10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

Updated On: November 08, 2023

Carlingford, Ireland - Irish towns to visit

When people plan a trip to Ireland, they usually make sure to hit the big cities like Dublin and Belfast, and rightly so, those cities have so much to attract people from award-winning tourist attractions, incredible history and literature, friendly locals and so much more.

But Ireland has so much more to offer visitors than just those two popular cities. Ireland is filled with some of the world’s most beautiful small towns that come with character and charm that will surely capture your heart when you arrive.

In this guide, Connollycove will explore 10 amazing Irish towns you need to visit on your next trip over, to truly immerse yourself in the Irish culture and scenery. 

You’ll not be disappointed by what each town has to offer. The small Irish towns will provide you with an authentic Irish experience that helps to reveal how truly incredible Ireland is with its fascinating medieval history and stunning landscape you won’t find anywhere else.

Keep reading to find out which Irish towns make our top 10 list of places to visit!

1. Doolin, Co.Clare

In the always captivating County Clare, you will find the beauty that is Doolin Village, a must-visit for everyone coming to Ireland and we will tell you why. Located on Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way, perfectly sits Doolin, also known as the traditional music capital of Ireland. 

You will be totally captivated by the scenery that surrounds Doolin as it’s one of the most stunning areas on the Emerald Island, no words will ever do the place justice in terms of its beauty. When you arrive in Doolin you will feel the warmth of the Irish welcome from the locals and its colourful surroundings makes for a lovely getaway in Ireland. 

Doolin is a place that has something to offer every visitor, young or old, you’ll have a memorable experience here. This Irish village is nicely located to popular attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher and the spectacular Aran Islands which you must take time to check out on your trip.

Of course, being famous for its traditional music means, all year round the village is filled with live music and Irish craic in the local pubs. You’ll soon become best friends with the locals after a night spent having fun in one of the pubs like Fitzpatrick’s bar. A great place to visit if you want to uncover Ireland’s musical roots.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

Things to do in Doolin

Sea Views and Coastal Walks 

There is plenty to enjoy and soak up on a trip to Doolin, such as discovering Doolin’s rugged coastline by taking part in a sea adventure with local Scuba Diver, Caroline Hartigan.

Experience the stunning ocean views with a lovely Doolin Cliff walk with a local tour guide. You’ll be taken along enchanting sea cliffs towards the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre, for a truly magical experience capturing the rural beauty of Ireland.

Food Glorious Food

Doolin has also become a cultural hub for food and you must while you are visiting so you can experience the taste of Doolin with its incredible local food scene on offer. The village is home to some impressive restaurants, cafes and food festivals that take place throughout the year. 

Places you must check out for food include Burren Smokehouse Visitor Centre, Oar Doolin and The Ivy Cottage for some sensational food.

Doolin’s Historic land

Doolin, like most Irish towns, is filled with a history you must also explore, take a journey through its historic locations and discover ancient people, churches and holy wells and castles.

This Irish town has so much to love that will make you want to come back a second and third time. A vibrant town filled with unique stories and unforgettable experiences with great accommodation, activities, and local shops.

2. Kinsale Co.Cork

Located in the historic County Cork is home to the once medieval fishing port known as Kinsale but is now considered the gourmet food capital of Ireland. If you are wishing to come to Ireland to experience amazing food, then this place with not disappoint.

Not only is Kinsale famous for its food scene but the place has also been suggested as one of Ireland’s most picturesque, historic and fashionable towns on the west coast. There really is no doubt about its beauty with its captivating waterfront, yacht-filled harbour and colourful houses and galleries. There is always a photo opportunity at every corner in Kinsale, so make sure you have your camera handy.

Its mild climate and the safe harbour have long made this place the perfect spot for sea angling, Dolphin and Whale watching and enjoying fresh seafood. 

What makes Kinsale so special is that over its long history very little has changed about the place with many old buildings still proudly standing tall to give visitors a look into its fascinating past. 

Kinsale is a lively town perfect for locals and tourists alike with its variety of shops and attractions including art galleries, book shops and more.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit
View of Kinsale from mouth of the River Bandon, Ireland

Things to do in Kinsale

There is a lot to keep you busy on a weekend trip to Kinsale from historical walking tours, exploring castles and galleries, enjoying a round of golf, horse-riding, harbour cruises and a variety of water activities, you’ll definitely not be bored while you are here.

Ancient Irish Forts

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit
10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit 1

For history lovers, make sure to check out Charles Fort, built during the 17th century on the edge of Kinsale Harbour, the unique star-shaped fort has played a powerful part in Ireland’s history. Very little has changed about the fort making it worthwhile to explore as well as the stunning views of the ocean and the Cork countryside on display.

Small-Town Love

One thing that captures the charm of Kinsale is its beautiful and colourful small-town offering a relaxed atmosphere, just wandering around and exploring the winding streets and waterfront is not to be missed.

Take a trip to the elegant Kinsale museum and explore a fascinating part of Irish history, home to an amazing collection of artefacts showcasing this Irish town’s incredible maritime history.

One thing you must do while here is to experience the beautiful walk at the Old Head of Kinsale Loop, just a short drive outside of Kinsale. It is considered one of West Cork’s most breathtaking coastal walking routes. You’ll be truly in awe of the scenery that surrounds you along with the historic sites you’ll find here including a magnificent 17th-century lighthouse.

The Irish Gourmet Capital

As briefly mentioned above Kinsale is Ireland’s Gourmet Capital, so when it comes to food, especially seafood you will be in heaven. Kinsale is filled with great eating establishments, and a variety of restaurants offering fine-dining to the best of Irish pub grub, you won’t be short of amazing food in this Irish town. 

This is the place to go for foodies wishing to sample the authentic taste of Ireland. Places to check out on your visit are Baston, Cosy Cafe, Finns’ Table and the Lemon Leaf Cafe are just a few of its best food spots.

3. Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny

Famous for being Ireland’s best-preserved medieval city, rich in history and culture is Kilkenny located in Ireland’s Ancient East. This town needs to be on your list of places to experience in Ireland. Kilkenny has quickly become a favourite destination for tourists, which is easily accessible via day trips from Ireland’s capital, Dublin

Many of Kilkenny’s ancient buildings are still in beautiful conditions helping to keep its charming medieval environment. A visit here is sure to offer you an unrivalled experience that will stay with you long after you are gone. 

You’ll be captivated by its medieval feel of narrow lanes and historic buildings such as castles and cathedrals. The place is also more than a historic honeypot, it is also a creative hub known for its art and crafts; each year it hosts the ever-popular Kilkenny Arts Festival, where the best of Irish and international art is showcased.

Kilkenny is a quirky, fun and charming Irish town that has long provided a favourite getaway for people visiting Ireland.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit
Kilkenny Castle is a castle in Kilkenny, Ireland built in 1195, View from garden

Things to do in Kilkenny

A Castle Fit for a Queen

For any castle enthusiasts out there, you can’t miss checking out Kilkenny Castle and Park, it looks like something that came straight out of a fairytale.

A visit to this magnificent castle with not disappoint, built during the 11th century, Kilkenny Castle offers amazing stories and history to uncover. Over the years the castle has undergone major renovations which have helped to turn it into the popular tourist attraction it is today.

The Medieval Mile

Explore the captivating medieval side of this city through its dedicated heritage trail that links some of Kilkenny’s most historic spots such as Kilkenny Castle to St. Canice’s Cathedral. The medieval mile is also filled with a variety of shops, restaurants, and quaint alleyways with history at every moment to soak up.

Uncover the History of Hurling

In Ireland, hurling is one of the longest and most traditional sports played in the country, with over 3000 years of remarkable history associated with the sport. You can uncover all about it on a visit to Kilkenny Hurling Way Experience. 

For tourists visiting the area who wish to discover unique things about Ireland, this is definitely not to be missed and will include a museum visit, an introduction to the sport and finishes with watching a game of hurling over a spot of lunch.

Smithwick Experience

When people think of famous Irish beers they usually associated them with the famous black stuff of Guinness but Kilkenny is home to Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, Smithwicks.

A tour of Smithwick’s offers visitors an insight into the remarkable history of brewing beer as well as seeing the process it takes to create the cherished Smithwicks. The tour perfectly ends with visitors getting to sample a pint of their choice. This is one of the unmissable attractions in Kilkenny.

4. Carlingford, County Lough

The next Irish town to add to your list of places to visit is the inviting coastal town of Carlingford located in County Louth. Carlingford has long been considered one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets filled with a rich historical heritage in the heart of the Cooley Peninsula.

Famously known for being part of Ireland’s Ancient East, located in the middle between Belfast and Dublin, where visitors can enjoy lots of heritage and folklore. It may be a small town but its big charm makes people want to come back again and again. 

A visit to Carlingford will exceed all expectations, a gorgeous seaside escape, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Irish outdoors with the backdrop of the Cooley Mountains and the foreground of the magnificent Mourne Mountains.

The small town is also bursting with a personality that offers a lively and cosmopolitan feel where you’ll soon be made to feel at home by the locals.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

Things to do in Carlingford

A small Irish town but there are more than enough activities and attractions to fill you up on culture and fun on any given trip here. Whether you are in search of amazing Irish food, an outdoor escape, an art connoisseur or someone who loves a bit of all, you’ll be very pleased during your Carlingford visit.

A Growing Food Scene to Enjoy

One thing to love about Carlingford is its incredible oysters and seafood coming fresh from Carlingford Lough. Carlingford is one Irish town to visit for its great food alone, with an amazing variety of eateries that will fill the heart and stomach with happiness. 

You’ll have an amazing food experience in one of Carlingford’s top restaurants, bars and cafes. For foodie lovers, check out Sitar Marina Cafe Bar and Indian Cuisine, Pjs O’Hare’s Oyster Bar and Magee’s Bistro.

An Unforgettable History Tour

As one of Ireland’s oldest and best-preserved medieval villages, you can’t come here and not explore its ancient past. 

This Irish town offers many well-informed and interesting walking tours where you can enjoy lovely views as you are taken on a journey back in time, to listen to a wealth of myths and legends that make Carlingford so unique and special. The perfect activity for those interested in exploring more of Carlingford’s magnificent history.

Adventure Filled Activities 

If you’re interested in having some great fun while visiting Carlingford make sure to check out Carlingford Adventure, Ireland’s No1 activity centre, where you can enjoy a variety of land, sea and sky activities for all those adrenaline junkies out there. 

Land activities include laser combat, rock climbing and orienteering, sea activities include kayaking, water trampoline, stand-up paddle-boarding and lastly, sky activities include Skypark, Aeroball, and high ropes courses and much more.

Perfect activities for groups and families looking to enjoy some memorable experiences in Carlingford.

Enjoy a Mesmerising Ferry Trip

There is a lovely scenic ferry journey around Carlingford Lough to check out, a short 15 minutes but unforgettable trip on the water, where you’ll be captivated by the gorgeous views on offer, the fresh air in your face and a chance to spot all the famous attractions along the way including Cooley mountains. A must-experience for anyone new to the area as it’s quickly become one of Carlingford’s popular attractions.

5. Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Many people are unaware of the pretty coastal village of Dun Laoghaire on the outskirts of Dublin. One minute you’re in the hustle and bustle of city life in Dublin and next you’re taken away to the relaxing atmosphere of Dun Laoghaire which is every bit as charming and welcoming as you’d expect and the perfect escape from the city life. 

Dun Laoghaire has been a popular holiday destination for both locals and tourists alike since the Victorian times, who are looking to soak up the Irish sunshine when it appears. A place that is filled with history and was once famous for its port trips across the Irish sea. Although you’ll not see any ferries calling to this town today, it’s still very busy with people who visit to uncover what the place has to offer.

The place is centred around one of the largest harbours on the Emerald Island, with a historical fort built by the high king of Ireland during the 5th century. Today Dun Laoghaire provides the perfect environment to relax with an array of activities to make for a memorable time.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

Things to do in Dun Laoghaire

Whether you are coming for a day trip from Dublin or spending the weekend here, you will be impressed by all this place has to offer.

The National Maritime Museum of Ireland

Located in Dun Laoghaire’s 180-year-old Mariners Church, incredibly one of the only few left around the world, houses the national maritime museum of Ireland. If there’s one thing you must do on a trip to Dun Laoghaire, it is to check this place out. 

The greatest thing about this place is the building itself, created as a place of worship for sailors all those centuries ago. It has been lovingly kept in great condition and you can now explore its several exhibitions inside. A tour of this museum will include a voyage of discovery where you’ll discover stories of war, heroism and disasters at sea. 

Also located inside the museum is the Maritime Cafe, one of the popular food spots in the town where you can enjoy a filling and delicious lunch.

The East Pier Escape

A favourite spot in Dun Laoghaire for many tourists and day-trippers is a stroll along its lovely East Pier. It stretches over a kilometre long and provides the perfect setting for a morning or evening walk as you take in the sea views and air. You’ll enjoy the scenic views out to Dublin Bay, as well as across the water to Howth Head peninsula, on the northern side. 

The pier also boasts a stunning restored bandstand and pairs well with the East Pier lighthouse that has long been captivating people with its charm. At the end of a stroll treat yourself to some delicious sweet- treats at Teddys, a much-loved ice cream spot.

James Joyce Tower and Museum

If you’re a fan of Irish literature then take a free tour of this dedicated James Joyce tower and museum, originally known as Dublin’s Metello Towers created to protect people against invasion by Napoleon. However, throughout history, it has served a variety of purposes, such as housing James Joyce.

James Joyce is one of Ireland’s most famous writers and this place has played an important role in the inspiration behind his writing, even featuring in his famous book Ulysses. The tower has now been turned into a loving dedication to the writer to celebrate his magnificent life and work. On a visit, you can explore letters and photography from Joyce’s personal collection.

Undersea Adventure

If you’re the adventurous type then you can enjoy scuba diving in Dun Laoghaire from April to October time and explore two of the best diving sites in Ireland: Mulgins rocks and Dalkey Island. This is an amazing opportunity to discover and see the Irish marine life up close and personal, for an experience that will stay with you forever.


6. Dingle, County Kerry

Along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way you’ll uncover the magical and mesmerising Dingle Peninsula, the National Geographic once called Dingle the most beautiful place on earth. It is one of the most spectacular places in Ireland that has welcomed Hollywood stars and is home to one of Ireland’s most loved visitors, Fungi the Dolphin.

Once you visit the Dingle you’ll soon understand why it’s described in the most beautiful ways, every corner you turn you’ll fall in love with its unique landscape and endless sea and sky views as well as cosy pubs and friendly locals who are proud to call this place home. 

The Dingle offers people an opportunity to view Ireland at its authentic best that will leave you truly inspired no matter how long you spend here.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit
10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit 2

Things to do in the Dingle Peninsula

A Stunning Beach

One thing everyone needs to do on a visit to Dingle is to explore the magnificent Inch Beach, a long open stretch of golden sand with stunning mountains as your background that acts as the perfect escape to enjoy a peaceful stroll by the sea. 

The beach has become a popular spot for surfers, swimmers and anglers and even the Hollywood movie ‘Ryan’s Daughter’ filmed its opening scenes on the beach. Definitely worth visiting, especially during sunset or sunrise as the views are totally stunning.

Uncover the Irish Landscape

If you’re wishing to truly experience Ireland’s undeniable landscape, ConnollyCove recommends taking a hike up Mount Brandon to uncover the extraordinary views and more. 

Mount Brandon may be one of the highest peaks in Ireland. However, there is no need to be in top physical condition to reach the top. In fact, you’ll get there in just a few hours and it will be truly worth it. You’ll be taken away by the panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean, nearby mountain peaks, and the enchanting Irish countryside.

Swim with Fungi

Many people come to the Dingle to get a glimpse of the much-adored Fungi, a beautiful bottlenose Dolphin, who has been calling Dingle home for a long time. There are now guided boat tours that will take you out to sea in hopes of seeing him in all his glory.

Fungi is considered one of the friendliest Dolphins who loves to interact with visitors and loves when people join him in the water for a swim. Whoever dares to jump into the cold Irish waters will be matched with a life-changing experience, if Fungi is around to welcome you.

7. Kinvara, County Galway

Next on our guide of Irish towns, you need to experience the always alluring Kinvara in the delightful and pretty County Galway. Galway has long been attracting visitors with its traditional Irish culture within a modern and diverse city that will leave you in awe. 

Kinvara is one of the nicest places to visit and stay in Galway, known as ‘The Head of the Sea’ as it’s Galway’s only sea village located on the shores of Galway Bay, so you can expect to be surrounded by beauty everywhere. A once very popular port village where lots of trade came through particularly food and turf fuel during the 19th century. Now it has become a favourite spot among tourists who wish to experience authentic and traditional Ireland. 

Kinvara is known for its great source of fresh fish so you can expect amazing seafood here as well as being the home to historic Dunguaire Castle.

The place comes alive during the weekends when many visitors arrive, a place that is filled with a great selection of pubs and restaurants and only a short drive to Galway City, making it the perfect place to stop off and enjoy what it has to offer. 

The people here are friendly and love to have fun, and aren’t afraid of a drink or two. You’ll be sure to feel that friendly atmosphere while you are here.

Things to do in Kinvara

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

This Irish town is perfect for those who want to get outdoors and explore the spectacular landscape, the historic ruins and the art and culture on offer.

A Magnificent Castle 

One of Kinvara’s most famous features is Dunguaire Castle, built during the 1500s on the edge of Galway Bay, once the home of the popular O’Hynes clan. Today visitors can explore the wealth of the castle’s history as they are transported back in time to unravel the stories that took place during the 16th century.

During the year Dunguaire Castle hosts special banquets where guests can enjoy traditional Irish food on magnificent medieval tables within its banquet hall. This is one unique event that you’ll want to be part of in Kinvara.

Experience a Nature Sanctuary

Nature lovers will be impressed with what’s on offer at the Burren Nature Sanctuary, where you can explore the pretty flora and butterflies in the Botany Bubble. Get lost in the enchanting meadows, fresh air and abundance of nature to appreciate. Not forgetting the loveable animals to feed such as donkeys, pigs and goats. 

The Buren walk which is also a part of the nature sanctuary is very special as rumours suggest that faires living amongst the woodland, perfect for families to explore and have fun bringing little children’s imaginations to life.

Kinvara’s Farmers Markets

If you plan on visiting from March to October time make sure to check out the farmer’s markets hosted every Friday in Kinvara. A chance for visitors to meet the locals and enjoy a variety of local produce such as fresh fish, delicious baked treats, organic food and lots more.

It’s also the perfect place to pick up some unique artwork and paintings by local artists as a treasure to remember your time visiting the lovely village of Kinvara. Whilst strolling around the many stalls on offer you will also enjoy the live music provided by local talent to add to the upbeat atmosphere.

 A Yoga Retreat

If you’re looking for a place where you can relax and unwind then check out the Burren Yoga Retreats to help add a little more zen into your life. Burren Yoga Retreats provide visitors with week-long or weekend breaks within its stunning landscape that will surely allow you to escape reality for a bit and get some much-needed ‘you time’.  

Through the retreat, you will not only receive yoga and meditation practices but will be taken out on guided tours to local attractions such as the Ailwee Caves and the always captivating Cliffs of Moher.

The retreat will also provide you with the opportunity to get involved in some outdoor activities like hill walking, surfing and kayaking. All in all, this is one retreat you’ll want to find yourself part of to relax, have fun and explore.

8. Bundoran, Donegal

Head to County Donegal to find the gem that is Bundoran, a very popular and friendly seaside resort where the waves are big and cliffs are even bigger.

Bundoran has been hailed as a paradise for surfing where the water environment makes for a great place to catch a wave or two. Even if you aren’t a surfer, it’s fun to watch people surf from clifftop views overlooking the beaches. It’s a perfect destination for family-friendly breaks and a great base for those who love the wild outdoors.

Also, if you’re a festival fanatic then Bundoran is the place for you, each summer it hosts the exciting Sea Sessions Festival. For one mad weekend, the town comes alive with people and welcomes great local and international music bands as well as surfing competitions. It’s one festival in Ireland that grows in numbers each year and if you are lucky enough to experience it you’ll have an amazing time like no other in Bundoran.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

Things to do in Bundoran

The cheery beach town offers all you could want from an Irish town – a variety of thrilling outdoor activities, picturesque views, amusements, cosy Irish pubs and restaurants and unmissable beaches perfect for surfing.

Discover the Enchanting Fairy Bridges and Chair

No trip to Bundoran would be worthwhile without experiencing its unique Fairy Bridge and Chair that come with a fascinating history and stories to delve into. The clifftop route that leads you to the Fairy Bridge, just short of Tullan Strand beach is spectacular in its own right and you’ll want to capture the stunning Irish scenery on display.

It has also been noted that Dolphins swim around the area, so keep an eye out and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones to see the friendly sea animals.

The unique fairy chair and bridge is Bundoran’s oldest attraction having been around since the 1800’s making it well worth checking out for its historical value alone. It’s one of Bundoran’s hidden gems that makes the place that bit more special.

A Magical Outdoor Adventure 

One thing to love about Bundoran is its impressive landscape and scenery that makes you want to get out and explore. Through the Donegal Adventure Centre located in the town, you can do just that with a variety of exciting outdoor activities including cliff jumping, abseiling, surfing lessons or even horse-riding along the beach for a memorable experience.

If you have an interest in surfing then there is no better place to learn than here with its world-class sea conditions and trained coaches who will have you out catching waves on your first lesson no matter your age or ability.

Indoor Swimming Fun

Bundoran’s most popular attraction is Waterworld, Ireland’s premier indoor aqua adventure playground. This attraction is usually a big hit with families on a rainy day at the seaside resort. Waterworld provides hours of fun with its variety of thrilling slides and wave pool to keep the whole family entertained. 

For adults looking for a relaxing experience, they can enjoy the seaweed bath spa located here. The seaweed bath is said to offer a great range of health and therapeutic benefits due to its high mineral content. It’s something new to experience and try out!

9. Adare, County Limerick

Over in County Limerick is the next Irish town to add to your list of places to visit, it is the enchanting Adare village. Adare is famous for being one of Ireland’s prettiest villages and you’ll understand why once you visit but we’ll help explain in our guide.  

Adare is beautifully located on the banks of the River Maigue, a place filled with lots of heritage and engrossing landscapes. Its main street is also filled with picture-perfect thatched cottages and marvellous medieval buildings that grab your attention. 

Another thing that makes Adare such a charming and attractive Irish town is its rich ancient and archaeological remains that have helped the village grow into a popular tourist destination, especially for overseas travellers.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit

Things to do in Adare

You’ll have trouble deciding what to see and do while you are here as the place has much to give to its visitors. Adare is a top Irish food destination filled with award-winning restaurants and chefs so when it comes to food you’ll surely enjoy what’s on offer. 

There is also a great selection of local attractions to explore including ancient castles, museums and cathedrals. A place where you can enjoy Irish music, shopping and fantastic guided tours and much more.

A Visit to an Ancient Castle

Any visitors to Adare need to go on a guided tour of the famous and alluring Desmon Castle, found just on the edge of the village. From June to September time you can tour the ancient ruins of the castle and dive into its incredible past told by local guides that will surely have you fascinated.

The castle is a pretty impressive example of an urban tower house built by the Normans during the 18th century. Inside the castle today it hosts the International Museum of Wine Exhibition. This interesting exhibition explores the unique story that connects the history of Ireland’s wine with places around the world, definitely worth checking out on a visit.

Adare Manor

If you’re searching for a luxury stay in Ireland then Adare Manor is definitely a place that will leave you amazed. Staying here will offer visitors nothing less than a lavish experience, a place created to delight people from the moment they arrive.

Even if you don’t stay here it’s one of Adare’s spectacular attractions and worth exploring for its 1,000 acres of parkland that features a french garden and beautiful wooden walkways, where you won’t mind getting lost in. Visitors can take a historical tour of this gothic-style building or even enjoy an amazing meal in one of its restaurants.

A Sensational Golf Experience

If you’re a golf fanatic you will be greatly impressed by the stunning golf course located in the magnificent parkland of Adare Manor. A championship golf course that will provide you with the ultimate golfing experience in Ireland designed to inspire, captivate and challenge golfers. 

An award-winning course that has been amazingly transformed by the popular golf architect Tom Fazio to fit the parkland paradise that surrounds the area. A golf course filled with character and beauty that will leave any golf fans in awe and with a cherished experience.

Explore Downtown Adare

If you’re not interested in exploring historical attractions or golfing experiences then why not take a stroll to downtown Adare, where you’ll find lots of memorable sights and attractions. 

One thing to love about Adare is its gorgeous colourful houses; looking like a rainbow exploded on the town. Perfect opportunity to grab some photos and capture how pretty the place really is. The best way to find all the hidden features of the town it’s to simply wander around on foot and marvel at the medieval stonework and rays of colours and character bursting from the cosy houses.

10. Birr, County Offaly

To finish up ConnollyCove’s guide on the 10 most amazing Irish towns to visit, we thought we’d end with the hidden gem of Birr in County Offaly. Birr is a superb Irish heritage town offering one of the best examples of a Georgian town on the Emerald Island. The place has been well preserved over time to give visitors a graceful reminder of Ireland’s forgotten era.

Birr is small in size but big when it comes to its charm with its elegant architecture, tree-lined malls and stunning avenues that will stop you in your tracks to have a second look. If history and heritage are what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Birr, a place that is proud of its unique story that spans many centuries.

10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit
10 Charming Irish Towns You Must Visit 3

Things to do in Birr

Birr offers an eclectic mix of alluring outdoors scenery to explore, historical and cultural attractions, an array of lovely restaurants, cafes and bistros for foodie lovers to enjoy and much more.

A Buzzing Theatre

If you enjoy theatre and performing arts then a visit to the renowned Birr Theatre and Art Centre is a must when visiting this Irish town. The Victorian theatre has been around since the 18th century but fell into despair during the nineties. 

It was later restored and brought back to life with high-quality facilities to provide a variety of events throughout the year including theatre, music, arts, film and comedy performances to entertain visitors.

Birr Castle

A trip to Birr Castle & Science Centre is a must when exploring this town, famous for its award-winning gardens including unique trees and flowers, its wondrous wildlife and relaxing walks with scenic views along the lake. It is deemed one of Ireland’s most spectacular places to visit that has been proudly created over generations offering an “environmental and scientific time capsule”.

Birr Castle is also marvellous in its own right, a castle that has survived sieges and fires over its lifetime. It has been fully restored and welcomes guests on tours to explore its many treasures inside and uncover the history of the Parsons family, who call this place home. A real treat for anyone coming to Ireland to check it out.

Unforgettable Irish Towns

We hope our guide has helped you to discover some magnificent Irish towns that are worth exploring and giving your time to. These 10 Irish towns all offer something special and stand out against the rest. 

Visiting the smaller towns in Ireland helps to give you an authentic experience of Ireland where you’ll get to know the locals and unravel many fascinating Irish tales, and uncover many hidden gems that make the Emerald Island a special place.

Let us know about your favourite Irish town and what you loved most about it in the comments below!

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