10 Best Things to Do in New Zealand, Places, Activities & Awesome Tips

Updated On: November 08, 2023

New Zealand, ice mountains, Things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a magical place that offers crystal beaches and skiing sports at the same time. It’s a glorious country that continues to fascinate visitors and locals alike with its history dating back thousands of years, historical and archaeological sights to visit, colorful artifacts, dramatic architectural feats, and most importantly, charming, generous, and upright nature. You will meet millions of things to do in New Zealand, and, of course, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by its lovely people.

New Zealand is home to Māori culture, Hobbiton, a remarkable place where Lord Of The Rings has been filmed, and wild, romantic mountains. To discover the wonders of this splendid country will take a lifetime. But this is not the case with Connolly Cove, as we here have compiled all places you need to head to, all activities to enjoy, and all things to do in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a must-visit destination
New Zealand is a must-visit destination

But First, we need to remind you why New Zealand is a worthy destination.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit New Zealand

If you have plans to visit New Zealand, but you still hesitate if it’s a good pick or you should keep searching for another destination, simply read these reasons to be more convinced and confident about your choice. It’s not just about how many things you can see here, it’s more than that.

Let’s see.

  • Scenic Views Wherever You Go

You can easily fill 7 days of your time in New Zealand. Or Hopefully, you have at least 5 days on your itinerary, but more time is ideal. Because you will treat your eyes wherever you go. Epic mountains with hiking roads, picturesque lakes centered on vast landscapes, crystal beaches, interesting cultures, great wine, you will be dreaming about returning to New Zealand someday. As everything in this place has been designed to appeal to visitors and adventurers.

  • Great Variety of Nature Will Blow You Away

It’s a natural haven for everyone who needs an escape from their hectic life or some troubles. You will clear your mind by this unparalleled nature ranging from coves, long cliffs, ponds coming with green spaces, and beautiful islands. Either way, you will find many places and things to do in New Zealand to keep you amazed and relieved by its vibrancy and uniqueness. It’s just that kind of country that stays in your heart long after you leave.

  • Many Large National Parks

For outdoor activities, they will find many things to do in New Zealand, from arts & culture landmarks, dining, and drinking, shopping centers, or sports hubs. There is always something new in New Zealand for everyone and every taste. It’s easy to get access to many places around you to find but the most exhilarating thing is to visit the national parks offering long trails for hikers or just admire the breathtaking views and photograph splendid shots. A must-see addition for adventure lovers, New Zealand is home to a natural paradise brimming with fauna and flora.

Mountains and beaches are masterpieces in New Zealand
Mountains and beaches are masterpieces in New Zealand
  • Explore Untouched Beauty and Extraordinary Phenomenon

Many spots in New Zealand offer something you can not even see anywhere. One of them is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves which come with lightning worms that will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of catacombs and caves. These glowworms produce shining lights that will leave you on a dreamy trip while exploring caves. You have to make time to discover other eerie natural phenomena like Milford Sound, the wettest place on earth, Doubtful Sound, and see the longest waterfall in the world, and other interesting highlights to see there.

  • Network of Transportation is Great

New Zealand is not cheap to visit, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking landscapes, luxurious accommodations, and a high standard of living. All of them are on display at the same time, thanks to a flawless transportation mechanism. Using public transportation, you may easily travel around the country to learn about its history, beauty, culture, and gastronomic traditions without having to worry about service or roads. It’s completely secure and relaxing. You can book your trips online right now for any destination you want to visit and compare your alternatives to determine the most cost-effective way of transportation.

  • People and Culture are the best

When you plan to write down a place to visit in your list, you have to consider many things, but most importantly, the people and culture. Checking out many different cultures will help you understand how to communicate with people in their country and find a good companion you can trust when you face any problem while visiting this country. Not to mention that you will enjoy the endearing accent that makes you want to let them speak all the time.

Picnic time in New Zealand, people gatherings
Picnic time in New Zealand, people gatherings
  • A Place for Somebody Who Wants to Be Higher Up

A plethora of mountains is shaped differently and located across the country, if you are trekking fans or if you plan to sock up in these attractions. This unique experience should not be misstated even if you stayed in a remote city in New Zealand, ask your hotel about any possibilities to do this. You will enjoy hiking and skiing. Some mountains are topped with ice even on their summer days. It will be a brilliant idea to discover as many mountains as you can. 

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to New Zealand

Now, after you have laid out your future plans to go to one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, you probably ask about the best way to explore this country, what things you need to know before heading to New Zealand from tips to enjoy your trip the most to how to set your time to explore the whole country.

Pack as less as you can because customs authority is a nightmare
Pack as less as you can because customs authority is a nightmare
  • Customs Authority is Very Serious 

If there is something -you need to perceive in your mind before traveling to New Zealand- it is that you should be prepared for strict inspection; even if you have checked ‘nothing to declare’ on the sheet, you will be required to fill it in. The officers there will look carefully at your luggage, searching for anything they can deport any goods. So, keep your cool; if there is something they won’t let you bring in, just leave them or check the kind of stuff that is not permitted before traveling to make sure that you will not leave something behind.

  • Know More About Visa Requirements

It’s not an actual visa, just an entry fee. You need to search for any required papers according to your passport. And please keep posted on any updates to be able to get inside smoothly. Also, you have to pay International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, which costs around $25. However, citizens of the South Pacific and Australia will not be obliged to pay. New Zealand flights can cost you a stack of money if you don’t book them early, and of course, in the peak season, it’s going to rocket. 

  • Always Wear Sunscreen Cream

You need to always wear sunscreen cream no matter where you are going in New Zealand and when you visit it. Around the year, the sun could be burning because of particular features of its hemisphere location, the 36th parallel north of the equator. Don’t go any further without having it in your backpack. You will find many fun outdoor activities to partake in, but if you don’t have a sunblock, your time turns out to be a nightmare as the sun will do this job to damage your skin.

New Zealand beaches are a piece of heaven
New Zealand beaches are a piece of heaven
  • Bear in mind that North New Zealand is Totally Different from South New Zealand

New Zealand has many more things to offer than you might think, and there is no one way to explore all of the country as North New Zealand is hugely different from South New Zealand. In the north, you can discover big cities like Wellington and Auckland, and of course, the splendid beaches strewn all along the coastline up in the North Island. However, the south is famous for wildly romantic mountains with lochs, beautiful natural landscapes, thrilling outdoor activities, and glaciers. You might want to discover the whole country with its two parts, but you have to plan your time here accordingly because there are many places on both islands and in between.

  • Be Cool When Hiking: No Dangerous Animals

It turns out that you can go no matter where you want to go and don’t worry about poisonous snakes or animals because you can not find any of these species in New Zealand. Be prepared to see sheep and farm animals roaming around you. Thus, if you want to go hiking and be concerned about poisonous insects, you should not be. Just pack your backpack and immerse yourself in its incredible natural environment diversity and snap away wherever you go. New Zealand is the country that will linger in your memories forever. Instead, there are sand flies that will bother you in the summer. You will need a bug repellent and make your whole body covered if you go between forests.

  • Sometimes Your English Doesn’t Look Like Their English

English is widely spoken in New Zealand, but it has tangled with their culture and is influenced by the environment. Sometimes you would hear New Zealandia English, but you couldn’t recognize what they actually mean. That’s because there are some words no one could understand except someone who has lived here for a long time. This English is called Kiwi English, and here you can find some words that people of New Zealand frequently use:

Kia Ora= “welcome”

Sweet as= “that’s cool”

Kumara = “sweet potato”

A beautiful lady marvels at Mount Eden Summit, Auckland, New Zealand
A beautiful lady marvels at Mount Eden Summit, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Know Some Driving Rules Here

Some complicated driving rules could become a nuisance if you want to hire a car in New Zealand. First, you have to look carefully before crossing the road, and sometimes you could find signs that tell tourists where the traffic is coming from. But if you want to rent a car while being there, keep an eye out for one-way highways, like bridges on the South Island, and always remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road. We stick to the speed limit because it’s hugely important there; you would be fined if you exceeded it by a few kilometers.

Things You Should Not Miss in New Zealand

  • Staring at a beach will be the perfect start: Go to the 90-Mile Beach

Location: North of the North Island of New Zealand
How to reach: It’s far from the capital, Wellington, it seems complicated that you can not make it on a one-day trip. You can go there by bus from the center of Wellington, taking 20h for $118. Or you can book a flight to Kerikeri airport, then take a bus to Awanui, and from there, you can book an Uber ride.
Price: It depends on your program there. But anyway the overall cost of spending a day there could be around $330.

We invite you to discover one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. It’s an adventurer’s dream come true, as you’re going to find immaculate white sand on which to surf or bodyboard. You will have an exciting time strolling through dunes surrounded by crystal water. Seriously, it’s a pumping-adrenaline activity.

A pristine moment before the sunset, the 90-Mile Beach
A pristine moment before the sunset, the 90-Mile Beach

Why Should You Visit 90-Mile Beach?

With our list of the best things to do in New Zealand, this place should undoubtedly be at the top of them. With sunny beaches, spectacular crystalline water, and breathtaking visits over the Pacific ocean, 90-Mile Beach should be our pick of the must-see attractions on this stunning island. Located in

Karikari Peninsula, you can walk along the Beach and its mainland to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere on one of the longest coastlines in New Zealand. 

Things to Do:

  • Roam around the Beach and soak in its beauty, one of the most important landmarks in New Zealand.
  • Visit the historical park Yarram Memorial Park which comes with plenty of activities off the tourist trail, and it would be perfect for a stop after a long walk.
  • Have a meal at one of the posh restaurants overlooking the ocean; we recommend sampling Indian food there. Mouth-watering!
  • Do some thrilling adventure sports like sand surfing and then explore green Aupouri Forest, which will give you the low-down on the wildlife in this fantastic spot.
  • Watch a great collection of historical artworks as part of New Zealand heritage in Port Albert Maritime Museum, where you can relish in the shades of the most stunning surrounding gardens.
Leave everything behind and let's chill out on the 90-Mile Beach
Leave everything behind and let’s chill out on the 90-Mile Beach

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t put your bag on the table while tasting the forgotten delights of New Zealand dishes. It’s disrespectful here. Instead, bring it to the chair in front of you. People here appreciate the launching time and everything related to eating, which is the perfect moment for gathering.
  • Don’t fear being missed or lost here because every corner is teeming with historic and specular places to discover. Planning is a brilliant way, don’t go overboard with your itinerary. Just take your time to find every location you step inside it.
  • Don’t miss your opportunity to discover the small towns. People always stick to visiting the big cities there, which is not such a good idea. Be selective and discover the hidden gems of New Zealand; I bet you will love it the most.

Pro Tip: If you have issues regarding traveling through narrow roads in ups and downs while going to 90-Mile Beach, it’s better to leave this job to professionals to feel more comfortable and safe.

  • Nothing Better Than Spend a Night at Mountain Hut: Mount Aspiring National Park

Location: The Southern Alps of the South Island
How to reach: Again, It’s far from the capital, Wellington. You have to fly to Wanaka and then take a taxi to the mountain. This trip will cost you about $300 if you make the capital your starting point. Or you can take a car ferry from Wellington to Picton for about $40, then take the bus to Lake Ohau, where you can take a private ride. Please note that all options will take you about 19h, so be ready for this long journey.
Price: To spend a night there will set you back around $105.

Spending a night at one of the mountain hubs should be on everyone’s bucket list as it offers a romantic ambiance that you will not want to miss. If you have already experienced it before, please share it with our social media pages, and don’t forget to tag @collonycove. But to be honest, the night in the mountains dotted New Zealand- for instance, Mount Aspiring National Park- will be like nothing before.

Hug your cup during watching the sunset in New Zealand
Hug your cup during watching the sunset in New Zealand

Why Should You Visit Mount Aspiring National Park?

Imagine your helicopter over vast green landscapes, sparkling turquoise ponds, and white-topped mountains; then you will spend a night at one of these soaring highlands. Mount Aspiring National Park is one of the nest public parks in New Zealand, famous for its greenstone, and it’s part of the South New Zealand island where you can find tons of the best things and entertainment activities to do worldwide.

Things to Do:

  • Take a look at these unspoiled natural places and get close to the spectacular landscapes shadowed by lovely lofty mountains and beautiful blue water.
  • Mount Aspiring National Park is home to the best hiking trails in New Zealand, so if you are a hiking enthusiast, this place is just for you.
  • There is no way more exciting than spending a romantic night in a mountain hub where you can wake up to witness the most beautiful views during the dawn.
  • To quite have a breath after adventuring through trekking pathways, you can eat something at the coffee shop nearby and enjoy your hot drink.
  • Join a guided tour to discover the lengthy history of the place and how it’s still well-preserved over centuries, and what kind of animals used to reside there.
Pack your backpack and let's explore Mount Aspiring National Park
Pack your backpack and let’s explore Mount Aspiring National Park

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t tip the waiter in any place in New Zealand. People there will appreciate your gesture, but that’s not the way of their thriving culture. In New Zealand, everyone is super friendly, and they will be happy to help you without expecting anything in return.
  • Don’t spend a night in the mountain hut without enough warm layers or some delicious food, as you might get hungry at night. Of course, you will not find any supermarkets around you.
  • New Zealand is a wholly addictive and distinctly hot tourist destination, so prices skyrocket in the peak seasons (from December to October), especially flight prices. Don’t plan to be there in this period if you want to travel on a budget.

Pro Tip: If you plan to stay at one of the hut mountains, please make your reservation ahead and ensure that it’s accessible and not located in a very distant area. Do your search so well to ensure that the spot is compelling to spend a night there.

Heading to the Most Stunning Glaciers and Waterfalls: Milford Sound

Location: The South Island of New Zealand
How to reach: The best option to get Milford Sound from Wellington is to take a car ferry and bus, which takes 26h 9m and costs $180 – $300. Or you can hire a private car from one of the tourist tour companies to plan the whole trip for you.
Price: To spend a cruise around Milford Sound could cost you $105.

There is definitely no shortage of fun things to do in New Zealand, and visiting Milford Sound is one of them. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, an architecture lover, or simply a traveler, all you need is right here. And this place has something for everyone who loves to meander through beautiful sceneries. 

Breathtaking view of Milford Sound, New Zealand
Breathtaking view of Milford Sound, New Zealand

Why Should You Visit Milford Sound?

Drifting on the natural ponds to admire the most spectacular sights is one the most fun things to do in New Zealand. Dating back to the middle of an ice age, this ancient place is incorporated with glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, and dolphins dancing in the ocean. It’s hard to disappoint you. Make time to head to Homer Tunnel, around in the heart of the mountain. You can reach it by driving to Milford Sound, stopping for a while, and watching some wild animals that wander around to search for scraps.

Not to mention that just wandering around this magical natural environment will make your day. You are likely to keep it in your memory forever as it’s one of the most prominent places to visit in New Zealand that some travelers have preserved as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Things to Do:

  • Go for a bike ride around the park along with the shore. This kind of entertainment will replace all your challenging thoughts with something more joyful. Hearing the waves crashing, marveling at epic nature, and doing fun, exciting activities, you already have everything to be relieved.
  • Visit Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory, where you will be rewarded with a 360-degree glimpse of this wonderland.
  • However, New Zealand is not a pretty budget-friendly place; you find some free activities in Milford Sound, like just hiking among towering and wilder mountains.
  • If you want to discover marine life, this place will give you access to Southern Discoveries, where you can watch many different species ranging from colorful fishes to dolphins.
  • Pay for a cruise excursion around the spot where you will get around many unparalleled green spaces. The view from the boat will literally take your breath away.
Milford Sound, canyons, and mountains, New Zealand
Milford Sound, canyons, and mountains, New Zealand

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t go there by car as you will have to pay for a parking lot which will cost you at least $20 for an hour.
  • Don’t overuse compliments; most New Zealand people get embarrassed by this type of talk.
  • Don’t walk around anywhere in New Zealand without holding your bottle of water, as it’s important to be hydrated in this hemisphere climate. 

Pro Tip: If you want to add an enthralling experience to your tour, why not try something like scuba diving or kayaking. It will not be too affordable, but it will certainly deserve every penny. 

Visit the Tallest Tower in the Southern Hemisphere: Sky Tower

Location: Victoria Street Corner Federal Streets, Auckland Central, Auckland
How to reach: You can fly to Auckland from Wellington and then head to the city center. Look right there; you can see this epic tower for about $240. And for the cheapest alternative, you can get the train from the capital to Paraparaumu Station, then take the bus to Kapiti Road opposite Cedar Drive. From where you will fly to Auckland. This whole journey will be for around $50.
Price: $32 for an entry fee.

Made of high-quality reinforced concrete, Sky Tower always reflects the modernization side of New Zealand. Setting a new standard of spending your vacation here, you will spend unforgettable tours with tourist attractions, great activities, and luxurious accommodation hubs to spend a pleasant time there.

Landmark of New Zealand, Sky Tower
Landmark of New Zealand, Sky Tower

Why Should You Visit Sky Tower?

Staying in New Zealand will give you insight into different ways of how to make your vacation memorable. And now, let’s look at this magnificent building that defines the identity of this diverse cultural country. Sky Tower is one of the host tourist attractions in New Zealand and ranked number one of the most-visited places here. There are some attributes that best describe this tower: epic, fancy, and stunning. If you are willing to write a review after visiting it, I bet you that your remarks will be something like thousands of tourist comments; “it is such a great beautiful view.” “Was so neat to see all the views.” Interesting!

Things to Do:

  • Head up to the highest point of the tower to enjoy watching life in New Zealand.
  • Spend a few minutes at one of the decent restaurants and have your meal with a breathtaking view of Auckland’s entire cityscape.
  • Visit a gift shop to buy souvenirs and other traditional items.
  • You will enjoy the service here the most. Everything is placed to please you, and there is no wonder as this place is client-oriented.
  • To treat yourself after a very long day, you can book up a spa session at the wellness center inside the tower. Who cares if it’s expensive! You are here to give yourself the best of both worlds.
Seaside road New Zealand, Sky Tower
Seaside road New Zealand, Sky Tower

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t throw anything anywhere but in the trash. New Zealand people do their best to keep the country clean, and any other attitude will be considered disrespectful.
  • The weather here is very tricky, don’t mess with it and always be ready for the rain, wind, or blazing sun by bringing a raincoat, and don’t wear a few layers even in the summer. Instead, pack something that can warm you perfectly when the weather turns chilly.
  • Don’t overestimate that you will drink a great deal of coffee because tea here is more common than anything else, and if you invite a New Zealand friend, it would be great if you have offered him tea, not coffee.

Pro Tip: To spice up your trip, it would be a brilliant idea to come here at night when this tower is illuminated from every angle that will leave you overwhelmed.

  • Not Look Like Any Farm in the World: It’s Hobbiton

Location: 501 Buckland Road Matamata, Hinuera
How to reach: The best way to get Hobbiton from Wellington’s capital is by booking a flight taking 3h for $300 – $500. Or you have another option; take the bus from the city center for $140 – $200, taking more than 9h. A train is also a good option for an affordable alternative.
Price: Around $84, including a guided tour

From a hilltop farm to one of the hottest attractions in New Zealand, this place has turned out to be a masterpiece after filming “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” here. Each perfectly-created site has created this place to be a fairytale to see the home of hobbits and walk through their fantasy world.

Hobbiton, amazing place to explore
Hobbiton, amazing place to explore

Why Should You Visit Hobbiton?

Located in a small town, Matamata, Hobbiton offers many ways to make the most of your time in New Zealand. Go around Hobbiton Movie Set, head up to Kaimai Ranges, or savor a local cuisine while watching quaint rural spaces. This place is perfect for visiting, taking instagrammable photos, and chilling out in the midst of pure nature.

This location has compiled all beautiful aspects to amuse you, ranging from lush greenery, well-paved walkways, dazzling decoration, and lovely rest points. Even if you are not a big fan of Hobbit movies, believe it or not, this tour will define the core meaning of being pleased.

Things to Do:

  • Roam around the Hobbiton dwellings and pay attention to incredible features to give you insight into the life of these magical creatures.
  • Take in magnificent vistas of the decorated landscapes and take tons of photos wherever you go.
  • Invite yourself to have a cup of coffee inside these tiny cottages and immerse yourself in this unique experience.
  • Join a guided tour of Hobbiton to know more stories about this movie set and discover other fun activities you can do there.
  • Wander around the village and watch small lodges along with intriguing nature and hilltops topped with green landscapes. “I want to spend the rest of my life here,” I am pretty sure that you will say something similar to that once you unveil the scenery of this place.
A fairytale attraction, Hobbiton
A fairytale attraction, Hobbiton

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t expect that you will walk through meadows alone, or you will be able to take photos alone. It’s not so true. This place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. Crowds will be there wherever you want.
  • Don’t go there without booking your online ticket. It could be sold out on-site.
  • Don’t miss your opportunity to indulge yourself in the whole life of Hobbiton by booking an evening banquet tour. But be sure that you come here at the right time because this event happens only 4 days a week.

Pro Tip: It would be a brilliant idea to come here after reading the novel, and that would be significant if you want to be more excited about the exciting particulars you are about to see here.

Witness a Thousand Miracles: Take a Hike Around Mountains

Location: North New New Zealand and South New Zealand

How to reach: Abel Tasman National Park: the best way to get there from Wellington is to take a car ferry to Picton and then take a taxi ride to the park. ($65-$101).
Tongariro Alpine Crossing: the best way to get there from Wellington is to take a bus to Waiouru and then take a taxi ride to the park. ($60-$76).
Roys Peak: the best way to get there from Wellington is to fly to Wanaka and then take a taxi ride to the park. ($106 – $330)
Price: It depends on where and how you will go on a hiking tour. Also, consider where you will stay in New Zealand, in the North or the South. Anyway, get prepared to spend at least $200.

Going to New Zealand without getting lost in its national parks is just like going to Egypt without visiting the Pyramids. It’s impossible, right?

Join our tour to explore Giza Pyramids, if you would like 😉

If you don’t go on a hiking excursion in New Zealand, where could you go?

New Zealand is the perfect hub for discovering the wonders of our mother earth because when we conquer a mountain, it is not just about unforgettable views from the hilltop; it’s about conquering ourselves. We need to remind ourselves how valuable nature is and how tiny we are, compared with this magnificent.

Why Should You Go Hiking in New Zealand?

It’s so healthy to interact with all other wild creatures and explore the outside world. We know that visiting New Zealand on a budget is a problem, but it should not since you can discover trekking pathways around you for free. If you decide to stay on the North New Zealand island, you can go to Tongariro Alpine Crossing or Buck Taylor Track Loop. Otherwise, you can find vast parks to hit them up in the south, for instance, Abel Tasman National Park and Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Things to Do:

  • Head up to misted mountains, magical waterfalls, ancient forests, and long stretches of uninhabited beaches. Your adventure here will make you rethink the world in another way.
  • Explore more about the wildlife. Step inside this great wonder is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
  • Visit emerald pools, lochs, and other beautiful terrains brimming with the all-natural phenomenon.
  • Marvel at the majesty of this beauty in the sunset to grace the essence of the natural environment and why we should keep them alive and healthy and stop spoiling it.
  • Challenge yourself and climb up to the summit and take the breathtaking views over the surrounding areas.
The best thing to do in New Zealand is to go hiking
The best thing to do in New Zealand is to go hiking

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t go there without lacing up your sturdy boots, enough water, and a raincoat. You will need all of these things there.
  • Don’t go there in your private car, no parking at most national parks, instead try moving around the country by a camper van.
  • Don’t rely on GPS while going around the parks. The connection will not be the best, and you will need to engage with a group to avoid missing out on any iconic sites.

Pro Tip: When you get tired of climbing and walking, just remember that the most incredible view will come after the hardest walk featuring rugged mountains that have dominated the skyline.

Indulge Yourself in the Purity of New Zealand: The Bay of Islands

Location: North New New New Zealand
How to reach: Take the bus from the center of Wellington to Paihia. From there, you can ride in a taxi to the Bay of Islands. ($69 – $99).
Price: It depends on how you want to spend the days in the Bay of Islands and which activity you are willing to embark on, like parasailing, kayaking, or just wandering around the place to discover its wonders. If you plan to rent a cruise trip, it will set you back around $100.

This place will offer you a free activity; you can just marvel at this grandeur. The Bay of Islands is a must-see destination for anybody visiting New Zealand. This place redefines the purity of nature. “New Zealand is a large village,” this is exactly what you feel when you arrive here.

Dolphins showing their swimming skills to a group of visitors, The Bay of Islands
Dolphin showing its swimming skills to a group of visitors, The Bay of Islands

Why Should You Visit the Bay of Islands?

Pack your backpack, and let’s taste these natural bites. You will don’t need the fortune to head to this place. Beautiful beaches, most amazing islands, and green spaces drenched in the mountains; here, you will get access to the most popular attractions in New Zealand. It’s said that if you only have time for one thing in New Zealand, it should be the Bay of Islands.

The Bay of Islands, with its 144 islands, is an ideal location for the greatest watersports. If you’re lucky enough to spot dolphins in the ocean, you can swim with them and take some of the best images you’ve ever seen.

Things to Do:

  • Stretch out the most spectacular beaches in New Zealand and admire the incredible scenery around you.
  • The Bay of Islands offers a bunch of every conceivable watersport, ranging from swimming, parasailing, dancing with dolphins, or going for a cruise trip and practicing your fishing skills.
  •  Have a short walk around the park and discover all the hidden gems of this masterpiece destination in New Zealand.
  • Explore the national treasure of Waitangi Treaty Grounds, where you can easily be gazed at the aspects of Māori culture at Māori Meeting House and visit some contemporary art museums.
  • Awe at the different marine species swimming in the pristine water and highest waterfall.
Unparalleled nature of New Zealand, The Bay of Islands
Unparalleled nature of New Zealand, The Bay of Islands

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t expect that you can not make friends here. People in New Zealand are friendly and efficiently treat you as a close friend. So be cool with them to receive excellent advice from locals to know the best roads or perfect way to explore the town and so on.
  • Don’t be in a rush to visit the two parts of New Zealand, the north and the south. Please choose one of them and then hit each corner of the island.
  • Don’t enter a place in New Zealand, especially in national parks with dirty shoes. People here are particularly concerned about biodiversity security and how to preserve it so well. Please keep this in mind and adhere to the structures when exploring forests or natural regions?

Pro Tip: While visiting the Bay of Islands, there are spots you should not miss here, like Urapukapuka Island. This adventure will be the best boat trip ever where you can watch dolphins, and maybe whales. Epic! 

Eat One of the Most Delicious Burgers in the World: Fergburger

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
How to reach: The best way is to take the ferry car from Wellington to Picton, then take the bus to Queenstown, taking 19h ($104 – $149), or you can fly directly to Queenstown, taking 4h ($53-$266)
Price: Around $16.

No matter where you are in New Zealand, you should absolutely taste Fergburger. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem very easy to find it anywhere but Queenstown. But trust me, it deserves your efforts, mainly, this town houses other best attractions in New Zealand, such as Coronet Peak, Routeburn Track, and go skiing in the remarkable area.

Fergburger is the best burger ever
Fergburger is the best burger ever

Why Should You Taste Fergburger?

Fergburger is part of New Zealand culture; everyone visiting this location should try it at least one time. Most tourists rank it as the first thing you should think of when you are in a hangry in New Zealand. “Oh my god! It’s the best burger I have eaten before!” That’s what my friend told me when I asked him about his review after eating Fergburger. 

As I am absolutely certain that you will find long lines waiting to order their burgers and you would ask, “what the heck? It’s just a burger!” No, dear, it’s not. It’s not, and for a good reason, you have to have a place in this queue to order Fergburger.

Things to Do:

  • Of course, the first thing you should think of while visiting Queenstown is to taste Fergburger from Mr. Big Stuff or Sweet Bambi.
  • If you are a vegetarian, Queenstown has something for you as well. Order a tofu burger with spicy satay or coconut sauce. There are other delicious flavors like lemon yogurt and avocado.
  • Try a local cuisine and order Kumara salad, including potatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli. Healthy and tasty.
  • Take advantage of being in Queenstown and explore other nearby tourist attractions, such as enjoying stunning views from Bob’s Peak.
  • Have a seat at a gondola and discover the best views over the city, or you can dine on one of these trip boats for a romantic moment.
Tasty burgers are waiting for you in New Zealand
Tasty burgers are waiting for you in New Zealand

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t waste your time while being in New Zealand by staying in the hotel. New Zealand is peppered with outdoor activities and adventure. Go outside and plan to visit as much as possible.
  • Don’t be stuck with the map roads. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore new places, and if you’re on a guided tour, ask if you can stroll around the city like a local.
  •  Don’t go shopping after 6:00 pm. You will find most stores are closed, but on weekends it could be open till a little later. Generally, it’s better to go shopping early.

Pro Tip: If you want to skip long queues, here is a smart option; order it by phone and pick it up once you arrive. But anyway, it’s worth getting your feet to suffer in favor of tasting this juicy burger.

Discover the Paradise of the Pacific: Dunedin

Location: the South Island’s 
How to reach: You can fly directly from Wellington to Dunedin, taking about 5h for ($108 – $380). It’s a little expensive, and however, it’s the best and most comfortable option without transporting much between vehicles.
Price: It will cost you around $180 to spend a day here.

Before leaving this magnificent country, it’s time to soak up in this location’s history and raw culture. That’s why the final stop should be here, Dunedin, where you can find Maori heritage, and transcendent architectural marvel adorned with the most beautiful art blending Scottish and New Zealand’s old states.

Dunedin City, Otago, New Zealand
Dunedin City, Otago, New Zealand

Why Should You Visit Dunedin?

If you are still wondering why going to Dunedin is an idyllic place to visit, well listen up. Constructed to please everyone who comes here, Dunedin turns out to be a combination of splendid scenery -just like the entire New Zealand- Edwardian architecture, and a way to discover the wildlife. For example, you will come across yellow-eyed penguins just heading to Otago Peninsula. The advisable thing to do now is to explore the city by riding a bike.

Have a limited time to discover Dunedin? 

Forget about it and allow about two days to tour the town because you are about to find out more lovely things than you could have imagined, the city of wonders. Some places will sweep you off your feet, like Otago Peninsula, a combination of spectacular beaches embracing large green spaces. Many wild animals can be spotted if you are lucky enough, like seals, sea lions, and albatross.

Things to Do:

  • Stroll down the streets of Dunedin and explore its intriguing alleyways and take in the superb vistas from everywhere, cliffs, albatross sanctuary, white-sand beaches, and more.
  • Get ready to discover many treasures here from untamed coasts, fern-filled valleys, and ever-changing forests that promise you to get in touch with erratic creatures.
  • Plan to visit Otago Peninsula, which hosts a diverse range of wildlife; two kinds of penguins, yellow-eyed and blue, fur seals and sea lions.
  • Unlike any other railway station, Dunedin Railway Station is an art gallery with its awe-inspiring façade and long history that can be discovered inside the station.
  • Visit the 19-century attractions in the city like Larnach Castle, the only one in New Zealand. This castle functioned as wealthy banker William Larnach’s home, so you can see luxury in every nook and cranny of the palace that will leave you speechless.
University of Otago, North Dunedin, New Zealand
University of Otago, North Dunedin, New Zealand

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t make any negotiations or bargaining with shopkeepers. It’s not very welcoming here. 
  • Don’t expect that restaurants can be open after 5:30 a.m., especially on cold days. Cafes are about to close at 3:00 p.m.
  • However, it’s one of the safest places in the world; it’s not a good idea to leave your precious items in the hotel. Put them in a hotel safe if one is available in your room, or bring them with you wherever you go.

Pro Tip: Go straight to the city center, Otago Harbour, which still retains the elements of 19-century architecture, from churches, Town Hall, Paul’s Cathedral, and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Where to Stay in New Zealand?

  • Be in the Center: Wellington

The place where the authority takes over the country, Wellington, will give you insight into the pure New Zealand culture reflected in the architecture, gastronomy, and people’s attitudes. The capital of New Zealand has lofty epic attractions with sun-washed beaches that will make your vacation here full of adventure and merriment. Many nightlife activities are on offer with a wide variety of pubs, chic boutiques, and a long walking tour around the city to discover its charm. Keep your eyes peeled because various magnificent views can be found everywhere. But when it comes to lodging, you should be smart and picky. Here are the best places to stay in Wellington.

Wellington, New Zealand- coastline, seafront houses
Wellington, New Zealand- coastline, seafront houses

Best Hotels for families:

Mercure Wellington Abel Tasman Hotel (around $74 a night)

Travelodge Hotel Wellington (around $119 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Rydges Wellington (around $207 a night)

Novotel Wellington Hotel (around $163 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

The Marion (around $26 a night)

Trek Global (around $14 a night)

Take the Slice of Heaven: Picton

Picton remains one of the most-visited cities in New Zealand for many good reasons, but nothing can beat its natural beauty. With cliffs, ocean, unique marine life, and extensive green spaces, Picton is a heaven for nature lovers. We think that one day is not enough to immerse yourself fully in this stunning community. You need at least 4 days to complete your tour here, enjoy this lovely city, and visit all the must-see attractions. Starting from the unforgettable tour boat you have to take from the capital Wellington to reach Picton; it will be the best experience ever. Please, don’t be fooled by visitors who mistake this town for a rest stop before continuing their journey across New Zealand. You will need to stop here for a while, and that’s why we created this list below of the top places to stay in Picton.

Picturesque beach of Picton, New Zealand
The picturesque beach of Picton, New Zealand

Best Hotels for families:

Top of the Town (around $105 a night)

Harbour View Motel Picton (around $105 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Picton Beachcomber Inn (around $195 a night)

The Portage (around $160 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Piwaka Lodge (around $19 a night)

Sequoia Lodge Backpackers (around $17 a night)

Like a Big Natural Museum: Auckland

Served as the leading original studio to film Hobbiton- especially in the small town of Matamata-, Auckland is accessible by its international airport. You can come here directly from any place in the world. This city is famous for its distinct style tangled with a wide array of skyscrapers, art galleries, graffitied streets, and immense marble structures. Many attractions are on offer right here that will help you create a personal experience about how to live like a New Zealander as it’s the most populated New Zealand city, so it’s the best place to discover the mammoth aspects of culture. Auckland has a wealth of vibrant neighborhoods presenting the sophisticated side of New Zealand.

Auckland is one of the best cities to stay in New Zealand
Auckland is one of the best cities to stay in New Zealand

Best Hotels for families:

QT Auckland (around $196 a night)

The Sebel Auckland Viaduct Harbour (around $169 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Park Hyatt Auckland (around $265 a night)

SkyCity Hotel (around $180 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Oaklands Lodge Hotel (around $90 a night)

Haka Lodge Auckland (around $19 a night)

Explore the Core Identity of New Zealand: Dunedin

If you need to know how people perceive New Zealand, you should come here and book a hotel for at least 3 days. The most important thing about Dunedin is that you can enjoy your time exploring, doing many entertaining activities, and tasting local cuisines for cheap rates, which means if you travel on a budget, Dunedin is the perfect place for you. This city has plenty of tourist attractions in store, from marvelous architecture to a free walking tour and picturesque views over the ocean. Your itinerary here will be a big task to go around all these beautiful places and most importantly you have to dedicate time to choose the suitable hotel to stay in. Don’t look any further. Below here you will find the best places to stay in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Explore the natural beauty of New Zealand, Dunedin
Explore the natural beauty of New Zealand, Dunedin

Best Hotels for families:

Aria on Bank (around $114 a night)

538 Great King Motel (around $98 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Esplanade Motel & Apartments (around $129 a night)

Bluestone on George (around $121 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Chalet Backpackers (around $17 a night)

On Top Backpackers (around $21 a night)

Soak up the True Spirit of New Zealand: Queenstown

Looking for adventure, why not head to Queensland. No right time to visit this paradise, Queenstown. It’s the best place to unwind and check out the fascinating nature in the whole world. If you are willing to see more, make a reservation at one of the fancy hotels here, or you can check into a cozy hostel if you don’t plan to break the bank. Queenstown is about huge mountains, beautiful huts punched on the hilltops, long trekking trails reflecting in the virgin forests, and the highest waterfalls spraying a mist of purity. Staying here will give you access to the way in which you can live in the heart of nature. 

Parasailing in New Zealand is the best, Queenstown
Parasailing in New Zealand is the best, Queenstown

Best Hotels for families:

Novotel Queenstown Lakeside (around $127 a night)

Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa (around $121 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

The Rees Hotel, Luxury Apartments, And Lakeside Residences (around $209 a night)

Kamana Lakehouse (around $165 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

The Black Sheep Backpackers (around $21 a night)

Nomads Queenstown Hostel (around $19 a night)

10 Best Things to Do in New Zealand, Places, Activities & Awesome Tips
A journey to healing, go to New Zealand

What should you do now? If you are still unsure where you will go on your next vacation, check out our latest posts about the best things to do right now for fun and amusement time. And please let us know which places are you willing to visit in New Zealand?

We are Looking forward to reading all your comments. 

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