black Mountain, Northern Ireland

Belfast Castle: When we asked top travel experts to share their favourite and best places in Northern Ireland, 90% of them referred to this place as a top-notch attraction anyone ought to check out.

Nestled in the Cave Hill area of north Belfast, Belfast Castle is teeming with history, opulence, and rich nature, making it an epic landmark of Northern Ireland’s capital. Divide your time between exploring the castle’s insides and having a stroll through its well-manicured gardens.

From Cave Hill, the panoramic view of the city will take your mind away. Knowing that this site inspired Gulliver’s Travels is enough to make you want to visit this region right now. For even more precious memories, you can have a bite to eat at its upscale restaurant while admiring the splendid view.

Belfast Castle is full of history.

Titanic Belfast: Our travel tips to Northern Ireland should include visiting Titanic Belfast, a futuristic building with a valuable heritage.

Your tour around the museum will give you insight into the Titanic ship. You’ll get the lowdown on everything, from the inspiration for creating this iconic masterpiece, its journey, the people who have shared this dream come true, to the tragedy of crushing the vessel.

It’s a world-class exhibition displaying interactive activities, large screens, and other compelling things on display. The place will give you exclusive access to visit Maritime Mile and capture excellent shots. The entry charge is £28 for adults and £15 for children aged 5 to 12 years old. You can always ask for a tour guide for more stories related to the gigantic Titanic.

Titanic Belfast is a must-visit to know many secrets behind the giant Titanic

Giant’s Causeway: Looking for activities away from the buzzing cities of Northern Ireland? Then Giant’s Causeway is the right place for you. Situated between Causeway Head and Benbane Head, Giant’s Causeway is a perfect escape for relaxation or maybe meditation.

Spend your day at the beachside or camp, or even join a barbecue party. It could seem like rugged landscaped scenery at first glance, but then you will notice that it’s packed with many exciting archaeological sites.

You can get to Giant’s Causeway by bus or train, taking around 1 hour from Belfast. You can even drive to your desired destination. However, a guided tour will be more worthwhile. It will cost you around £17 for an admission fee.

An open space to explore many about yourself and get connected with locals, Giant’s Causeway

Stormont: It seems you have packed your luggage and are ready to book a flight or drive (depending on your location) to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Okay, let me congratulate you on this brilliant choice, but let me reshape your expectations to prevent any mistakes.

Belfast is a really beautiful city with diverse offerings, but you will make a massive mistake without checking its royal forts and castles. Stormont is one of the places you shouldn’t miss at all costs. Stormont Estate will be more than perfect for a family outing with long walks, unparalleled bites of Northern Ireland heritage, a large kids’ area, and large gardens.

It’s only a walking distance from the city centre, and it’s free to explore all the time.

One of Belfast’s landmarks, Stormont

Tips Before You Go to Northern Ireland – Your Ultimate Guide to Explore the UK

  • Don’t worry about locals in Northern Ireland. They are so fantastic and fun. They will give you so much ribbing and joking all the time. You can make great friends wherever you go. Don’t hesitate to ask them whatever you want. They will give you great information you should follow during your stay there. Irish people will also teach you some local words and how to pronounce them.
  • Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are not permitted in some places.
  • You are in a local pub and want to seem cooler, so you say, Irish car bomb, please” No, no, you must not do that here. Some bartenders could refuse to offer you anything, or maybe worse, you could find yourself booted out of the bar. If you want a classic Irish whiskey, just spell it out or ask the barman to suggest something. 
Head to Belfast City Hall to learn about the history of Northern Ireland’s capital city.
  • In Northern Ireland, don’t order English breakfast; instead, if you intend to have a complete but superb breakfast, order the Ulster fry. It will include bacon rashers, potato bread, soda bread, pork sausages, black pudding, and eggs. Other additives may include baked beans, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, and white pudding.
    • You will get asked, “What would you like to drink? If your answer is English tea, you will make a big mistake. You should play it safe by ordering Irish tea or just tea, or if it’s specific on the menu as an English breakfast tea, then you can order it without getting in trouble.
    • Feeling confused? Order a full Irish breakfast in Northern Ireland and a full English breakfast in England. See? Simple!
  • Remember when we said driving in the United Kingdom is not easy? Well, it also applies in Northern Ireland and one of the big mistakes you should avoid there is driving in bus lanes. Don’t think they will let you off the hook because you’re just renting a car as a visitor for a few days. They won’t. They’ll track you down and penalise you. It’s the regular practice around here.
  • It’s not just potatoes in Northern Ireland. There are many types of potatoes here, from mashed, boiled, bread with potatoes, and more. So, the next time you want to eat potatoes for dinner, be more specific than saying just “potatoes.”
Be a part of the amazing food festivals in Belfast
  • Don’t expect that euros will be accepted in Northern Ireland. Suppose you are travelling to Northern Ireland through Ireland. In that case, you will need to exchange your cash for the British pound since Northern Ireland is part of the UK. The other areas of Ireland are ruled by Ireland, which is an independent nation.
  • Don’t go too deeply into why Northern Ireland is not a part of Ireland. Obviously, this is a sensitive subject, and the people of Northern Ireland have suffered much through the bloodshed known as “The Troubles.” They have learned to accept it now, but you should learn about Northern Ireland’s history before coming here.
    • If you don’t have time, just remove yourself from political debates and remember many people have lost their loved ones during this tragic strife. In other words, Northern Ireland results from a deep-rooted conflict, and no one needs to remember it.
    • If you want to listen to Northern Ireland stories from locals, just be attentive and step back to accept different perspectives. There is no need to take sides. Be open-minded and learn more about their history, current events, and culture. People in Northern Ireland have already learned how to be integrated with their roots and accept each other. 
Belfast is filled with brilliant experiences, and the food scene is incredible
  • If you want to get closer to local, avoid talking about Ireland as part of Britain or mention the Isles as British ones. Generally speaking, Britain can leave you puzzled, enticing you to ask more questions. But look at the previous point again!
    • You need to read some simple information about this country’s rich history to avoid this faux pas and keep yourself away from the hassle to ensure a free-trouble journey. 
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by visiting all things or places in Northern Ireland in just one, two, or even three days. It would be more exhaustive than fun. Yes, staying close to your hotel and returning home without checking impressive attractions is not a good idea, but you need to do deep research and create your comprehensive guide to exploring Northern Ireland and the UK.
    • It’s worth more effort than packing your luggage, booking a flight, and going. Rather than being fatigued at the end of the day and learning the hard way, check out everything you shouldn’t miss there and make it enjoyable instead of a mission you need to accomplish. 
  • Go beyond Belfast. When we create these tips before going to Britain, we are eager to make most of them come in handy, and one of the most common questions about travelling to the UK is where to stay in Northern Ireland.
    • Belfast is always a great place to relish your time since it has plenty to offer. But you don’t need to limit yourself and only drive to the best restaurants, museums, or castles around. It would help if you explore Northern Ireland’s countryside and hit up smaller counties to get the whole experience. 
Belfast is an amazing city to visit in Northern Ireland.
  • Northern Ireland consists of six counties; Belfast is located in County Antrim, which will give you access to visit many exciting tourist destinations. *You can visit Dublin from Belfast; it is just an hour away by car.
  • Suppose you are searching for a place to visit in the next holiday season. In that case, Northern Ireland is undoubtedly one of the best places to go in which you can enjoy Christmas light shows no matter where your hotel is. You will have a blast while roaming around wonderland festivals and Christmas markets dotted around Belfast. It’s a long-awaited getaway.
  • Here is the perfect packing list for your travel to Northern Ireland: rainproof coats, umbrellas, sunscreen, hiking boots, walking shoes, knitted sweaters, gloves, hats (especially if you are bald!), scarves for extra warmth, portable mobile charges, and sunglasses. Bad weather may strike at any time of the year, even if it’s summertime.
Many hiking trails can be discovered in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Expect to find out that your flight has been cancelled due to bad weather and that one cancellation can cascade down to multiple other flights. Things might worsen since severe weather at a crowded airport can be unbearable for some individuals, especially when travelling. Please don’t do this; instead, be patient and enjoy yourself even in difficult circumstances.
  • Expect to have difficulty understanding the accent the first, second, or third time you hear it. It takes time and effort to get comfortable with an Irish accent. If you haven’t been there for long, you will struggle to understand the dialect, but don’t worry, the locals know that it is difficult to understand their accent and will assist you until you do.
  • Don’t worry about eating and drinking here. Despite the notorious food in England, Northern Ireland is filled with a lot of exceptional restaurants and bars serving different kinds of local and international platters, especially in the Cathedral Quarter, Belfast. There are tons of places to pick what appeals to your taste.  
  • Do not assume that everyone in Ireland is a heavy drinker or drinks every day, even if they are. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all Irish people are ecstatic about parties, excursions, and celebrations. They’re just like you and me, but they know how to enjoy their lives.
Your guide to hit unbeaten paths of Northern Ireland
  • When mentioning Derry or Londonderry, use both in the same sentence. Let’s explain: Derry and Londonderry are the exact locations; however, those who favour a united Ireland refer to it as Derry, while those who support staying a member of the United Kingdom refer to it as Londonderry.
    • As a result, when you ask an Irishman a question, you have no idea which group he belongs to. Instead, use something like, “Could you please tell me how I can travel to Derry or Londonderry? Good job, you nailed it.
  • Don’t even consider smoking inside if you don’t want to spend more than £5500 in fines. Smoking in a vehicle with children present is also against the law.
Head to Derry/Londonderry and find out many beautiful things to do

The Bottom Line – What to Know Before You Go to Northern Ireland

What are Northern Ireland Cities Worthy of Visiting?

Northern Ireland cities include Armagh, Belfast, Derry, Lisburn, and Newry. These major cities have a sense of sophisticated places comprising skyscrapers and high-end hotels.

However, you can keep going around the country to explore hidden gems and small towns like the seaside town of Bangor, with breathtaking views and amazing sceneries wherever you go. History buffs shouldn’t miss Carrickfergus, with many postcard-perfect sites and a peaceful atmosphere, and of course, don’t miss heading to the epic landmark of the city, Carrickfergus Castle

What are the Free Things to Do in Northern Ireland?

What makes Northern Ireland one of the best holiday travel is that it boasts many free things to do. Plan to visit the Ulster Museum, including many other attractions ranging from the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum to Ulster American Folk Park, the W5 Science Centre, and Armagh County Museum.

When you’ve had your fill of historical relics and antiquities, travel to Belfast’s CS Lewis Square for an introduction to one of Ireland’s most beloved writers, C.S. Lewis. After that comes the time to check out Cave Hill and Belfast Castle, or you can explore the Causeway Coastal route. All of them are amazing, worth visiting, and FREE!

We have compiled all great and FREE things to do right here

How Much Does it Cost to Stay a Week in Northern Ireland?

It’s great to know that you have a plethora of alternatives that might meet your budget. However, plan to spend at least £141 daily on eating, drinking, and transportation. A night at a decent hotel can cost you roughly £150. You also have the option to pick less-expensive accommodations, like a hostel, for £51.

Lagan Backpackers is perfect for solo travellers, and Grand Central Hotel is better for a family vacation. Otherwise, the Merchant Hotel is an idyllic destination for couples if they are searching for a romantic getaway.

A sunlit shoreline in Northern Ireland
A sunlit shoreline in Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom is One of the Best Destinations on Earth

It seems like the right moment has come for you to set off on your incredible adventure to travel to the UK. The excitement coursing through your veins is urging you to book your flight, right? It’s been stated that you shouldn’t waste an opportunity to see something new if you get the chance.

Moreover, there has never been a better opportunity to broaden your horizons and discover fresh perspectives on life, and the United Kingdom will lead you to all of them. What is your favourite place to visit in the United Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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