Explore Belfast City And All The Popular Spots

Updated On: April 25, 2022

Belfast City Hall

Best of Belfast City

Over the years Belfast has transformed into an amazing tourist destination that people are coming from all over the world to visit. Maybe because of our history and culture that’s unique to anywhere else in the world.

In Belfast City, you’ll always be greeted by a friendly welcome and a drink. Everywhere you go in Belfast City each place carries a lot of history that makes it’s more special. Keep reading to find out all the best locations and things to do in Belfast city on your next visit here.


The Iconic Queen’s University

You have to visit Queen’s University in Belfast City and experience the amazing architecture thats on display. If you’re into Harry Potter the building will remind you of something out of that film as its full of history and character.

The main building itself was designed in 1849 by famous architecture Sir Charles Lanyon. The University helped to form the main point of interest of the Queens Quater which is one of six cultural districts in Belfast.

Queens is Belfast City’s Biggest University and offers so much history to explore both inside and outside the building. Worth visiting and getting a popular photo in front of the famous gates like many locals and tourist do.

The Europa Hotel

The Europa Hotel in Belfast was one of our tour stops, this is a four-star hotel located in Great Victoria Street. The famous hotel has hosted presidents, prime ministers and celebrities throughout its journey.

One of the reasons why this hotel is so famous around the world is due to the number of times it has been bombed. It has even been referred to as “the most bombed hotel in Europe.” That’s for being bombed 36 times during The Troubles. The hotel has been transformed over the years and offers a more welcoming atmosphere and a great place to stay in Belfast City.

It even has a wing dedicated to Bill Clinton who is an ex-present of the United States of America. He has stayed in the hotel many times with his wife, Hilary Clinton.


The Grand Opera House

A place where you can always be found having a good time in Belfast is the amazing Grand Opera House. Since opening its doors in 1895 it has provided people with a place to enjoy a world of entertainment.

Throughout the year it hosts a variety of plays, musicals, performances that will make you both laugh and cry. You’ll get to experience the best of Northern Irish humour in many of the pantomimes they put on that adults and children will both love.


Belfast City Hall

One of the significant buildings in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the City Hall building. City Hall is located in Donegall Square, and it divides the commercial and business areas of the city centre. This building attracts many visitors all year long, for its iconic building and guided tours inside the building.

In the tour, visitors are allowed to check out some of its rooms such as the Porte-Cochere and Grand Entrance, the Grand Staircase, the Reception Room and the Great Hall.

Shopping In Belfast

Walking down the streets of Belfast City in the centre of the city to be specific – is always needed for one to explore the city on a closer look and pass by some of the old buildings and the still-existing shops.

A little bit of shopping is also sometimes needed and that is when it comes to Victoria Square. Which is one of the most famous shopping places in Belfast. Victoria Square offers a range of designer labels and high street brands to suit everyone. It’s also a great place to have something to eat and drink, with its variety of restaurants and cafes.

There is also Castle Court which is another indoors shopping centre that’s worth checking out. The shopping centre is located on Royal Avenue and is the third biggest shopping centre in Northern Ireland.

It offers an amazing selection of shops from clothing stores, jewellery stores, toy shops and a range of food and drink outlets.


Cathedral Quarter – Cultural Hotspot of Belfast

One of the most popular spots located in the heart of Belfast is the Cathedral Quarter. Where you’ll find all the best bars and restaurants that Belfast has to offer. From the Harp Bar to the Duke of York. It also offers amazing artwork to view around the place.

The amazing Mac Theatre is located here where you can check out different exhibitions and performances. Cathedral Quarter is known for hosting a variety of events throughout the year. Especially culture night which is a huge event in the city that usually takes places once a year in September.

If you want to get a feel for the city and have a good time then you must head to the Cathedral Quarter and have a drink.


One of the things we love about Belfast and its attractions is that most of them are located close to one another. Which will give those willing to walk the chance to explore the city from one tourist attraction to the other.

Belfast is a city worth visiting and seeing what it has to offer. You’ll be surprised by how much amazing attractions and places there are for you to visit in such as small place. It’s a fascinating city to explore and spend time in. You’ll be amazed at the massive number of sites and locations you can see and the activities you can do in this historical city.

Have you ever visited Belfast? What are your favorite locations to check out? Make sure you share with us. We can recommend places for you to visit if you haven’t been to Belfast before such as Botanic Gardens, St. Anne’s Cathedral, Peace Walls, SS Nomadic, Belfast City Hall, Cathedral Quarter and Custom Square House, Best Bars in Belfast, Crumlin Road Gaol.