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Irish Adventure Activities

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Here at ConnollyCove, we have created an Irish adventure guide to all the exciting and thrilling outdoor adventure activities you can enjoy in Ireland.

The Emerald island may be renown for its stunning scenery but its a place where you can take part in activities such as a mesmerising canoeing starlight experiences, heart-wrenching skydiving, coasteering along the gorgeous Irish coast, pier jumping and so much more.

What better way to experience the great Irish outdoors than through these magnificent once in lifetime activities.

Keep reading to find out the most unmissable outdoor adventure activities in Ireland

Sea Kayaking Adventure

Enjoy an unforgettable sea kayaking experience in the beautiful Dingle harbour in County Kerry. This Irish adventure activity runs from March to October, lasting around three hours long.

Of course, there are many places in Ireland that you can go kayaking but at the Dingle harbour, you may meet its famous visitor, Fungie the Dolphin on your sea excursion, who is very friendly and loves to interact with people.

Not only that but on this sea kayaking experience, you will get to explore the hidden caves in the Dingle Bay. From the moment you set off from the harbour, the fresh Irish sea air will hit you and take you on a truly captivating journey in the Irish sea.

This adventure trip is suitable for all ages and experiences as you’ll be guided by friendly experts who want nothing more than for you to have a fun time.

Experience the Adrenaline of SkyDiving

Sky diving is something you can do in nearly every county you visit in the world, but nowhere offers as many spectacular views as Ireland does.

With the Irish Parachute Club, you can truly immerse yourself in the Irish landscape from above as you jump an incredible 13,000 feet from a plane. Sky diving is an exciting activity for those you dare to do something different in Ireland that will stay with them for a lifetime.

At the Irish Parachute Club, you can skydive as young as 16 years old with the help of expert guides, who have years of training and experience in this exhilarating adventure activity. Enjoy the thrill of falling at around 200 km per as you get to enjoy the most stunning of sceneries in Ireland.

Coasteering on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

An unmissable outdoor adventure activity in Ireland is to live life on the edge by coasteering in Ireland’s captivating coastlines. With Epic Ireland you can do just that with a fun combination of swimming, climbing, snorkelling and jumping into the Atlantic Ocean in Connemara, Galway.

Connemara is home to the most breathtaking coastal landscapes that include valleys, and lakes; acting as the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled adventure activity in Ireland.

Check out the video below from Epic Ireland, offering a glimpse into what you will experience on an exciting coasteering trip in Ireland. The Irish landscape offers one of the best places to really appreciate coasteering, like never before.

A Starlight Canoeing Trip

The next Irish adventure activity to add to your Irish bucket list is an unforgettable nighttime canoeing trip in West Cork’s secret marine lake.

Tour guide ‘Atlantic Sea Kayaking offer something that is truly breathtaking as you experience the calm waters and the famous bioluminescence of the area as you travel from dusk into darkness.

On this unique trip, there will be moments where you’ll be gasping for words as the beauty is incredible, to say the least. From the blissful sound of the sea birds to the stunning water sunset as well as the dazzling rising moon and shining stars; there are many mesmerising moments on the Irish adventure activity.

Stand -Up Paddle Boarding

This Irish adventure activity has become one of the popular growing sports in Ireland and the world; there are more places than ever to enjoy this activity. What makes stand up paddle boarding different from other water sports is that its all about appreciating your surroundings.

It’s also not as difficult as you would expect and the Irish coastline is littered with brilliant spots to craft your skills and be inspired by the exceptional Irish landscape.

We recommend trying stand up paddle boarding with ‘Adventure One’ who will help you to get the most out of the experience, as you join them on a scenic trip around Donegal’s most epic areas such as the Portsalon caves and shipwrecks along with the Pollet Arch.

Scuba Diving in the Irish Sea

The Irish ocean is filled with spectacular sea life, flora and unmissable sights that will leave you amazed. With the tour provider ‘Extreme Sports” you can scuba dive in many areas around Ireland including Donegal, Derry, Wicklow and Dublin.

Scuba diving in Ireland is unlike anything else, as you get to interact and discover a unique underwater ecosystem that will make you wish you lived underwater yourself.

‘Extreme Sports’ offer well-respected scuba diving courses undertaken by professional divers, who will not only educate you about the underwater life in Ireland but make sure you have lots of enjoyment doing so.

Ireland is a brilliant place to visit if you are looking for an exhilarating adventure that you’ll not quickly forget. So what are you waiting for, get planning your Irish adventure now, because there is so much to discover on the Emerald Island.

Have you ever tried any one of these exciting Irish adventure activities?

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