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Irish movies you should watch

The best Irish movies you must watch!

This article will examine our favourite Irish movies, ranging from the classics to modern releases and everything in between. This...

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dermot kennedy_best Irish musicians

Dermot Kennedy Life & Music: From busking on streets to sold-out stadiums

Dermot Kennedy is an Irish singer-songwriter. Dermot gained popularity as a solo artist after the release of his 2017 EP ‘Doves and Ravens’.

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medusa greek myth

Medusa Greek Myth: the Story of the Snake-Haired Gorgon

Medusa is one of the most notable figures in Greek mythology. While most people know Medusa as a terrifying monster,...

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Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum: Everything You Need to Know About the Iconic Attraction

For all the huge fans of the “one love” singer, gather around because you will love this very much! And...

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haunted castles in scotland

A Scary Tour: 14 Haunted Castles in Scotland

It is rumoured that there are a lot of haunted castles in Scotland. It’s not surprising, given that the country’s...

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Irish rock music - Irish rock bands

Irish Rock bands throughout the decades: Exploring Ireland’s fascinating history through music

How did so many talented Irish Rock Bands from our small island become international legends? In this article we will explore the rise of Irish rock music

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Northern Irish Music

Northern Irish Music: Best Bands & Artists

Northern Ireland is an excellent place for music. It actually seems to go quite underappreciated, but some of the acts...

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La Catrina - The Day of the Dead Traditions

13 Unique Halloween Traditions around the world

In this article we will explore Halloween customs around the world.

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Irish Crochet: A Great How-to Guide, History, and Folklore Behind This Traditional 18th Century Craft

What is crochet? Before talking about Irish crochet specifically it is important to know what crochet is. Crochet is a...

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Pint of Guinness pub Traditional Irish Drinks

The best Traditional Irish Drinks that you have to try!

If you’re looking for traditional Irish drink recipes for St Patrick's day or want to try a traditional Irish drink when visiting Ireland, we have got you covered! 

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Music festivals - Irish Festivals

15 of the Best Irish Festivals to visit throughout the year

The arts scene in Ireland has thrived in recent decades, so it is no wonder that we can celebrate so...

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Bonfire Celtic Festivals Pagan Festivals Celtic Year

The 4 interesting Celtic Festivals that make up the Celtic Year

The Celts celebrated 4 major Celtic festivals: Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain. In this article, we will discuss each pagan...

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Traditional Irish Food - Traditional Irish Stew

Traditional Irish Food – Delicious and Heart-warming Meals

In this article we will explore traditional Irish food and the history behind their popularity

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Famous Irish Traditions: Music, Sports, Folklore & More

Ireland has always done things differently, we have our own Irish traditions and customs that distinguish us from anywhere else...

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Egypt’s Travel Blogger Marwa Ali: Inspiring Stories From Across the World 

Today we will meet Egyptian Travel Blogger Marwa Ali, and we could not be excited more! I am a firm...

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Halloween recipes

10 Halloween recipes that are de-frightful and delicious

Get ready to celebrate the spooky season with these de-frightful Halloween recipes. Enjoy scary savoury snacks, terrible treats and devilish...

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Luck of the Irish

May the luck of the Irish be with you – The interesting reason why Irish people are considered lucky

In this article we will explore the the luck of the Irish and decide once and for all if Ireland's history of success is more than just a fluke.

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The Chinese Dragon has great significance in Chinese culture

The Chinese Dragon: Unraveling the Beauty of this Magical Creature

Dragons are both loved and misunderstood creatures. The Chinese Dragon, in particular, is a divine deity in China. This creature...

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Trademarket Belfast: Belfast’s Exciting New Outdoor Market in 2022

Belfast is filled with fantastic bars and restaurants as well as amazing market spaces. These open air market bars are gaining popularity throughout Belfast with The Trademarket joining the ranks of Haymarket and Common Market. They give small businesses and restaurants a chance to thrive and find new audiences. The Trademarket Belfast is unique in that it is situated in a series of storage containers. Read on to find out what awaits you at Belfast’s newest outdoor market.

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Belfast Ukulele Jam Article feature image showing two ukuleles

Belfast Ukulele Jam: A Unique Live Music Act in Belfast

The Belfast Ukulele Jam are an informal group meeting to play Ukulele together once a week as well as for events such as family days, weddings, or even corporate events. They are a super friendly group that welcome newcomers gladly and put on a show sure to put a smile on your face. Currently they play weekly at the Deer’s Head.

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croke park dublin travel guide Croke Park Deposit photos Irish athletes

15 of the most successful Irish athletes of all time

In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about the most successful Irish athletes. Sport has the...

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Lush greenery on Saltee Island, Ireland

10 Irish Islands You Must Visit

Ireland is well known for its outdoor activities, incredible landscapes, and also for its multiple islands that will take your...

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Pride and Prejudice: A Perfect Jane Austen Road Trip With 18 Great Locations To See

One of Jane Austen’s most beloved works, Pride and Prejudice continues to capture the hearts and minds of readers over 200 years after it was published in 1813. If you love this classic English novel you may want to plan a road trip to where this piece of literature has been brought to life. This article is the perfect guide to a Pride and Prejudice daytrip or road trip around the UK.  

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22 Things to do in Ukraine, the Diamond of Eastern Europe

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is considered one of the largest countries on the continent. It was part...

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How 7 Countries Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Since the 17th century, St. Patrick’s Day has been a huge holiday for Ireland, and eventually, the world. Today, it...

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Met Museum New York

The Met Museum is a must see when you visit New York. From Ancient Egypt to Medieval Art there is...

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Antwerpen Belgium_Things to do in Belgium

Exciting Things to Do in Belgium – The #1 Guide to Your Stay in België

Belgium is one of the most fascinating countries in Europe, renowned for its culture, cuisine, architecture and festivals. In this guide we will cover the best things to do in Belgium's most popular locations. There are countless things to do in Belgium, so in this article we've narrowed down the list to essential places to visit city by city!

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Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell – 4 Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Colin James Farrell is Colin Farrell’s full name. He has achieved great recognition during his career and is known by...

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Things to Do in Brazil- Your Ultimate Guide

What do you think of Brazil? Brilliant football talents, maybe colourful carnivals, right? I guess it’s one of the reasons...

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a picture of the pyramids and people riding camels some of the adventures to have in egypt

Top Adventures to Have in Egypt

Everyone knows the top attractions in Egypt, like the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the temples in Luxor...

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