360 Degree Video of Tall ships Mural, Belfast

Tall Ships Mural Belfast - Rotterdam Bar Belfast Harbour - Belfast Murals - 360 Degree Video
Tall Ships Mural Belfast - Rotterdam Bar Belfast Harbour - Belfast Murals - 360 Degree Video

A competition was held to create a wall mural to welcome back the Tall Ships to Belfast - and this is the winning entry! An impressive piece of work. This definitely adds to the collection of murals around the city that are worth checking out.Back in 2015, when the Tall Ships returned to Northern Ireland (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKRbn...), there was a competition held in order to celebrate this event and the competition was all about creating a mural that would be all about those tall ships - which could explain why this mural is given that name.The interesting thing about this mural or piece of art - of course after the interest of watching the thing itself - is the fact that it was drawn by a 16 year old boy from Belfast who is named Daniel Hamilton. Daniel managed to succeed and compete with other five competitors who reached the finals of the Tall Ships Competition and succeeded at creating the newest design for Belfast's added piece of art.A lot of people think that Daniel Hamilton was the one to draw this piece of art directly on the wall of Rotterdam Bar in Belfast Harbour, which is not true, because Daniel drew and created the design on paper and it was then transferred to the wall by the help of the local mural artist Danny Devenny, which took about 10 days in order to bring it to the street wall.Who out there would not love the idea of walking down the streets and spotting different art pieces that are found on the walls of the streets? Almost no one out there would not be excited about such a thing and you will even find people staring, taking pictures, and even asking others to take pictures of them while standing beside that specific peace of art.


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