The Best Tourist Attractions in Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

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Best Attractions in Northern Ireland

If it isn’t already Northern Ireland needs to be on your list of places to visit in the world. As a pretty small place in comparison to many other counties, you can explore so much without having to go too far in this unique part of the world. That’s why I decided to create a list of the best tourist attractions in Northern Ireland that you must check out if you haven’t already.

Northern Ireland has so much to offer tourists with its fascinating history, cultural attractions and the welcoming nature of the locals. So keep reading to find out whats made it on my list – Your NEXT Northern Ireland trip will be sorted!

Peace Maze

The First tourist attraction in Northern Ireland that is a must-see is the amazing Peace Maze in Castlewellan Forest Park. This maze is the second largest hedge maze in the world. It was designed to celebrate the peace of Northern Ireland and a symbol of moving on from our troubled past.

At the Peace Maze, you could spend hours of fun trying to find your way out and simply enjoying the unspoilt countryside. Also located in the Castlewellan Forest Park is a beautiful Victorian castle that’s worth seeing. This forest park offers lots to see and do with the Peace Maze being the main feature, you will also find a children’s play sculpture and a variety of walking trails.

Check out the video below of the Peace Maze and Castlewellan Forest Park:

The Dark Hedges

If you are a Game Of Thrones Fan then you will know Northern Ireland is home to some iconic locations that have been used in the popular series. One very well known location is The Dark Hedges in Ballymoney, County Antrim. They are the most famous 18th-century Irish trees and since appearing on Game Of Thrones have become one of the most popular attractions in Northern Ireland.

The trees are a magnificence sight and our one highly photographed natural landscape. You might have seen them in the amazing TV show but you have to see the beauty of them up close, on your trip to Northern Ireland.

Check out video below of our trip to the famous Dark Hedges:

Belfast’s Peace Wall

You can not visit Northern Ireland without exploring the history of the iconic Peace Walls in Belfast, which are the most popular free attraction here. The Peace Walls offer you an insight into the history of this country while showcasing some amazing murals.

Many artists have turned the Peace Walls into to murals that represent the past, present and future as well as sending out a message of hope. We would also recommend going on a black taxi tour so that you can hear all about the fascinating stories surrounding the wall as told by locals.

Check out the video below of the Peace Walls:

Giants Causeway

Next is a must-see attraction in Northern Ireland, that’s known as one of the wonders of the world ‘The Giants Causeway.’ The Heritage site that offers unique rock formations and beautiful sea views is home to a lot of history and legends. The site was created through a volcanic eruption over 60 million years ago.

Now people from all over the world come to visit this attraction. You can go on a guided tour and explore the history further while enjoying the most amazing coastal scenery. This is one attraction you can’t miss out on when coming to Northern Ireland.

Check out the video below to see the more of the Giants Causeway:

Titanic Museum

Another tourist attraction in Northern Ireland that you also have to visit is the Titanic Museum that has been known as the world’s biggest Titanic visitor centre.  Located in the Titanic Quater of Belfast, It adeptly tells the story of the tragic doom of the famous Titanic.

Taking you on a journey all the way back to the construction of the Titanic and even to her conception in the early 1900s. The Museum is rich with real artefacts that will definitely draw your attention.

Check out the Titanic Museum Belfast below:

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum 

If you love to explore history and culture then The Ulster Folk and Transport in Holywood is the perfect place to visit. We love to visit this museum as it transports you back in time to what life was like in Northern Ireland over 100 years ago.

You can roam through the lovely parkland at the Folk Museum and meet some costumed locals and try your hand at traditional crafts. Or check out one of the most amazing transport collections in Europe including cars, vintage transport and horse-drawn carriages. This museum makes a great day out for the family, where you will uncover lots of history while having plenty of fun.

Check out the video below to see more of the Folk and Transport Museum:

Crumlin Road Gaol

Next on our list of the best attractions in Northern Ireland for tourists to visit is The Crumlin Road Gaol. The Crumlin Road Gaol located on the Crumlin road was once a jail full of a deep dark history that has now been transformed into a tourist attraction. A wonderful Belfast tour full of facts, history, culture and plenty of drama -17 men have been executed over its 150-years of history.

During the tour, you will see what prison life was like through the ages as well as the dark secrets that lie within. Definitely something different and interesting to check out. Around Halloween time they do theme paranormal events that are very popular and a bit scary- not for the easily scared but still lots of fun.

Check out the video below to see inside the historic jail:

Dunluce Castle

Another tourist attraction in Northern Ireland that’s not to be missed is the incredible Dunluce Castle in County Antrim. This beautiful ancient castle located on the edge of a cliff hold so much history and offers amazing views of the North Coast.

Game of Thrones fan’s out there will be interested in seeing this castle up close, as it has been using in the popular Television. So if your planning to go up to the North Coast of Antrim make sure this on your list of things to see, you’ll regret it if you don’t. 🙂

Cushendun Caves

The last attraction we’ve picked out that is also one of Northern Ireland’s hidden gems is Cushendun Caves in County Antrim. Cushendun itself is a small coastal village between Cushendall and Ballycastle with a lovely beach and some nice restaurants. Well worth a stop if passing by. The road north along the coast from the village gives amazing viewpoints. The Cushendun Caves are an amazing piece of history that was formed over 400 years ago.

Check out the video below to explore the amazing caves:

Northern Ireland is a beautiful place to visit with a variety of things to see and do from historical landmarks to cultural attractions and so much more. I hope this list will inspire you to come to visit Northern Ireland and check out all the brilliant things we have to offer.

These are just some of the great tourist attractions in Northern Ireland but there are many attractions we haven’t covered that you may wish to check out such as Bushmills Distillery, Tollymore Forest Park, Ulster Museum, City Hall Belfast, St. George’s Market, Peace Bridge.

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