3 Fun Places to Visit on Eid With Your Family

Places to Visit on Eid

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The Eid holiday is approaching. On Eid’s first morning, Muslims perform the Eid prayer while dressing in their new Eid outfits. Then, they celebrate Eid by hanging decorations and giving children the Eidiyya (Eid money gift). Some families like gathering to eat Eid food and sweets together. Other families like going to parks and beaches to celebrate Eid. What about travelling to other countries?

Travelling to a new destination on Eid has a whole different sense. Let’s awaken the adventurer inside you to explore some unique places. In the following lines, ConnollyCove introduces the best places to visit on Eid with your family. If you find the idea fun, book your tickets now, prepare your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip on the most-awaited celebratory day.

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak is Arabic for “Blessed Feast”. Muslims all over the world say it on Eid as a greeting. There are also other Eid greetings and wishes Muslims use on that day. They may say “kul ‘am wantum bikhair,” which means “May you be well every passing year!” 

How Often Does Eid Take Place? 

Muslims celebrate Eid twice a year. The first feast is Eid ul-Fitr. It lasts for three days after Ramadan, the month of fasting. The second feast is Eid ul-Adha, which lasts for four days. Both feasts are based on the Islamic lunar calendar. Therefore, they take place around 10 to 11 days earlier the next year on the solar calendar. 

Family-Friendly Spots to Celebrate Eid

Apart from Eid outfits, colourful decorations, and delicious feasts, there are a lot of joyful activities you can do to enjoy Eid to the full. Besides celebrating it with family and friends, you can relax on a sandy beach, experience a unique dish or go to a mall or a theme park. This Eid, let’s try something special and explore splendid attractions in other countries with your family. Keep reading! We will list the best places ever to go on Eid. 

1. Greater Cairo, Egypt

Fun Places to Visit on Eid

Why not plan a visit to Cairo, Egypt, during this Eid holiday? With many Cairenes escaping to the beaches, Cairo is enjoyable at its quietest. It has a lot to offer, from beautiful natural landscapes to quaint historical monuments. You will enjoy some exciting outdoor activities and try the delicious Kahk and Petit Four. ConnollyCove will inspire you with a list of the fun places to visit on Eid to make your Eid as fun as it can be in Cairo. 

Nile River

Offering lots of fun and family-friendly activities, the Nile River is one of the must-visit places on Eid. Why not try kayaking over the world’s longest river with your kids? You will enjoy the refreshing splashes of water while taking in the mesmerising views of the glistening river at sunset. 

Nile River – Fun Places to Visit on Eid

For something unique, try rowing alone or with a group. Going on a traditional felucca cruise is also a great idea where you can enjoy your time with your family. The river is not only for rides. If you are into fishing, there are many fishing spots along the river in Cairo, like Ma’adi and Zamalek. 

Al-Sorat Farm

If you are a nature enthusiast, Al-Sorat Farm is your best choice! Also known as Maryanne’s Farm, this educational and recreational centre is one of the unique places you never knew existed. There, you can cuddle the baby goats and feed the cute farm animals. Riding horses and playing with friendly dogs are enjoyable at the farm. There are also some pools on the lawn for kids to enjoy. Booking in advance is recommended through their website.

ZED Park

Nothing connects you with your little kids better than fun activities and games. That is why ZED Park in Sheikh Zayed is one of the dazzling places to visit on Eid with your family. It offers many exciting shows, including the magician and the clown. You will enjoy a lot of entertaining rides with your kids. It also has an ice rink to enjoy skating with your little ones. If you are courageous enough, you can experience one of the escape rooms there. 

Pharaonic Village

Pharaonic Village – Fun Places to Go on Eid

Are you impressed by the Pharaonic history and want to discover all of its secrets? Pay a visit to The Pharaonic Village to immerse yourself in Egypt’s ancient history. With replicas of an ancient Egyptian village, you will find people dressed in ancient attires and acting out some activities from the past! You will also enjoy your time to the full in the living museum of Egyptian history. 

At this Village, you will explore Tutankhamun’s tomb and discover how the Pharaohs built the pyramids. Another thrilling activity is to unravel the mystery of mummification during their age. Taking a trip down the Nile is also an exciting activity you can enjoy there. You can shop in the bazaars and participate in educational workshops. That is why the village is among the top places to visit on Eid with your family.


Pyramids of Giza – Places to Visit on Eid

All of us are fascinated by the history of Pharaonic Egypt and its distinct civilisation. What about travelling thousands of years back to meet some Pharaohs and listen to their exciting legend? Under the gleaming stars, the Pyramids of Giza offer a one-of-a-kind Sound and Light Show. Using modern laser, lighting and voice projections, the Sphinx comes back to life to unravel the secrets and the mysterious tales of ancient Egypt through his eyes. 

Visiting the three Pyramids of Giza in the morning is also outstanding. You can take many splendid photos and explore these royal tombs from the inside. At F.B. Stables, you can ride a horse or a camel and spend quality time with your family. Taking a quad bike ride in the surrounding desert is also enjoyable on Eid. 

The Religions Complex

Old Cairo – Best Places to Visit on Eid

Located in Old Cairo, The Complex of Religions is a distinctive place that embraces the three religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This worth-visiting historic site houses Amr ibn al-A’as Mosque, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Hanging Church, and other old religious buildings. It is also home to the Coptic Museum, with a myriad of holdings, and the ruins of the Fortress of Babylon.

Other Activities to Do in Great Cairo During Eid

  • Enjoy the Nubian Show at SouthBay Egypt. You will experience the Nubian atmosphere and try some Nubian food. Your kids will like the recreational activities, like horse riding and colour fighting. They will also enjoy the foam party and the magical show.
  • Stroll down Al-Moez Street. It is an open-air museum that includes impressive Islamic architecture and antiquities. 
  • Shop at Khan Al-Khalili. Head to this bustling bazaar and market to buy souvenirs and all you need. 
  • Camp in Wadi Degla Protectorate. Enjoy camping with other families in this vast desert canyon while admiring the remarkable archaeological landscape. Biking, hiking, and barbecuing are also exciting things you can do there.
  • Challenge your family at Adventure Park. It has lots of adventurous activities to spend quality time with your little kids.  
  • Boost your adrenaline levels at SkyPark. You will find many challenging aerial sports that suit every family member. 
  • Take a leisurely stroll in Zamalek. You will admire the captivating views of the greenery, the Nile and the quaint buildings. To take an adrenaline rush, enjoy cycling with your family in the beautiful streets. Then, relax in one of the cafes in the area and sip your favourite drinks.
Khan Al-Khalili – Fun Places to Visit on Eid

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2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fun Places to Visit on Eid

Dubai is also among the best places to visit on Eid with your family. This vibrant city offers festive activities to every family member. For example, you can chill out and enjoy your time at its luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and beautiful theme parks. You can also enjoy shopping in one of its stylish, sophisticated malls and bustling, traditional markets. For an action-packed adventure, you can go on desert safaris or other alluring excursions. Here is a list of the adventurous places to visit on Eid in Dubai:

Burj Khalifa

3 Fun Places to Visit on Eid With Your Family

In downtown Dubai, explore the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa. With the Arabian Gulf against the backdrop, you will be impressed by the panoramic views of the glistening skyline and the iconic attractions of Downtown Dubai. Dining in the world’s highest restaurant there is a must-try experience. 

Dubai Fountain and Burj Lake

3 Fun Places to Visit on Eid With Your Family

At the foot of Burj Khalifa, do not miss out on the evening musical show of the dancing water fountain. It is the tallest performing fountain and the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. Swaying to a wide range of melodies, the illuminated jets of water come to life every 30 minutes after 6 pm. 

To enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of the Dubai Fountain, take the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride. During this 30-minute cruise, you will sail over the gentle waves of the artificial Burj Lake and marvel at the fountain’s magnificent illuminations, melody, and movement. You can also stroll down the floating Dubai Fountain Boardwalk and witness this captivating show from the closest point.  

Dubai Mall

3 Fun Places to Visit on Eid With Your Family

Near Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is among the best places to visit on Eid. Apart from being one of the world’s largest malls, it is a family-friendly attraction where you will feel the joyful Eid vibes. It offers various options of entertainment and leisure attractions for all family members. 

Pamper yourself during this Eid holiday. With over 1200 retail outlets in Dubai Mall, you will shop until you drop! There are also more than 200 international dining experiences to relax and dine with your family. Besides shopping, you can immerse yourself in the unique digital art gallery Infinity des Lumieres

If you are into skating, head to the Dubai Ice Rink in the mall and have lots of fun. For more thrilling activities, VR Park is your perfect choice. It is one of the world’s largest virtual reality gaming zones. Your kids will enjoy their time in the KidZania zone. They will also enjoy exploring the mysterious underwater living things at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

“Live the epic adventure!” is the slogan of IMG Worlds of Adventure! You can take a thrilling ride at the Lost Valley zone and let your adrenaline pump in the spooky Haunted Hotel. Your kids will enjoy greeting familiar characters and taking amazing rides at the Cartoon Network and Marvel zones. 


Hatta is also one of the best places to visit on Eid for an adventure-packed trip. You will enjoy lots of exciting activities there, like kayaking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Paragliding and zorbing are also enjoyable there. Further, you will enjoy exploring the Honeybee Garden and discovering more about the wonders of honey. 

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is another fascinating place to go on Eid. You will have fun with your kids in its five theme parks. Made out of millions of colourful lights, marvel at Glow Garden and explore its luminous attractions. In Dinosaur Park, you will see some Animatronic dinosaurs and travel back in time to the Jurassic period. At Art Park, you will explore different eye-opening paintings. You can also visit Magic Park, with its optical illusions, and Ice Park, to experience the polar climate. 

Other Places in Dubai to Visit on Eid

Dubai is full of fabulous family-friendly destinations and worth-visit attractions. Here are more places to go on Eid:

  • Deira Waterfront Market: Experience diverse dining options while taking in the jaw-dropping views of the corniche. 
  • Ski Dubai: With slopes for all levels, enjoy skiing and climbing ice caves. You can also marvel at the snow park and meet some cute penguins.  
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: Take a leisurely stroll in Dubai Miracle Garden. As the world’s largest natural flower garden, it features millions of flowers and plants. Snapping selfies is the perfect thing to do there. 
  • The Green Planet: Enjoy strolling through the magnificent Green Planet, an artificial indoor tropical forest. Meanwhile, you will explore the distinct plants, watch the animals closely and play with the colourful birds. 
  • Palm Jumeirah: A man-made palm tree-shaped island, Palm Jumeirah has luxurious shopping centres, resorts, and restaurants. 

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3. Istanbul, Turkey

Fun Places to Visit on Eid

Lying in Europe and Asia, Istanbul has been an enchanting destination for worldwide holidaymakers. Due to its vibrant environment and rich imperial history, it mixes the past with the present. Its charming architecture reflects the cultural influences of the Roman and Ottoman empires. Meantime, it has several breathtaking beaches and scenic mountains. It is also famous for its succulent dishes and delightful shopping spots. That is why Istanbul is one of the most stunning places to visit on Eid with your family. 

Forum Istanbul

Do you like shopping? What about visiting the biggest shopping centre in Turkey, Forum Istanbul? It is one of the top fun places to visit on Eid with your family. You can purchase everything from the various national and international brands there. Your kids will also enjoy exploring the exciting underwater world at the Sea Life Aquarium. They will also have fun at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre with its entertaining and educational activities.

Vialand Theme Park

Offering world-class fun all day long, Vialand Theme Park is one of the most fun places to visit on Eid with your family. You can enjoy thrilling rides and amuse yourselves in the 5D Theatre. You can also spend some leisure time in its shopping mall. In the dining area, you can experience various options of local and international dishes

Sultanahmet Meydani (Hippodrome of Constantinople)

There are many majestic attractions in Sultanahmet Meydani. You can explore the quaint lanes and side streets. Also, drop by the distinct Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. While relaxing, you will be fascinated by the stunning flowerbeds and trees throughout the area and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the dancing fountain.

Princes’ Islands

Are you up for an unforgettable BBQ trip? Then, look no further than Princes’ Islands. Take a ferry from Istanbul to the four unrivalled islands open to the public. Along the journey, you will enjoy the captivating views of the amazingly pure water and the lush greenery. The ferry will stop at certain spots to let you have a refreshing swim. On these islands, enjoy biking and roaming around. Taking a horse-drawn carriage and exploring fascinating attractions are also fun activities. 

Other Places to Visit on Eid in Istanbul 

  • Cappadocia: Cappadocia is a must-visit place on Eid. You will explore the fairy chimneys and the rock-face churches. Hopping into a colourful hot-air balloon that soars into the air is also one of the best things to do there.
  • Miniaturk: Spend leisure time at Miniaturk. This miniature park is an open-air museum that includes tiny versions of Turkey’s well-known cultural attractions. 
  • Experience Lokum, the succulent gel-like Turkish delight. It is the favourite Eid dessert in Turkey. Coming in different colours, it has many fillings, like pistachios and dates. 

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Istanbul – Fun Places to Visit on Eid

So, these are the top 3 fun places to visit on Eid. By now, you must have decided where to go on Eid this year. However, no matter where you travel! With your lovely family, your Eid celebration will be unique, and you will have a fun-packed Eid holiday. If our list impressed you, share it with your friends and help them decide on their destination on Eid.  

Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones!

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