Four Letters of Love: Filming Locations of a Heart-Yearning Irish Love Story

Four letters of love filming locations

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When you feel that fate is evading you, only to find yourself walking the exact path you never thought you would. These words find an identical representation through the much-anticipated Irish film Four Letters of Love. To draw from the country’s rich, legendary history of love and faith, this film found home in two of the Emerald Isle’s counties. The filming crew is the crown’s main jewel.

Come with us as we dance with fate through Ireland and learn about Four Letters of Love from its famous Irish filming locations.

What is Four Letters of Love about?

Four Letters of Love is about a destined love that humans insist on meddling with. Divine powers shape the events of real life to put Nicholas and Isabel in each other’s way so they can meet and fall in love. However, humans, intentionally and unintentionally, persist in keeping Nicholas and Isabel strangers as they’d always been. As we watch the film, which we’re incredibly excited about, we will find out whether or not love will find a way to conquer. The film is based on the bestselling Irish novel of the same name by Niall Williams.

William is Nicholas’ father and is portrayed by Brosnan, who believes that he must change his life and career path, so he quits his job, abandons his family and decides to become an artist. Isabel lives with her mother Margaret, portrayed by Helena, her father Muiris, portrayed by Byrne, and her brother Sean, portrayed by Donal Finn. One day, Sean has a sudden health crisis and ends up paralyzed, and Isabel feels guilty about it.

Who are the stars of Four Letters of Love?

The star-studded romantic drama has a thrilling touch, and the participating actors filled us with more excitement to watch the film.

Pierce Brosnan

Four Letters of Love

Mama Mia! It’s the former 007 making an interesting appearance in this new film. He surprised locals with his shoulder-length grey hair and gruff expression. The 69-year-old Irish actor has a fulfilling repertoire, having starred in nearly 100 films and shows. Some of Brosnan’s world-renowned works include his Bond films, Black Adam, The Son, Survivor, and The Love Punch, and we cannot forget the Mama Mia duology! You can catch him in the latest action-comedy film, The Outlaws.

Helena Bonham Carter

Four Letters of Love

If you’re a Millennial, then Helena Bonham Carter to you is Bellatrix Lestrange from the one and only Harry Potter films. However, Bonham Carter engraved her name in the film records by starring as the Mad Queen in Alice in Wonderland, the devilish Mrs. Lovett in the terrorising musical drama Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and just recently, Enola Holmes’ eccentric mother, Eudoria Holmes. Helena appeared in more than 100 films and TV shows and is known to be a favourite cast by Tim Burton. She was nominated for 2 Academy Awards.

Gabriel Byrne

Four Letters of Love

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is one of those who left their mark on the film industry. His embodying of human feelings is unprecedented, no matter what role he assumes. He assumed a lot of varying roles, from a great lover to a righteous warrior and even Satan himself. Some of Byrne’s over 100 film roles and memorable works include Murder at YellowStone City, Lies We Tell and Vikings, and we must mention his portrayal of D’Artagnan, the fourth Musketeer in the epic saga The Man in the Iron Mask. For us, he was and always will be the original D’Artagnan.

Fionn O’Shea

Our young protagonist, Nicholas, is masterly portrayed by Fionn O’Shea. The 26-year-old Irish actor polished his name by starring in Hang Ups, a Channel 4 sitcom. He appeared in more than 20 films, shows and music videos. His film and TV repertoire includes starring in shows like Handsome Devil, Earthy Encounters, Normal People and Wolf. In 2017, O’Shea was chosen alongside three Irish actors on the Stars of Tomorrow list by Screen International.

Ann Skelly

Irish actress Ann Skelly is the film’s female protagonist, Isobel. Ann kickstarted her career as Rachel Reid in the hit TV show Red Rock, and she continued to shine through all her following roles. She appeared in the TV adaptation of Little Women, was a recurring character as Lady Ethelfled in Vikings and narrated Ulysses, James Joyce’s biggest and most-forbidden works of literature in 100 Years of Ulysses.

The film’s fabulous cast also includes talented Irish actors and actresses like Olwen Fouéré, who plays Nora Ni Liathain in the film and is famous for her roles in Derry Girls, The Northman, Joyride and The Crown. Upcoming actor Dónal Finn, who plays Sean, Isabel’s brother, is most known for his roles in The Witcher, How to Build a Girl and Rogue Heroes. We cannot forget Pat Shortt and Michelle Lucy.

When does Four Letters of Love film come out?

Production hasn’t set a release date yet!

Where was Four Letters of Love filmed?

Four Letters of Love began filming in Belfast, followed by Ballymena, Ballycastle and Carrickfergus in County Antrim in Northern Ireland and then moved south to the magical County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. Between the five locations, the filming crew headed to Ballymena and Donegal Town. In the film, we see Isobel leaving the safety of her west coast island and heading to begin a new life on the mainland in Dublin, hoping to forego the guilt she carried after her brother’s paralysis.

Belfast: The Wondrous Northern Ireland Capital

Four Letters of Love

The Northern Ireland capital, Belfast, was the first city to host the filming cast. Belfast’s history dates back to the Stone Age, and the Giant’s Ring stone henge near the city testifies to this history. Once an important seaport, it earned town status in 1613 and a major developmental project followed for the following century as the result of trade between linen merchants, flax growers and cities in America. The city earned its city status in 1888.

Belfast witnessed years of tension and destruction, from the American War of Independence to the two World Wars. History records the beginning of reconstruction following WWII, and a new welfare state was in sight. After another period of political and civil unrest, Belfast harbours peace within its walls and the city’s cultural, economic and artistic scenes continued to thrive since then.

Exploring Belfast is a satisfying adventure; the city’s diverse landmarks, national monuments, popular restaurants and bars will enchant you. The city’s most remarkable landmarks include the Belfast Titanic Museum about the history and fate of the sunken RMS Titanic, the Ulster Museum, which exhibits everything you need to know about Ireland and interesting exhibitions from around the world. You can visit St Anne’s Cathedral, the historic Queen’s University, St George’s Market and spend a great time in the city’s Botanic Gardens. Worry not; Belfast has dedicated venues for you and your kids’ entertainment.

One of the most exciting things to do in Belfast is go on the Game of Thrones tour. This tour will take you to all the different filming locations of the show in the city, including a studio tour at Titanic Studios to peek inside the Seven Kingdoms. You can follow this tour with an exploration of the city’s colourful food scene and choose any from the city’s food guide. If you’re in for a drink, the city boasts numerous bars, some historic ones as well, for you to enjoy a glass before winding off in your Belfast hotel of choice.

Carrickfergus: The Fergus Rock

Four Letters of Love

This old town is one of a kind in Ireland; the 12th-century town served as the capital of Ulster and even predates the modern city of Belfast. When John de Courcy invaded Ulster, he built Carrickfergus Castle, one of the best-kept Norman castles on the isle. During its history, the town and, most prominently, the castle were captured by raiding and invading forces, one century after another. Carrickfergus witnessed the RMS Titanic as it sliced through the waters of Belfast Lough in 1912.

Today, an industrial, cultural and economic hub, Carrickfergus promises you an enjoyable vacation. When you’re in town, you must visit the majestic Carrickfergus Castle and trace the effects of time over its walls. Head to the local Museum and Civic Centre for a dive in history and art or the US Rangers Museum, and you can relax at the Marine Gardens, where kids can play as well. Carrickfergus offers a wonderful view over the Belfast Lough, a great spot for playing with the shallow water and pebbly sand.

Ballymena: Its History and What to See

Four Letters of Love

The town of Ballymena on River Braid dates back to the mid-17th century. The Adair Family founded the town by order from King Charles I. However, history shows the first settlers in the area are from possibly the 5th century. The area suffered from consecutive raids from outside forces, such as the Vikings in the 9th century, the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century and the Scots in the 14th century.

The 1900s were busy years for Ballymena. The town obtained Urban District status, followed by Borough status 34 years later. A new town hall, the current one, was built after a fire in 1919 burnt the old one. One of Ballymena’s valued natives is superstar Liam Neeson.

The filming crew used an old farmhouse at Moorfields Road and the Diamond Area of the town to film. When you’re in Ballymena, you can visit Galgorm Castle. The 17th-century Jacobean castle has been a private residence since its construction and was featured in numerous renowned films and Television shows, such as the 2015 series The Frankenstein Chronicles. You can find the castle as a part of the Galgorm Castle Golf Club.

You can also visit Ballymena’s Town Hall. The neoclassical building is the ancestor of the original market hall built in 1684 and burnt down in 1919. In the 20th century, coinciding with the hall’s restoration and refurbishment process, a new arts centre was built, and the building’s name changed to Braids Arts and Museum Centre. The centre acts as an art exhibition as well as showcasing valuable pieces telling the town’s history.

To breathe in the town’s spirit, you can head to People’s Park, a spacious park that will allow you to relax, and if you have kids, they can play in their designated playground while you take in some fresh air. Head shopping at Fairhill Shopping Centre for everything you need, or you can go on a little ride to Cushendun for a great day at the beach.

Ballycastle: About the Town and What to Do There

Four Letters of Love

Sitting at the northernmost tip of Northern Ireland is Ballycastle, a small coastal town considered to be one of the country’s breathtaking natural locations. Historians estimate the town’s history to have begun in the 5th or 6th century. However, regular settlers only arrived at the end of the 14th century, when Clan MacDonnell controlled the area. Two centuries later, the clan’s claim to the Glens of Antrim was affirmed, and they continued to rule.

The town today sits on the remains of several historical buildings, including the Bonamargy Friary, Dunaneeny Castle and the Holy Trinity Church, which gave the town its name. The town once had a castle, Ballycastle Castle, which suffered the wrath of the Scottish and Cromwellian forces until it fell into disrepair and was completely removed during the 19th century.

Ballycastle is blessed with incomparable beaches, cliffs and rigorous mountains. You can head to Kinbane Castle, where a few walls remain from the mid-16th century castle that testify to its rich history. Drive to the Fair Head Cliffs to get a fantastic view of Ballycastle and Rathlin Island, and you can even see Scotland from afar.

We suggest heading to Ballycastle Beach to spend a day soaking in the marvellous sea views, and it’s ideal to spend with the kids. You can’t miss heading to Murlough Bay to witness another scenic view of the town, Rathlin Island and if the day is clear, Scotland as well. If you’re up for a cruise, you can take a ferry to Rathlin Island, where you can spend a leisurely time birdwatching.  

County Donegal, Ireland

Four Letters of Love

The filming crew headed to County Donegal, their last shooting location before wrapping up. County Donegal stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and was once the stronghold of the O’Donnells, one of the strongest ruling clans since the 13th century. The county’s name takes after Donegal Town, where the castle, also bearing its name, Donegal Castle, still stands. In the 17th century, the county experienced civil and political unrest and was one of the worst-hit areas by the Great Famine in the 1840s.

Around County Donegal’s capital town, Lifford, and in every town you will find unlimited activities for you to enjoy. You can take a lengthy drive alongside the ocean, visit the mighty Slieve League, and join hiking and walking groups with some of the field’s best instructors. More towns to visit include Killybegs, Downings and Letterkenny.

The cast of Four Letters of Love chose several locations around County Donegal to shoot. We can see Glenveagh National Park, which encompasses the breathtaking green scenery of the Derryveagh Mountains. The Park is a favourite attraction, with hikers and campers, both local and worldwide, trekking around its rugged terrain. On the Park grounds, you will find Glenveagh Castle, a late 19th-century castle surrounded by the untouched beauty of the park.

Throughout the film, we get to see Dunfanaghy Beach, one of County Donegal’s popular beaches in Dunfanaghy Town on the county’s northern coast. The villages of Doochary and Dunlewey also hosted the filming cast, where they presented the perfect backdrop for its dramatic events. The two villages are the perfect spots for trekking, kayaking and spending time away from the hustle of life.

The Emerald Isle has been at the forefront of the world’s favourite filming locations, shows such as Vikings and films such as God’s Creatures, The Banshees of Inisherin and the latest Dungeons and Dragons film, Honor Among Thieves.

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