Reasons To Become A Hotel Manager

Updated On: February 16, 2022

A hotel manager is one of the highest ranking in the business - Interior design of a luxury hotel

A hotel manager is one of the top roles within a hotel business. Becoming a hotel manager has a range of benefits and responsibilities. There are a few ways to become a manager at a hotel, including a route through education and a direct route through a hotel business itself.

There are many reasons to get a career in hotel management.

A Hotel Manager has a Love for Hospitality

Hotels are at the forefront of the hospitality industry. Other than hostels, friends and family or using couch surfing, they are the only alternative to staying overnight in a new country or city.

If you have a love of hospitality, a hotel manager role would be the perfect career. Not only would you have a career in the industry you love, but you will be able to put smiles on faces of people who can’t experience the industry every day. Given you a good sense of job satisfaction.

A businesswoman smiling at the reception desk of the hotel
A businesswoman smiling at the reception desk of the hotel

The Salary

Most of the time, being a hotel manager either makes you the highest earner within the business, if not one of the highest earners. Within the UK, the starting salary for a hotel manager starts between £20-40K. This is similar to Ireland with the average salary said to be around the €35K mark.

This is a great salary which a good potential to rise if you stay in the job through several years.

Role and Responsibilities of a Hotel Manager

Being in a higher role and position than all other staff, there is a lot of responsibility. A manager is responsible for the everyday running of the business. This includes the customer service being offered to guests, the food quality, upkeep of the business including reception areas and guest rooms.

They also need to manage the behind the scenes of the hotel, such as finances, staff, the business’s brand and admin work. Often in large setups, this can be a responsibility that can be too much and therefore they will need help. Assistant managers may be employed to help the manager out with all their duties.

Responsibilities an assistant manager can help with can be all the responsibilities of the manager with the managers oversight. They can’t make key finance decision themselves without consulting the manager first.

Interior design of a luxury hotel
Interior design of a luxury hotel

In many cases you will find that the assistant manager has more control and responsibilities to do with the staff and the running of the business. They will help create schedules and give responsibilities to other junior staff.

Having responsibility is great but a manager also needs to be aware that if they don’t do a great job in managing assets of the business and maintaining the integrity of the business, the business can severely suffer.

Diversity within the Industry

A great reason to work in the hospitality industry and become a hotel manager is the diversity of the industry and job. No two days are merely the same. Each day a hotel has new characters coming in and out of the business. This is one aspect of the diversity within the business as you will be able to meet people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Another aspect of the job is the large setup of the business. A hotel has many departments and its more than likely that each day a new issue will appear. These issues are just challenges within the workplace and getting over the hurdles are just one aspect of the job. For example, one day, there might be an issue with a food delivery but the next it’s a software issue within the office.

Further Career Prospects

The job role of a hotel manager opens a door for better career prospects in the future. It is a great role to have experience within due to all the responsibilities that it includes.

If you ever wish to further your career you will have the experience to do so. You could become a manager of many other businesses whether it’s another hotel, restaurant or even a retail shop. You will also have the experience to open your own business, if that’s what you would like to do in the future.

You could also take your experience to other destinations who need hotel managers. 

Do You Love Hospitality?

Overall being a hotel manager is an amazing role within the hospitality industry. You get to experience great responsibility in many different parts of a business. This is experience, that be taken elsewhere in the future. It is also a good paying job role, so you will never be stuck for your own finances.

Being a hotel manager or a manager within the hospitality industry is one of the highest roles within the industry.

If you chose a career in hotel management, here are our tips in advancing your career in this essential hospitality field!