Unusual and Uncommon Things To Do in London

Updated On: November 07, 2023

Unusual things to do in London

Unusual Things To Do in London

When you think of London you automatically think of the popular tourist attractions such as the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. But we want to let you know about a few hidden gems. Some unusual and uncommon things to do in London on your next trip. So keep reading to find out these unique places.

The BFI (British Film Institution) Shop

The first place that you might not have heard of is the BFI shop but to many film and cinematic lover, this is a popular spot. It’s a film and charitable organization which promotes and preserves filmmaking and television in the United Kingdom. Really worth checking out as its full of history and offers an amazing film collection. If you like anything to do with film and TV we highly recommend not missing out.

uncommon things to do in London

Namco Fun Scape

The next place that you need to visit if you’re looking to have lots of fun in London is the Namco Fun Scape. This gaming arcade offers you a chance to play a selection of games such as classics like PacMan. At the arcade, you can also play bowling, escape rooms, ping-pong and lots of other fun activities.

unusual things to do in London

M&Ms World

Next on the list of unusual things to do in London is to take a trip to the amazing chocolate world of M&M’s. Transport yourself into the marvellous world full of everything chocolate that will amaze you! This is definitely a real treat, that you can’t miss out – no pun intended! You’ll find a variety of chocolate, souvenirs, teddys, clothing and more to in the shop.

unusual things to do in London

Hay’s Galleria

This next one may not be unusual but it’s still a place you need to visit which is Hays Galleria. Hay’s Galleria is a mixed-use building in the London Borough of Southwark, situated on the Southbank of the River Thames. It featuring offices, shops, restaurants and flats. Hay’s Galleria was originally a warehouse, but it was transformed into a popular hotspot for tourist and locals. You can enjoy a bite to eat in the many cafes located here or browse the market stalls for arts and crafts.

unusual things to do in London

Great Scotland Yard

Another unusual attraction in London for you to check out is the Great Scotland Yard in Westminster. The name came from the buildings that accommodated the diplomatic representatives of the Kingdom of Scotland and the Scottish Kings when they visited the English royalty. Great place to check out for its history alone and its amazing architecture.

unusual things to do in London


Let’s get the fun things started? Are you a tea lover? The English people are and Twining’s is one of the most famous tea brands all over the world and it happens to be English. One of the interesting and unusual things to do in London is to visit Twining’s and get some sampling there and take some flavours home with you.

unusual things to do in London

Sky Gardens

Some of the recommendations we might give could be already known but we still want to stress the fact that they are really interesting places to visit.  Another place we would love to recommend visiting is Sky Gardens. With the spectacular views that it offers over the city of London. Even though the entrance to Sky Gardens is free, you should still book beforehand due to its popularity. We wouldn’t want you to be disappointed or miss out on this great place.

unusual things to do in London

Cereal Killer Cafe

If you are looking for something different and quirky to do while in London, then we recommend that you take a trip to the Cereal Killer Cafe if sweet food is on your mind. It’s the world’s first international cereal cafe, where you can enjoy delicious and unusual cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! There is over 100 options of delicious cereals to choose from as well as a variety of different types of milk and toppings, it is sure to be the perfect treat.

unusual things to do in London

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