Fun Things to do in Northern Ireland – 11 of the best activities in Northern Ireland

Updated On: August 23, 2022

fun things to do in Northern Ireland

There are many reasons to visit Northern Ireland. It is a country steeped in rich history and unique culture and has many unforgettable attractions. If you’re looking for a country that’s full of fun then you’ll be greatly surprised by what Northern Ireland has to offer. For such a small place there are so many fun things to do during your stay!

47799948 aerial view of castle caldwell in county fermanagh northern ireland Jungle NI offers 24 incredible activities such as Body Zorb Football, Adults Tree Top Adventure, Paintballing and Segway Experiences. Along with many group activities from birthdays, family days, couples, and teaming building activities.
Aerial view of Castle Caldwell in County Fermanagh – Northern Ireland.

This is our list of all the fun things to do in Northern Ireland for adults, families, children and groups. Northern Ireland offers the perfect surroundings and landscape to enjoy some fun and unique activities, and regardless of your preferences, you are never too far away from lively cities and towns, the tranquil countryside, or rugged coasts.

So, look no further, we are here to provide you with all the fun things to do on your next trip to Northern Ireland. Whether you are visiting on your own, with friends, family or children, there’s so much to enjoy in Northern Ireland that you’ll be planning a second and third trip while you’re here.

1. Colin Glen Forest Park

First up on our list of fun things to do in Northern Ireland is a trip to the beautiful wooden glen known as Colin Glen Forest Park. Colin Glen forest park is home to the Gruffalo Trail. The Gruffalo trail, based on the beloved Gruffalo character, has become a big hit with families in Northern Ireland

It’s Northern Ireland’s only official Gruffalo trail that takes visitors through a magical adventure. Each character from the much-loved children’s book makes an appearance throughout the walk. It’s one of the best free family attractions to enjoy in Belfast.

There’s so much more to enjoy at Colin Glen Forest Park, it is home to a thrilling adventure centre that offers a variety of fun outdoor activities. You can take part in activities such as SKY Trek, Archery, Laser Tag, Mountain Biking, Orienteering and much more including flying through the park on Ireland’s longest zipline!

SKY Trek is one of the most popular attractions here, it is Ireland’s premier high ropes course. Located in the heart of Belfast Hills, visitors will get a unique perspective of Belfast – as they enjoy high views of the city. The high ropes course reaches 16 metres at its peak, but don’t worry if heights aren’t your thing because there are also less daunting ropes courses to try here.

Visitors can also enjoy a 30-foot multi-level climbing wall and Ireland’s first ever double 90 metres zip lines. The Adventure Park at Colin Glen Forest Park offers an adventurous and fun day out in Northern Ireland and is one of the best fun activities in Belfast.

2. Jungle NI

Next up on our list of fun things to do in Northern Ireland is a trip to the leading outdoor activity centre in the country. Jungle NI offers those visiting Northern Ireland an exciting escape from the boring tasks of daily life. The Jungle staff are here to give you a daring adventure unlike anywhere else.

Located in the enchanting woodland among the Sperrin Mountains, Jungle NI is about 45 minutes from Belfast.

Jungle NI offers 24 incredible activities such as Body Zorb Football, Adults Tree Top Adventure, Paintballing and Segway Experiences. Along with many group activities from birthdays, family days, couples, and teaming building activities.

Jungle NI first started out as the first paintballing site in Northern Ireland back in 2005. The Jungle has only gone from strength to strength, now it’s the biggest outdoors activity centre in the whole country. Jungle NI is perfect for all ages and abilities, a place that is filled will fun, exciting and engaging activities, and is the perfect way to get back into nature.

Group Activities Northern Ireland:

Jungle NI offers various activities suitable for groups, from glamping and paintball to archery and an outdoor waterpark!

Glamping at Jungle NI

Visitors can even stay at the glamour’s camping spot in the Jungle, nestled in its great outdoors. The glamping pods are a top-quality and luxurious camping accommodation for those who want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without having to compromise on comfort.

Glamping is perfect for those nice summer nights in Northern Ireland when you can really take in the gorgeous scenery we have to offer. It even comes equipped with a BBQ area, fire pit, picnic table and fresh water taps, so why not choose Jungle NI as your location for your next staff night out, girls’ weekend, stag party or any other excuse you can think of to enjoy the great outdoors!

Glamping at Jungle NI definitely should be on your list of fun things to do in Northern Ireland for couples, friends and families! We don’t think you’ll regret it as in our opinion, glamping at Jungle NI is one of the best activities in Northern Ireland for adults!

3. We Are Vertigo

Following Jungle NI, why not take a trip to We are Vertigo, Northern Ireland’s leading entertainment complex for all ages? This is the ultimate place for fun in Northern Ireland that you won’t want to miss out on!

There are two ‘We are Vertigo’ places located in Northern Ireland both offering different things for people to enjoy. In Newtownbreda you’ll find the Inflata-Park, Adventure and Ski centres. At Titanic Park, you can enjoy indoor Skydiving and a Ninja Master course.

Amazing Inflatable Indoors Park and Sky Diving

The Inflata-Park is a whole lot of fun no matter how old you are, it is Ireland’s only indoor inflatable world of fun. The Inflata-Park is a massive 30,000 square ft inflatable playground where your childhood fantasies become your reality.

It includes inflatable floors, inflatable walls, inflatable falls and doors. The best formula for fun, they even have nights exclusive to adults, so you can really enjoy yourself. As well as special nights that are autism-friendly and tailored for those with sensory sensitivities.

You can also try out We are Vertigo’s Indoor Ski Centre, a fun and safe environment where you can learn to Ski or Snowboard before hitting the slopes on holidays. It is also the first and only indoor ski centre in all of Ireland!

One of the most accelerating experiences available in Northern Ireland is Indoor Skydiving at Titanic Park. You will literally be flying without wings. This is one of the most unique experiences where you get to experience skydiving in a safe environment. Even children as young as four years old can try out the Skydiving experience, so it can be an amazing family memory.

This is one recommendation for all of the adrenaline junkies out there. If you’re unsure about taking the plunge for real, why not visit the indoor skydiving at Titanic Park, who knows, you may want to do some real-life sky diving after!

4. Extreme Bowling at Dundonald

Next on our list of fun things to do in Northern Ireland is trying out Extreme bowling at Dundonald International Ice Bowl. Here you can enjoy all the normal fun of tenpin bowling but with a twist.

The twist is that it’s in the dark with glow balls, pins and ultraviolet lights for the ultimate bowling experience. You can also party as you bowl with the supported DJ entertainment, prize competitions, discos light and even some cool smoke effects.

Extreme Bowling at Dundonald

There are also other things to do at the Dundonald International Ice Bowl, such as Ice Skating at Northern Ireland’s only public Olympic size ice rink. Younger children may enjoy Indiana Land, a jungle gym that offers plenty of fun.

Dundonald International Bowl is a perfect place for a day trip with a variety of activities that will suit different people and ages.

5. Timescape Live Escape Rooms

Another fun thing to do in Northern Ireland is to enjoy the cleverly designed escape rooms at Timescape Belfast. The escape rooms at Timescape Belfast offer people a break from ordinary life and the opportunity to step into a fascinating mystery that only you can solve.

For those that are unsure of what an escape room is, it’s basically an interactive adventure where you have an hour to complete a mission with your team/friends and escape the room. Escape rooms offer a challenging night out and an alternative way to spend your evening in Belfast.

Timescape Live Escape Rooms

From the moment you step into your game, you’ll be transported to another world. This is a perfect activity for team building, birthdays, or just something fun to do with friends.

At Timescape you can choose between three original escape rooms either Titanic – The Final Hour, Jack the Ripper – Murder Mystery, or Spellbound – A Wizards Trial. Each room offers a captivating interactive story where you have to solve hidden puzzles before the clock runs out.

Timescape is up there with the best of fun things to do in Northern Ireland.

6. Ulster Museum

One of the best places you can visit in Northern Ireland for fun and learning is the Ulster Museum. The Ulster Museum offers something for everyone; whether you are an art lover, history buff, or simply excited to discover and learn about the past, you’ll find entertainment here.

The impressive collections at the Ulster Museum will take you across Ireland and all around the world. You can come face to face with dinosaurs, get close and personal with an Egyptian mummy and enjoy the interactive discovery zones.

This is a great family fun attraction, at each discovery zone children and adults alike are encouraged to explore, discover and question the world around them. There is so much to enjoy and experience at the Ulster Museum, and best of all it is completely free to visit!

7. Slow Adventure

Next up on our list of fun things to do in Northern Ireland is Slow Adventure, a new concept that offers slow and immersive experiences in nature-rich places. Slow Adventure offers people the chance to engage with nature and partake in an activity. While you also learn about aspects of the local areas such as wildlife, produce and environment.

There are different packages to try out from the Food and Mindfulness Tour where you can explore and appreciate the outdoors in the wild spaces of the Sperrin Mountains.

Or try out the Great Foyle Canoe, Heritage and Slow Food Experience that includes a three-hour guided canoe trip by the river and a 1.5-hour slow food cooking experience and lunch. Or why not enjoy Horseback riding at Beech Hill which takes you through the gorgeous and secluded setting with a historic landscape to be discovered.

Slow Adventure offers many more great activity packages that you can take part in. Most of these packages are aimed at adults, providing a unique experience in Northern Ireland.

8. Off-road Driving at Todd’s Leap

Following Slow Adventure, we have another fun activity for you to do while you are in Northern Ireland, the off-road driving experience. Adrenaline junkies will want to experience the Todds Leap’s ultimate driving experience. At the award-winning outdoor activity centre, you’ll find many exciting activities.

Off-road driving is one of the best things you can do at Todd’s Leap as you get to tackle one of the toughest terrains imaginable in one of the available Land Rovers across a purpose-built road for a thrilling experience.

You will be guided by professional instructors as they take you through the muddy tracks, up steep hills, around twisty corners and past water hazards on a challenging eight-mile track.

Those willing to take part will be behind the wheel at all times. There is no level of driving experience or driving license required. Todds Leap also offers, ziplining, paintballing and air rifle shooting activities.

9. Titanic Belfast Discovery Tour

Looking for one of the best ways to explore some key locations and attractions around Belfast while having fun? Then check out the Titanic Belfast Discovery Tour around the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. This is one of the most unforgettable and fun things to do in Northern Ireland.

Learn how and why the Titanic ship was built and what happened in its final hours by walking the same steps of the designers and shipbuilders who brought the iconic boat to life.

The Titanic experience is an iconic part of Belfast, and by taking the tour you can learn more about the history of Belfast and how it became the city we know today.

10. Corralea Activity Centre

Next up is the Corralea Activity Centre in Fermanagh, filled with fun activities to do in Northern Ireland. One of the most enjoyable things you must try out here is the trampoline water park, an activity that the whole family will love.

The trampoline park is impressive to look at, sitting above the water level. Three trampolines all connected to different walkways provide hours of fun, where participants can bounce around and slide into the water.

You don’t need to worry about being cold as the centre will provide you will wetsuits and life jackets. If water activities aren’t your thing don’t worry because the place is filled with other great activities for you to enjoy.

You could try out the climbing wall located in the beautiful forest surroundings with different levels for different abilities, or try your hand at some Archery that is ideal for all types of people and offers lots of fun!

11. Montalto Estate

Like a fairy tale nestled in the heart of nature, Montalto Estate is a place that offers something for everyone. Everything has combined to produce an appealing scene that will warm your heart and pleasure your spirit. Together with its historical past, this location has redefined what it means to have fun and adventure.

Montalto Estate is made up of beautiful cottages combined together with outstanding buildings cut out of a solid rock face, creating a set of houses that are sure to draw your attention instantly.

Montalto Estate is a serene setting where lush gardens meet crystal-clear ponds, making for a relaxing ambience to enjoy. And the only thing that can be heard is the calm stream of water and the rustling of leaves.

Never Ending Fun in Northern Ireland

I hope this list of fun things to do in NI will help you to plan the ultimate adventurous trip here. We may be a small country but we never fail to impress anyone who visits. These fun activities in Northern Ireland are something you can enjoy whilst also exploring the amazing history and culture the country has to offer.

Have you been to any of these fun places to go in Northern Ireland? Or do you have any other recommendations? We would love to know, let us know in the comments below!

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