Cereal Heaven at The Cereal Cafe in London

If you are looking for something different and quirky to do while in London, then we recommend that you take a trip to the Cereal Killer Cafe if sweet food is on your mind.

It’s the world’s first international cereal cafe, where you can enjoy delicious and unusual cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! There is over 100 options of delicious cereals to choose from as well as a variety of different types of milk and toppings, it is sure to be the perfect treat.

This 80’s and 90’s themed cafe is quirky and unique that will truly take you back in time. From the amazing artwork on the walls, 90’s video games, and a fun atmosphere that will leave you feeling nostalgic. The Cereal Killer Cafe is one of our favourites finds in London, that you must visit! We only wish we could bring it over to Northern Ireland so we could enjoy it more.

Have you ever visited the Cereal Killer Cafe in London? What is your favourite Cereal? We want to hear all about it 🙂

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