Haiti: 17 Superb Tourist Destinations that You Have to See


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The Republic of Haiti is one of the Caribbean countries that got the reputation of natural disasters and great poverty. However, these past few years things have ultimately been altered. Today, Haiti is one of the most visited countries and one rich in culture and history. 

Like most of its Caribbean neighbor countries, Haiti is famous for its splendid beaches. It’s one of the best places to spend an unforgettable vacation. Besides the great beaches, Haiti also offers a wide array of natural landscapes. They make for a great Instagram post.

The abundance of mountains is one more feature that makes Haiti stand out among other Caribbean countries. It has the most mountainous ranges that are tremendously gorgeous. The blend of mountains and waters provide a breathtaking view that you can hardly take your eyes off.

Delicious cuisine are scattered all over the island, offering a diverse array of tropical flavors. Since several countries have played a role in shaping the culture of Haiti, a huge palette of dishes are offered. You won’t be left with any moments of boredom, but only serenity, peacefulness, and fun. Here are some of the best places to visit while in Haiti for an ultimate experience.

Haiti: 17 Superb Tourist Destinations that You Have to See

Jump into the Bassin Bleu Waters

This natural wonder is not to be missed during your trip around Haiti, the Bassin Bleu. Situated in west of Jacmel, the Bassin Bleu is a series of four pools of cobalt-blue waters. These pools link to huge waterfalls. You will need to hike through some untouched beauty of greenery space to reach the falls. 

The cascading waterfalls get louder as you delve deeper into the forest, with the Cheval being the first bassin. The Bassin Clair is the largest and the most impressive. If you’re looking for some great adventure, join the adventurous souls who like to take a plunge into the pools. 

Spend the Day at Labadee

Haiti: 17 Superb Tourist Destinations that You Have to See

Labadee is a thrilling island with the warm Caribbean waters embracing the shores from all corners. It’s a great attraction for those looking to spend some time of tranquility in a quietly peaceful resort. Being situated on a coastal peninsula makes it a perfect spot for magnificent beaches and fun water-sports and activities. 

See Haiti’s Last Primary Forest at Macaya National Park

Given the great importance of forests and how they protect the planet, many countries manage to preserve their natural sanctuaries. The Macaya National Park os the last primary forest in Haiti, encompassing rare species of flora and wildlife. You can access this park by reaching the south-western part of the country.

This natural forest is a significant source of freshwater where a great amount of rainfall supply the countries major rivers. Interestingly, Macaya National Park is also home to some extinct species found nowhere else, including the Mozart’s frog. It also embraces a wide array of different bird as well as amphibian species.

Take a Boat Trip to Kokoye Beach

Since Haiti is popular for its unprecedented beaches, it only makes sense to spend some time in its pristine waters. Kokoye Beach is one of the most significant beaches in the country, lying in the southernmost part. Taking a boat trip in the blue waters and reaching to Kokoye Beach is a very popular activity done by many tourists.

Your trip starts at Marina Blue, where you get on the boat and get ready for an aqua trip. It takes around an hour or so before your boat settles near the beach. At that point, you can start having fun by either swimming or snorkeling. Relaxing is also a great option since you’ll be surrounded by calming waters while enjoying some fresh coconuts

Hike Above Port-au-Prince on La Selle Mountain

It’s hard to miss the capital city when you’re visiting a country for the first time. Port-au-Prince is the capital city of Haiti and a cultural and historical center. There are so many things to do around the city, but hiking from a high point to observe the country’s scenic landscapes is unbeatable. 

La Selle Mountain is an unmissable destination and the highest peak in the country. It’s part of a magnificent mountainous range, the Chaîne de la Selle. Amazing trails are furnished to pave your way to the high mountains. You’ll keep yourself energetic while witnessing amazing sceneries with the cool breeze brushing against your face.

Get on Top of Mount Boutillier

Another high peak that you shouldn’t miss in Port-au-Prince is Mount Boutillier. It’s been popular among tourists and first-time visitors as an excellent spot to have an overview over the capital city of Haiti. There’s also a restaurant and bar filling the region right now, so you can enjoy a delicious meal before hiking down to the city.

Chill on Amiga Island

Haiti is home to vast pristine waters, allowing for many chilling and stress-releasing spots. However, Amiga Island is an unbeatable destination; it’s a private island that sits off the Labadee coast. 

The island is home to spacious greenery landscapes that please the beholders and induce feelings of relaxation. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on the island. However, there are also adventurous activities to take for the adrenaline-pumping lovers, offering several water sports.

Have Fun on Gelée Beach

Gelée Beach is another destination in Haiti with a great water adventure. This beach sits in southern Haiti, near Les Cayes. It’s too popular that it’s a highlighted destination that’s never empty of tourists thanks to its white sand and Azur water that’s warm all year long. 

Besides, the scenes this beach provides are ones that create feelings of relaxation and serenity. You can help but ridiculously smile at the coconut palms scattered over the sandy land. Tremendous mountainous ranges design the backdrop that you can easily see from a distance. Besides, several shacks are available to offer a wide array of flavorful food to savor while on the beach.

Learn History at the Museum of the Haitian National Pantheon (National Museum of Haiti)

This magnificent museum is here to debunk a myth that has been going for so long. Many people around the world mistakenly believe that Haiti is just an island with abundant beaches and coconut trees to feed on. However, the Museum of the Haitian National Pantheon, commonly known as the National Museum of Haiti, proves otherwise.

You need to step inside this museum to know the truth behind the development of this country. It preserves a great portion of the Haitian heritage and magnificent history. Many artifacts are there, depicting the long history of the country. It costs you a very small fee to go way back into the past before the pre-Columbian and see what many people have been missing.

Dip in the Cold Waters of Saut-Mathurine Waterfalls


Waterfalls are spectacular natural wonders that everyone can’t help but fall in love with. Haiti has its own charming waterfalls, the Saut-Mathurine Waterfalls. Not only is it charming, but it’s also the biggest waterfall in Haiti.

Besides the wondrous cascading waters, exotic plants and flora surround the waterfalls. The blend of greenery and blue waters offers a unique scene that leaves the beholders spellbound. Many visitors enjoy dipping into the cold waters for some refreshment. Others have a more daring souls and like to take a plunge from the top. Either way, you’ll enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature.

Tour the Barbancourt Rum Distillery

Most of the Caribbean countries are famous for producing the world’s best rum, and Haiti is no exception. Thanks to their history of sugar cane industry, many regions have been dedicated to rum production ever since. The Barbancourt Rum Distillery is one of the famous rum factories in Haiti and the oldest as well.

Tours are made to the factories where everything began. It’s a family business that go way back to 1862. This is a great experience for rum lovers. You will get to learn about the whole process as well as sip on some fine rum through the tour.

Go Ziplining at the Dragon’s Breath

This one is for real adventurous souls who won’t settle unless their whole bodies are pumping with some adrenaline. Water zip line is a great activity that many people enjoy in partaking, but in Haiti it’s a totally different story. The Dragon’s Breath is the longest zip line around the whole world, allowing you to soak the magnificent scenes of the ocean while having the wind caress your face.

Visit Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve

Nature reserves are great places to observe some of the nature’s workings that haven’t been spoiled by the civilized life. Haiti is home to Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve. It’s a natural park that protects the main water source that courses through the mountains of Kenscoff. This tremnendous park is home to some exotic flora and fauna. Spacious scenes of greenery and waters fill your vision, letting you leave the place with great serenity within.

Hike to La Visite National Park

Looking for somewhere interesting to hike through? La Visite National Park is one of the largest parks in the Republic of Haiti. No matter what your fitness level is, you can trek through the national park and observe its unprecedented beauty. Lush landscapes stretch over the lands, offering a diverse forms of plant species. 

Travel Back in Time at Citadelle Laferrière

Citadelle Laferrière is one of the largest fortresses that date back to the early 19th century. It’s one of the magnificent buildings in Haiti that would take you on a journey back to the past. People usually refer to it as simply the Citadelle, and in some cases, it’s known as Citadelle Henri Christophe.

The Citadel is one of the most hot destination in Haiti. It sits high on the top of the mountains, offering picturesque landscapes. History resides within every wall of the citadel; you can sense the breeze of the past while walking through. This fortress had been the national defense of the country for years upon years.

Visit the Sans-Souci Park

The word Sans Souci is a french phrase that means “Without worries” or “Carefree.” That was the purpose of building up this national park. Nowadays, it’s deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors are allowed to spend a whole day exploring the vast gardens and the historic structures included within the area.

Explore the Jardin Botanique des Cayes (Cayes Botanical Garden)

Botanical Gardens are tremendous destinations and Haiti suffers no shortage in gardens. It was established in 2003 by William Cinea. The Cayes Botanical Garden lies close to the most important national parks in Haiti, Macaya National Park and La Visite National Park. This destination is perfect for nature lovers who long for some tranquil time. You’ll also enjoy the exotic flora and fauna species.

Haiti is more than just a long list of magnificent beaches. While the beaches there offer unbeatable scenes, there’s much more than that. History plays a great role in shaping this great island, it’s a great idea to take yourself somewhere where you dig deeper into it. No matter what kind of person you are, Haiti always has something for you.

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