Best 7 Hotels in Paris City Centre for All Budgets

Hotels in Paris City Centre

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Paris’s hotels always keep you amused and encourage you to linger to absorb its unique allure. Nothing beats the pleasure and excitement of staying at one of the best hotels in Paris City Centre. Let’s see!

Paris is one of the world’s most beautifully, artistically and historically structured cities. It’s a fairy tale spot for everyone who wants to experience a European tour. Other people have already chosen Paris to be their first international travel destination.


Because everyone takes the grandeur of French history for years in school, everyone always scumbles upon awe-inspiring shots for Effile Tower. Everyone pictures themselves snapping selfies with The Mona Lisa. 

Unsurprisingly, it’s the world’s most-visited city located in the world’s most visited country and has kept this title for centuries.

You have many bucket list dreams and Instagramable hotspots that can be made a reality in the City of Light.  

The city is home to everything from humble hostels followed by an Eiffel-view room to swanky suites. The city is home to industrial chic, narrow historic lanes, and the grandest grand dames of the most renowned artworks. 

We’re already incredibly excited to find out the best hotels in Paris City Centre to put your experience to good use. You’ll absolutely find a hotel that suits your mood, location preferences, style, and budget for a family vacation, business trip or just pleasure.

Best 7 Hotels in Paris City Centre

Don’t listen up to other travellers’ impressions about Paris; everyone needs to witness Paris’s charm and visit its distinctive landmarks at least once in their life. 

Just believe what Audrey Hepburn said: “Paris is always a good idea!” 

Let’s explore the best hotels in Paris City Centre that will tempt you to stay longer. 

Hotel National Des Arts et Metiers

Location: 243 Rue Saint Martin, 75003 Paris France

Price: £320

If you have yet to stay at Hotel National Des Arts et Metiers, can you consider yourself in Paris?

We highly recommend this hotel as one of the best in Le Marais, and you should put it on your list for your future trip to Paris.

It comes between mid-range accommodation and a classic setting (even if you’d pay more than £320 for a night, we’d say a little of both)      

The whole concept of this mid-range hotel is to offer all you need to feel the ambience of a home. All services are placed to make you feel comfortable even when you’re thousands of kilometres away from your hometown. 

Here’s why

It brings together the super location on the border of the 2nd Arrondissement, packed with a sheer number of hidden gems and unique places to eat, drink, and shop. 

Hotel Bradford Elysees – Astotel

Location: 10, rue Saint Philippe du Roule, 75008 Paris France

Price: £330

A typical Parisian building that will blow your mind, Hotel Malte – Astotel is located in a terrific area between Faubourg St-Honore and the 8th Arrondissement, in a shopping district near the metro station. It will bring you close to the authentic charm of the Haussmann style. You will find a bunch of portraits belonging to the Bradford family, who has regularly made history, presented in warmth and comfort. So, let yourself be seduced by the modern, refined, delicate interior of the lounge, rooms, and reception.

The entire hotel is decorated with bright colours, featuring house-chimney rooms with final touches of the Haussmann period. Other rooms provide a balcony to get a view over this stelling location facing Musee Jacquemart-Andre and Champs-Elysees. It’s the unmistakable shelter for a fantastic gateway. 

Le Grand Quartier

Location: 15 rue de Nancy, 75010 Paris France

Price: £225

Le Grand Quartier has become something of a comfortable institution for travellers who are looking for an easy way to explore Paris on their own. It might be the best option for intrepid tourists due to its contemporary design.  

Located in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, where you can find the best hotels in Paris City Centre, the hotel will take you close to a large central garden and Gare du Nord, one of the largest railway stations. That means you can move around without worrying.

This location couldn’t be better! The hotel offers a new lifestyle for enjoying urban living and the Pariasn experience.

Novotel Paris Les Halles

Location: Place Marguerite De Navarre, Paris, Paris, 75001

Price: £325

Everyone loves Paris, and everyone dreams of travelling there often. You can’t get enough of its charm, and you will feel a home away from home every time.

However, your experience will significantly depend on your stay. That’s why we choose this one as one of the best hotels in the Paris City Centre. 

Modern and elegant! Being in a hotel like this will give you exclusive access to a range of luxury facilities and services. But what you’d love the most is the location in Paris City Centre. You’d be just a few steps from many landmarks and epic sights such as the Louvre and Notre Dame. You also can take a night stroll through the Marais district for an intense Paris feeling. 

Libertel Canal Saint-Martin

Location: 5 Avenue Secretan, 75019 Paris France

Price: £100

If you’re searching for a classically European hotel in Paris City Centre with a leafy boulevard, this one is not for you. Libertel Canal Saint-Martin set back with a casual ambience, making it perfect for solo travellers who want a hotel to sleep in, no more, no less. It’s obvious why this place is called “Paris Comfort”.

 This accommodation belongs to the best hotels in Paris City Centre for two reasons: its affordable price and the balcony with breathtaking views of the Sacre-Coeur.  

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Location: 31, Avenue George V, 75008 Paris France

Price: £1694

We have navigated everywhere around the city, from the beating heart of neighbourhoods to up-and-coming old districts, and every time we became speechless in the face of this stellar. Yet, steps away from everything, and in the heart of the finest gardens in Prais, Golden Triangle, you can find one of the most luxurious (and most likely most expensive) hotels in Paris City Centre.

This venture belongs to Four Seasons Group, which sits in the original building of Art Deco, dating back to 1928, offering something out of the world and an exquisite art collection.

Moreover, any place couldn’t be more central than this spot, yet somehow it reveals a special feeling like a secret. Each one who manages this impressive hotel will go above and beyond for you to get an unforgettable stay.

Le Meurice, 1st arrondissement

Location: 228 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris France

Price: £1580

It’s a gem located in a central area in Paris, featuring chic decor, surrealist touch in its restaurants, and stellar reception and lounge masterminded by SUPER talented European artists. Since it opened in the early 1800s in this stunning location, taking advantage of being in front of the Tuileries Gardens, the hotel has contributed to many historic occasions in France. 

How did this make history?

Just remember that Le Meurice hosted Queen Victoria and French artist Salvador Dali. Not just that, this terrific space was the first hotel in Paris to use telephones in bathrooms! 


What is the most central area in Paris to stay in?

Generally speaking, there is no right answer! Every spot has its charm, and there is not only an ideal place for everyone. So, we bring a simple and quick guide to help you explore the most central area in Paris to stay. Most importantly, we have split Paris City Centre into the most popular and vibrant districts based on your mood and experience. Bounce: you will be within walking distance of almost all attractions.
Royal Paris (1st Arrondissement) Best for First-Time Visitors 
Looking for the most central area in Paris for your first trip?
So, you need to stay close to the most notable attractions possible and experience genuine Parisian vibes.
That’s why the 1st Arrondissement or Royal Paris neighbourhood is the place to be. You will guarantee to be around unique landmarks, such as the Louvre Museum and Tuileries Garden. It’s a place you can quickly call home and keeps you close to picturesque destinations in Paris.
But be cautious: That’s said, travelling in Paris can get pretty costly— that’s true if you choose to stay here. The average cost of a decent hotel is £870 per night. However, you can find friendly-budget accommodation for as little as £100 a night. 
Pro tip: what we like the most about this district is that you don’t have to worry about your French. You will appreciate how English is spoken across Royal Paris.
The Marais, Paris — Best for Shoppers and Nightlife Fans 
Can you even call yourself a traveller without staying in this typical dreamy Parisian neighbourhood?
One of our favourite spots, when we’re looking for nightlife activities and other points of interest, is The Marais; you’d love this place since it’s packed with shops, cafes, eateries and bars. 
Additionally, it blends all aspects of the French capital, from outstanding architecture to warm streets where you can snap away for memorable shots and leafy squares stuffed with eye-catching stores. 
The district is home to several small museums offering artistic paintings and antiques on display. 
Les Halles — Best for Foodies 
Les Halles can be busy all the time, but it’s enchanting! So many authors have been falling in love with this unreliable city, writing poets and describing it as a city that is out of the world. But I pick Ernest Hemingway’s quote, “Paris was a moveable feast. I was always hungry.” He might not mean how its recipes and cuisines can amuse all tongues— he used a feast as a metaphor for what you will experience while moving around the city. 
But let’s talk about French culinary— paradise for all foodies. Indeed, Parisian dishes need no introduction.  
So, if your judgement of the perfect Paris vacation should embrace a food tour to check out market streets, capture a glimpse of French cookware, and taste beautiful flavoured recipes, welcome to Les Halles.
It houses one of the oldest food markets in Paris, where locals have come here to bring their food supply for centuries. Unfortunately, this antiqued marketplace has been replaced by a grand shopping mall you won’t miss.  
Additionally, the district puts you close to a beautiful pedestrian-only shopping street crammed with appealing restaurants, shops, cafes, and other patisseries offering only delicious fresh products. 
Montmartre — Best for Thoese Who are Looking for Classic French Atmosphere 
Once you’ve selected the dates to fly to Paris and confirmed your flight reservation, the most important question you would ask is, where are the best places to stay in Paris and the best hotels in Paris City Centre? 
Assuming you are different from all traveller types we are reviewing, you will definitely like to check this if you’re fascinated with the village feel.
It’s a hilly area offering many classic restaurants and bars where you can get them through cobblestone streets. You can also check out its glorious vineyard and basilica.
Many restaurants are scattered around the district with impressive decor and a festival atmosphere to live like a Parisian.  
Saint Germain des Prés — Best for Families 
Even if you haven’t been to Paris before, chances are you’ve seen many pictures captured around the district, such as Église de Saint Germain des Prés, Luxembourg Gardens and Église Saint-Sulpice and other iconic Paris views.  
But the most asked question now is, where can you stay in Paris with your family?
Saint Germain des Prés is the place for family visits. Guests staying at this spot (from posh designer clothing boutiques, the chic hotels, and legendary pedestrian locations with sidewalk restaurants, bars and cafes) are lucky enough to have it all in one place.  
The entire place is packed with accommodation for all budgets as you will appreciate the view whenever you go as soon as you step out of your hotel— thanks to its premium location. 
Saint Germain des Prés will give you access to Luxembourg Garden, offering a tranquil vibe and unmissable chances to snap away around Medici Fountain flowering plants and trees, making it idyllic for family gatherings and picnics.

Which location is best to stay in Paris?

Along with all places we’ve recommended before, The Champs-Elysees and the 8th Arrondissement are the best locations to stay in Paris, bringing you close to the classic Parisian charm with all the trimmings. 
You can quickly call this place home and will always want to get back back to enjoy its prestigious hotels glittering with elegant decor, modern rooms, and stylish ambience, and the view over the rooftops is WOW!  
However, the worth you will get from staying there can be incomparable with the price you will pay to take in this view. Undoubtedly, you will visit all locations around The Champs-Elysees during your stay in Paris. You’ll need a lot of cash to stay in this neighbourhood, so it’s not for you if you’re on a budget.
Instead, check out the 7th Arrondissement, especially if it’s your visit time in Paris.

What is Paris’s main city Centre?

Hile looking for the best hotels in Paris City Centre, you need to ask first what Paris’s main city centre is. Paris’ main city centre is the 1st Arrondissement, ideally next to the Right Bank of the Seine. So why is it the most central area in Paris?
Simply because the 1st Arrondissement is conveniently surrounded by the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th Arrondissements (almost all places you’d need to check out in Paris). Yes, SUPER central!
Everything is inserted to bewitch you, especially the most popular and cosmopolitan shopping street, Rue de Rivoli. Not just that, but the district gains its reputation based on the thriving other attractions, including Place Vendôme and Place de la Bastille. As a result, it has all the knockout experience you’d expect from the most-visited city in Europe. 

What is the most walkable area in Paris?

One of the best ways to explore Paris is by foot. So, if you’re wondering about the most walkable area to stay in Paris, look no further than the Champs-Elysees and the entire area of the 8th Arrondissement.
However, the French capital is packed with neighbourhoods that can be easily walkable. But what makes the Champs-Elysees in a class of its own is the classic vibes, allowing you to stroll through many attractions and pop into a cosy cafe afterwards for a flaky and airy texture croissant. 
Whether you want to enjoy the elegant and historic streets of Paris, lined with lush trees and charming cafés, or discover the lively markets and shops of the city, the Champs-Elysees will always amaze you!

Which area to stay in Paris for the first time?

The best area in Paris to stay in, especially if it’s your first time, is the Bourse district, considered the most centric area that will keep you connected with the famous attractions you wouldn’t want to miss. Additionally, it’s undoubtedly the best area for shopping and nightlife. Finally, you will be within walking distance of boat cruises for terrific shots and plenty of eateries to test out Parisian cuisines.    

Paris is a city that doesn’t need an introduction or conclusion. And its hotels are no exception. They occupy every space around the city centre, from antique historic buildings that witnessed the dawn of the Renaissance to cosy barges along the banks of the Seine and majestic mansions with a new purpose. So come to Paris, check in one of these spots, and you will never get disappointed.   

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