Commercial Court: The Dazzling Lights of Belfast

Updated On: November 08, 2023

Commercial Court

Commercial Court in Belfast

The Commercial Court in Belfast is not really a court. Instead, it is an alley. A narrow passage between Belfast’s old, enchanting, short buildings with several dazzling parasols hanging from above. The street provides a chance to have a nice slow walk, heads up, eyes cannot look away from the mesmerizing red lights dazzling everywhere.

Back in the dat, Commercial Court was the trading heart of Belfast. This is where it got its name. Makes sense. Several bronze panels pay homage to the pottery, whiskey merchants, and old iron foundry that once occupied its narrow cobbled streets.

Over the years, different newspapers have also made their way to this place and since then, the area has been regarded as Belfast’s Fleet Street.

Today, what is known as Cathedral Quarter is a popular place for both locals and tourists. It is full of great Irish traditional pubs and restaurants that you will definitely love. One of such pubs is the Duke of York.

Commercial Court’s Duke of York

commercial court

Inside Duke of York, it offers you a closer look at the history of the area with artefacts on the walls such as items from the printing industry. On one of the walls, a poem by William Butler Yeats is featured. The bar is full of history and warmth and a place where you’ll always find people having a good time.

The alley’s multitude of hanging baskets blooms in summer, making this hidden spot one of the prettiest in Belfast. It’s a place that you shouldn’t pass by while you’re in Belfast. There is lots of amazing artwork around the the Court that’s worth checking out.

Have you ever been to Commerical Court? or visited Duke of York? We would love to know 🙂

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