As we approach the middle of April, many Games of Thrones fans will be very excited for the new and final series of the hit show premiering on the 14th of April on HBO. Although it is sad the amazing show is ending, there is an exciting Game of Thrones attraction coming to Northern Ireland.

Check out the Season 8 trailer of Game of Thrones below:

Thrilling New Game of Thrones Attractions

A former studio in Northern Ireland is being transformed by HBO into a Game of Thrones Studio Tour. Fans of the show can continue to live out their Game of Thrones fantasies through this highly anticipated tour.

The Game of Thrones Studio Tour will be a fun interactive exhibition showcasing the amazing world of the show. Fan’s will get to experience iconic sets from the show through the studio exhibitions. Along with the incredible costumes worn by their favourite characters. Not forgetting the weapons and many other interesting props that will be on display.

On the Game of Thrones Studio Tour, it will also take fans through the technical aspects involved in bringing the fantasy world to life.

When and Where is the Game of Thrones Studio Tour?

It’s expected that by spring 2020, the Game of Thrones Studio Tour will officially open. Mark your calendars Game of Thrones Fans. This will be everything and more you could ever imagine!

The new Game of Thrones attraction will be located in the famous Linen Mills Studio in Banbridge. A short 30-minute drive from Northern Ireland’s Capital city, Belfast. The 110,000 square foot space will feature all the behind-the-scene-secrets of Game of Thrones with many interactive elements to enjoy.

The Linen Mill Studios is where some icons scenes from the show have been shot such as Winterfell, Castle Black and several sea battles.

HBO had the following to say regarding the new attraction coming to Northern Ireland:

“feature a deeply immersive and sensory experience as well as a first-of-its-kind collection of informative displays highlighting the production spaces and craftsmanship and artistry of the creative teams who brought the epic series to life.”

The Warner Bro’s Harry Potter studio tour in London has inspired the new Game of Thrones Studio Tour. So if you have experienced the Harry Potter Tour, this will be just as amazing, if not better!

The Game of Thrones Studio Tour is first in a series of “Game of Throne’s Legacy” projects that was announced by HBO.

Game of Thrones Legacy

Although the show is ending, HBO is making sure the legacy of the show will never be forgotten. To keep the show alive HBO is making sure to celebrate the amazing legacy in Northern Ireland.

Many of the Northern Irish filming locations are being transformed into exciting tourist attractions. This will be the first time ever fans of the show will get the opportunity to visit some of the popular sets from Game of Thrones.

These Game of Thrones Legacy attractions will be on whole other level, bigger and better than the public has seen before. This will offer Game of Thrones fans a unique opportunity to set foot into iconic locations of the show.

Each location with feature amazing sets and a variety of exhibits including props, costumes, weapons, art files, models and more. The experience will also be enhanced by the incredible state of the art digital content & and interactive displays.

What locations will be transformed into these tourist attractions are yet to be announced. But HBO will consider some of the popular locations such as Winterfell, Castle Black and Kings Landing.

The Legacy of the Show Continuous

So no fear not Game of Thrones fan, the show may be ending but the celebrating and legacy is still very much alive.

Are you excited for the new Game of Thrones Studio Tour? or any of Game of Thrones Legacy attractions? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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