The Road to Atlantis: Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom Filming Locations

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Five years after the release of DCEU’s Aquaman starring Jason Momoa, the highly anticipated sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, will finally be released this year. DC fans have been on their toes waiting for news on the cast, the plot, and when to expect the film. Finally, DC has announced all the details, wrapped shooting, and is getting ready to release the movie on 20 December 2023.

Since the first film’s release, everyone has been in awe of Atlantis! This fascination with the lost city is not new. The legends about a city that drowned underwater thousands of years ago have always been a popular topic among history lovers and adventurers. However, as far as we know, Atlantis sadly does not exist. But don’t get sad yet! Here on land, we have many places that are just as beautiful as the lost city. Alas, they’re not underwater, but they are just as charming.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Filming Locations

The creators of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have done their best to find a filming location that can capture the magic of Atlantis. Most of the filming was done in Warner Brothers Studios in London, and they have obviously used a lot of CGI to build the Lost Kingdom. However, the cast and crew still shot at outdoor locations to capture the lively essence of the city.

From the golden beaches of Hawaii to the surf-perfect waters of Saunton Sands, the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom crew travelled as far as they needed to get the best shot of water life they could. 

So, if you have always dreamt of visiting Atlantis, we will give you the second best thing: visiting the locations of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom! Even Though DC did not release too many details about the exact places where the film was shot, we will do our best to get you the Aquaman experience! 

The Golden Saunton Sands Beach

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

Atlanteans cannot stay away from water even when they are on land. Keen-eyed fans have spotted Jason Momoa, Aquaman himself, battling with his trident on the shore of Saunton Beach. The cast and crew spent a couple of days by the waters of Saunton Beach, shooting some fighting scenes and soaking in the beautiful weather before they left England.

You, too, can have fun at Saunton Beach (but no trident fighting!) all year long! The beach is located in the North of Devon, England, between the villages of Braunton and Croyde. It stretches around five kilometres, surrounded by the area’s gorgeous coastal views.

Saunton Sands Beach is best known for being a perfect surfing spot. The water features a high tidal range and long and slow waves almost yearly. All you need is your surfboard and some friends, and you can pretend to be Aquaman for a day or two!

The great thing about Saunton Sands Beach is that it features many amenities. You don’t have to worry about where to stay or even find other activities to keep you busy once you get enough of the water. From great hotels to golf courses, Saunton has it all!

Saunton Sands Hotel

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

Saunton Sands Hotel is a luxurious hotel overlooking Saunton Beach. It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re visiting the beach for a couple of days and don’t want to worry about commuting!

The hotel features 76 rooms ranging from suites to ocean-view apartments. Whether you are visiting alone or with your family, you will be able to find a space perfect for your needs. All rooms are provided with Wi-Fi and LCD screens because sometimes the mood strikes for binging some Netflix shows late at night (we know).

If you’re in the mood for a super luxurious experience, then definitely try the Saunton Sand Hotel spa experience! Give your body the treatment it deserves while soaking in the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean from the wellness centre. Our advice is if you’re going with your family and have to entertain children all day, make sure to make a reservation in the spa because you will need it!

Saunton Sands Villas

Not a hotel person? No problem! Saunton Sands Villas are the most gorgeous places to stay, nestled between Saunton Sands Beach and Braunton Burrows if you’re looking for a private place to stay —with your dog!

Saunton Sands Villas offers different-sized villas that can take up to eight people. This means big groups of friends are welcome, and big families as well! All their villas are dog-friendly and offer an outdoor area for your canine to play in and soak in the warm sun. The villas have Wi-Fi, a TV screen, and an equipped kitchen for you to cook whatever you want at any time.

The Saunton Sands Villas overlook the beautiful Saunton Sands Beach and give you easy access to it at all times. 

Saunton Sands Golf Club

Golfers, we see you! Even though Saunton Sands Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in England, we know that some people are just not beach buddies. That’s okay because there are so many other things to do at Saunton Sands! Mainly, we’re talking about golf.

Saunton Sands Golf courses are like no other golf courses you have seen before! They are located in the middle of Braunton Burrows, a stunning sand dune system that is considered a Special Area of Conservation. That means that, unlike other golf courses, Saunton Sands Golf Club respects nature and works within its limits. The golf club cannot make significant changes to the area without consulting Natural England to ensure they keep the Burrows safe.

With nature surrounding the golf course from all sides, Saunton Sands gives golfers a unique experience and a chance to play the game they love in nature. The club accommodates professionals from all around the world as well as amateurs learning the game and having fun. It’s a great opportunity for dads to have a break and relax playing the ultimate dad game!

The Beautiful Hawaii

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

When someone says beaches, the most beautiful place that comes to mind is Hawaii. But visiting Hawaii is tricky. Most of the money from Hawaii tourism does not benefit the Native Hawaiians. In fact, their daily lives suffer from the influx of tourists and the cost of living crisis.

So, in recent years, there have been a lot of movements that call on tourists to visit Hawaii ethically. What does that mean? It means that when you’re planning your trip to Hawaii, keep the natives in mind. Try to shop at locally owned shops, stay at native-owned hotels and give back to the community while enjoying the beauty of their lands.

Halona Beach Cove

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cast and crew were spotted filming scenes at the famous Halona Beach Cove. This secluded beach is a popular spot for big blockbuster films to shoot at because of its unique nature and private location.

Despite being hard to get to, Halona Beach Cove is one of the most popular beaches in Oahu. In 1953, the Academy Award-winning film From Here to Eternity shot its most romantic scene at the beach. Since then, Halona Beach Cove has been dubbed Eternity Beach by locals and tourists alike.

The soothing waves of the beach and the beautiful nature surrounding it will keep you mesmerised for hours on end. Despite being a relatively small beach, its popularity only increases each year!

Locally-Owned Stays in Oahu

As we said, you need to find locally-owned stays to support the Hawaiian community while you’re having fun on their lands. This might take some research and work since the most popular hotels are usually not Hawaiian but international franchises. But don’t worry; we’ve made a list of some of the best locally-owned stays in Oahu, so you don’t have to search so hard! 

The Equus

The Equus is a family-owned boutique hotel in Waikīkī. It’s the last family-owned and operated hotel in the area, so you know you must support it! The hotel is charming and welcoming, offering a unique, calming experience in the middle of the bustle of Waikīkī. With its east-Asian decor and inspiration from Hawaii’s paniolo history, the Equus is a gorgeous place to stay.

There are also activities to do around the Equus. From shopping at Ala Moana, spending the day at Magic Island Beach Park, or sailing at Ala Wai marina, you will not run out of fun activities!

Royal Grove Waikīkī

Are you looking for a budget-friendly stay in Oahu? Then the Royal Grove is the place for you! This excellent family-owned hotel is super close to the famous Waikīkī beach and all the major shopping areas of Waikīkī. 

They offer various types of rooms to suit your needs, including standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and two-bedroom suites with full private kitchens. They even offer extended stay options if you plan to stay longer than a vacation (you would because the place is just fantastic!).

The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Experience

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom really knew how to choose their shooting locations! From the gorgeous beaches of Saunton Sands to the unforgettable experiences in Hawaii, wherever you decide to go, you’ll have a great time!

The Aquaman experience will not be complete without the actual film, right? So make sure you catch the movie in cinemas on 20 December 2023 with your friends and family. We’re sure you’ll enjoy watching the DC superhero reunite with his family and fight to protect his home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might still have some more questions about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and its filming locations. Here are some of the most asked questions on the web! We hope you find your answers below.

Where were the Aquaman beach scenes filmed?

The first Aquaman film beach scenes were filmed in various locations, including Amity Point in Chicago, Currumbin Beach in Erfoud, and Main Beach in Merzouga. As for the second movie, they were shot at Saunton Sands Beach and Halona Beach Cove.

Is Amnesty Bay a Real Place?

Aquaman, being half Atlantean and half-human, grew up with his mother in Amnesty Bay, Italy. However, unfortunately, Amnesty Bay is not a real place but a fictional town used in the Aquaman stories. The scenes in Amnesty Bay were primarily shot on the coast of Queensland, Australia. 

Was Aquaman Actually Filmed Underwater?

While that would have been infinitely cool, the answer is no. Aquaman was not filmed underwater as it would have been tough ―some might say even impossible― for the actors to hold their breath long enough to shoot their scenes! However, scenes were shot on dry land, with special effects added later in post-production.

We hope these fantastic places where Aquaman was filmed will give you inspiration for your next summer vacation! Whether you choose Saunton Beach, Hawaii, or any other summer destination, we hope you will feel the closest you have ever been to Atlantis!

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