Ballywalter 2023: A New Anticipated Film Turning Alluring Historic Sites into Movie Sets

Updated On: September 21, 2023

ballywalter 2023

Every year, the film industry releases a plethora of movies that offer compelling stories brought to life by renowned actors amidst breathtaking locations. Today, we’re shedding light on one of the most anticipated movies to be released in September 2023, Ballywalter. This cinematic masterpiece comes bearing immense excitement among eager fans.

Ballywalter is a beautiful story about how one can find friendship in the least expected places. The film is deemed a dark comedy-drama, showcasing a special bond that develops between two people from different worlds and generations. It acts as a powerful reminder of how friendships can be life-altering at some point in one’s life.

The story is set in Ballywalter in Northern Ireland, showcasing a plethora of Irish actors and actresses and directed by Prasanna Puwanarajah. Starring Seána Kerslake and Patrick Kielty, the movie is causing a loud buzz even before its release. Interestingly, Patrick Keilty, the beloved Irish stand-up comedian, takes his first role in Irish drama, bringing with him all the waves of laughter and joy. 

Our primary focus today is the filming locations of the scenes in this cinematic masterpiece. We will take you on a captivating journey that exposes the alluring landmarks of Northern Ireland and unfolds significant events in history.

Synopsis of the Ballywalter Movie

The film is deemed a dark comedy-drama, narrating the story of Eileen (Seána Kerslake), who shamelessly dropped out of university and had her dreams of leading a successful life in London go down a drain. The young woman goes back to her hometown in Ballywalter, where she lives with her mother and makes a living as an unlicensed cab driver.

On the other hand, Shane (Patrick Kielty) tries to pick up the pieces of his broken heart after his marriage ends. He hides in Ballywalter to focus on his healing journey. One day, he calls a cab to get to his stand-up comedy classes, and Eileen happens to be the driver. Surprisingly, they both form a unique connection that helps them turn a new leaf and start over with warm beams of sunlight streaming through their new chapters.

Stunning Destinations Used for Filming

Hence the movie’s name. It’s easy to guess that all the scenes were shot in the beautiful village of Ballywalter in Northern Ireland. While that’s mostly true, other locations were used to shoot scenes outside the town, especially where Eileen and Shane went back and forth between Ballywalter and Belfast in the cab. 

Walk with us through these magical destinations that unveil the raw beauty of Ireland. There are lots of landmarks and tourist attractions that may pique your interest. Besides, there is always something for everyone when it comes to Northern Ireland. So whether you’re a history buff, outdoors adventurer, or just an enthusiastic travel bug, you’ll find your muse somewhere in the Irish lands. 



Belfast is one of Ireland’s prominent cities that’s known for its rich layers of history and being a cultural hub. Spanning across the eastern coast, Belfast is the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland. It embellishes its eastern coast with lively attractions, bustling streets, and enchanting experiences that leave you in awe.

Though Belfast wasn’t abundantly showcased in several scenes of the movie, we believe it’s worth mentioning, given its long history. Some scenes from the Ballywalter movie were shot in Belfast, with fans reporting witnessing the crew and cast shooting at Union Street Bar, one of the coolest yet cosiest bars in Belfast.

Belfast was known for witnessing multiple troubling events in the past. However, it rose from the ashes like a phoenix, blossoming into one of Northern Ireland’s most dynamic locations. It’s known for embracing a wide array of bustling pubs beating with the melodies of traditional Irish music. Belfast is also known for its marvellous Irish culinary experiences that will tantalise your taste buds with various flavours

The Ards Peninsula


The Ards Peninsula, situated in County Down, Northern Ireland, is a captivating and unspoiled landmass gracing the northeastern coast of Ireland. Its picturesque beauty is accentuated by its unique geographical separation, as it gracefully divides the pristine Strangford Lough from the illustrious North Channel of the Irish Sea. 

Within this peninsula lie an array of charming towns and vibrant villages, each brimming with character and historical significance. Donaghadee, Millisle, Portavogie, and Portaferry all contribute to the rich tapestry of life found in this remarkable region. It’s also home to splendid coastal sceneries that will leave you spellbound. 

Unfortunately, the Ards Peninsula happens to be one of the overlooked destinations in Northern Ireland. The region is filled with paradisal scenes and countless attractions that will keep visitors occupied and entertained. Although it wasn’t widely featured in the Ballywalter movie, it still made an appearance, showcasing captivating sites and attractions worth visiting. 

Ballywalter: The Real Place

Needless to say, the movie was set in the small village of Ballywalter, hence the title. It’s another fascinating location in Northern Ireland that barely gets the hype it deserves. Thus, not only do we believe that Ballywalter’s movie will compel more travellers to explore the region, but the story will also set some emotional significance to the place. 

Ballywalter is a small village located in County Down in Northern Ireland. Nestled along the picturesque east coast of the Ards Peninsula, this captivating gem lies between the delightful towns of Donaghadee and Ballyhalbert. It’s also situated on the Irish Sea, spanning across the coast and featuring appealing sceneries. 

Interestingly, you can catch a glimpse of the Scottish lands across the sea since the village is quite close to Scotland. Fun fact: the town is deemed closer in distance to Scotland than it is to its Northern Irish city of Belfast. Another interesting fact is that the region was once known as Whitkirk as early as the 12th century.

4 Main Attractions in or Nearby Ballywalter Village

The village is home to ancient castles, brimming with historical tales that you can hear their whispers through the archaic walls. It’s also home to some breathtaking landscapes that make you feel one with nature. Although overlooked, this remarkable region is a time travel to a magical past you don’t want to miss.

1. Ballywalter Park

Located just twenty miles from the bustling city of Belfast, nestled on the stunning County Down coast, you will discover the hidden gem that is Ballywalter Park. This magnificent historic house, listed as a Grade A heritage site, has been thoughtfully restored to serve as an extraordinary conference venue. 

Indulge in the exclusive experience offered at Ballywalter Park, where you can savour delectable lunch and dinner meals tailored to keep you amused and satisfied. The estate provides luxurious accommodations in twelve lavishly appointed bedrooms for those seeking an unforgettable stay, ensuring utmost comfort and relaxation throughout your visit.

This awe-inspiring estate is open for tours, an opportunity not to be missed. Lord and Lady Dunleath, the gracious owners of Ballywalter Park, personally guide you through the rich history and captivating stories that have been woven into the fabric of their family residence for nearly two centuries. These tours can be tailored to cater to your specific interests, creating a truly personalised experience. 

2. Inch Abbey


Inch Abbey is one of the main attractions in County Down in Northern Ireland that you don’t want to miss. Interestingly, this region was used for filming scenes from Game of Thrones. What you will see around here are the remnants of a monastery that dates back to the 12th century. It went by the name Inis Cumhscraigh and was to be a place of worship. 

However, the region underwent massive destruction during the mighty invasions of the Vikings. Although most fans of Game of Thrones often crowd the area to witness real-life destinations of their favourite show, the place is still alluring to other travellers and history buffs. Exploring the ruins of Inch Abbey is the main thing to do around this area, but we promise it’s never as dull as it may sound. 

3. Portaferry


Portaferry, a charming small town nestled in County Down, Northern Ireland, boasts a prime location at the southern tip of the picturesque Ards Peninsula, overlooking the mesmerising Narrows that mark the entrance to Strangford Lough. Portaferry proudly showcases its treasures within its quaint streets, including the renowned Exploris Aquarium, a haven for marine enthusiasts and curious minds alike. 

Additionally, a highlight of the town’s vibrant calendar is the eagerly anticipated annual gala week float parade, captivating residents and visitors with its dazzling displays. Serving as a sailor’s delight, Portaferry boasts its own charming marina, the Portaferry Marina, providing a haven for seafarers and adding to the town’s unique allure.

4. Strangford Lough


Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city of Belfast lies a true paradise for nature enthusiasts – Strangford Lough. Step into this serene haven and be captivated by the initially peaceful silence that surrounds you. However, if you lend an ear, you will soon discover the harmonious symphony of the locals. 

Above, birds chirp on the treetops while seals playfully make a splash, and geese gracefully brush their wings across the water’s surface. Strangford Lough is a marvel in itself – a UNESCO Global Geopark, an area boasting breathtaking natural beauty and a place of immense scientific significance. 

It proudly reigns supreme as one of the most biologically diverse regions in all of Europe, housing an astonishing array of marine species. Despite the bustling aviary and the playful sea life, there exists an undeniable tranquillity. Such is its allure that it has captured the hearts of many artists, saints, and aristocracy throughout the ages, and the mighty Vikings were no exception.

Notable Cast and Crew of the Movie

  • Seána Kerslake as Eileen
  • Patrick Kielty as Shane
  • Paul Mallon as Noel
  • Joanna Crawford as Donna
  • Julian Moore-Cook as Steve
  • Conor MacNeill as Short
  • Lloyd Hutchinson as Jonny
  • Director: Prasanna Puwanarajah
  • Producers: James Bierman and Nik Bower
  • Writer: Stacey Gregg

The bitter-sweet movie of Ballywalter will be out in cinemas in Ireland and the UK on September 22. Prepare to watch a heart-touching story of the prominence of friendships in one’s life while having your eyes entertained with the alluring landmarks of Northern Ireland.

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