The Delicious Mauds Ice Cream, Belfast

Updated On: June 18, 2018

Part of visiting a new city is related to the things, food and desserts which one will get to try, such as trying ice cream while being in Belfast. Are you thinking about a good ice cream place in Belfast that would offer you something different and with an outstanding taste? Mauds Ice Cream is the answer for you.

Belfast is filled with the touristic places and attractions that people come all the way to see but in addition to the touristic places and experiences, don’t you sometimes love to try the local food, go to a specific desserts’ place that you have seen a good review about on the internet or even just go all the way and try something that you have been craving for sometime already? That’s exactly the case with ice cream, craving it just knocks on your door and let you search for the good suggestions around.

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