Things to Do in Belfast for Couples: For a Fun and Exciting Date

things to do in Belfast

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Belfast is a vibrant city, full of hustle, bustle and culture. It’s also a great spot for a romantic date, with lots of fun and interesting activities available that will take your fancy. Keep reading this article to discover things to do in Belfast for couples.

Whether you want to whisk your special someone away for romance and fine dining or want an action-packed activity to bring out your competitive spirits, we have something in store that you will both love doing. 

The Avenue Cinema

The Avenue Cinema is a newly launched cinema in CastleCourt shopping centre, but this isn’t your usual cinematic experience, it’s a lot fancier and a lot more romantic. You can enjoy a delicious drink from their impressive cocktail menu and treat yourself to a selection of their gourmet burgers and seasonal small plates. 

Best of all? You can have your food and drink directly served to your seat as you sit back and enjoy the movie. This is a romantic date that is sure to impress your partner. 

Queens Film Theatre

If you or your partner is a movie buff, you should also check out Queen’s Film Theatre. It’s an independent cinema, showcasing niche films from around the world. This cultural venue provides a unique experience and an opportunity to watch art and indie films that aren’t available in mainstream cinemas. 

Go for a drink 

Why not bring your date for a drink in one of Belfast’s charming bars? Throughout the city centre, you will see quaint and traditional pubs lining the alleyways, but if you fancy going somewhere really impressive, we recommend visiting The Observatory at the Grand Central Hotel. 

Depending on your drink of choice, you should also check out these articles for the best cocktails, gin bars and craft beers in Belfast. Or alternatively, check out the video below for an authentic sense of potential bars you might want to visit. 

Things to do in Belfast for couples

Listen to live traditional music

Part of what makes Belfast so unique is its rich cultural appeal. When you’re in the city, be sure to bring your partner along to listen to some live traditional music and fiddle-dee-dee. You’ll have a great time soaking up the culture and maybe even have a jig and a dance with your date. 

Check out this article for bars and venues where you can listen to live traditional music in Belfast

Belfast pub quizzes

Another great idea for exciting things to do in Belfast for couples is to enter one of the many Belfast pub quizzes. They are a great way to have some fun with each other, show off your general knowledge and win some potential prizes. 

Check out this article for a timetable of the Belfast pub quizzes around the city.

Visit an escape room 

Escape rooms are a really fun and exciting date to experience with your partner. Although you are both locked in a room together until you figure a way out, they kind of force you to work together as a team in order to solve the puzzles.

It brings a great sense of accomplishment when you both figure out the clues and eventually escape. This experience will also leave you both talking about it long after it’s done, and you’ll impress one another with your intelligence and puzzle-solving skills.

There are two escape room venues close to Belfast city centre, including; GoT To Escape in Church Lane and Timescape in Castle Street. They each provide different themes of escape rooms, whether it’s a Zombie apocalypse or a Game of Thrones-inspired theme, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you, and your partner’s interests. 

Visit The Mac

The Mac is Belfast’s home of international art exhibitions, featuring a range of artwork from renowned, famous and talented artists. The exhibitions are also usually free to attend, whereas you might have to pay to attend upcoming events and live performances. 

Visiting this venue is one of the most though provoking things to do in Belfast for couples, the art being displayed encourages you to ponder on your own feelings or attempt to understand how the artist was feeling when they created their art pieces.

Art lover or not, The Mac is an amazing cultural venue and a great spot for a date in Belfast.

Visit a comedy club 

The people of Belfast are known for their humour and their unique ability to make light of the darkest situations. If you’re hoping to share some laughs with your partner, be sure to visit a comedy club for one of the funniest things to do in Belfast.

Belfast has two main comedy venues, including Laverys Comedy Club (every Wednesday and Thursday) and The Empire Laughs Back (every Tuesday). Tickets start at only £10 per person and they are both renowned venues which regularly host famous and upcoming comedians. 

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens is a truly romantic spot for couples and one of the best free things to do in Belfast. It features a botanical garden that homes a range of tropical plants and the surrounding grounds are filled with flower beds, mature trees and rose gardens. 

The Ulster Museum also neighbours the Botanic Gardens, where you can discover a world of history, culture and art. The Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to spend a whole day with your partner and enjoy one another’s company. 

Things to do in Belfast

Spend the night in a hotel

If you’re looking for luxurious things to do in Belfast, why not check yourself and your partner into one of Belfast’s hotels? There is an incredible range of accommodations available, such as the AC Marriott Belfast which overlooks the River Lagan and the Merchant Hotel which features a hot tub on the roof.

Book your romantic rendezvous by checking out this article for the best hotels in Belfast City Centre. 

Cheap things to do in Belfast for couples

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your partner, check out this article for 20 dates in Belfast for just £30 per couple.

If you’re after a tasty bite to eat, you can also check out these best cafes in Belfast, it’s a foolproof date because everyone loves brunch and it’s one of the most delicious things to do in Belfast. 

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