Best Northern Ireland Tours

Updated On: November 07, 2023

Best Northern Ireland Tours

Are you planning a trip to Northern Ireland soon and looking for things to do? Well, there are many great Northern Ireland tours that you can enjoy. These Northern Ireland tours are a great way to learn about the cities you’re visiting, popular attractions and a way to meet others interested in the same things.

Tourism is booming in Northern Ireland and these tours offer a more personal approach to all the things that are amazing about this country. Especially if you’re visiting on your own these Northern Ireland tours will be very helpful to guide you around the enriching history and culture of the place.

Check out our list of Best Northern Ireland Tours below that you should consider going on if you want to have the best experience in the North of Ireland.

1. Black Taxi Tours

First up on our list of Northern Ireland Tours is the Northern Ireland Black Taxi Tours. This tour company offers a variety of guided tours. If you are planning on spending time in Belfast, we highly recommend going on the Belfast Black Taxi Tours.

Belfast Taxi Tours are a great way to learn about this vibrant and historic city. Now that there is Peace in the city, the tour takes visitors on the political guide to famous areas in Belfast. Such as the Falls Road, Shankill Road and the famous Peace Wall. All which have played an important role in the history of the city.

The tour is told by local taxi drivers who recognise that it’s important to tell both sides of the history of Belfast. Providing an unbiased manner to visitors.

No one knows the city better than the local taxi drivers. Offering you a personal and informative look at the city that you won’t get anywhere else.

Personalised Tour of Belfast

What’s great about the Belfast Black Taxi tours is that they tailor it to you and your interests. Whatever you’d like to find out more about in Belfast they’ll make sure to include it in the tour, so that it’s personal to you.

Drivers will even pick you up at specific locations and drop you at your desired located when the tour is over. And if you’re not sure where to go, the drivers are full of suggestions that might interest you.

NI Black Taxi Tours also specialise in providing Mural tours taking you through both sides of Belfast, revealing the best and culturally relevant Murals found in the city.

The murals tell a unique story about the city that you’ll want to find more about. Many of the murals have been created by local artist giving visitors an insight into the political, cultural and social issues in Belfast.

Northern Ireland Black Taxi Tours

They also offer Northern Ireland Black Taxi Tours if you wish to explore more areas around this incredible country.

This Northern Ireland tour takes visitors around some of the most popular attractions found here. From one of the world’s natural wonders, the Giant’s Causeway, to the world-famous Bushmills Distillery, to the iconic Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge.

This personal Northern Ireland tour is one of the best ways to experience the country’s beauty while getting a running commentary about the landmarks you come across. This tour will provide you with the local knowledge of the sites, giving you a uniquely culturally insight into Northern Ireland.

Most of all this Northern Ireland tour guide is fun and they pride themselves on being informative and light-hearted. They have also been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

2. Game of Thrones Tours

Next up on our list of the Best Northern Ireland tours, is one fan’s of Game of Thrones will love. If you didn’t already know many of the filming locations of Game of Thrones take place right here in Northern Ireland.

Through the Game of Thrones tour, visitors get to experience and explore all the different locations that appear on the show.

This tour takes you to remote locations such as old forests, along sea cliffs, hidden beaches, caves and medieval ruins. Not only will you be captivated by the beautiful Northern Irish scenery, but you also get a great insight into the show, cast and filming.

The Game of Thrones tour offers tours from four locations; Belfast, Derry, Dublin and Tollymore. The Belfast tour includes the Winterfell location Trek and the Iron Island Giant’s Cause & Rope Bridge Adventure.

The Belfast Winterfell location Trek is a coach tour but includes two location treks. One at the beautiful Castle Ward and one at the enchanting Tollymore forest. Two popular filming locations in Game of Thrones. The second tour takes you around the north coast landmarks of Northern Ireland.

This is a must experience for anyone who is a true fan of Game of Thrones. A unique opportunity to see how your favourite show was brought to life. And fully immerse yourself into the stunning landmarks you come across in Northern Ireland.

3. Belfast City Sightseeing Tour

Another great way to experience the best of Belfast is through the Belfast City Sightseeing Bus Tour. It’s the only open top bus tour in Belfast that is highly rated by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. The hop-on/hop-off bus tour provides visitors with a comprehensive look at Belfast, exploring all areas of the city and its unique features.

This city tour operates seven days a week and most tours last around one hour and thirty minutes. As well as offering multiple lingual services in different languages including French, Spanish and Mandarin.

This is a great way to immerse yourself into the city, as you get the best view of all; from the top of an open bus. Get to know all about the history of the city and visit over 30 locations in Belfast on this tour.

Hop off at any attractions that interest you the most to fully enrich your experience and get some of those must tourist photos to remember your time here.

4. NI Food Tours

One of our personal favourite Northern Ireland Tours is the Northern Ireland Food Tours. Whether you are visiting for the first time or live here, get to know all the good food and drinking places on this tour.

This Northern Ireland tour mainly focuses around the County Down area. Which has more award-winning restaurants than anywhere else in Northern Ireland.

This food tour is led by local lady Tracey who will tell you all about the great local producers and their tasty produce. You will get to sample some of the best food and drink in the Country, from whiskey to wheaten bread and all things Northern Irish.

You’ll even get to enjoy a meal at one of the local award-winning restaurants on this tour. You can try baking some Irish Bread with Tracey at her cottage on the beautiful shores of Strangford Lough. Or check out the Mournes Food tours where you’ll get to travel and experience the amazing tastes of the Mourne Mountains.

If you enjoy food tasting tours then we also recommend the ‘Taste and Tour Belfast’. This tour takes you on a four-hour, fun-filled food guide to some of the best spots around the centre of Belfast.

Stopping at places like St. Georges Market and Cathedral Quarter, two popular places in the city. Experience some great local food and drink along the way.

5.Titanic Discovery Tour

Next up on our guide to the best Northern Ireland Tours is the Titanic Discovery Tour in Belfast. It’s a one-hour walking tour that gives you an insight into the famous story of the Titanic.

You’ll get the unique opportunity to walk around the Titanic Slipway and take a trip inside the world-renown Titanic Museum.

On the Titanic Discovery tour, you’ll get to hear personal stories about the Titanic. Learn about its concept and how it was built including fascinating facts and features.

Visitors will get to stand where the Titanic once did and celebrate its architectural wonder. This tour also offers an insight into the bigger Titanic Quarter and its incredible regeneration over the last few years.

The Titanic Tour ends with a visit to Titanic Belfast where you will get to explore its nine interactive galleries. This is an insightful tour that anyone with an interest in Titanic will enjoy the experience.

This is something that’s unique to Northern Ireland that you won’t get anywhere else. So, make sure you don’t miss this tour while in Belfast.

6. Lough Neagh Tours

Why not immerse yourself into the history and heritage around one of Northern Ireland’s lakes, with a Lough Neagh Tour.

Lough Neagh Tours offers people a chance to experience the folklore and special wildernesses of Lough Neagh. You get to experience the natural landscape, meet locals and try some of its culinary delights.

The Lough Neagh tours offer many different tours that will interest different people. One is the ‘Craic ‘N Food and Drink Tour’ where you can enjoy amazing food and drink in areas that surround Lough Neagh. A must try for all you foodie lovers out there, you’ll get to meet local fisherman and try traditionally cooked food.

Then there is the ‘Shanes Castle Tour’ that takes you around the ancient ruins of Shane Castle; you get to hear all about its fascinating history. It was also one of The Games of Thrones filming location.

Another Lough Neagh tour is the ‘Wilderness Adventure tour’ where you’ll learn how to survive on Lough Neagh like early men once did. Perfect for anyone wanting to escape from modern life and get back to a simpler time.

7.Derry Guided Tours

After you have experienced all the great tours that Belfast offers head to Derry, the city of culture for more great guided tours.

Derry Guided Tours company offers those visiting the city a unique and factual political and historical tour. Your tour guides are local people who have been affected by conflict in the city. They offer to give visitors an unbiased, in-depth tour of Derry City. Their own unique perspective on the city makes for a more personal and engaging tour.

Derry Guided tours provide a range of different Derry tours to suit whatever you’re interested in. From Derry walking tours, mural tours and political tours. Even custom tours of Derry and Donegal can be arranged if you want to explore further.

Bloody Sunday – Bogside Mural Tour

One of the popular tours they provide is the Bloody Sunday- Bogside murals tours. Taking visitors into the heart of the Bogside District of Derry. This area played a huge role in the conflict of Ireland.

The 90-minute tour takes you to the Free Derry Wall and around the Bogside Murals. It will explore the key periods of history in Derry.

West Donegal and Highland Tour

We also recommend checking out their West Donegal and Highlands Tour. The tour begins in Derry and takes you into the beautiful County Donegal. For a full day of exploring West Donegal and Highlands.

On this Northern Ireland tour, you’ll get to learn more on the history of the area and experience the lovely villages and towns in County Donegal. You’ll get to visit Letterkenny, one of the largest towns in the county and enjoy its great landscapes.

You will also visit Poison Glen and Gweedore Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area) which offers amazing photo opportunities and breath-taking views.

8.Ulster Whiskey Tour

Last on our list of the best Northern Ireland tours is the Ulster Whiskey Tour, for any drink lovers out there. The history of Whiskey in Ulster is very special, its home to the oldest distillery in the world and has played a part in the story of Whiskey. The Ulster Whiskey Tour provides tailored tasting tours around the various location in Ulster.

Tour guide Marty McAuley will take visitors around the history of Whiskey in Northern Ireland both past and present.

You get to experience the modern Irish Whiskey scene, try some delicious whiskeys and find out the perfect foods to wash down with a glass of Whiskey.

There are three different Whiskey and tasting tours to choose from ‘the Irish Whiskey Tasting at McHugh’s Bar’, ‘Campbelltown Boat Trip’ and ‘Islay Boat Trip.’ All tours are fun and light-hearted and just about enjoy some great Irish Whiskey responsibly.

We hope these Northern Ireland Tours will provide you with things to do when you are visiting the country. Whether you are a history buff, culture fanatic or foodie lover then Northern Ireland has many amazing tours to suit your interests.

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