6 Countries Europeans Travel to in the Summer

Europeans Travel to in the Summer

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Wondering where Europeans travel to in the summer? In this article, we have created a run-down of the most visited destinations in Europe by Europeans to help you plan your perfect break and choose the right time and country for your long-awaited vacation.

Non-Europeans come to Europe in the summer to enjoy the best beaches, optimal weather, and glorious places. The continent has a lot for you, especially in the summer. It’s the favourite season to go wild and head to hidden gems, Virgin Islands, and sun-soaked destinations. But what about Europeans themselves?Where do Europeans travel in the summer?

In this blog, we will unveil where Europeans travel to in the summer and other interesting facts.

Where Europeans Travel To in the Summer: Most Visited Destinations

Europeans Travel to in the Summer

According to different travel statistics published by Eurostat, Spain, Italy, and Greece are the most visited countries by Europeans who decide to spend their vacation outside their country. However, this year, you can find new trendy destinations that captured Europeans’ attention, such as Scandinavia, according to the European Travel Commission.

The same publication reported that 10% of Europeans lost interest in visiting the Mediterranean. Moreover, according to Expedia Group, German travellers showed interest in shifting their plans to visit more distinguished European countries, such as Norway. Based on the same report, underrated countries such as Sweden and Latvia have gained more popularity among other tourist destinations in 2023.

New summertime destinations include Estonia and Scotland. However, the typical European tours still dominate the most-visited countries in Europe. So, if you’re still wondering where Europeans travel to in the summer, here is the question.


France illustration

Europeans love going to Europe. The numbers say that. The countries that most visitors to France come from are Belgium, the UK, and the Netherlands. That’s absolutely for a reason.

One is that France is one of Europe’s prettiest, sunniest places. France has so much to offer. Travellers can explore its unique beaches, tasteful landmarks, and glorious history or even have a cup of coffee while munching on a croissant under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. It’s worth noting that it’s not just about Paris; the country has different regions with authentic experiences. 

The most-visited places in France:

  • Disneyland Paris
  •  Avignon
  •  Mont Saint Michel
  •  Carcassonne
  •  Le Havre

How much do people spend on their vacation in France?

People tend to spend, on average, €233 ($254) per day; however, they have to allocate around €42 ($46) on meals. 

How many days do people stay in France for vacation?

People plan to stay in France for around one week to 10 days to explore many areas.


One of the most sought-after spots in Europe, Spain is a perfect destination for vacationers worldwide, even if it turns out to get quite busy. Europeans travel to Spain in the summer for beautiful landmarks, historical attractions, scenic landscapes, and walks around cities and towns to treat their eyes to elegant architecture and inspiring art.

Most of Europeans still prefer flying to Spain. According to Spain’s travel statistics, the UK is the main source of travellers to Spain, with over 1.8 million people. 

The most-visited places in Spain:

  • The Alhambra
  •  Detail of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  •  Great Mosque of Cordoba
  •  Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
  •  Burgos Cathedral

How much do people spend on their vacation in Spain?

If you plan to visit Spain shortly, be ready to spend roughly €150 ($165) per day based on other travellers’ experience in the country.

Spain illustration

How many days do people stay in Spain for vacation?

According to Statista, people stay around eight nights in Spain for a vacation. It seems enough if you build your itinerary to explore only the hottest holiday destinations. Otherwise, you might need more than 10 days off for off-the-beaten-track activities.


What is the first thing that strikes your mind when hearing about a summer vacation in Europe?

For us, it’s Italy. For Europeans, it’s Italy as well. According to Italy’s travel statistics, Germany is the primary country of residence for travellers in Italy.

This country’s magic is hard to beat. Each spot has something for each type of tourist. You will never be in shortage of vacation ideas in Italy, from historical grandeur, unspoiled countryside, picturesque mountains, and FOOD!

The most-visited places in Italy:

How much do people spend on their vacations in Italy?

This trip seems to set you back €150 ($215) per day) based on other tourists visiting Italy this summer. However, you can minimise this budget if you avoid seeing it in its high season (June to August).

How many days do people stay in Italy for vacation?

People plan to stay for a week in Italy; however, you recommend extending your vacation to more than 10 days. Italy is one of the best summer destinations in the world—not just in Europe. 


One of the favourite European summer destinations for Europeans, Germany welcomes 10.27 million travellers only from the Netherlands, according to Statista. The report explained that Poland and the United Kingdom ranked fourth and third among the leading countries where travellers to Germany came from.

So Germany is a country that Europeans travel to in the summer, even though travel pros advise against that. (They often tell you to postpone your vacation to fall or late spring to take advantage of affordable prices, beat the crowds and keep yourself away from extreme temperatures.) 

Germany hosts a bunch of the best places and cities where you can enjoy yourself, thanks to its warm temperature, themed parks, walking tours, and a wide range of museums. Unlike the rest of the continent, the country has a unique atmosphere. Whether you’re travelling with your kids or planning to have some me time while having a tour around traditional bars and sampling the finest food, there is no shortage of things to do in Germany.

The most-visited places in Germany:

  • Sanssouci Palace and Gardens
  •  Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)
  •  Cologne Cathedral
  •  Neuschwanstein Castle
  •  The Munich Residenz

How much do people spend on their vacations in Germany?

Expect to spend everything between €47 ($50) and €140 ($150). And, of course, you need to consider other travel expenses such as flights, transportation, and meals. The good news is that Germany is brimming with attractions and budget activities, so you can tailor it based on your preferences. 

How many days do people stay in Germany for vacation?

Most travellers spend up to 10 days in Germany. However, you can stay in Germany for a week if you’re on a budget. It’s enough to hit all the postcard places with plenty of summer sunshine. Just plan ahead to look at its irresistible historical attractions and cultural experiences. 

United Kingdom

United Kingdom illustration

Summer is a popular time to visit the United Kingdom, especially England. It’s a fancy destination to dive into the empirical ambience. The United States contributes the most to the tourism industry; however, if we zoom in, we can see that France and Germany follow the American visitors. 

England can surprise you with stunning beaches, iconic attractions, the largest parks, shopping centres, natural scenery, and beautiful ice cream shopsYes, it’s summer!

And unbelievable countryside, just make sure to write it down on your bucket list to explore next summer! It’s impossible to get enough from England!

Outdoor and indoor activity lovers rave about memorable places waiting for them. And that’s why it’s one of the most-visited countries in the world. 

The most-visited places in England:

How much do people spend on their vacations in England?

England is a perfect place for a summer destination. There is no doubt about it. But it’s slightly expensive. You can expect to spend €180 ($193) per day. However, it varies depending on how far you go. 

How many days do people stay in England for vacation?

England is an absolute summer destination everyone puts on their itinerary when travelling to Europe. England has retained its charm throughout history with gorgeous cities, vibrant outdoor eateries, islands, art, and imposing architecture.

You have a lot to do there. To make the most of your vacation while exploring your dream place, you can stay there for at least 10 days based on travellers’ recommendations.  


Going to Greece in summer means you don’t need to bundle up—just your swimsuit. It’s all about beach time! Almost all Greek islands turn out to be ultra-packed during the summer. However, they’re still beloved by Europeans, especially Brits.

In 2019, according to Statista, 4.5 million British travellers came to Greece to enjoy the beautiful perks of a romantic getaway. 

The most-visited places in Greece:

  • Acropolis
  •  Acropolis Museum
  •  Santorini
  •  Mykonos
  •  Delphi

How much do people spend on their vacation in Greece?

Greek illustration

Greece is a magnificent, wild place that has something for every travel enthusiast. Greece can also be explored on your budget; skip the most popular islands mentioned above (Santorini and Mykonos). Instead, plan to take off to discover Sifnos, Serifos, and Anafi. Eventually, Greece will charge you €155 ($169) per day.  

How many days do people stay in Greece for vacation?

You can stay in Greece for only three days if you want to have only a summer vacation on one of its breathtaking islands. However, the country has many opportunities for activities. Don’t hesitate to do that if you have time and money to stay longer and hope to have more authentic experiences. Travellers recommend waiting a week in Greece to uncover archaeological sites in Athens and on multiple islands. 

Where do most Europeans go on vacation?

According to N26, Southern Europe is where Europeans travel to in the summer. However, half of Europeans, mainly from Spain and Italy, plan to spend their vacations domestically. As the second option, the respondents said they would explore Northern Europe. What about other continents like Australia, the United States, or New Zealand?
No, Europeans don’t prefer to go overseas. And, of course, the long distance and insufficient yearly leave are to blame.

What country do Europeans visit the most?

Eurostat says over 58% of Europeans prefer to stay in their own country during the summer, while 26% plan to visit another EU-union country. The other 16% might go to Asia (4%), another European country (4%), North America (3%), Africa (2%), Central and South America (2%), and Oceania (1%).
Spain, Italy, and France are the top destinations visited by Europeans. 
Let’s go beyond Europe to discover where Europeans travel in the summer. We will see the US and Turkey capture the attention of European travellers who love to head to different destinations. 

Where is the best place to go in Europe in the summer?

There is no short answer to knowing the best place to go in Europe in summer. However, it all depends on the experience you’re seeking. Do you need a relaxed sojourn with a view over the blue ocean, or do you need to explore curated archaeological spots to get historical insights? Need adventurous outdoor activities? Summer European destinations can provide you with all of that.
Even though we encourage you to explore the brightest, less-known countries, such as Montenegro, especially Kotor, it’s a majestic bay with undisputed and prettiest landscapes- absolutely worth a visit.
Also, you need to head to Costa Brava, a chic, sun-soaked coastal city. It’s located in Spain, but it’s a surprising spot where you can enjoy clear water, swimming activities, and fresh, mouthwatering cuisine.
So be bold when choosing your European summer destination, and don’t just get stuck with popular, trendy places.

Which European country has the best summer weather?

Visiting the hottest destinations in Europe, such as Spain, France, and Italy, has long been an irresistible procession. 
But before trekking to Europe, you need to check out the weather forecast. Summer and Europe always go better together; however, the heat might only save your vacation if you set your expectations. 
For example, the weather in Italy might reach 38–42 °C in the summer. 
Would you like to be there in such weather?
Otherwise, there are European countries where you can enjoy the best summer weather, such as Northern Ireland, where nothing would be better than exploring its stunning landscapes. The average temperature there is 18.3 °C in July. 
Would you like to be there in such weather in the summer?
So, it all depends on your preference. The general rule of thumb is to go where the temperature is mild, ranging between 27°C – 32°C, which you can find in Switzerland, Norway, Malta, and others.

Now that you know where Europeans prefer to spend their summer and the best attractions there, we hope we’ve provided you with everything you need to know before booking your next flight.

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