Top 10 Things to do in London for Kids

Things to do in London for Kids -King's Cross Harry Potter Shop

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Check out our list of the top ten things to do in London for kids:

Top Ten Things To Do in London For Kids
Top Ten Things To Do in London For Kids

10. Play Games at Namco Fun Shop

Number 10 on our list of things to do in London for kids is the Namco Fun Shop, where you can play a variety of fun games from arcade classics like PAC-Man to bowling, escape rooms, dodgems, ping-pong and so much more to keep you entertained. You won’t want to leave Namco’s fun shop, kids and adults alike will have lots to do, perfect fun for a rainy day in London.

9. Enjoy The Scenery at Big Ben:

Next on our list is the popular tourist attraction that you can’t miss seeing up close, The Big Ben. Day or night, it’s the perfect place to take a walk and enjoy the scenery of the Big Ben and the surrounding areas. Kids will be fascinated by the big clock and it pays nothing to walk and enjoy the streets of London.

8. Climb Aboard HMS Belfast:

You definitely need to check out the iconic and historic HMS Belfast while on your trip to London. Fully immerse yourself as you explore what life was like on board the HMS Belfast through the nine decks of the famous Second World War Royal Navy Ship.

This is one of those unmissable experiences, where you get to hear personal stories from people who once worked on the ship and get up close and personal with the historic ship that everyone will find interesting.

7. Take a Ride on The London Eye:

Take the kids on the London Eye and let them be mesmerised by the amazing views that surround them. A real treat to see all of London from above, where you can try and spot all the popular locations. It is also a great photo opportunity, so you don’t want to miss out on this.

6. Explore Shrek’s Adventure Shop:

Next on the list is the Shrek’s Adventure Shop; Where you will find everything you could possibly imagine that is Shrek related to mugs, key rings, t-shirts, teddy bears and so much more. There is so much to explore in this shop with all your favourite characters in Shrek, that kids will love. While you are visiting the shop you could also go on a dream works tour, which is really interesting and fun.

5: Enjoy a Tasty Snack at The Cereal Killer Cafe:

This is a must stop while in London, you need to check out the Cereal killer Cafe where you can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner; What’s not to love about this. Kid’s will love the variety of cereals on offer and the unique and quirky cafe. A brilliant idea and we think there needs to be more cafe’s like this all over the world!

4. Discover M&M’s You Never Knew Existed at M&M’s World:

What kid doesn’t love chocolate? That shouldn’t even be a question, everyone loves chocolate! That’s why you need to make sure M&M’s World in London is on your list of places to check out. Transport yourself into the marvellous world full of everything chocolate that will amaze children! This is definitely a real treat, that you can’t miss out – no pun intended!

3. Explore and Learn at The Natural History Museum:

In our third spot of the top ten things to do in London for kids is the Natural History Museum. A fun and educational way for kids to explore history and nature that isn’t too boring! Get up-close and personal with nature and enjoy fun, family-friendly activities for curious kids and inquisitive parents.

2. Discover The Magic at King’s Cross Harry Potter Shop:

Just missing out on our number one spot is the Harry Potter Shop at the King’s Cross Station. This shop has everything Harry Potter related from souvenirs to the film merchandise that only fans of the popular film series will appreciate. Make sure you get a visit to the shop while in London and get yourself a Harry Potter gift to take home.

1. Experience The Sea Life Museum:

Number one on our list of things to do in London for kids is to visit the Sea Life Museum; Where children and adults will be transported into an amazing underwater world that is just unmissable. So much for kids to explore and to learn all about the sea life with over 50 aquariums and Sanctuaries to keep the little ones entertained! The perfect family day out to the aquarium!

What did you think of our top ten list of things to do in London for Kids? Have we missed your favourite thing to do? We would love to know 🙂

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