All You Need to Know Before Travelling to Netherlands, Top Things to do, Important Tips

Updated On: November 07, 2023


A place where you can start a new part of your life, no words can describe how the beautiful Netherlands is. It’s a dreamy destination for everyone in the world, even you (I know, you don’t have to tell me anything; it’s apparent). And anyone planning a weekend trip to Europe should be sure to put this paradise on their itinerary.

Whether you will travel in a group or as a backpacker, this country is just idyllic for every traveler’s type. Call it a country of windmills, bikes, culinary, hospitality, but I call it a country of freedom.

You will be pleased simply by meandering through the streets, wondering your tour guide to enlighten you to the city’s history. If you have always dreamed of visiting the Netherlands and don’t want from where you should get started and where you can stay, and what attractions you should not miss, you have already landed on the right page.

We have made this insider guide to answer all of your questions. (Spoilers: much good stuff is on your way, which will push you to pick the first flight to the Netherlands right now). 

But first, let me explain why you should be so excited about heading to this beautiful country.

Vibrant flowers and bicycle bike on a bridge of Amsterdam in the early evening, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Netherlands?

It seems a daunting task to cover all the reasons behind anyone’s desire to visit the Netherlands. But we tried to narrow it down to cover the most strong motivation with the aim of helping you make your decision to come here (I bet you will be fully convinced after reading this part that the Netherlands is just about good vibes).

  • No Cars in the Netherlands, Just Bikes

Bikes are my thing, but I was unable to find a spot where I could ride my pinky bike around the streets of my hometown, perhaps due to the dense population of people and vehicles in my city or the fact that it’s not a common pastime there. I lack the courage to take on this challenge by myself.

In the Netherlands, I tackle this issue because biking is a big part of everyday life. Simply riding your bicycle or taking advantage of the complimentary bicycles available in designated bike lanes will suffice to transport you around.

What makes biking in Dutch cities so appealing is not just that you will save money by riding everywhere for free and that you will be able to see more of your surroundings and that they are pollution-free.

  • Holland Tulips are a Piece of Paradise

Let’s address the nitty-gritty of the Netherland’s beauty; its tulips. Whether you are new to the world or have traveled extensively and seen a variety of attractive surroundings, Holland tulips are incredible, vivid, and everything in between. One of the most beautiful gardens in the world offering a city break from the commotion filled to the brim in the globe is Keukenhof, with a variety of more than 800 different kinds of tulips.

You just need to know that you’ll be alright if you want to come here to admire these gorgeous tulips because it’s a lifetime experience while a gentle breeze is blowing and crossing between purple, orange, red, blue, and even colors I can not label. Whether you want to come to the Netherlands to clear your mind from stress, or you just search for a fun vacation, you will get what you want. 

The countryside of the Netherlands is out-of-the-world
  • The Right Location for Rural Experience

No place in the world will offer you a rural vacation like the Netherlands. Forget about all the rural communities you have been to before; small Dutch villages will make you believe that it’s what farming and plantations should be like. And there is no surprise to know that there are cycle paths in almost every village here.

Just imagine that you will take in the extensive scenic landscapes while riding a bike. Exceptional, right?

That’s why you are so mistaken if you think that the Netherlands is just Amsterdam. The genuine beauty is hidden in the countryside. And we encourage you to make the most of your time by embarking on an exhilarating expedition to see as many small towns as you possibly can since you will come across gorgeous vintage buildings, crystal clear waterways, and people with golden hearts.

  • Decent History and Rich Heritage

Suppose you are determined to visit the Netherlands searching for historical landmarks and exploring rich museums, congratulations! You made such a superb decision. This European country has a lot in store for history buffs ranging from splendid museums, historical sites, and other ancient attractions. Going back to the Roman empire, the Netherlands is home to different historical sightseeings deployed in Amsterdam since the Spanish and the Austrians occupied it. That’s why you will find a trace from other civilizations; all of them have created the Dutch magic making it an unparalleled nation.

Most importantly, the Netherlands has made significant progress in coping with new techniques blending their old heritage with high-end quality of life. Moreover, it comes as no surprise that Dutch people are the wealthiest people on the planet, which can be attributed to their agricultural wealth. Furthermore, whether you are a female solo traveler or a family vacationing in the Netherlands, you can rest assured that you are in highly safe surroundings and thanks to the severe law enforcement system. 

People are buying snacks in the Netherlands’ attractions
  • People are the Kindness Ever

As we promise you, this journey will remain etched in your memory forever. And now, one of the most compelling reasons to include this place on your bucket list is its people and tranquil atmosphere.

We know, You have already fallen in love with the Netherlands since watching the Fault in Our Stars movie. However, this country has far more to offer than you might imagine. Wherever you meander through the Netherlands, you will feel a peaceful setting oozing from every nook and cranny, starting from big cities to small towns.

You will detect how people take life as it is, and I believe this is one of the most critical factors why the Dutch are decent and prosperous. The general atmosphere in the Netherlands is upbeat and cheerful. For this reason, it consistently ranks among the finest places to live in terms of overall quality of life.

  • A Wide Range of Lovely Beaches

The Netherlands is a diverse country with something for everyone. Perhaps it will seem redundant, but you will never be disappointed if you follow me this time. Boasting several renowned sandy beaches, the Netherlands is always an excellent gateway for relaxation and stretching in the sun-kissed shores. It offers a wide array of facilities, ranging from quintessential outdoor activities for avid voyagers and thrilling watersports- sailing, surfing, scuba diving, and kayaking in the summer months.

However, in winter, you can find other exhilarating activities, like dipping your toes in the sand, kite flyers, or riding on the beach buggy and indulging yourself in heart-thumping adventures. That’s said, Dutch people are passionate about life and will go to any length to ensure that they enjoy every second of it.

Additionally, the Netherlands gives you the ultimate access to experience “strandpaviljoen” or beach pavilions where you can order a lip-smacking cuisine or enjoy a glass of Dutch beer.

Breathtaking nature in the Netherlands
  • Pristine Islands with Fabulous Nature

If you plan to come here in the summer, you are invited to treat yourself to its dozens of attractive islands. This location always works out for everyone searching for a sheer hilarious experience. Besides its verdant parks, mountains copped with green spaces, and virgin charm, these islands host many fun events in the summer, attracting visitors globally to relieve their turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, and picturesque scenery.

Also, you may detect the surrounding region and lose yourself in a jungle excursion to get up close and personal with the erratic wildlife. The only thing we need to address here is to join a group if you want to dig deeper in the forests to ensure travel stress-free.

Another thing we should mention in our epic guide to help you travel smart is not to assume that the weather will be great even in the summer season. Well, let me give you a little advice. Always remember to pack a raincoat while preparing your backpack for the Dutch kingdom, especially if you plan to travel outside of the city.

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to the Netherlands

Do you have any plans to travel to the Netherlands in the near future?

Please hold on a moment; there are many things you should consider before traveling anywhere. And because the Netherlands is more than just bicycles and the orange identity, we’ve compiled a list of don’ts when traveling through the country.

The wonderful architecture of Amsterdam. White fluffy clouds over Leaning Houses Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“When visiting a country such as the Netherlands, master the art of time management so that you can see all of the must-see attractions!”

  • Don’t Worry About Communication in the Netherlands

Let alone your misconceptions about the Netherlands; people here are sophisticated and can communicate in English so well. And don’t think for one moment if you should ask a local about directions or his recommendations of the best restaurants. Almost all Dutch people will be happy to help you and demonstrate their unrivaled command of the English language.

Furthermore, it is vital to note that Dutch, not German, is the official language in this country. As a result, learning a little bit of the native tongue would be an excellent way to express your admiration for their culture, especially when you consider the fact that Dutch is one of the most straightforward languages to learn if you are a native speaker of English.

  • Your Credit Card is Most Probably Not Accepted

Whether you depend on credit or debit cards, it’s more likely to be not accepted in the Netherlands. That’s because the most common card here is the Maestro Card, and it is not widely used in the rest of the world. Generally, Visa is commonly used by foreigners, and you can spot some stores that are welcome to any debit card, and American Express can be rarely used in some markets. Big malls can be more with all kinds of cards.

Anyway, before buying anything, ask about which cards can be accepted to avoid any awkwardness. 

So, be always ready to pay cash, and you can exchange your currency from any ATMs that you will find quickly across the country. For specific, you can search for ABN AMRO or ING on Google maps to get the nearest machine to your location.

Christmas time at Alsterfleet and the City hall in Hamburg at night. Beautiful illuminated downtown, city center.
  • Don’t Expect to Find a Bustling Nightlife 

Dutch people don’t prefer to spend their night out, and most stores are closed at 6:00 pm. Some groceries and Voda shops can be open till midnight, but you will suffer a lot till you find one of them next to your accommodation. And if you are yearning to spend your night out, your options are probably limited to local bars. If you plan to go shopping for souvenirs, do not go out after 5:00 pm. Otherwise, you will return empty-handed and resent every minute of your time in the Netherlands because you could not make it before departing.

Also, we couldn’t make this guide awesome without mentioning that most museums, stores, even large shopping centers are closed on Mondays.

  • Don’t Expect to Make Friends Here

No matter where you are from, the Netherlands is a diverse, multicultural country made up of a blend of different nationalities. People here are open-minded and more likely to accept differences. However, they have their own traditions, and most of the time, they work and spend the rest of their daily lives with their families. If you are sarcastic or need to show your sense of humor, the Netherlands is not the right place for you. Dutch people are somewhat reserved, and they like to be stuck with their cultural etiquette. (Don’t ever think of using swear words!)

They may be described as forthright, honest, or straightforward, but they prefer to go right to the point, and wasting time is not in their vocabulary.

That is why people who are serious most of the time are referred to as Dutch uncles. In addition, I do not take back my statement that they are courteous but not fabulous. We imply that if you require assistance, everyone will provide you with what you are asking for as soon as feasible. Nonetheless, they are unlikely to engage in lengthy conversations with random people.

Make sense!

Biking is a way of living in the Netherlands
  • Make Your Reservation As Soon As Possible

When traveling around the world, it is recommended that you book your travel plans in advance, including hotels, flights, and other popular attractions that you are confident that tickets will be sold out as soon as you have decided on your next vacation destination. This advice will be more helpful if you visit the Netherlands in the peak seasons (from May to August) or the Christmas holidays.

If you haven’t scheduled a hotel room in advance of your vacation, your options for lodging in Amsterdam will be severely limited, especially if you are willing to stay in the city center. You will not be able to enjoy art galleries if you don’t book an online ticket since the long queues are suffocating everywhere. With your advanced ticket, you can easily bypass them and make the most of your time exploring more attractions as much as possible.

And here is the thing, a country like the Netherlands requires excellent time management skills in order to see all of its hotspots!

  • Be Specific When Asking Water

Consider the following scenario: you are at a restaurant ordering food and requesting “and water please!”

And once you’d finished your meal, you asked the waiter, saying, “the check, please!”

“Oh, why should I have to pay for water?” you mutter to yourself as you approach the waiter. “Sir, that was bottled mineral water that you were drinking, and you had to pay for it,” he answered.

Okay, let’s make it correct this time; you are at a restaurant asking for food, “And tap water please!”

You nailed it! A pitch of tap water or brown water will cost you nothing, and it’s spotless. But don’t expect to receive a large glass of water; instead, you will receive the tiniest sip of water you have ever seen. It’s also acceptable to request a refill, but remember to say, “Tap water please!” There you go, that’s my boy!

Amazing flower shop, the Netherlands
  • Free Urinals Are Available To Men Only

Call it bizarre or sexist, but only men have free access to public toilets. On the other hand, you, of course, can use the toilets in restaurants and cafes whenever you want. Or, as a woman, you have to be prepared with some coins or cents to be able to use the urinal public service.

In any case, if I were you, I would use the restroom after ordering any tiny nibbles from a restaurant such as McDonald’s or any other café. It is more convenient and cleaner than using public toilets.

Please do not argue about this issue excessively; Dutch women are already outraged about this regulation and have organized a protest march to demand equal treatment. They have peed in the streets in order to express their dissatisfaction at times.

Whatever the reason, Amsterdam has a scarcity of public restrooms.

Awesome Things to Do in the Netherlands

Leave Your Heart in Amsterdam

I bet you have already put Amsterdam on your wishlist. So, do I!

I think whoever said Paris is the city of love hasn’t ever been to Amsterdam. Or he would absolutely change his mind. The city of love really fits into Amsterdam. Before you travel here, be prepared to witness all aspects of making a place ideal to live in. So, please don’t be so obsessed with the city because you will leave anyway. Or you have another option; let yourself indulge in its beauty and promise yourself to come here again and again. 

Night city view of Famous Keizersgracht Emperor’s canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Impressive architecture, enchanting landscapes, and rich history, the reasons why you should come here are countless. It’s a mix of everything you could want to relax and be pleasantly surprised. Plus, you will have a better chance to investigate the stereotypes of Holland nation by yourself, smoke drugs, and Red Light District.

Not to add that the restaurants in this area have an excellent reputation throughout the world since they are constantly eager to gain your satisfaction, and the local Dutch bars are something you should not miss. In addition, Amsterdam is home to a plethora of excellent museums and art exhibits, which you may be able to glimpse along the road.

Pedal Your Way About the City on a Bicycle: Amsterdam’s Canals

Location: Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Singel, and Grachtengordel

How to reach: You can get these canals by bike, just make use of the free biking service dotted the central districts. Or take an Uber ride from your accommodation for $16-$23. Tram is always perfect for moving through the city.

Price: Rental bike could cost you around $12 per day if you need a unique design and type.

If you are fascinated by Amsterdam’s culture and understand how the people of the Netherlands use the bike as the primary transportation mode, you should first rent a bike for a couple of days.

Bright flowers on a bridge over a beautiful tree-lined canal in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Why Should You Visit Amsterdam’s Canals?

However, the best route to take whilst paddling is to wander around Amsterdam’s picturesque canals. Like Venice, Amsterdam is a city made up of long canals and well-designed bridges. Moreover, it’s the best way to explore Amsterdam hotspots. It is perfectly acceptable to leave your bike in the designated cycle area and take in the scenery until you find what you are looking for, after which you can return to your bike and continue your fantastic ride.

Instead, you can take a pause and take in the breathtaking sunset views from the canal banks. Wow, this is just stunning! Most significantly, if you are fatigued after a long bicycling journey, you may take a water taxi, which will carry you around the canals and provide an alternative way to see the wonders of Amsterdam and its surroundings.

Things to Do:

  • By bicycle, you may travel around the canals of Amsterdam and get lost in the city’s lovely streets.
  • Book a seat at a water taxi to explore the city from the canal, and feel free to ask the driver to drop you off at any area you believe is worth a pit stop.
  • Have a breath of fresh air in the sunset while bringing your coffee to take in the untouched beauty of purple trees along with vibrant stores that are designed to keep you captivated.
  • You will also be fortunate in the winter, as you will be able to go skiing on the frozen canals. You will remember it for a long time.
  • Don’t miss your chance to have a look at one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Grachtengordel, with its cobblestone lanes and vintage shops.
Amsterdam canal Singel with typical dutch houses and houseboats during the sunny autumn days, the Netherlands

Things not to Do:

  • Do not refer to the Netherlands as Holland because Holland comprises only two counties out of a total of twelve in the Netherlands. People in this country are likely to become irritated if they hear you allude to their country “Holland.” Consequently, avoid these awkward situations and get your tongue more acquainted with spelling out the Netherlands.
  • Don’t walk around Amsterdam without having coins in your pocket. You’ll need them a lot in this place, whether it’s for purchasing food, soft drinks, firewood, or anything else, or even (remember!) to use the public restrooms as a woman. (Once again, strange, but bear with me!) 
  • Don’t step on flowers or grass in any garden for the sake of getting a stunning picture. It is not their job. Instead, their primary function is to generate income for residents. A large number of Dutch citizens rely on this industry to make a living out of it.

Pro Tip: The best way to find a good deal on a rental bike is to look for specialized groups on Facebook that will help you find places to pick up your bike in your area.

Get Closer to the History: Rijksmuseum

Location: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam

How to reach: Get on the metro in Amsterdam’s central station and get off at the Spiegelgracht station. The total cost of the ride will be approximately $4. It is possible that you may need to take two trams to get to your final destination. Alternatively, you may take a taxi or even ride your bike. Fortunately, Amsterdam is a small city that is easily accessible via various modes of transportation.

Price: Around $23

Ranked as the most visited attraction in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum is a masterpiece structure, and without further adieu, it’s essential to make time to explore its treasures.

Rijksmuseum, Ameterdam, the Netherlands

Why Should You Visit the Rijksmuseum?

It goes without saying that the Rijksmuseum, which houses more than 7 million high-end works of art, is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam. This museum is an eccentric mash-up of all forms of art you could imagine, or even if you don’t have any idea about it before.

Standing proudly apart from the crowd, the museum is home to an incredible collection dating back to 1908, ranging from paintings, sculptures, and much more.

With its wide array of rooms, there is so much to do and see in the Rijksmuseum. For instance, you can visit its buzzing libraries with more than 35,000 unique books and old manuscripts. You can visit the modern hall, which is filled with various contemporary art styles. And the most remarkable paintings in the world crafted by Old Masters are also just right here.

Things to Do:

  • Wander around the 250 rooms of Rijksmuseum brimming with a full fabulous assortment of the stunning art of works that will blow you away.
  •  Check the original paintings by Old Masters and other medieval statues to know more about European art history and catch a glimpse of the biography of the most prominent artists.
  • You can chill out at the massive pond in front of the museum to take your breath after a long tour inside endless rooms and halls.
  • Don’t forget to take a photo with “I love Amsterdam” showing up at the museum entrance.
  • Plan a visit to the adjacent area, which contains a variety of tourist attractions, and remember that navigating amid old structures is an adventure in and of itself.
Close-up of the old building facade and roof decoration against blue sky in Amsterdam. Architectonic Details Northern Netherlands.

Things to not Do:

  • Don’t be too arrogant about what you have because the Dutch already have more than you will ever be able to attain. The majority of Dutch people are wealthy, but they don’t seem to care about it. They simply do not believe that it is necessary to be overly flashy.
  • Make a point of visiting the Red Light District if you have any curiosity about it. Please, however, don’t take any photographs of any women who are visible through the windows. It is strictly prohibited, and you will be fined. And remember, there are no judgments here; you may come across many things that you may not feel comfortable with, but you know; it’s your choice to get it or leave it.
  • Don’t use public transportation in Amsterdam without carrying a reloadable contactless OV-Chip card. This card is quite important in this city, regardless of whether you travel by bus, train, or tram. Moreover, don’t be concerned; you will be rewarded with its beneficial properties.

Pro Tip: Please keep in mind that your Rijksmuseum admission ticket is only valid for a single visit. You couldn’t leave the building and come back in to complete your tour inside. As a result, make sure to check out each room before leaving.

Immerse Yourself Into Amsterdam’s Heritage: Anne Frank House

Location: Prinsengracht 263 – 267 museum entrance Westermarkt 20, 1016 DK

How to reach: Take the tram from Centraal Station to Westermarkt for $1. The house is just a 2-minute walk from the station.

Price: Around $11

In Amsterdam, most visitors always stick to what they are familiar with while completely ignoring what they should be familiar with. My favorite destination in the Netherlands is the Anne Frank House, not only because it embraces excellent history but also because it is a place crammed full of sadness and numerous stories that we have all heard about. We have actually seen them, felt them, and experienced them in this place.

Learn more about tragic stories of World War II, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Why Should You Visit Anne Frank House?

This place is where the renowned diarist Anne Frank lived during World War II when the German military attacked Amsterdam. Turing to be a great museum recording this tragedy, this house was someday the only shelter of a German Jewish family who fled from their hometown due to oppression. Inside the house, you will know more stories about this harsh era and the tragic sufferings of people who witnessed this bloody war. Your tour here could be emotional, and believe me, you get touched by the details of Frank’s life.

We are fortunate to have such a brilliant personality as Anna, who has recorded numerous events, most of which can be found right here. Participating in an audio tour is one of the most enjoyable things you can do while visiting Amsterdam.


Things to Do:

  • Get inside the house, which will give you insight into Anne Frank’s life and how she could make it in one of the most catastrophic eras in contemporary history.
  • Browse the whole museum and explore photos, quotes, videos, a slideshow, and other original items.
  • Make sure you pay complete attention to the narrative audio, which will offer you all of the answers you’ve been looking for, along with some other shocking information—a dense experience, to say the least.
  • Discover a well-preserved secret hideout where Anne’s family used to take refuge during attacks on the city by airborne forces.
  • Take advantage of being in the Westermarkt district and go around the museum. The whole area is oozing with incredible places which get off the tourist trail.
One of the most prestigious museums in Amsterdam

Things not to Do:

  • Please do not use the streets of Amsterdam as a toilet. It is against the law, and you will be penalized.
  • Don’t miss your opportunity to explore the undiscovered beauties of The Netherlands. In the case that you want to stay for a week or two in this country, allow yourself to find something unique in the lesser-known areas of the country, such as quaint towns located outside of the capital.
  • Don’t assume that you may do anything you want there. (Surprise!) Dutch folks are just like everyone else. They are really preoccupied with their errands. They are the ones who are most likely to get up early in the morning to go to work. Tourists, not natives, are always more interested in the red district, drugs, and other such things. And if you go to these hotspots, you will find non-Netherlands people.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’ve reserved your internet ticket well in advance of your arrival. They are most likely completely sold out during the peak seasons before a week.

Exciting to the Extreme: A’DAM Lookout is What You Need

Location: Overhoeksplein, 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam

How to reach: Take the free ferry F3 (to Buiksloterweg) from Amsterdam Central Station, then just keep walking for 2 minutes till you get to the IJ waters. A’DAM Lookout will be right there.

Price: Around $45 to spend the whole day, including dinner

How about if you’re looking for something that will make you shout with excitement and make your heartbeats quicken? Where else can you go?

It has taken us a long time to come up with the perfect location for you, A’DAM Lookout, where the adventure never ends.

Amsterdam canal Singel with typical dutch houses and houseboats with beautiful cloudscape in the background, Holland, Netherlands.

Why Should You Visit A’DAM Lookout?

I’m willing to bet that once you’ve read about this place, you’ll immediately pack your belongings, grab your passport, and start looking for a flight to Amsterdam. Because A’DAM Lookout is not about spending a full day on a walking tour or exploring historic buildings, it is about learning how to appreciate life as if you were a child.

Designed to focus on how to make visitors excited and satisfied, A’DAM Lookout offers a variety of activities for adventure enthusiasts. Between swinging over the side of a 100-meter-high building and having your lunch on the 360o Sky Deck while appreciating the stunning view of the gorgeous European city, you’ll have plenty of time. Also, you can take a virtual journey through a fantasy high roller coaster over Amsterdam if you choose to ride on the Amsterdam VR Ride car.

 Things to Do:

  • If you intend to watch the whole beauty of Amsterdam from one spot, A’DAM Lookout is what you are looking for; just book a seat at 360o Sky Deck and take in the unforgettable view while sampling a decent Dutch cuisine.
  • Try the ‘Over the Edge’ swing and hold your breath, let your feet fly freely at 100 meters above the ground, and don’t close your eyes because you will be feeling something, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
  • The Amsterdam VR Ride is waiting for you to take you on a virtual reality excursion to discover Amsterdam without ever having to get out of your seat. It’s a different way to spend your time in the capital of the Netherlands more exciting than you might expect.
  • Please remember to stop by the GoPhoto team so that you can take a photo with your friends and get it printed before leaving the building. You can also demand a video recording of yourself screaming at the swing edge if you so desire.
  • Interactive Binocular is a new feature to see Amsterdam attractions and epic landmarks from a binocular to know more about the city’s history and Dutch culture.
Autumn sunset on the streets and canals of Amsterdam. Beautiful flowers in front.

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t be so excited to drink Heineken in its birthplace. Yeah, it’s an essential part of the Netherlands’ culture and daily life. But anyway, it’s commercial, and you can find a genuine Dutch beer much better than it.
  • Don’t be mistaken with the blue light window if you intend to visit the Red Light District. It indicated that a transgender sex worker is waiting behind the glass. And you have the full will to decide which experience you want to go through. 
  • Avoid staying in the heart of Amsterdam’s city center. I understand that being in the thick of things might be really appealing, but the constant buzzing can be exhausting, especially if you are visiting during the summer months. And keep in mind that it’s not so much about where you stay as it is about how you spend your vacation.

Pro Tip: They say you don’t get anything for free in this life. However, they are entirely incorrect, and you can use the Close to LOOKOUT app on your phone to take advantage of the free tour while listening to the audio. It would give you insights into Amsterdam’s wonders and some exciting stories about their heritage and traditions.

Other Attractions You Can Visit in Amsterdam

  • Meander through Dam Square, where you can find different options of posh restaurants- lots of bars, lots of drinks, and lots of great food. The square will give you access to tons of touristy destinations such as the Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace), the impressive New Church, and the iconic National Memorial Statue.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh Museum in the heart of Amsterdam to get a sense of the true spirit of the Netherlands. Van Gogh was one of the most poignant European artists of the 20th century. Its museum has been rated as one of the world’s top art galleries, and it houses more than 200 stunning paintings and other original letters written by the artist, all of which are choked with passion, love, and profound concepts about the meaning of life.
  • Visit Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, where you can view wax replicas of a variety of famous public figures, as well as snap beautiful photographs with your favorite characters. It absolutely should be in your itinerary while visiting Amsterdam.
  • De Negen Straatjes is one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque sights, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. You are in for a fascinating and enjoyable adventure, where you will encounter more than 200 merchants along the route. It’s a shopping addict’s dream come true.
Woman tourist taking a picture of the canal in Amsterdam on her mobile phone. Warm gold afternoon sunlight.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam?

Best Hotels for families:

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam (around $187 a night)

nhow Amsterdam RAI (around $158 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

The Hendrick’s Hotel (around $248 a night)

Hotel MAI Amsterdam (around $176 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

St Christopher’s Inn (around $23 a night)

via Amsterdam (around $23 a night)

A Journey Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Visit Gouda

Location: the southern side of the Netherlands

How to reach: Thanks to the excellent rail network, Gouda is accessible by train from Amsterdam, talking about 50 minutes for $15.  

Price: Gouda will provide you with a free walking tour to take in the sights and sounds of the city. 

As we already agreed, the Netherlands has a great deal to offer visitors beyond the city of Amsterdam. From the flat landscapes to the windmills dotting the landscapes of beautiful villages that stretch below sea level, you could tell that you would never find such a diverse range of ways to spend a wonderful vacation in a single location as you will find here. And you would be right. Plus, completely different worlds of stunning theme parks are situated just here.

Gouda, the Netherlands, is a postcard-perfect place

Why Should You Visit Gouda?

To be honest, In much of the Netherlands, this is indeed the case, where you can find charming adventure in each corner awaiting you.

One of the hotspot destinations you shouldn’t miss off your itinerary is Gouda. Make no mistake, everything in this cozy town is designed with vivid, colorful details to enhance your experience. 

Gouda demonstrates how living in a small city can be healthy for your well-being and how it could refresh your soul every moment. This typical Dutch city is teeming with historical sites, inspiring canals, and scenic landscapes.

For those who haven’t yet tried any Dutch delicacies, Gouda offers a diverse selection of cuisines, including waffles, cheese, and a variety of other dishes. If you go to any local bar, you will be rewarded with morsel food and a bubbly beverage.

 Things to Do:

  • Allow yourself to get lost in the enchanting streets in Gouda; whatever you like to do, you’ll find something extraordinary to do. Its streets are packed with fun for families, friends, Young and old alike, just appreciating its magnificent charm.
  • After renting a bike or looking for any free services, take a stroll along the city’s distinctive canals. You cannot uncover Gouda’s treasures from afar; you must hit up every narrow lane and take the time to admire every corner and cranny.
  • Bring your camera or make sure that your phone is fully charged because you will need to capture endless shots of historical buildings going back to the 12th century.
  • Pay a visit to St. Janskerk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stained glass windows. And don’t forget to take a look inside the lovely church on the grounds. To stroll through the Market Square, where you may catch your breath at one of the modern cafes nestled among the cool and shady trees. Here, the atmosphere is electrifying.
  • Browse the Cheese Market in the city’s historic district and try some of the highest-quality cheeses available anywhere on the planet. As a result, you may wander around cobbled-stone streets and purchase a variety of traditional things.
A cheese store in Gouda, the Netherlands

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t overindulge in alcoholic beverages or narcotics. However, this type of behavior is relatively common in this area, and it draws some dumb tourists who travel here solely to engage in it. Please don’t be one of them and be blanched when you’re out having a good time!
  • Keep the distinction between Dutch and Danes clear. The first one is associated with the Netherlands, whereas the second is associated with Denmark. Both countries are incredible, and they share several characteristics in common, such as blond people and a love of cycling. But don’t make the mistake of referring to them as Danes instead of Dutch. It could be seen as disrespectful and a sign of unappreciation.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed with hiring a bike, and you don’t even want to know how to ride it. Before beginning on a ride, it is vital to be aware of a number of safety precautions that should be followed. Cycling here is out of the question if you aren’t certain that you will be able to stay committed to them. Locals will shoot you with their daggers.

Pro Tip: Please be aware that the open-air Cheese Market is available only in the spring and summer on Thursdays.

Other Attractions You Can Visit in Gouda

  • Gouda is one of only a few other cities that boasts distinctive architecture and expansive surroundings, making it a must-see. The Stadhuis, a church with outstanding Gothic architecture, is one of the city’s most stunning sights. Arriving at Market Square, its façade will amaze you, but don’t be satisfied with only the exterior since the interior is as magical as the exterior.
  • Get a sense of the historic areas and make your way to Gouwe, where your trip will officially begin. Walking along its canal, you will be surrounded by good energy that emanates from every direction. Don’t forget to take a look at the Crabeth swing bridge, which has a history dating back to the nineteenth century.
  • Visit the Red Lion Windmill, one of the oldest windmills in the Netherlands and one of the most beautiful. It is still in operation today, and you may visit a shop that sells flour that has been ground at the mill.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the production of this excellent cheese, pay a visit to the small village of Kaasboerderij Jongehoeve. It’s a down-home experience that shouldn’t be missed, where you can sit and witness the tranquil cows while eating farm-fresh meals.
ALKMAAR, THE NETHERLANDS – Carriers walking with many kinds of cheese in the famous Dutch cheese market, September 7, 2012

Where to Stay in Gouda?

Best Hotels for families:

Gr8 Hotel Bodegraven (around $97 a night)

Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam – Nieuwerkerk (around $127 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Relais & Chateaux Weeshuis Gouda (around $182 a night)

Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden (around $144 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Canalhouse Gouda (around $80 a night)

Campanile Hotel & Restaurant Gouda (around $59 a night)

Come to Zaanstad no Matter What

Zaanstad, one of the most beautiful Dutch rural places, comprises a slew of small villages and towns that line the banks of the river Zaan. This municipality has become a popular tourist destination because of its magnificent neighborhoods, which attract many visitors who come to take in the scenery of the tranquil environs.

Zaanstad is a city with a lot of character. In fact, it is some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire country of the Netherlands. And it’s not just because it’s a small, rural hamlet that you should lower your expectations. As evidenced by the increasing windmills that can be found scattered around the area, this was formerly a significant milling center.

No, the contrary is entirely correct. The city is filled with breathtaking architecture, white-washed buildings, and cheerful cafes. Tully, Zaanstad has an ambiance to spare.

Zaanstad, Netherlands, is blessed with gorgeous structures

Continue going around the city’s main square, which is ringed by brightly colored buildings and elegant walking paths. Everybody looking for a relaxing vacation destination might consider visiting this paradise. The most intriguing time is when the sunset affords you a stellar vista when you stop for a drink or a bite to eat in the city center.

“Fill your life with adventures”

Make Unbelievable Stories to Tell: Discover Zaanse Schans

Location: in Zaanstad, on the river Zaan, just north of Amsterdam.

How to reach: By train or bus, you can come here from Amsterdam for a one-day trip taking 40 minutes for $5-$20.

Price: Free access to the open-air museum, but we advise you to purchase a $17 ticket to ensure you visit all landmarks here.

The best advice I ever received was to “fill your life with adventures as much as possible… intangible things are more valuable than tangible things.”

Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands, will warm your heart

By the way, it rings so true, and it is for this reason I ask you to join me on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will revitalize your spirit and bring you inner peace.

Why Should You Visit Zaanse Schans?

Once you enter inside Zaanse Schans, you will immediately know what you would be missing if you hadn’t come to this location. This village will take you back in time. You will learn what it means to be simple by exploring this village. Designed to be a shade for those who are weary by the stresses of daily life, Zaanse Schans contains large green spaces adorned with giant windmills and cozy huts where farmers go about their business, tending to their livestock and cultivating a variety of crops.

Head back down just a little or make a pit stop on your way up to visit the local market, where indigenous people gather together to sell the produce they have just picked.

Aside from that, you can spend your day admiring the fantastic residences that embody the essence of the Dutch people, visiting a shipyard, and everything else that comes to mind to experience a free-pressure life.

Things to Do:

  • Take a deep breath as the sun begins to fade, turning from daytime red to nighttime silhouette ablaze in lights.
  • Pay a visit to the local sellers and stock up on some of their freshly prepared foods.
  • Take a lovely selfie with some interesting windmills; your Instagram account is in desperate need of it.
  • Visit the local cheese factory and pick up a few extras to give to your friends. It’s the best gift ever.
  • Visit the handicraft factory to see how this location is able to function as a self-sufficient entity. They eat what they have grown and dress in what they have created.
Zaanse Schans is a place you shouldn’t miss

Things not to Do:

  • Hard narcotics, such as cocaine and heroin, should not be consumed, purchased, or sold. These drugs are illegal here. Speaking generally, don’t buy anything from dealers. They have the potential to cause you a lot of problems.
  • Don’t walk in the cycle lanes when it’s allocated to bikes. It is possible to find a shared pathway in various Dutch cities used by both walkers and bicyclists. If you must cross the street, please stay on the left side of the road and always glance right and left, then right and left again before doing so. It is not automobiles that are the problem here, but bicycles that frequently appear out of nowhere.
  • When it comes to stairs in the Netherlands, don’t be in a hurry when ascending or descending them. If you don’t keep an eye on your feet, you could get wounded on these stairs, which are relatively narrow and steep.

Pro Tip: If you are not planning to spend the night at Zaanse Schans, make sure to book your return ticket before arriving. You may discover that train tickets are no longer available, which will give you a lot of headaches until you can figure out how to get back to your accommodation.

Other Attractions You Can Visit in Zaanstad

  • Make sure to set aside some time to visit the Zaans Museums, which house a diverse collection of local products and traditional objects. As a result, you will be able to witness firsthand the awe-inspiring culture of rural towns around the Netherlands.
  • Visit Het Jonge Schaap, founded in 1600 and is one of the most well-known windmills in the Netherlands. This historical monument had been through many difficult times during World War II, with the main parts being destroyed and then extensive renovations taking place to bring it back to life.
  • Spend some time on Canal Street, where you may browse the shops for gifts or simply take in the sights of the city’s vibrant green architecture.
  • Pay a visit to the Czar Peter House, the oldest wooden house in the Netherlands and was formerly the home of Tsar Peter, who came here to learn about the tactics used in shipbuilding. Furthermore, what distinguishes this house as a masterpiece is a reality that it was built from the wreckage of ships.
A breathtaking terrain in rural Zaanstad, Netherlands

Where to Stay in Zaanstad?

Best Hotels for families:

Best Western Zaan Inn (around $97 a night)

easyHotel Amsterdam Zaandam (around $67 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Zaan Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam (around $112 a night)

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam (around $123 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Room Mate Hostel in Zaandam center (around $17 a night)

Bastion Hotel Zaandam (around $67 a night)

Catch the Spectacular Atmosphere: Don’t Miss out North Brabant

Located in the south of the Netherlands, North Brabant is one of the magical places to visit; however, you couldn’t find many people talking about it. That is why we have included extra information about this fantastic countryside in order to ensure that you make the best decision if you take the time to stop and explore its out-of-sight treasures while traveling through it.

Perhaps North Brabant is an underappreciated destination, yet it should unquestionably be included on your travel itinerary.

There are numerous reasons to make this area a dream come true, including massive scenery, secluded beaches, friendly settlements, numerous enjoyable places to visit with no cost or at reasonable prices, and many more factors. You can travel here on your own by taking the train from the Amsterdam central station, which will take around one hour and thirty minutes to reach your destination.

Quaint lake winds its way around North Brabant, the Netherlands

Between the flower-scented courtyards, you can quickly notice why we mention North Brabant as a must-see destination even though it’s not a famous spot.

North Brabant is a cozy plaza to loosen down after tasting the fuss in the capital and other the north Netherlands’ cities. Consider the following scenario: you have a long trail made up of light stones that you must travel through in the dark to reach the location where Van Van Gogh received his inspiration to create his masterpieces. (Oh my god! just WOW!)

Cheer up and Live Life: Let’s go to Efteling 

Location: at Kaatsheuvel, a small village in North Brabant

How to reach: the best way to get to Efteling is to rent a car taking just 30 minutes from North Brabant, or if you are searching for less price, you can take the bus from Middelbeers Heiakkerweg station. But in this case, your tour will be more extended (around 1h 40m)

Price: $43

When you arrive, your first impression will be (Oh! Amazing!). A fairy tale setting with plenty of things to do is what you’ll find here. When visiting the Netherlands, Efteling is a central theme park that is a terrific spot to have a good time no matter what time of year it is. You can come all year round. And you are willing to repeat the experience over and over again because your time at Efteling will be your favorite memory.

Beautiful alley in a park with lanterns. Leaf fall, autumn natural background, the Netherlands

Why Should You Visit Efteling?

Efteling is unlike any other amusement park in that it is divided into several sections, each with its own theme and feature that depicts a distinct realm than the others. For this reason, this place is referred to as “the world of wonders.”

Long roller coasters dangling with lavish gardens, Efteling is the oldest theme park globally, making it genuine and fascinating.

To get started, you have a plethora of possibilities for treating yourself here, ranging from the awe provided by the Joris en de Draak or the George, to watching spectacular performances that are a perfect choice for families, to an abundance of excellent shopping that you won’t know where to begin.

Things to Do:

  • Plan to come here in the morning as possible as you can to enjoy every single moment and experience all the joy Efteling has in store for you.
  • Try the long rollers coasters and rides, which induce screaming and excitement.
  • Discover all of the wonders, themed spaces, and attractions that Efteling has to offer, such as Aquanura, the largest fountain in Europe, where you may stay and enjoy the excellent show by water, dancing, and swinging to the beat of pleasant music.
  • Along with its exhilarating activities, you can also visit Raveleijn. This fantasy attraction has unique displays, including fire and other high technological effects created by lighting and music, among other things.
  • Not to mention that you will enjoy the scenery as buskers and vendors set up shop in each corner of the park, creating a festive environment.
The countryside of the Netherlands will take you in

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t just bite into the fries or any other street food immediately; you will be stunned, and your tongue will be on the edge of being burned. The street food here is so fresh and hot all of the time, and especially for children, they will weep for an eternity if they eat it.
  • Don’t forget to tap in and out in the railway station when you go to your platform. Otherwise, you are most likely to get fanned.
  • Don’t get involved in small talk with people you don’t really know. In the Netherlands, you can just say “hello, good morning,” or whatever, but asking anything along the lines of “How are you doing? alternatively, what are you doing?” is not a really good idea. Simply, don’t spell it out unless you don’t mean it, and you absolutely don’t mean it because you don’t know him. Dutch people think it’s superficial to them, and they can get frustrated and form a negative image of you.

Pro Tip: Visiting Efteling in winter, especially in the holiday season, means you will have much more fun since the entire park turns into a winter wonderland, complete with activities and points of interest, and, above all, a vast skiing and snowboarding slope.

Other Attractions You Can Visit in North Brabant

  • Discover the historical legacy of manufacturing cars in the Netherlands in the DAF Museum. It’s an exciting place if you are a fan of DAF trucks and vehicles.
  • Go to Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path, one of the most famous attractions in the south of the Netherlands, offering a really rich experience, especially if you have a bike ride among unique stones sending charming flashes in the dark.
  • Visit the Museum De Pont to immerse yourself in the world of abstract art. The museum’s architecture is so beautiful that you will enjoy your visit even if you are not particularly interested in this true art style. A diverse collection of artworks is on exhibit, providing you with an opportunity to take a breather after a long day of heretic activity.
  • If you have the opportunity, plan to visit Doloris’ Meta Maze, which is one of the best things to do in North Brabant, thanks to all of its works of art that will enable you to lose yourself in its incredible maze. A one-of-a-kind must-see attraction in the city that challenges you to crawl through holes and clamber uptight slops in order to see all of the creative objectives on show.

A sunset at such a place will absolutely make you happy

Where to Stay in North Brabant?

Best Hotels for families:

Movenpick Hotel ‘s-Hertogenbosch (around $93 a night)

Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport (around $83 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne (around $108 a night)

Golden Tulip Hotel Central (around $104 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Hostel Roots (around $33 a night)

Jambon (around $78 a night)

Let’s Plan Your City Trip to Rotterdam

When we created this insider guide of the Netherlands, we realized that Rotterdam should not be missed at any cost. Not just because it’s the second-largest city in the Dutch country or it has the biggest port in the world, but because it will provide you with astonishing sights wherever you go with its banks overlooking Nieuwe Maas and world-class facilities and utilities.

Despite being heavily attacked by Germany during World War II, Rotterdam now is an energetic location packed with luxury hotels, fashionable malls, and incredible architecture along with fascinating history, making it the most intriguing Dutch place to visit.

Dates all the way back to the 13th century, Rotterdam has a smorgasbord of historical sights, magnificent museums, and fun activities that will never disappoint you.

And thankfully, it’s accessible in many different ways, but the best option to get there without a great deal of stress is to take a train from Amsterdam’s railway station, taking about 1 hour for $15-$370 and it significantly differs based on the season and the trips’ schedule. Or, if you are searching for a less costly alternative, the bus is the king who will set you back around $3-$5.

A tram in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Here we will give you itineraries to visit Rotterdam in 1, 2, 3, or 4 days to hit all hotspots in this unique place that will never leave you stuck for choice. 

Go Where You Can Be More Excited: Markthal

Location: Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ 

How to reach: a 2-minute walk away from Blaak bus station

Price: Free access

So what to do in Rotterdam? Where to eat? How can you enjoy your time?

All answers should begin here, at Markthal, a famous tourist destination known for its unique architectural designs, brightly colored decorations, and a wide range of activities.

One of the most famous characteristics of Rotterdam is its vibrant building

Why Should You Visit Markthal?

Markthal is a vast complex for different purposes; for shopping, eating, entertainment, and residential units. This building seems so strange at first glance, something out of a futuristic fiction scene, but it’s a vibrant hub to visit. 

With its glorious glass tiles and windows adorning the whole building, this structure reflects the sophisticated side of the Netherlands. This landmark is made up of various zones that come together to create printed arches, giving it an iconic wonder that draws millions of people every year.

You can find a variety of fresh food side by side with fancy restaurants serving dishes from all over the world, ranging from Spanish, Italian, and Indonesian cuisines. It’s just like heaven for foodies since it’s one of the most significant food avenues in Europe. 

Would you please keep your eyes peeled for the spectacular ceiling, known as the Horn of Plenty, which will definitely wow you with its meticulous beauty? Because it’s really worth it.

It’s said that Markthal or the Market Hall offers you a free activity that allows you to go throughout the whole structure and take numerous unique photographs.

Things to Do:

  • Markthal is a destination rich in food, restaurants, and fresh markets, offering a wide range of expected and unexpected goods.
  • The building itself is a primary draw visible in everything from outstanding design; a fascinating ceiling is considered a giant artwork.
  • Soak in veggies, fruits, and nuts, creating a rainbow of hues as the aroma of jasmine and tulips carries on the breeze.
  • You can rest at one of the bars dotted the market with a lot of drinking options most associated with the Dutch culture.
  • You can make time to come here at night when the entire location lights up in colorful and decorative bulbs offering a superb ambiance. 
Roam around Rotterdam, Netherlands, to capture outstanding attractions

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t expect to get special privileges just based on your nationality or financial standing. Even if you are the president of the United States, the Dutch don’t seem to give a damn. Believe me when I say that you will be treated with the same courtesy as a public official. Simply being yourself while appreciating their culture will allow you to see their admiration.
  • Instead of spending a lot of money on cabs, reap the benefits of the Dutch train system, which is super-efficient and extremely fast and connects all parts of the country.
  • When shopping, don’t forget your credit card while paying off. Almost all markets in the Netherlands have self-service checkouts, and you may get disoriented and exit the store without taking your card out of the machine. But make sure you have all your valuables before going anywhere.

Pro Tip: Check at Markthal, where you’ll find a wide variety of cheese, and don’t forget to stock up on bars of mozzarella for your return trip.

Spend Great Time in the Largest Port: Oude Haven

Location: South Holland 

How to reach: Take the subway from the Rotterdam central station, get out at Spijkenisse, De Akkers, and pick a cab to your desired destination. The whole journey will take about 1h for $120 – $150.

Price: Around $8 to visit all attractions here.

Once you have arrived at the Old Harbour or Oude Haven, you will clearly understand that it’s a typical ancient metropolis. Everything about this place entices you to continue your exploration of the maritime history of the Netherlands.

South Holland is a perfect destination for all travelers

Vintage ships, sophisticated restaurants serving a variety of exotic cuisines (don’t be shocked if you discover tapas here! ), and cafés are just a few of the possibilities available to you for merrymaking.

Why Should You Visit Oude Haven?

With many epic structures laid in solemnity, walk around this lovely plaza, then go around the port’s waterways. It’s an exciting expedition where you can explore the most incredible things to do in Rotterdam while having fun. If you are lucky enough, you can come here in spring and enjoy it while watching the operation of repairing ships and sipping your favorite drink. Even though it could be overcrowded on the weekends, it’s still very well laid out.

As long as the whole area offers excellent photo opportunities, you can make time to visit Maritime Museum Rotterdam which will give you insight into the importance of this harbor throughout the years. Additionally, you will understand how it has had a significant influence on the lives of the people who live here. Don’t forget to look at the ancient vessel models as well. Definitely, you will like to spend more time exploring all of the displays.

Things to Do:

  • Book a seat on the seafront where you can have your dinner and watch the scenic view at sunset.
  • Visit all marine museums here to learn more about the history of the oldest port in the world, Maritime Museum Rotterdam and Maritime Museum Harbor.
  • Join a guided tour in English to help you check out all remarkable ancient vessels dating back to more than 2000 years.
  • As you board the SS Rotterdam, you’ll get a closer look at this historic ship, which is currently used as a restaurant and museum. In fact, if you only have time for one sight here, check out this place and have a meal in the prestigious dining room.
  • If you are looking for nightlife in the Netherlands, no place can offer you better than you can do here. Small parties at the harbor are hosted in summer.
Windmills are what form the identity of the Netherlands

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t check in with green lights (coffee shops) since it is most probable that they are a local pub that sells potent herbs or drugs (whatever you call them). If you need a cup of coffee, you may get one at a coffee kiosk on the street corners.
  • And you have to know as well, soft drugs like cannabis and weed are not allowed to be smoked in public places. (Remember, coffee shops are the place to be).
  • Please, hold on a minute! Don’t buy a bike from someone who is offering it for a meager price on the internet. However, since it may be so appealing, it could be stolen, and numerous pieces could be missing, which would hurt its overall performance.

Pro Tip: Because the Netherlands is a very costly country, it is always a good idea to look for free activities to partake in. And when it comes to accommodations and dining, don’t go for the most abundant options since it would be a waste of money.

Other Attractions You Can Visit in Rotterdam

  • The Windmills of Kinderdijk is a must-see here, located between Rotterdam and Kinderdijk. Along with being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these windmills are the most picturesque ones in the Netherlands, holding the city’s evolution here in its extensive landscapes. You will wind your way through a maze of green spaces to take fresh air and relax.
  • For art lovers, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen should be at the top of your Netherlands’ bucket list, including a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, and different artworks from the renaissance ages of Europe.
  • Climb up to get to the highest point of Rotterdam from the Euromast Tower, which will offer you a panoramic view unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Get inside the tower’s decent restaurant if you can afford it, or spend a night in its opulent hotel for a more luxurious experience.
  • Start your walking tour with the spectacular street on Witte de Withstraat, which is brimming with towers, gardens, museums, and art galleries. This street is the perfect place for a lengthy stroll. It is one of the most beautifully furnished avenues in the city, a popular tourist destination.
Biking is a lifestyle in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Where to Stay in Rotterdam?

Best Hotels for families:

King Kong Hostel (around $71 a night)

Stayokay Hostel Rotterdam (around $71 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Hotel Mainport Rotterdam (around $150 a night)

Hotel New York (around $163 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Hostel Room Rotterdam (around $34 a night)

Sparks Hostel (around $29 a night)

Travel Back in Time: Gelderland

Gelderland, located in the center east of the Netherlands, is one of the country’s biggest provinces, with an indescribably gorgeous natural environment and an illustrious historical past. The majority of the cities in this region are ringed by green spaces, plantations, public parks, and great museums that tell us many heartbreaking and historical tales.

During World War II, the capital of Gelderland, Arnhem, was attacked mercilessly, and the city was reduced to a shattered heap of broken bridges and demolished buildings as a consequence.

And because the Netherlands was blessed with its people, the Dutch never gave up, and they made use of this catastrophe to motivate them to rebuild their beloved country again. Now Gelderland includes Apeldoorn, which has been named one of the happiest places on the planet owing to its serene attitude and pristine environment, surrounded by enormous scenery everywhere you go.

Gelderland offers extensive landscapes to explore

Make sure to check out all of Gelderland’s offers since it will provide you with a revived source of entertainment daily. Staying in a rustic bungalow in the center of its beautiful fields, where you can open your window room and take in the divine beauty, is one of the most relaxing and pleasing options to keep yourself calm and satisfied.

Because We Have Only One Life: Navigate Hoge Veluwe National Park

Location: Houtkampweg 9, 6731 AV Hoenderloo, Gelderland

How to reach: The best way to get to Hoge Veluwe National Park from Amsterdam is to take the train to Ede-Wageningen, where you will take a bus to De Hoge Veluwe, Kroller Muller Museum. The park is within 15 minutes’ walking distance. The whole journey will cost $20 – $30, taking two h 34m.

Price: Around $13

When you plan to visit the Netherlands, you might build up your list that includes activities such as bicycling, museums, windmill visits, and perhaps catching a peek of Van Gogh’s artwork. You are most likely to overlook exploring pleasant public parks, yet these parks wrap around the country, giving this gorgeous country a particular personality.

Landscapes of the Netherlands are a masterpiece

Why Should You Visit Hoge Veluwe National Park?

Located between Apeldoorn and Arnhem, Hoge Veluwe National Park is standing here waiting for you to offer an idyllic retreat. Get closer to red and roe deer, as well as a varied range of birds tweeting in the skyline, all of which just make like heaven.

Spanning 13,800 acres, this spacious sculpture park is home to long winding trails and other heathlands perfect for a one-day trip to get away from the overrated attractions.

Reserve online entry tickets ahead of time to join a personalized skip-the-line tour since the park is an attractive spot for nature lovers, and you are about to waste your precious time in waiting lines.

The Kroller-Muller Museum and the Museonder are excellent places to start your explorations in this park. Both are pretty valuable, and you will come to regret your decision if you do not stop here.

Things to Do:

  • Soak a stroll around the park and take in its enchanted beauty. It is strongly suggested that you take a guided tour here to view all of the marvels on offer.
  • Visit the Kroller-Muller Museum, which houses some awe-spiring works by Picasso, Van Gogh, and Roding.
  • Visit the Museonder, where you can learn more about the biology and geology of the animal kingdom and other natural monuments.
  • Don’t miss your chance to check out the dunes, which are a health reserve dangling with dense forest. You can tell at first sight that everything in the Veluwe is placed to impress.
  • You can take a bike ride inside the park in which there is a well-paved cycle pathway among woodlands.
Take a stroll around national parks in the Netherlands

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t bike in the pedestrian lane or on grass. Remember, it’s one of the most diverse environments in the Netherlands, and you will distribute this peaceful setting.
  • Don’t pack much stuff while preparing to visit Hoge Veluwe National Park. You are most likely to spend a great deal of time walking and touring, and the last thing you want to happen is to get so exhausted that you wish your adventure could come to an end right away.
  • Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Dutch folks speak German. They consider it an attack on their dignity. So, avoid giving off a bad image when talking to someone in German. Instead, if you cannot communicate in Dutch, stick to English.

Pro Tip: Don’t be fooled with the Dutch candies. Most licorices are so cute and so salty at the same time. If you don’t try them before, you probably find them highly vile.

Other Attractions You Can Visit in Gelderland

  • Head to National Liberation Museum 1944–45, a fascinating historical hub representing all events related to World War II from September 1939 until June 1944. You shouldn’t miss the three parts inside the museum brimming with secrets of this war using high-end technological tools to record the significant relevant moments. If you are willing to know more, you can watch a documentary at a small cinema for rare actual footage during the war.
  • Visit the Ammersoyen Castle with its vast gray structure, offering a sense of grandeur. Inside, you can find many archaeological relics dating back to the medieval era of Europe.
  • Explore Burgers’ Zoo, and Safari Park laid 100 years later. The park still hosts many kinds of animals, offering a great break to feel at ease in a natural ambiance.
  • If you are willing to know more about the Dutch people’s culture, the Netherlands Open-air museum is a place to spot. The site comprises the traditional way of living in a rural community in the Netherlands; how they make a living, how they survive, and how agriculture becomes the most valuable source of its economy. Along with the education tour, you will go through, the whole place will impress you with its allure.
Enchanted natural greenery of the Netherlands

Where to Stay in Gelderland?

Best Hotels for families:

Havezathe Carpe Diem (around $88 a night)

Bastion Hotel Arnhem (around $75 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Kasteel Ophemert (around $119 a night)

NH Arnhem Rijnhotel (around $84 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Hotel Elburg (around $63 a night)

Minicamping – B&B Warnstee (around $51 a night)

The Netherlands is a dream come true

You’re in luck if you’re planning to visit the Netherlands, one of the most beautiful nations in the world. We hope this information will assist you in making the most of your time in the country. And don’t forget to share with us where the last place you have been and where you dream of being your next adventure.

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