Old Guy: Explore the Amazing Vicinity of the Filming Location in Belfast 

Updated On: September 17, 2023

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“We are filming in Belfast!” How often have you heard this answer when you ask about the location of a movie or a TV show? Well, if you ask about the setting of Old Guy, we will tell you that Belfast is still the answer. 

Since the shooting of season one of Game of Thrones in Belfast in 2010, more cameras have been rolling in this city of Northern Ireland, which, in a nutshell, has it all! 

We are not just talking about studios here —though they are also an important factor— but the exteriors also perfectly reflect the backdrop of events, even if the story is set outside Northern Ireland. The filmmakers of Old Guy had all the good reasons to get their cameras rolling in Belfast, and we all know why. 

An Overview of Old Guy  

In this article, we will shed light on the filming locations that serve as the backdrop of Old Guy. But first, we have to understand the storyline and know how the events of this American action comedy unfold. Here is what it is all about!

Old Guy follows the comeback of Danny Dolinski, an outgoing contract killer who knows his worth and very much believes in his unparalleled talent for the job. His employer, The Company, assigns him to train Gen Z newcomer Wihlborg, a promising but somewhat weirdo element. 

Thrilled by the offer, Dolinski is pulled back into crime but later discovers the actual motive of The Company—to take down the old guard. However, the experienced Dolinski and the brilliant Gen Z newcomer Wihlborg could, with the help of club manager Anata, turn it all back on The Company.  

Take a Look at the Cast of Old Guy 

A Highland Film Group and Dark Castle Entertainment feature, Old Guy was directed by Simon West and filmed in Belfast. Written by Greg Johnson, the new action comedy is starring:

  • Christoph Waltz as the ageing contract killer Danny Dolinski
  • Cooper Hoffman as newcomer Wihlborg 
  • Lucy Liu as club manager Anata 

The Filming Locations of Old Guy

Set to post-production status in May, principal photography of Old Guy already took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The crew has been spotted while on location in the Northern Irish city, particularly on Little Donegall Street in Belfast City Centre.

A quick look at the map and you can easily pinpoint where Little Donegall Street exactly is. It is in the heart of Belfast and near some of the city’s best attractions for locals and tourists alike.  

Fun Trivia: Little Donegall Street is where Kate and Jo’s car was brought to a stop by a roadblock after the chase in episode 6 of Line of Duty.

Picked up as one of the exterior locations for Old Guy, Little Donegall Street is less than a mile away from the Cathedral Church of St. Anne and Donegall Place. It is also a few feet away from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. A little farther away from Little Donegall Street is the Titanic Museum Belfast, which is also a must-visit in Belfast.  

The Cathedral Church of St. Anne (AKA Belfast Cathedral) 

This Romanesque building has been standing in the heart of Belfast for more than a hundred years. In 1899, the foundation stone was laid, and construction continued over the years until the Cathedral Church of St. Anne was finally there.

Also known as Belfast Cathedral, St. Anne’s is a popular place of worship and tourism. It is open to worshippers on Sundays, but tourists are more than welcome to visit during the other weekdays from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The Cathedral Church of St. Anne also opens its doors to tourists on Sundays between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m.

What is unique about the Cathedral Church of St. Anne is that it has two seats of bishops of two separate dioceses. Belfast Cathedral also boasts a stainless steel spire, which is considered the second tallest in all of Ireland. It is known as the Spire of Hope. 

Donegall Place: A Once Residential District Going Commercial

On Little Donegall Street, you are not at all far from Donegall Place. Also in the heart of Belfast, Donegall Place is home to a number of high-end stores, such as Marks & Spencer, Disney and Lunn’s Jewelry Store. It is one of the main shopping streets in Belfast. 

Situated near Belfast City Hall, this place was named after Lord Donegall, who is credited for rebuilding central Belfast at the end of the 18th century. Donegall Place reflects the character of Belfast that has developed through time. 

Over time, Donegall Place has changed from a residential to a commercial district. However, it still keeps some of the Georgian and Victorian tastes with a touch of contemporary Belfast.  

Donegall Place is now dotted with numerous stores that attract lots of tourists and residents to the area. Shopaholics will surely love it down there!

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church: One of 4 in the City of Belfast

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church old guy filming locations
Old Guy: Explore the Amazing Vicinity of the Filming Location in Belfast  3

We are not done yet! Walk your way from Little Donegall Street down to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church—it is just around the corner. The current church replaced a much smaller one that stood in the same place in 1815. 

Opened in 1877, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church is thus the second in the area and the fourth in all of Belfast. In its current shape, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church has a high spire that extends for 180 feet and holds an iron cross on the top and a two-ton bell inside. 

A statue of St. Patrick has been carved from Portland stone and is now niched at the main entrance to the church. The curved wall behind the altar features stained glass windows inside St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in the centre of Belfast.  

The Titanic Museum Belfast: Telling You the Story of the Sunken Ship 

A short drive from Little Donegall Street will take you to the Titanic Museum Belfast. The Titanic experience returns through nine interactive exhibitions where visitors get to know the story of the world’s most famous ship—RMS Titanic. 

Belfast was the home of the Titanic, and so it tells the story of the ship from conception to launch. Talking about the vessel launch, a life-size outline of the ship is embedded in the ground to give you the authentic feeling of being on board the Titanic. And guess what? It is illuminated by blue light at night.  

Visiting the Titanic Museum Belfast, you will also get firsthand information about the construction of the ship and her maiden voyage. It will be as if you are travelling back in history to explore the birth of the Titanic. 

During this self-guided tour, you will not only explore stories related to the ship but also to the city and the people who manufactured it. While an average visit does not exceed two and a half hours, visitors are allowed to stay for as long as they wish until closing time. An important note: advance booking is required!

For a complete Titanic experience, we recommend that you visit SS Nomadic. This is the original tender ship of the RMS Titanic. Launched in 1911, SS Nomadic is the last remaining White Star ship and is now set for display in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast

Take some time to explore SS Nomadic and its decks. It is such an exciting way to learn about the maritime history of Belfast. This tour is estimated to last for about half an hour. But still, it is you who decide the pace of your journey. 

The Release Date of Old Guy: TBA

We know that some scenes of Old Guy were shot on Little Donegall Street, but there is no confirmed information about when the movie is coming out. It is still to be announced. However, the film is likely to be released in 2024.

Having been picked up at Cannes, Old Guy is expected to be distributed in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Latin America.

Why Film in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland old guy filming
Old Guy: Explore the Amazing Vicinity of the Filming Location in Belfast  4

Old Guy was filmed in Northern Ireland with support from Northern Ireland Screen. This is the national agency that acts to maximise the educational, economic and cultural value of the screen industry in Northern Ireland. 

Funded by the Department for Communities and the Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland Screen effectively contributes to the movie industry through lottery funding for shows filming in Northern Ireland, including Old Guy

Filmmakers won’t miss such an opportunity. And so, they get their cameras rolling at locations in Northern Ireland—a country that is highly rated at the level of the film and tourism industries. Yes, Northern Ireland has it all!

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