77 Things to Do in Morocco, Places, Activities, Hidden Gems to Discover & More


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Morocco is always a fantastic choice!

It’s a country where you must have plenty of time to explore the best things to do. Offering a new adventure and a bunch of activities, sceneries, and mouth-watering cuisines, your time here is precious, and you have to manage it perfectly to be able to check out all treasures of Morocco and make the most of your itinerary here.

Only have a few days in Morocco, so don’t worry about setting up a good plan to come up with the most significant highlights here. In this post, we will show you things to do in Morocco, things not to do, where you can stay, what you should know before traveling, and more.

Now is the time to book your travel, but first, read this insider guide to see the country as a resident.

Don’t be confident about your decision to visit Morocco; we have something special in store for you as well.

An intricately Islamic style, Marrakesh, Morocco

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Morocco for at Least Once in a Lifetime

Boarding on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Coast with blue architectural marvels aplenty across and a bold engineering feat with a unique cultural touch, Morocco is a perfect place to spend your vacation. At this time, there is nothing better than visiting Morocco. And I will tell you why.

  • Rich History and Glorious Civilization

Morocco lives up to all the hype as it comes with brilliant history displayed in four major cities; Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, and Rabat. The last one is the current capital of the Arabian nation; however, the rest of the city still has its charm brimming with historical attractions and dotted with public markets and impressive architecture. Head to Fez, the ancient capital, to see the oldest university in the world and come close and personal with many imperial sites. And make time to explore the heritage of Berber in Meknes. In a nutshell, every spot has something to offer and please you with its distinct spirit. 

  • Safari Journey in the Sahara

With its sparkling golden desert, Morocco has ample open spaces to suit everyone’s tastes and antiquities, especially if you are an adventurous enthusiast. Morocco is home to the largest desert in the world. This spot will give you a chance to observe the stars in a pure sky at night, or you can have a sunset camel ride or surf on a skateboard or even camp in a quaint atmosphere. It’s a place no one wants to miss. Visitors -who always come here- often want to return back as what the Sahara offers you can’t be found anywhere else. And, of course, it’s a compelling reason to visit Morocco.

A Moroccan dish, Chemin Rmilat, Asilah, Morocco
  • Best Fruits, Best Vegetables, Best Culinary

This one will pique the curiosity of foodies because they are about to taste the most delectable delicacies ever created. Including the same ingredients of Italian and Spanish cuisines, the Moroccan gastronomy is intense and rich, and that’s because Morocco has the best fruits’ farms for peaches, oranges, figs, cherries, and dates. Vegetables here are also very fresh and juicy, and Mococians are the master of toppings and spices. Not to mention that the olive is supreme here. Be smart and purchase olive oil to take home with you; it’s extremely cheap. Or you can gift your friends with this oil; they will like it so much.

  • Crystalline Water and Gorgeous Beaches

Of course, you can go to Morocco to just enjoy its spectacular beaches. You can stretch on the sandy beaches for a relaxing vacation as it offers Atlantic and Mediterranean shores. Morocco houses plenty of stunning beaches, from Tangier and Agadir and Asilah. Here you can find whitewashed beachfront cottages that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. Even European citizens consider it as a peaceful escape to unwind after a long hectic year. Also, there are lesser-known treasures waiting for you like El Jadida, Oualidia with its sparkling water.

All you need to know is to explore how to enjoy your time and plan your itinerary, and that’s what we provided you below in the same article.

Sweet Moroccan tea, Morocco
  • Sip the Best Tea Ever: Mint Tea

“Is tea something you can go to?” I know you’re thinking right now.

When it comes to Moroccan mint tea, yes.

Now you are saying, “What if I am addicted to coffee? Tea is not my favorite drink.”

Then you need to go to Morocco as well. Who knows! You could change your mind.

In Morocco, the best thing you do is to immerse yourself in the cultural experience. And for first-time visitors, drinking mint tea is a must. Just imagine you have a cup of tea with a fresh green paper of mint while enjoying the sunset while the sky turns to pink hues. That’s why this routine is part of daily life in Morocco. It’s their way to relieve stress.

  • See High Soaring Mountains

Morocco is filled with fresh ideas for anyone who is interested in adventure, and this time you can explore the Atlas Mountains, which need no introduction. But in case you don’t know much about it, this spot has its special allure, ranging from Mount Toubkal or Jebel Toubkal; all of them have created the untouched beauty of Morocco. But if you aim to get off the beaten path in Morocco, we recommend hiring a local guide to help you discover lesser-known routes between mountains that are worth a visit. Otherwise, if you are willing to stick to a standard itinerary, you can stay in Berber villages to get in touch with the old culture of this beautiful country.

Safari in Morocco is a lifetime experience

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco

Dangling the Middle East spirit with European magic and unparalleled culture, Morocco has many things to offer ranging from beautiful places, hospitable people, and lovely beaches. It’s an ancient nation with certain traditions that you should know about the country before traveling there.

  • Cafes is the Way of Socialization in Morocco  

Wherever you go in Morocco, you will find popular cafes as people enjoy drinking sweet mint tea, chatting, and people-watching. Especially in Tangier, people love to interact with each other daily at night watching matches, laughing, or playing chase. If you want to treat yourself after a long day, Cafe Hafa is the best place for tourists there where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Strait of Gibraltar. The best time to visit is when the sun is about to go down. Order your tea and take in this tranquil ambiance. 

  • Women Should Dress Modestly

No matter what you think of Morocco, it is an Arabian country you need to respect the traditions here. Women tourists can wear whatever they want however we suggest that it’s a better idea to dress appropriately to avoid locals’ staring or even getting harassed especially in the non-touristy areas (it’s not a case in Morocco, it’s totally safe but it could happen.) And of course, in the religious landmark, women need to cover their legs and shirts with long sleeves. Bring a hair scarf with you if you want to check out any mosques here.

A giant mosque in Morocco with impressive details
  • Most Mosques Are Restricted to Muslims

While being in Morocco don’t expect that you can enter any mosques however there is one exception, Hassan II Mosque. Friday is a holy day here; many shops get closed during the time of prayer and some popular markets become overcrowded in the afternoon. And in terms of Muslims’ prayers, please don’t be rude when the call to prayer starts to echo in the hall of the mosque as it’s a sacred tradition in Islam and you have to keep quiet till it ends. You might think there are many rules here you should follow but believe it or not all of these add up to your experience while exploring this spectacular country. 

  • If You Can Speak French.. Good for you

The identity of Moroccans is so diverse. You will get shocked when seeing people switch between languages smoothly and smartly. And it represents how people are open-minded to know more about different cultures and how the geographic factor has impacted the Moroccan character. But if you can speak French, it’s a big deal here. Arabic is the official language but French is still widely spoken. In Tangier, you can communicate with your Spanish. Even the dictate of Arabic here is so different from any other Arabic in the rest of the Middle East. But anyway you will learn a lot by roaming around this mighty metropolis.

A Moroccan souq at night with all kinds of fresh food
  • Carry Cash in Your Wallet Wherever You Go

In tourist attractions, you can pay with your visa card but when it comes to going around souks, don’t expect that you can use any payment method except cash. So be prepared to exchange money to the local currency from any money exchange service in your hotel or it’s preferable to exchange some cash once you arrive at the airport because taxis here don’t accept credit cards as well. Speaking generally, prices here are cheaper than other popular tourist countries but because the country has evolved as a promising destination, you can find prices in attractions are higher than any place around Morocco and it could be at the same average as other European countries.

  • Don’t Expect to Pass-Through Customs Authority So Quickly

You are going to be inspected strictly in the airport. Customs officers will check your passport to see other previous visas and ask you some questions, so it takes some time. However people here are super friendly and you will be welcomed everywhere, just don’t be surprised if you will stay for more than 30 minutes till they finish these routine procedures. If you have kids, your chances to skip long queues and get to the front are higher. Anyway, you need to be patient and don’t let these trivial situations ruin your mood before even starting your journey.

Morocco can offer an inspiring journey through the desert
  • Morocco is Not Just About Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most popular destinations in Morocco. Some tourists check-in and go home without exploring other beautiful places around the country. We know that the capital has tons of things and places to visit and you will still miss something if you don’t take advantage of being here and discover other masterpieces, for instance, Fez is a beautiful place teeming with landmarks and historical sites and of course tasty dishes. Merzouga comes with unforgettable adventures in the Sahara and warm nights to indulge in Barber culture. “If you need to discover the original spirit of the country, go to small towns!” I heard this before from my friend and I found it brilliant. Tell me how you believe it?

Top Things to Do in Morocco

The City of Tolerance: Marrakech

It’s a city that should be on everyone’s bucket list, with blazing sunshine and clear blue skies most days of the year. There is no best time to visit Marrakech because each season brings with it a unique set of different experiences, different adventures, and different excitement.

Always ranked as the best place to visit across the world, this city is full of life and temperature on its islands, often reaching the late 30s. The peak season in Morocco in general usually comes in the summer months (May to September) as many locals and tourists descend on hot destinations to enjoy mid-temperature.

A luxury raid, accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco

There is also a slight difference in visiting Marrakech and any Moroccan cities or, to be clear, between the north and south of the country as the capital has the most famous sightseeing spots in the North African nation. Without further ado, let’s see how you spend your vacation in Marrakech.

  • Stay at One of the Luxury Accommodation: Riad

Location: Marrakech, Morocco
How to reach: It’s always preferable to move around the country by taxi. Public transportation here is not so good.

Price: A night at a luxury raid could set you back $200.

What we like in Morocco so much is that accommodation here is a terrific way to keep yourself amused and relaxed. Many tourists here always book up a riad and consider it to be the best experience they already have in any lodging across the world.

But what does a riad exactly look like?

Unfortunately, no one can put into words what it is. It’s something you have to taste by yourself. It’s the sum of how to stay in luxury accommodation, including a number of stores with an outdoor space in the center of the home, most of the time, it includes a traditional fountain covered with colorful tails. You will feel that no expenses are spared to set up this wonderful and comfy place. Over the years, riads were home to the elite in the Moroccan community, but nowadays, anyone can book a room in this palace and soak up this culture.

Stay for at latest one night at Morocco’s raids, Marrakech

Why Should You Stay in Riads for at Least One Night?

It’s said that your visit to Morocco can never complete without allocating a budget to stay for at least one night here. The design of raids will absolutely take your breath away as every corner is brimming with history and uniqueness. You don’t need to book the whole palace; just a room is enough for a memorable night.

Things to Do:

  • Staying for a night at one of Marrakech riads is a must-try because it means that you are staying in the heart of Moroccan tradition.
  • You can chill out in the central garden at night to have a romantic dinner with your partner. (A must-try experience as well)
  • Most raids are peppered with the finest features, from the wooden doors to long corridors. The hotel offers many spots to have lovely instagrammable photos.
  • Pick a raid that offers a pool at the open-air courtyard for more enjoyable and relaxing moments.
  • Spend a world-class nightlife at one of the rooftop patios and listen to traditional music that will keep you captivated and overwhelmed.
A posh style of a raid in Marrakesh, Morocco, Pixabay

Things not to Do:

  • In the airport, don’t assume that you can check in online. You have to wait in the lines till the officers have a look at your passport to make sure that your papers are valid.
  • Whatever your espoused beliefs are, don’t disrespect Islam here. Morocco is an Islamic nation, with Muslims accounting for more than 90% of the population. Don’t engage in controversial decisions or say offensive things about their beliefs. In short, show respect to gain respect.
  • Keep yourself away from red-light districts in Marrakech. Despite the fact that Morocco is a conservative community, prostitution is somehow common here. Most sex workers are victims of bad working circumstances or human trafficking, so don’t be part of this tragic situation.

Pro Tip: we have created a selection of the most highly rated riads in Marrakech to have a great time here:

1- Riad Kasbah (about $85 at night) has ample rooms, a heated pool, and stunning decor.

2- Dar Darma (about $500 a night) luxury, posh suites, unique style with a list of exclusive services.

3- Hotel & Spa Riad El Walaa (about 69$ at night) Affordably priced, in a fantastic location, with excellent facilities.

Let out Your Imagination: Come to Jardin Majorelle

Location: Rue Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech
How to reach: Get out at Boukar Café Aymane bus station, a 12-minute walk.

Price: About $8.

A great escape from the hustle and bustle in the city center, Jardin Majorelle will give you insight into the distinct architecture of Morocco, which is easily noticed. Vast open spaces for walking, a tranquil atmosphere, large ponds where turtles are swimming, beautiful structures with vibrant colors, your day here will be filled with adventure and entertainment. Visit Morocco this year and make this garden your starting point.

A blue side of Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Jardin Majorelle?

Indeed, there are a million reasons to visit Morocco; this garden is one of them. The value of visiting such a place is not just about roaming around and taking vivid pictures. Instead, it’s about better comprehending the tremendous history and culture of this incomparable spot. You are about to enjoy fantastic weather and unique flavors of art in the Berber Museum, which hosts a large collection of artifacts by indigenous artists.

This park served as a natural reserve to collect a wide array of desert plants and more than 300 kinds of flora from all continents. It’s clear that this hub clearly depicts the cradle of Western civilization in the African country that adds charm to this wonderful destination all year round. Inside the park, you can buy many glorious traditional items and souvenirs.

Things to Do:

  • Roam around this peaceful space, a perfect sanctuary to discover more about tons of extinct plants, natural beauty, and fascinating culture.
  • Visit the Berber Museum, which contains a cluster of old artworks to explore more about locals and the background history of Marrakech.
  • Go shopping for interesting souvenirs and traditional goodies in the Hadaya shop, or you can go outside to check out one of the chicest boutiques in the street, The Moroccans La Boutique.
  • Snap away wherever you go. Each corner offers a great opportunity to shoot pretty photos.
  • Check out the Villa Oasis, which is one of the most-visited attractions here inside the garden, Frenhish stylish Pierre Bergé’s home -the owner of Jardin Majorelle since 1980.
Jardin Majorelle, Yves Saint Lorent Museum, Marrakesh, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t get involved in any political talks or say anything that could be construed as an attack on the monarchy. It’s considered a criminal offense in Morocco. You must adhere to Moroccan rules to enjoy your trips without trouble.
  • Don’t bring your drones to Morocco; you might get them confiscated at the airport or any checkpoints.
  • If you choose to stay at hostels in Morocco or you want to share your room with your partner, don’t do that if she/he holds a Moroccan passport. It’s illegal and against the traditions. While browsing Morocco, you can easily understand that religion here is a matter of legislation.

Pro Tip: Plan to have a break at a nice courtyard cafe, Le Musée Berbère, which comes with a small bookstore and photography shop for professional shots, and a stylish boutique.

In Marrakech, different lodging options are offered, Morocco

Other Popular Attractions in Marrakech

  • Pay a visit to Bahia Palace, which will provide you with a different perspective on how Moroccan design is distinct, intricately ornamented with brilliantly crafted works. If you are visiting Morocco during the summer, you will need a spot to get away from the heat in the mornings. The Bahia Palace will be an excellent option for you.
  • Going right to Souk Semmarine is the best option if you don’t mind the heat. It’s a shopping enthusiast’s paradise. Visiting the souks in Marrakech is usually an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the true character of Morocco. You can expect to spend a large amount of money on beautiful local things such as carpets and leather products that will coerce you to stop for every single minute to have a look at these offerings.
  • The Musée Yves Saint Laurent, situated close to the Jardin Majorelle, is more than just a museum. It displays Yves Saint Laurent’s couture and provides excellent information about the designer’s history, coming in an impressive structure with excellent service. You’ll discover a bookshop as well as a café where you may catch your breath in this elegant setting.
  • Another interesting museum that you shouldn’t miss is the Musée des Confluences, devoted to showcasing specific archeological finds that demonstrate the close tie between Western and Eastern civilizations. Pay close attention to the fantastic décor, and don’t forget to bring your coffee from Bacha Coffee House, one of the most incredible coffee shops in Marraash.
An aerial view over Marrakech, Morocco

Where to Stay in Marrakech?

Best Hotels for families:

La Villa Jardins D’Isa (around $169 a night)

La Maison Arabe (around $179 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Palais Riad Lamrani (around $190 a night)

Riad Kniza (around $235 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Rodamon Riad Marrakech (around $22 a night)

Riad Jennah Rouge (around $10 a night)

The City of Magic: Casablanca

One of the most-visited cities in Morocco, Casablanca also features relatively temperate weather even later into the summer months. Here, the center of the city is always home to some of the world’s most important tourist attractions in Morocco, including famous souks, fancy restaurants, cobblestone streets, and the impressive structure of old buildings.

A superb sunset at Casablanca‘s beach, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Casablanca?

It’s a city that has many things to offer for all types of travelers. The main gateway in Morocco is teeming with architectural wonders and unbeatable symbols of Islamic art, and of course, the hot spot of every Moroccan city, Madina. But we think the most worth-visited location here is Hassan II Mosque, with its tallest minaret in the world.

Built on the shore of the Atlantic ocean tumbling into blue water, this mosque is one of the prime tourist destinations in the entire country. Tourists can take in the tranquil ambiance of this dramatic structure, roam around the landmark and explore its perfectly-carved design. Many tourists, enjoying the sand and pebble beaches and a balmy Mediterranean climate, fall in love with this coastal city once they step inside its beauty and let themselves lose in its maze.

Additionally, you can just stroll down the streets and admire the beauty of its legacy. So it would be a great idea to stay here for more than one night to let yourself explore the top things to see on the mainland. 

Things to Do:

  • Visit one of the most spectacular mosques globally, Hassan II Mosque, and take in the tasty view from the outside hall of the mosque.
  • Explore the authentic culture of Casablanca and visit its famous market medina, an open market including all you might imagine. You can buy souvenirs, traditional items, fresh food and more.
  • Roam around the city center and marvel at a collection of historic architecture, including Place Mohamed V, Palace of Justice, Prefecture, and French consulate. All buildings depict a noble design of Islamic art.
  • Have a breath at one of the local restaurants and sample one of the nutrient-dense cuisines in Africa.
  • If you are one of the collective leather fans, you undoubtedly should go to Quartier Habous, where you can find treasures that don’t exist elsewhere.
A city will warm your heart, Casablanca, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t pay directly to the taxi driver without first haggling over the fare. Don’t forget that the best way is to negotiate the price before getting in the taxi. Anyway, in Morocco, don’t assume that the first price is the last. You can always pay lower since prices here are going to be insane in the tourist attractions.
  • Don’t eat with your left hand. Moroccan culture believes that the left hand is not the best option because it is supposed to be unclean, or the right one will bless your food. It’s not a big deal, but you know we have to adhere to the cultural rules of places.
  • Don’t expect to find Casablanca like a movie with its romantic vibes. Simply, this movie was filmed in Hollywood, containing no scenes set in Morocco. Certainly, the city is worth seeing, but you must be aware of what you will see and what you won’t be able to find.

Pro Tip: Please remember that you can find many valuable treats in the souk, so be ready to spend long hours hunting good stuff for meager prices. It’s a lucrative deal.

An iconic landmark of Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

Other Popular Attractions in Casablanca

  • Besides being an Islamic country, you can find some beautiful churches. You can visit Casablanca’s Casablanca’s Cathedral du Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame de Lourdes.
  • Learn more about the Jewish community that lived here for long decades. You will find their history in the Museum of Moroccan Judaism. An extensive collection is on display ranging from traditional costumes, religious traces, and artistic paintings.
  • Plan to explore Mahkama du Pacha, one of the royal palaces brimming with delightful artworks and crafted adornment, a worthy-visit spot.
  • Finally, you can visit Morocco Mall for shopping or have a break after a long day of walking and adventuring. Many activities are waiting for you, but we suggest you come here at sunset and enjoy the scenery from the open-air cafeteria and sip your favorite hot drink.
A classic accommodation in Casablanca, Morocco

Where to Stay in Casablanca?

Best Hotels for families:

Barcelo Anfa Casablanca (around $83 a night)

Hyatt Regency Casablanca (around $178 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Hotel & Spa Le Doge (around $155 a night)

Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche (around $134 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Ryad 91 (around $32 a night)

Hôtel Central (around $28 a night)

The Spot of Imagination: High Atlas

Between Africa and Asia, the country of Morocco never ceases to amaze visitors as it exudes culture, history, and the most popular grand mountains in the world, High Atlas. These locations offer amazing natural 360-degree views and it’s the spot for adventure seekers. Here, You will find brown-stoned houses that coexist with craggy cliffs and hilly terrains.

Snow- and cloud-topped mountains standing on a vast space of green lands, you can do many thrilling outdoor activities here from hiking, biking, or for more adventurous, you can climb these mountains to record this moment as the greatest achievement in your life.  You may get up close and personal with the rustic culture here and spend the night under a pure sky with the stars shining brightly in the ultimate black carpet.

Explore High Atlas, Morocco

Plus, join a small group of indigenous to feast on a fatty meal or drink a sweet tea in the presence of flames to conjure up how you can live with the simplest capabilities and still have a great time relaxing and tranquility.

Hike up to Stupendous Mountains: Todra Gorge

Location: High Atlas mountains of Morocco, near the town of Tinerhir
How to reach: There is no direct way from the capital, Marrakech, to Todra Gorge. The best option is to hire a private car or contact a local tourist agency to arrange a trip for you. It will take more than 7h.

Price: Free access 

Some people are coming and leaving this fascinating country without actually experiencing the core adventure of being here. That’s why we include this site in the top things to do in Morocco. And many travelers heading to High Atlas always advise staying here for at least two days. By this, you will have a favorable opportunity to explore all its gems because Morocco is not only the capital of Islamic architecture and blue houses but also the city of imagination that coaxes anyone to stay here, maybe forever.

A local with traditional costumes, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Todra Gorge?

Spending your day hiking and climbing, and when you get tired, you can sit at an upended wooden box. Then at night, you can stay at one of the rural houses where you will be welcomed with open arms and not be concerned about safety issues when visiting this city. People here go to great lengths to ensure that you feel at home. Come here and forget all your concerns because your mind needs to be cleared by such unspoiled nature. You are about to discover many secrets about how to be free from all stress.

Things to Do:

  • Hike Todra Gorge and soak up the awe-inspiring views of the soaring mountains and large landscapes.
  • Travel around the area and discover the local fauna of this spot while capturing the most interesting you’ve ever seen.
  • Uncover the culture of this place by booking a night at one of the guesthouses with a local family. It’s a brilliant idea to learn more about how these people spend their day. (You can get inspired by their stories and life.)
  • Biking is one of the best things done in Todra Gorge to let yourself roam around the place and enjoy the purest atmosphere ever.
  • Be prepared to recover from your suffering all your life once you wander around narrow rocky and beautiful canyons.
White-washed mountain coming with mud houses, High Atlas, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t exchange money in the airport. Often, they employ various exchange rates that differ from those offered by Moroccan banks. Instead of falling into a tourist trap, banks are the most excellent option.
  • Don’t forget to have a slight amount in bills and coins because you will need them in tipping waiters and anyone else who provides you with a service.
  • Don’t wear swimming suits anywhere except the beach. It’s not a good idea to walk around wearing beach clothes, especially for a conservative community like Morocco.

Pro Tip: Please keep in mind that your vacation to the High Atlas is not meant to be a jet-setting adventure, and it’s about how nature can influence your ability to adjust to a new lifestyle.

Hiking up at High Atlas trails, Morocco

Other Popular Attractions Near to Todra Gorge

  • Make time to explore the surrounding area of Todra Gorge like ancient mud castles, which will give you a comprehensive insight into the Barba culture.
  • Join an organized trip with any local tourism agent and immerse yourself in the domestic area of High Atlas. As you know, walking around a place while you don’t leave your seat in a vehicle is not the best way to appreciate the cultural characteristics of any site you go to. Stop for a while and interact with locals.
  • Everything here was created by raw mud from homes, administrative buildings, and even mosques. People have done great work to maintain their identity and legacy, and they have already succeeded.
  • Visit an outdoor market here peppered with Moroccan food ingredients and classic clothes, even if you don’t need to buy anything. You will counteract millions of precious things giving you a great chance of capturing unforgettable moments.
Many exceptional small villages near High Atlas, Morocco

Where to Stay in High Atlas?

Best Hotels for families:

Villa Tigmi (around $55 a night)

Jnane Tihihit (around $102 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Kasbah Omar (around $136 a night)

The Capaldi Hotel (around $124 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Dar Boumida (around $32 a night)

Mohatirste (around $31 a night)

The City of Wonders: Fez

Extraordinary spot for extraordinary voyagers, Fez is a place that awes you once you step inside the city’s center. You’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back a century so rapidly, if not ten. The collective norms of modern life can hardly be found here, which adds allure to this vibrant cultural city. Fez is the absolute definition of how to please yourself with the minimum of resources.

The main spot in Fez, tanneries, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Fez?

From flourishing architecture, inspiring art galleries, and an old stone building complex, Fez is an unbeatable combination of the cultural heft of Morocco. You don’t need to take a guided tour or read a book to explore the history of this African nation. You can simply stroll around to understand how the legacy of this city still presents itself today as if no changes had happened for thousands of years. Fez’s medina is a place that should not be missed, history oozing from every nook.

Plan to discover the historic tanneries where you get valuable information about the industry of genuine leather. For a seamless experience, visit Bou Inania Medersa or the Tombe dei Merenidi, one of the must-see highlights for history buffs. We think it’s enough to glaze at the incredible architectural feat of Andalusian art.

Established at the end of 789 by the Idriss dynasty, the ruler commissioned Fez to be an industrial and commercial center, which is still a large inheritance and well-preserved that Moroccans have been conservative to stick to their customs as it’s. You are going to feel that you are walking around a vast cultural hub, including treasures from different eras.

Things to Do:

  • Have a walking tour around the historic districts in the city, especially tanneries, which is a masterpiece of watching people working in harmony.
  • Visit the most popular attractions here, like a great collection of archaeological items in Tombe dei Merenidi. Plan a day trip to Bou Inania Madrasa complex, which served as a mosque and an educational facility.
  • Explore one of the oldest markets in the world in Faz’s medina, including a UNESCO site that should be missed.
  • Let yourself loose in the maze of this city, shopping, napping, and chatting with locals. It’s the best vacation getaway for anyone with a passion for a colorful history.
  • You can not be in Fez without shopping for some leather products with the quality you couldn’t find anywhere else.
Women are ready for shopping in Fez’s souk, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t expect that people have changed in taxis or markets. Be ready with smaller bills. You will constantly hear, “Oh sorry no change!” Sometimes it’s true; sometimes it’s not. Anyway, bills are the master here.
  • Don’t assume that people here can speak English, especially in less-known tourist attractions.
  • Don’t expect that you might lose weight here. No, you’re more than likely to gain weight here. To be honest, you have to taste as much as possible. Every dish is an experience in itself.

Pro Tip: Moroccans are very serious about appetizers. You will find millions of dishes on the table, and you could be mistaken by thinking of this as the actual meal. No dear, wait for a minute and don’t feel full. The main course is not even included; these are just starters.

Local workers of tanneries, Fez, Morocco

Other Popular Attractions in Fez

  • One of the oldest universities in the world, Al Quaraouiyine Mosque, always attracts visitors worldwide. However, it’s restricted to Muslims; you can come here to check out the library, which comes with an incredible array of handmade handicrafts and historical manuscripts.
  • Escape from the clattery in the city’s heart and head to Jardin Jnan Sybil, with a variety of spacious places to chill out and unwind. This park is paced with appealing spots where you can read or even meditate.
  • Stay at one of the posh raids here, a plethora of lodging options offered in Fez but be close to the center to be able to discover tiny alleyways and hidden piazzas.
  • Visit Dar Batha, which often misses out on the attention it deserves. It has become a museum since 1915, which you can easily pop in for a small fee (only $1)
A luxury resort in Fez, Morocco

Where to Stay in Fez?

Best Hotels for families:

Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace (around $153 a night)

Riad Laaroussa Hotel and Spa (around $119 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Palais Amani (around $241 a night)

Hotel Sahrai (around $267a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Hotel Atlas Saiss Fes (around $51 a night)

Youth Hostel International Fez (around $20 a night)

The City of Relaxation: Agadir

Here, you have the opportunity of experiencing life. Sun-drenched beaches, coves, and huge mountains sweeping up water, rambling through narrow streets, Agadir is one to go for as you’ll be able to check out many exciting highlights. Here, you can find plenty of ways to spend your vacation and keep yourself entertained at all times, especially when the past is always present in this diverse and multicultural city.

Agadir’s beach, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Agadir?

In Agadir, people can spend all day on the beach lounge enjoying the beautiful sun and appreciating the views of the ocean.

On one level, Your vacation in Agadir will be about relaxation and mindfulness as it gets you access to the beautiful beaches. You can spot many hotels along the coastline overlooking this spectacular water. I bet you will not even want to come back home. The peak season in Agadir is the summer months, but if you’re going to come here in spring, the weather is still so fantastic with pure skies and gentle breeze, and you will keep away from crowds, especially if you skip the weekend.

The beach already has a bunch of adventurous and thrilling activities in store for you, from surfing the waves, meditating under the golden sun, or even engaging in Yoga classes. It’sIt’s impossible to get bored here. 

On another one, As Agadir has stood for almost 700 years, your time here is not limited to stretching on the beach (which is enough, by the way) as the city’s history is eclipsed by its more famous attractions than in the other cities of Morocco.

Things to Do:

  • Chill out on the magnificent beach, or bring your favorite book, wear your swimsuit, let the sun kiss your skin, and the waves wash over you in peace, or you can build sandcastles with your kids.
  • For more exhilarating activities, soak up the vibrant Mediterranean energy and go surfing, diving or snorkeling. These watersports are one of the best things to do in Agadir.
  • Aside from being home to one of the most excellent beaches in Africa, you can explore the small towns surrounding Agadir, like the Souss Valley town of Taroudannt. If you’ve got time, the guided tour is always preferable to help you visit the significant sights right here and stay safe and amused.
  • One of the best sites to visit in Agadir is Taghazout, with bags of cultural charm and converse with locals to know how they make a living from only fishing.
  • Make time to explore one of the top beaches here, Legzira Beach, where a giant red-stony arch espouses the water. At sunset, the scenery here is something you want to miss. Dazzling and Breathtaking!
A moment like nothing before, Agadir, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • While browsing the steep streets sitting at the heart of Agadir, don’t forget to bring toilet paper with you. You could be lucky to find a lady offering you paper, but it would need tipping, and you couldn’t have bills (no, don’t. We already emphasized that bills are a big deal here). To avoid all these scenarios, carry paper wherever you go.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with squat toilets, don’t use any toilets in the public tourist attractions as most are not sitting toilets.
  • As Moroccan is a conservative country and alcoholic beverages are not so common (Alcoholic is prohibited in Islam, and people here are likely to adhere to their religious standards,) don’t assume the wine available is of poor quality. It’sIt’s absolutely untrue. You are going to taste a pretty lovely wine with admirable nibbles.

Pro Tip: If you are enthusiastic about watersports and surfing, come here in the winter season (September to April) when the waves are at their finest.

Tourists at one of the popular coffee shops, Morocco

Other Popular Attractions in Agadir

  • Your tour in Agadir can not be complete without visiting Vallee des Oiseaux, as you will get pleasure on all levels. This site features a large collection of wild animals, such as parrots, flamingoes, monkeys, gazelles. And, of course, you can learn more about crocodile species in Crocoparc, a must-see attraction filled with many adventures, ponds while crocodiles are settling down and a shop brimming with exotic pieces created by crocodile’s leather and fangs.
  • Explore some excavation sites in Agadir, including Agadir Oufella, which served as a fortress to protect this strategic point from invaders.
  • Check out Agadir Sunday market, where you can find all you need or don’t need, even if you don’t have the intention to buy anything. It’sIt’s a good hub for hanging out or maybe conducting some negotiation.
  • Morocco means Berber culture, and you will find no place better than Agadir to dive into this aesthetic culture. Visit Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh to learn more about their culture’s traditions, legacy, and other household stuff. You need more than just walking around the museum; you might need to buy some of this stuff. Don’tDon’t fret; many stores are available here, including rugs, apparel, jewelry, and more.
Agadir Ida Ou Tanan, Agadir Ida Ou Tanan, Morocco

Where to Stay in Agadir?

Best Hotels for families:

Atlas Amadil Beach Aqua Sun (around $155 a night)

Valeria Jardins D’Agadir Resort (around $127 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Riad Villa Blanche (around $249 a night)

Dar Maktoub (around $235 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Hotel Argana (around $36 a night)

Surf Hostel Morocco (around $14 a night)

The City of Blue: Chefchaouen

It’s said that blue is healthy for our well-being. And no place is more bluish than Chefchaouen. The whole city is rinsed in all possible blue shades. That’s why Chefchaouen is one of the most prestigious photographed spots in Morocco. And that’s why many people can relate Morocco with blue.

Located in Rif Mountains, this city is easily accessible by several routes, only 200 kilometers from Fez. There is something better than just wandering around the city and immersing yourself in this comfortable setting.

Blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Chefchaouen?

Chefchaouen can pleasantly surprise you with its simplicity and allure. People come here to cleanse their souls and treat their eyes with this superb blend of culture and brilliant sights, creating a unique place. You will definitely recognize this city when arriving as countless incredible photographs are taken in these iconic streets, creating masterpiece footage.

Also, Chefchaouen offers long hiking trails to Rif Mountains where you can feel the tingling sensation once you arrive at the summit; remember to capture moments because it will be the foremost.

Beyond this blue realm, many Spanish-style homes can be located telling you a lengthy history when Muslims and Jews lived in the same neighborhood to escape oppression in Granada, Spain, in the early 90s. So, there is no wonder to know that there is a Spanish mosque right there, and it’s a great location to visit. And don’t forget to head to the city’s medina to taste the lifestyle of Moroccans.

Things to Do:

  • Chefchaouen is a straightforward way to explore how locals live, their culture, and their great history. Simply stroll around the old quarter of this city created by blue wonders and many shops to buy souvenirs.
  • Join a group and head up to Rif mountain to take a splendid view of the city from the highest point. Sunset is the perfect time to drink Moroccan tea and marvel at Chefchaouen’s enchant.
  • Stay at one of the old guesthouses or raids and indulge in the scenery around you. Just imagine you open your room window to witness this picturesque sight.
  • Visit a medina (yep, another one) to reach out to a lot of Bohimi products. But remember, you have to measure your appetite for buying everything, so you don’t need to exhaust your budget.
  • If you want to have a glimpse into the history of this lovely town, hire a tour guide for interaction and let you know more mysteries about this place.
Handmade decoration in Chefchaouen, Morocco, Pxhere

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t just stay in your hotel or eat dinner out every night. Chefchaouen is about sauntering along cobblestone pathways, interacting with people, or you can enjoy the dynamic nightlife when the romantic lighting brilliantly alters the atmosphere.
  • Never go trekking by yourself. The largest group is always preferable if you can come across robbers or maybe kidnappers (Not joking, stories like that overload many news outlets). Instead, you can ask a policeman to escort you to make sure that you are safe.
  • Don’t listen to strangers who try to direct you to the right route. They probably need money. When you get lost, make the police officer your only reference.

Pro Tip: Many restaurants serve all kinds of traditional cuisine, but the best of them is Aladdin Restaurant. Not just an endless collection of yummy meals, this restaurant is one of the oldest ones in Chefchaouen. No matter what you have planned to do here, It’s a must-visit.

A photographic spot in handmade decoration in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Other Popular Attractions in Chefchaouen

  • It can be hard to know where to start when exploring such a marvelous city like Chefchaouen. Still, you are invited to visit one of Morocco’s most beautiful national parks, Cascades d’Akchour, tucked away with a mixture of extraordinary landscapes and quirky mountains copped with yellow and purple flowers. Impressive!
  • Explore the wonders of this city from historic gates in the tree-lined street and blue houses perched on steep cliffs; each corner offers a terrific opportunity to take intriguing photographs.
  • Pay a visit to the Ethnographic Museum of Chefchaouen, where you can see constant reminders of this vivid culture of costumes and other historical remnants. The museum will get you access to a spacious garden as a respite from the jammed center.
  • Your list of the best places to visit in Chefch should be included Chefchaouen at sunset. You can enjoy your hot drink at one of the hilltop cafes while its nighttime silhouette ablazing in lights. That’s where we come in if you pick Chefchaouen as your next destination.
A city like in your dreams, Chefchaouen, Morocco, Unsplash

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen?

Best Hotels for families:

Villa Rita Guesthouse (around $114 a night)

Dar Jasmine (around $115 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Lina Ryad & Spa (around $155 a night)

L’Ermitage d’Akchour (around $136 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Dar Dadicilef (around $11 a night)

Casa Amina (around $10 a night)

The City of History: Tangier

Like Chefchaouen is the blue pearl of Morocco, I think Tangier is the priceless pearl that dates to way before the time of BC. It looks pretty challenging to put together all places to visit in Morocco in one article as many cities, and beautiful landmarks should have a place in this list. And we think Tangier is one of the best destinations to visit while you’re here.

The following information will help you get the best out of your holiday in Tangier, which needs more than just a quick stop. You could probably stay in the city for at least four days without getting tired. This city is regarded as the focal point linking Morocco with Spain. The thought of Tangier instantly conjures images of Andalusian architecture and postcards of perfect views in Seville, colorful-washed houses, and beautiful blue water.

A pristine beach of Tangier, Morocco

There is no question why Tangier is one of the most popular vacation spots across the world. And in case you are still searching for reasons why you are about to be overwhelmed by the answers.

Now let’s dive into our list, which includes more than enough places to visit in Tangier to fill more than three days.

Just Like Wandering through a Fairytale City: Hercules Cave

Location: Cap Spartel, Tangier

How to reach: Take a taxi or uber ride to your destination from the center of Tangier, just 25 minutes.

Price: Less than $1

If you wonder if Tangier is an expensive place compared with other cities in Morocco, here is the answer, No. Fortunately, It’s always set to a backpacker budget with less crowded destinations. Hercules Cave is an outstanding complex overlooking the Mediterranean, right next to the King of Morocco.

A cozy restaurant at Essaouira, Morocco

Why Should You Visit Hercules Cave?

This cave comes with two holes which makes it unequaled; one is beachfront, and the other is open to land. The first one is the so-called Map of Africa, which has already been shaped like the earliest continent. Going back to Phoenicians, Hercules Cave offers plenty of treasures and incredible Tangier routes, which should be part of any itinerary for every type of traveler. Many ponds, sculptural structures, and other archeological statues are waiting for you to explore inside the cave.

The cave itself is a charming and laid-back spot to elude from the burning sun on summer days and for sure to avoid crowds who prefer a pristine beach rather than just coming here to watch the sea from a long distance. But for use, this location is one of my favorite travel experiences. It’s not just for the beautiful views either, but for relishing the incredible history. 

Things to Do:

  • Go inside the cave and navigate all magnificent pathways to explore several stony sculptures.
  • Hire a tour guide to help you find out the plethora of history of Hercules Cave and to guide you to the best position for vivid photos.
  • Explore the surrounding area if you are hungry; a variety of food is offered everywhere, whether meat feasts or seafood, all are so fresh. Indeed, There’s nothing better than food in Morocco.
  • However, you’ve almost got too many choices of where to go in Tangier; one of the best things you can do here is to strike up a discussion with wonderful people.
  • Go shopping in the open-air market, a must-visit place loaded with beautiful traditional goodies.
A scenic view of Hercules Cave, Tangier, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t drink the water from the tap. It isn’t the best decision in this situation. Minerals are usually preferable.
  • While crossing the street, don’t forget to stick to safety vigilance because the traffic is insane. You need to add extra special precautions.
  • Don’t even think of smoking any drugs here. The plenty of doing so could reach more than 30 years in jail. However, you will absolutely witness some actions that break this law from locals, but you are a foreigner here, and you should distance yourself from troubles.

Pro Tip: Let yourself get away from peak hours when this place is jammed-packed, and it would be better to avoid coming here on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) when many school tours and locals flock to appreciate their city’s splendor.

Other Popular Attractions in Tangier

  • Tangier is the gateway to Spain, just an hour by a fairy. That means you can arrange a round-trip from Tangier to Spain. Some people start their day with breakfast in Tangier and end it in an excellent eatery on a seat over the beach of Tarifa.
  • Why not hire a guide to help you through Tangier’s maze? Mmm… I’m not sure. The best part of the adventure of being here is to stroll through the streets, of Tangier Kasbah, which is renowned for its flashy houses. Just be prepared with your backpack and roam around each corner.
  • Again and again, pay a visit to a medina in Tangier and don’t consider that you will find the exact things in each Moroccan median; every one has its own appeal with its own style.
  • Don’t miss out on heading to Kasbah Museum, which comes with a large assortment of historic antiques, mosaics, statues, and other gorgeous Moorish pieces.
Vibrant houses of Tangier, Morocco

Where to Stay in Tangier?

Best Hotels for families:

Hilton Tanger City Center Hotel & Residences (around $125 a night)

Golden Tulip Andalucia Golf Tangier (around $51 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

El Minzah Hotel (around $120 a night)

Saba’s House – Riad Dar Saba (around $276 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Baytalice (around $12 a night)

Tangier Kasbah Hostel (around $11 a night)

The City of Legacy: Ait Benhaddou

Morocco still has too much to please you, and why I’ve written a detailed guide to know everything you will go through and don’t miss any sights. Because when it comes to Morocco, you shouldn’t narrow down your options. This time, we will explore a small town situated on the southern slopes of the High Atlas Mountains. A UNESCO World Heritage Site perched on the hilltop, this beautiful town was built in mud, making it look like an intrinsic part of the mountain.

A mud castle of Ait Benhaddou

Why Should You Visit Ait Benhaddou?

This small village had played a significant role in the trade movement over decades. Now, it’s an abandoned city, but many tourists always come here to see its unrivaled beauty. The iconic central building here is the ancient Kasbah of Aït Benhaddou. This mud fortress always draws the attention of moviemakers to shoot unbelievable snaps, for instance, Lawrence of Arabia and Game of Thrones. You will find some archaeological ruins, recorded history, and other rustic activities like tasting a Barber authentic meal.

Also, many traditional products ranging from rugs, clay pots, handmade scarves, and other innovative handcrafted artworks reflect the incredible capabilities of indigenous. Not just this, this place will help you catch a glimpse of how people in this barren space live, how they get along, and how they have preserved their traditions after all these long years.

Things to Do:

  • Go inside the mud fortress and discover all its historical secrets and how it previously served as a public organization and castle to protect Morocco’s southern border. It’s a place that will surprise you with its elegance and ingenuity.
  • Take advantage of being here and walk around the city to learn more about the history of this spot and capture unforgettable photographs while finding a woman weaving and creating a rug or a kid who can brilliantly make a clay piece.
  • If there is any possibility to buy from people there, tapestry or any rustic product- don’t hesitate to encourage them to improve their skills and keep their folklore alive in our materialistic world.
  • Spend a night here where locals throw parties every day to welcome visitors, dancing, singing, and dining a fatty dish; this day is to remember forever.
  • Go on a short camel ride beyond the sun-soaked area, allowing you to marvel at one of the most glorious panoramas. The most fantastic time to go is when the sun is setting.
Roam around archeological site, Aït Benhaddou, Morocco

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t freak out if you get lost in this small village. You immediately find someone who wants to help you to get to your destination. People here are super friendly and social.
  • Don’t forget to take a lovely photo with a tarboosh, a traditional hat. You will not have the opportunity every day to be in an Arab nation with a rich legacy, such as Morocco.
  • Don’t be surprised when people want to interact with you and open conversations asking about personal matters. Moroccans are very curious about exploring more about other cultures. Obviously, it’s so easy to make friends here in case you love coming back (And of course you will)

Pro Tip: The best thing to do here is to join a group or a local tourism agent to make your mission to discover the place more exciting and to meander through the site identifying its grandeur.

Ait Benhaddou is made up of history, Morocco

Other Thrilling Activities in Ait Benhaddou

  • Have a walking tour around Ounila Valley which comes with a hiking adventure between hills. Plan to get up close and personal with Berber villages which are a gastronomical paradise for everyone.
  • You can go on a safari in the extensive desert. It’s like a dreamy place that you need to post on your Instagram. Some visitors stay for 3 days sleeping in a camp to watch twinkling stars, live a simple life experience away from the stressful life which wipes us out and enjoys sunset and sunrise from this tranquil ambiance.
  • Bike around the small villages and have a break at one of these beloved communities to soak up their always-warm hospitality.
  • Explore the under-the-radar neighborhood by riding on a beach buggy. It’s one of the best activities for complete historical immersion.
A journey to Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Where to Stay in Ait Benhaddou?

Best Hotels for families:

Guest House Bagdad Café (around $51 a night)

Kasbah Isfoula and Spa (around $48 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Kasbah El Hajja (around $61 a night)

Kasbah du Peintre (around $40 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Auberge Kasbah tifaoute (around $13 a night)

Tigmi Du Soleil (around $17 a night)

Moroccan instrument in the souk, Morocco

Eventually, it doesn’t get much better than Morocco to experience something pleasant and appealing. Every tiny space you’ll come across here will make you fall in love. Ready to be swept off your feet in one of the most beautiful tourist spots on the globe? Let’s visit Morocco and have a slice of magic.

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