25 Best Things to Do in Malaysia-Your Full Guide

Updated On: July 12, 2022

Traditional transport in Malaysia

As if the person who has built this country said, “Let us build a country so big that those who see it will think us mad.”

Malaysia has positioned itself as one of the most tourist hotspots globally, and many people have selected it to be their honeymoon destination. Others have already mentioned it among their top dream places to visit. Many factors have contributed to creating this magical country. One of them is that Malaysia has a blend of different cultures, rich history, impressive architecture, and sumptuous accommodation options. 

Malaysia is always the first choice for a beach vacation where you can unwind at the sun-drenched dunes and admire its magnificent natural beauty. Not to mention that the country will provide you with jungle tours to let yourself go through unique fauna and flora. Malaysia is a country made of allure and romance.

In this guide, I will take you through the country of Malaysia to be aware of the best things to do, worthy places to visit, where to stay, and things you need to know before travelling.

I bet you, even before you finish reading this article, you will go through the internet reserving a flight to Malaysia, the gate to paradise.

25609678 kuala lumpur city sunset Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Dramatic scenery of Kuala Lumpur city at sunset, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Malaysia?

When people read my bucket list, they often ask, “But why Malaysia?” To be honest, it is a very common question.

First and foremost, I have a strong emotional attachment to this country for no apparent cause. “I just like it!”

However, when I conducted a thorough search for reasons you should visit Malaysia, I was astounded to discover that there are literally millions of reasons to visit this nation. I’ll share some of them with you here if you cannot articulate your own reasons in meaningful words.

  • A Unique Cultural Hub

If there is one reason you should travel, it is to understand other cultures better. Various Asian tribes have established themselves in this area throughout the years, keeping their customs and ceremonies. By this point, they live together in harmony to develop the foundation of Malaysian culture. This uncommon combination has helped set up the uniqueness of this location. Because of Malaysia’s accepting society, each culture is still able to express itself on special occasions, resulting in an exquisite environment everywhere you go.

Examples include Malaysia, which has one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in the world with a sizeable Muslim population. Chinese people live alongside indigenous Indians in most neighbourhoods, and they are all committed to ensuring that their country continues to thrive and prosper for years to come.

  • Food is Diverse and Delicious

Food should be your last concern here. It’s rich and diverse with a pungent taste. I don’t blame you if the first thing that will impress you while visiting Malaysia is the dishes offered here. As it’s a place that embraces many ethical communities, there is no wonder to see a great collection of culinary masterpieces. Malaysia has never been a tomb to any human legacy. Every group that came has set up its gastronomy to see different cooking styles on the table. And don’t expect that the whole country has the same menu since each state is proud of its distinctive speciality. Thus, if you plan to visit more than one city -typically what we encourage you to do- be prepared to sample different dishes to enrich your experience.

Additionally, you can spot hawker centres and food trucks roaming around each corner of the country. All sorts of food will cost you a few bunnies, and that’s why you can try out all dishes without being worried about the check.

  • A Cheap Tourist Destination

I know you will now search for how much it cost you to travel to Malaysia. And it’s another good question. Who doesn’t care about money! No one.

But take your breath because Malaysia will offer you world-class service and beautiful attractions to visit even if you have a limited budget. A week could cost you less than $500, and the most expensive part of your trip will be the flight ticket. But most importantly, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Generally speaking, you can stay at a cosy hostel or a posh resort with a private pool. And every choice has its unique taste.

You may either use public transportation or get an uber ride to your destination. Plus, most attractions and landmarks in Malaysia have a low-cost admission fee, and you can find many free activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

fishermen SBI 300085300 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
fishermen with the yellow and orange sun in the background, Malaysia
  • Thrilling Watersports 

Malaysia boasts an abundance of beautiful beaches home to various engaging activities, particularly watersports. This adventure, which will actually take you beneath the water and over the sea, should be included in your visit to this location.

You may enjoy a scuba diving excursion and learn about the vibrant and diverse underwater life. The underwater world will take your breath away, with everything from peculiar types of marine life to coral reefs teeming with brightly coloured small fish.

You won’t need to look any farther. Malaysia is also home to various sharks, turtles, and barracudas, which are perfect for the more daring traveller. Watersports are excellent in Malaysia, and we invite you to try flyboarding, which is one of the most exciting things to do on Malaysia’s islands, along with white water rafting, paragliding, and sailing. Just pick your favourite activity to have a great time without breaking the budget.

  • Fascinating Skyscrapers
33549650 amazing and huge skyscrapers and buildings in kuala lumpur malaysia Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
25 Best Things to Do in Malaysia-Your Full Guide 33

Visiting Malaysia not only provides you with the opportunity to take in the country’s pristine beauty. Despite this, it provides access to numerous futuristic buildings and contemporary architecture, mainly if you include Kuala Lumpur in your travel itinerary. The Petronas Towers, which are two giant skyscrapers linked by a sky bridge, can be situated in the heart of the city centre.

With these majestic structures, you may have a high-end shopping experience at the Suria KLCC Mall or walk to the 41st level Skybridge to take in stunning views of the Malaysian capital from a unique vantage point. However, be aware that these towers have their own set of limitations and that, in some instances, foreign people are not permitted to use the majority of their amenities.

Consequently, please book your online ticket in advance and double-check all practical details, such as costs, schedules, and the persons allowed to enter, before arriving.

  • Beautiful Rainy Forests

As we promise, Malaysia has something for everyone, no matter what. One of the touristy spots is its vast jungles being one of the oldest tropical forests in the world, which play a significant role in keeping biodiversity in this world safe and alive. Your voyage across Malaysia can not be complete without trekking among these giant tresses. For professional hikers, plenty of trails are in a store where you can find them in Sabah and Mount Kinabalu. And if the sun goes down while you are willing to discover more, you can try camping under the mountain to appreciate one of the most memorable moments, sunrise, in this sterile environment. It may seem like a demanding climb, but as you reach the peak and take in the breathtaking view of sprawling landscapes, you will forget all about the difficulties you have faced.

fishermen SBI 300089039 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
A scenic view during the sunset, Malaysia
  • Scenic Islands With Crystalline Water

Nothing can beat the tranquil setting of Malaysia’s islands. Meanwhile, most tourists focus on visiting temples and archaeological sites here; stunning isles will give you all you need to make this holiday the best. And remember avoiding visiting hot destinations, especially in the high season, will provide you with the opportunity to see more than one place and discover its treasures without getting stuck in the crowds and waiting in lines.

And in Malaysia, there are some off-the-beaten-path destinations, including Pangkor, Sipadan, Redang, and Manukan, which will give you extraordinary pleasure once you have discovered a unique place most people miss. 

Want to treat yourself more?

Well, arrange a stay at a premium hotel situated on one of these islands, although some of them are also the best budget gems. These islands will allow you to stay in contact with the locals and learn about their unique cultures.

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia

Like me, it seems that you have already fallen head over heels in love with Malaysia. Amazing! You are about to embark on a journey unlike any other. Before you go to Malaysia, you’ll want to be aware of a few key details. These suggestions will assist you in making the most of your stay in the region and experiencing it like a native. Additionally, it is an excellent method to get a taste of the culture and choose whether or not you want to pay to visit or if the culture does not fit your expectations.

  • Check out Visa Requirements

Most Western nationalities are not required to get a visa to enter Malaysia. As you already have a free 90-day visa. However, such limits often come out of nowhere, and some nations may be denied access to this privilege. Please get in touch with the Malaysian embassy in your country for the most up-to-date information on passport requirements. Additionally, some travellers may be able to make use of e-visa services. In any event, do not book your ticket until you are confident that you will be able to enter the nation without trouble.

If you want to stay for more than 90 days or you are not a European or American citizen, here is something you can benefit from. The Malaysian embassy offers an exceptional service to require an on-door visa; just send email-mail to the embassy, and they will come back with the required documents. After you send them out, they will contact you to send a representative to take your papers. After a few days, you will receive an email telling you that your visa is ready. 

paradise beach SBI 300482871 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Paradise beach, Malaysia
  • Uber is a Preferable Way to Travel Through Malaysia

Uber will be your best guide to exploring Malaysia with efficient service and affordable fares. Even in Kuala Lumpur, which features an excellent transportation system linking the whole city with a railway line, Uber can be more convenient and accessible for all tourist attractions—worried about how the safety of your ride is?

No worries at all. Your journey will be super safe, and the drivers are always decent with a clean car. Last but not least, you will get a welcoming promo code to use as a tourist. The only pitfall here is that you need a good connection to require a ride and follow your journey route. You can purchase a sim card while navigating attractions to connect with the internet. Or you can ask anyone to provide you with a hotspot signal to be able to request an Uber ride. People are always here for help.

Furthermore, you might see many ride-hailing service providers in Malaysia. However, according to Malaysians, Uber is still the top of them, especially for tourists, as you can choose from many packages during your visit depending on your schedule and itinerary.

  • Don’t Use Taxis in Malaysia

If you don’t have a Wifi-signal, don’t go directly to taxis, or maybe it would be perfect for ignoring the idea of taxis at all. Taxi drivers will probably want to exploit your ignorance of the transportation fares here. On the contrary, most people think, a taxi in Malaysia is more expensive than Uber, and you will pay a triple fare. And don’t attempt to argue with the driver about the fare; you may encounter a stupid attitude, or at the least, the driver may make you feel guilty and ashamed because you don’t want to give him his due.

And here are some alternatives if you don’t have a signal to order Uber:

  • Get in a nearby cafe or restaurant asking about a Wifi service.
  • Ask any local if it’s possible to require an Uber ride from his mobile.
  • Don’t leave the hotel or the airport without using the internet. Call the driver or text him, and be assured that the diver is waiting outside.
  • If you are already out and about, seeing a location, dining, or doing whatever, you may get the phone number of the driver who dropped you off and ask him if it is acceptable to contact him to bring you back to the hotel for the same fee as he drove you off.
  • Malaysia’s Climate Could Be Unpredictable Most of the Times

It’s a common question I hear “When is the best time to visit Malaysia?”

Malaysia has a tropical climate which means you can feel high humidity all year round, and it’s so common to be showered by rain even if you come here in the summer seasons.

To be clear, the rainfall season in Malaysia is in summer, from May to September. Consequently, the average temperature around the country could be between 21°C and 32°C; however, it could feel hotter due to humidity. So, the best time to visit Malaysia is between December to April, when the humidity is still high, but you wouldn’t be disrupted by heavy rain.

In addition, keep in mind that there are two separate zones with two different weather conditions in terms of monsoon seasons and that the monsoon season is likely to bring rainfall, particularly in the woods.

Lastly, one piece of advice: pack a raincoat, boots, and an umbrella for anytime you intend to go to Malaysia, no matter when you plan to come here. And don’t bring heavy layers of clothing. You are most likely not to use them.

young buddhist monks SBI 300058550 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
a group of young Buddhist monks, a temple in Malaysia
  • Malaysia Consists of Different Regions

You can say that Malaysia combines two reigns or six depending on how you want to see it – two regions: Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, which are not even linked by land, and six regions: northern region, central region, southern region, east coast, and Sabah and Sarawak.

Each part has its characteristics offering different experiences. For example, the northern region features stunning scenery brimming with greenery and extensive rice farms. You can communicate with locals, get closer to their traditions, and explore their routine and daily activities. The central region is dedicated to government offices in which the capital is located, Kuala Lumpur. This spot always hosts leading events and exhibitions where you can feel the hustling vibes if you are interested.

The southern part will be their favourite for heritage and history lovers, coming with many archaeological sites and impressive monuments. Not to mention that this quaint region fills up fast with many shopping centres for incomparable prices.

Suppose you prefer a calmer vacation while stretching on sandy scenery. In that case, you can go directly to the east coast, where you can find a wide array of sandy beaches with pristine water packed with watersports activities and an unbelievable atmosphere.

The last area, Sabah and Sarawak, is home to a diverse mix of woods and hiking paths since it encompasses Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in Southeast Asia.

  • Book Your Trip As Early As Possible

Here is the more brilliant travelling tip you wouldn’t have heard from everyone: best deals are always found a couple of months in advance, and Malaysia is no exception. The best prices for flight tickets and accommodation are waiting for you if you plan wisely and snatch up offers once they are available. You can probably save tons of dollars if you follow this advice.

In addition, you may start looking for tickets for your next two-month trip on the internet right now. Keep in mind that even though Malaysia may be more costly than other South-Asian countries such as Indonesia or Thailand, you will always have more choices here.

Many backpackers always recommend taking advantage of a low-cost flight provider. Air Asia operates in Kuala Lumpur, and Kota Kinabalu offers economical flights if you don’t want to surpass your budget. Meanwhile, don’t expect to get excellent service from refunds if you missed your plane or get your baggage back if you lost them.

Your emotions will swing between disappointment and exhaustion as the day progresses. However, here is our piece of advice: if your travel is more than 5 hours, we suggest skipping Air Asia. You will, without a doubt, arrive in Malaysia, but every inch of your body will be a testament to the pain you have already endured on your voyage.

It is thus preferable to buy a ticket at a somewhat higher price in order to avoid this unpleasant experience.

deva darshan 3SxghfyVLIc unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Malaysia is a multi-cultural community
  • Don’t Expect to Find a Conservative Community

While Muslims in Malaysia represent the majority population, the Malay community acts as a more liberal one compared to most Muslim nations. You will find a nice church together with a big mosque and a Hundi temple. All of them are available to welcome their visitors in open arms. The Malaysian community is more likely to accept diversity and differences, thanks to the many different cultures that have settled right here.

In terms of stringent Islamic norms, Malaysia does not allow for the application of such restrictions. There are no judgments made in this situation since it is a self-choice. Tourists are free to dress whatever they choose, and there are no prohibitions on the use of alcoholic drinks, which may be bought in surrounding stores. However, you can expect to find a more conservative attitude in Kelantan and Terengganu in Peninsular Malaysia, where most Muslims live. The bulk of hotels is not subject to the same laws applied in popular tourist spots in Malaysia. Possibly, you will not be permitted to share a room with your partner unless you can bring your marriage verification with you.

If you are a woman, it would be preferable to dress modestly.

A City Unlike Any Other: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a city that can stir up a mix of feelings simultaneously. Charming and prestigious, Kuala Lumpur combines all aspects that make it an idyllic place to spend your vacation. This lively city offers upscale shopping centres, outstanding boutique hotels, a great (growing) world-class cultural and economic hub, and a selection of the best beaches across the world.

Located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia’s capital city has a diverse collection of historical sites that are worth seeing.

Most significantly, it is still a relatively undiscovered tourist spot, with many visitors passing it by on their way to another destination while preparing for their holiday. Not because it is not worthwhile, but rather because it is still in the process of establishing itself as a tourist hotspot.

dramatic scenery of elevated highway heading towards kuala lumpur city centre during s SBI 301990039 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Dramatic scenery of elevated highway heading towards Kuala Lumpur city centre during sunset, Malaysia

Notably, Kuala Lumpur has a rich heritage and diverse legacy creating a super-friendly multi-cultural and -regional community. Here, you can find people with golden hearts who are open to talking and guiding you to the best way to discover their city. And that’s all that will enhance your exploration here as it gives you insights into many completely different aspects of life.

You can find lots of attractions to visit and many outdoor activities to do that will never let you down. Vibrant landscapes and natural beauty are scattered in the entire country, offering a superb retreat for leisure and simplicity.

Best Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur 

Head to the Iconic Buildings: PETRONAS Towers

Location: Concourse Level, Lower Ground Kuala Lumpur City Centre

How to reach: Within a 3-minute walk from KLCC subway station

Price: Tickets bought on-site will cost you around $5. But it would be a great and best budget gem if you book your skip-the-line ticket online in advance which will help you save $3. Moreover, the pleasure you feel when you overtake everyone waiting for checking in is another great deal. 

Looking like a twin clinging to each other, PETRONAS Towers are always the best place to begin your trip to Kuala Lumpur. The tallest twin in the world, these epic structures reflect the modern civilization and ever-changing development that has launched in the Asian capital, which seems that nothing can stop it.

morden building with skybridge SBI 301985452 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Morden building with skybridge, PETRONAS Towers, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit PETRONAS Towers?

Besides their magnificent and breathtaking design, PETRONAS Towers will receive visitors every day to admire the view from the skywalk, which links both towers. The 360-degree view will literally blow your mind away once you step into the sky bridge. Because what you are about to witness is unlike anything you have ever seen before, an awe-inspiring feeling will begin to creep into your body.

Before 10:00 (the official opening time of PETRONAS Towers), be prepared to come here in the morning to enjoy your tour here or there without being trapped in the crowd so that you can take great images without being restricted by time constraints and tons of tourists around. Also, keep in mind that the final check is at 5.30 p.m.

Things to Do:

  • Climb up to the sky bridge at PETRONAS Towers to take in the beautiful view over the city centre of Kuala Lumpur and the main commercial avenue.
  • Join a guided visit to help you explore the main centre of Kuala Lumpur and spot the must-see attractions here and provide you with the best restaurant serving local dishes. 
  • Check out the big shopping centre on the first floors of the towers packed with various brands, and you can find many attractive offers to buy souvenirs and all products.
  • Have a break at one of the classy restaurants at the towers if you want to treat yourself to a luxurious setting.
  • If you are searching for a free activity, skip entering the buildings and just roam around them, taking selfies with these iconic structures. It will still be a good idea for an outing.
kuala lumpur malaysia sept 30 2016 streets and buildings of kuala lumpur the capital c SBI 301984690 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
25 Best Things to Do in Malaysia-Your Full Guide 34

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to food. In Kuala Lumpur, there are several street food carts and market strolls where visitors can sample the cuisine of various gourmet masters. Some visitors are likely to steer clear of this activity to prevent suffering digestive difficulties. But don’t go down that road. Instead, use your common sense. A packed restaurant is a strong indicator that the food quality is good enough. You may also find the strolls that can be found on the left side of tiny alleyways; nevertheless, you should avoid sampling anything that you do not know precisely.
  • Don’t either get engaged in such political talks or criticize the government. It isn’t your business what happens here. You came to this place to have pleasure in it and enjoy this compelling land, not to struggle for freedom, unless you want to spend some time in prison in the meanwhile.
  • Speaking of political arguments, don’t ever insult traditions, religion, or rituals. It is unacceptable. Malaysians are the most pleasant people if you wish to make friends in this faraway country. They are open-minded and eager to appreciate your culture, and they may invite you into their homes to share a meal with them. No matter what, the one thing they expect from you is to respect their faith and culture in return, regardless of your own beliefs.

Pro tip: PETRONAS Towers offer VIP packages if you want to indulge yourself in a decent advantage. Please don’t forget to bring the email confirmation after paying for the online admission ticket or ORD number and present it at the ticketing counter.

Stay in the heart of Kuala Lumpur: Chinatown is a Must

Location: Petaling Street

How to reach: Take the subway and get out at Maharajalela station, just located on the southern side of Petaling Street

Price: Free access

In addition to the modernization insights oozing from every corner of Kuala Lumpur, you can see other traditional facts. Culture fans, especially those who don’t have the opportunity to visit China and explore its distinctive features, shouldn’t miss out on Chinatown.

jeremy tan HGd0OkQgJjk unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Explore Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Chinatown?

Travelling about the neighbourhood and feeling as if you’ve already been to China will be a pleasant surprise. A quick and easy way to learn more about Chinese culture without having to go to China, Chinatown is filled with the Mandarin language written all over the place, red-light decorations hanging from the ceiling, and typical Chinese cuisine stands on both sides of the streets.

Make no mistake, Chinatown is the place to go if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur’s lifestyle. This area never sleeps, and it is a must-see for everyone who wants to experience the city’s nightlife. Bars and restaurants are open 24 hours a day, making it the perfect location for thriving nightlife.

The best way to explore the district is to get your itinerary, including shops and market booths where you may get the finest offers around and show off your bargain-hunting abilities to win the deal and get what you want for a lower price. This glorious district will get you access to an experience strongly infused with an oriental atmosphere.

Things to Do:

  • You may take a stroll through this vibrant neighbourhood and get to know more about the Chinese history of the people who make Malaysia their home.
  • Shop to your heart’s content. I don’t hold it against you if you want to purchase everything that comes across your path. This location is like a hidden gem, particularly if you’re going to resell the items in your hometown or if you already have a business that needs fresh merchandise to add to its inventory.
  • Stop in front of every attraction in Chinatown, notably the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple, the oldest in Kuala Lumpur that hosts many of China’s traditional festivals. You may be able to participate in some of their rituals, such as burning incense or candles.
  • Try some traditional Chinese cuisine at one of the hawker vendors, which will give you the absolute sense of being in a China theme zone.
  • Pay a visit to Central Market, one of the oldest shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur, which dates back to 1927. You can discover numerous handmade things that highlight the tremendous creativity of indigenous people.
marcus loke jdh5rGkGTXY unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Roam around Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • Never enter a person’s house while wearing your shoes. As one of the most significant cultural differences between Western and Eastern nations, it is pretty vital in this country. Some people consider it rude behaviour, and they will ask you to take off your shoes at the door immediately. Perhaps Malay people believe that shoes are filthy, violate their hygiene standards, or they just do not feel comfortable while someone else wanders about their house with their shoes on their feet. Whatever your perspective on this habit, just accept it and make a commitment to doing it.
  • Don’t show exaggerated affection in public. It is not authorized to kiss or embrace tightly on public transit. If you can, try to keep your emotions under control until you check into your hotel room.
  • Don’t bring the national fruit of Malaysia, durian, to your hotel. It’s not permitted due to its unpleasant stink.

Pro tip: To buy souvenirs for the most bargain-basement prices, we invite you to check up Kasturi Walk, offering a fun walking tour to explore highlights of Chinatown, or sip your favourite cafe at one of the trendy call coffeeshop trucks.

Admire the Grandeur of the Archeological Site: Go to Batu Caves 

Location: Gombak, Batu Caves  68100

How to reach: The railway is the most convenient mode of transportation to Batu Caves. You should go straight to the KL railway station and purchase a round-trip ticket for 25 cents (credit cards are accepted), after which you should board your train from platform 3. The whole trip will take approximately one hour. Looking for a skip-the-line ticket, book your ticket through the official railway website.

Price: The central complex will give you free access, but to check the Dark Cave, you have to pay about $8, including a guided tour.

Just located an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves is one of the hot tourist attractions in Malaysia, receiving hundreds of people yearly to enjoy their experience to its fullest.

jennifer pelegrin 8vjS5Nj9HMg unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Visit Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Batu Caves?

What you will discover here is beyond anything you have ever seen before; Batu Caves is a work of art in and of itself. A cluster of caves embracing a temple scratched into sturdy cliffs, providing a tranquil sanctuary to meditate and inhale spiritual energy. This spot is the most important religious site for Hindu devotees, particularly Tamil people, in Malaysia. It is possible to visit this temple inside and learn more about the Hindu rites and ceremonies there. Feeling a tranquil atmosphere in Batu Caves, these caves are ideal for mental clarity and reviving your spirit with a renewed sense of vitality.

Given the fact that these caves go back 400 million years ago, your tour here is not just about discovering a religious complex; it’s a leading archaeological site that many interested scientists are coming here frequently to observe many impressive natural wonders.

Nestled in an expansive forest, Batu Caves will give you access to stroll around the site and come in contact with the local fauna, which includes many different types of monkeys and bats. Daredevils may reserve a ticket to go rock climbing to better view the complete sightseeing experience from a higher vantage point.

Things to Do:

  • Go inside Batu Caves to explore more about the Hinduism rituals and share some spiritual activities with locals.
  • Embark on a trekking journey, appreciate the natural treasures, and join a guided tour to reach all locations you should not miss.
  • Engage in an excellent racing sport like climbing rocks where you can find more than 160 convenient routes to hit them up.
  • Book your vacation in Kuala Lumpur between January and February to participate in the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. It is a religious festival during which locals dress in vibrant traditional attire and shave their heads to express their gratitude to the Hindu god Murugam, who has saved them from the power of demons.
  • Have a break at one of the Indian restaurants serving traditional South Indian cuisine, Dhosa. Dense and delicious!
anelale najera lRYlFkiv3zE unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Colourful stairs of Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t wear shorts or short sleeve shirts. There is a strict dress code since it’s a holy place and a house of worship. So don’t forget to bring a jacket if you intend to go inside the temple.
  • Don’t come here late. Listen up to this golden advice: wake up as early as you can, check the time of dawn, and schedule a train to Batu Caves or a bus journey that will enable you to view the sunset from this breathtaking location. Consequently, you will be shielded from the scorching heat in the afternoon and will have the opportunity to fully explore the place without being surrounded by swarms of other visitors.
  • Don’t expect to enter the temple without climbing up 272 steps. So if you have any heart problems, it’s not advisable to head to the temple, or you can just take in the colourful stairs and the giant Lord Murugan statue, which will absolutely make your day, by the way.

Pro tip: The most remarkable thing about visiting the temple is that you can explore a very different culture. So, don’t be overwhelmed by taking exciting photos and return to your home. Malaysia is all about the experience. Thus, don’t miss your chance to visit the Dark Cave, which is as paramount as Batu Caves, located adjacent to the main complex.

Everything is Walkable: Wander Around the Golden Triangle

Location: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre

How to reach: Take an Uber ride from your hotel. It’s accessible and not far from any place in Kuala Lumpur.

Price: A free walking tour

Whether preferring to stay in a historic centre or an elegant neighbourhood, you really don’t need to miss out on the feeling of being in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The Golden Triangle is a place to indulge in the buzzing nightlife and feel sophisticated while roaming around high-soaring buildings.

omar elsharawy TkIuEcbhcnI unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
The main square of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit the Golden Triangle?

The Golden Triangle will give you exclusive access to many attractions in a single location. Not to mention other historic sites like Merdeka Square, Chinatown, and other famous temples. Here, you really don’t need to rely on public transport, taxis, or even Malaysia’s Uber; the Golden Triangle is a friendly district vibe on each corner.

Another great thing about the Golden Triangle is that it’s peppered with many various sorts of entertainment, including restaurants, bars, café shops, and even a movie theatre. No matter what your preferred cuisine is, you will be able to discover something that will appeal to your palate, whether it is Chinese food, seafood, Thai restaurants, oriental cuisines, or fast food.

You can spot local vendors and buskers along the main avenue of the square, adding a festival mood to the quarter. The Golden Triangle is a shopping haven as well; a gorgeous mall can be found here where you can spoil yourself with a treatment session at the spa centre after a hectic day of sightseeing.

Things to Do:

  • Browse the whole square and start a long walking tour to uncover all gems of the ever-changing Malaysia capital, Kuala Lumpur. This passionate spot will help you to know more about the daily life of Asian countries.
  • Have a seat at one of the local eateries, or if you are searching for something more luxurious, many upscale restaurants will suit you best and will be right on the money.
  • Enjoy shopping at the local market stalls that line the boulevard, an excellent hub for bargain seekers.
  • Pay a visit to Aquaria KLCC, located at Suria KLCC, home to different marine creatures, and it’s a good picnic for a family vacation.
  • Discover Bukit Bintang street hosts many different activities ranging from drinking, eating, shopping, people-watching, or just a walkable tour. There is no shortage of entertainment options once you arrive at the Golden Triangle.
view from open space balcony kuala lumpur city centre during sunset SBI 301985418 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
View from open space balcony, Kuala Lumpur city centre during sunset, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t ride in a taxi without making sure that the meter is working. Cab drivers intend to deceive tourists into pushing them to pay the higher unfair fare by saying something like, “Sorry Mam, the meter is broken!” and you probably will trust him. Please don’t. Just get out and find another taxi. And fret not, cabs are available throughout the city at all hours.
  • Don’t book a flight to KLIA if you are on a tight budget. Instead, KLIA 2 provides a large number of low-cost flights to destinations all over the globe. So don’t get mixed up with the two international airports in Kuala Lumpur, and remember that KLIA 2 is around one hour distant from the city centre. As a result, organize your schedule correctly to avoid missing your flight.
  • Don’t be arrogant when dealing with Malaysia’s people who are warm and kind. Many times they will take advantage of any opportunity to chat with you. Simply anticipate nothing in Malaysia except that you will be greeted with sincerity in whatever place you visit.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to head to Petrosains, especially if you have kids. Petrosains is an exhibition for the history of hydrocarbons set up with different cutting-edge technologies that will keep your kids amused and entertained with various interactive activities inside.

Other Attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Plan to visit KLCC Park, next to the city centre, offering an excellent retreat to escape from the blazing sun. Inside, you can chill out at the fountain area, jog at the running track, or bring your book to admire the decent plaza around you.
  • With its white-washed structure and scenic design, Malaysia’s National Mosque is a must-see attraction in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to name a few popular areas to beat the crowds, this spot should be on your list. The mosque promises you a tranquil space that will never disappoint you.
  • Go directly to Tanjung Sepat, located one hour and a half away from Kuala Lumpur which would cost you about $30. You can get there by rail, and then request an Uber ride to Tanjung Sepat. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to indulge in some great and thrilling activities like flying by Silver MX2 Microlight aircraft with your friends and admiring beautiful views over the city or try skydiving activity which invites you to a life-altering experience.
  • Whether in Kuala Lumpur for one night or one month, you should not miss a night in a forest circling the city when fireflies lighten up in the dark, providing a panoramic view and romantic vista.
putra mosque putrajayasunset SBI 301985888 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Putra Mosque Putrajaya, Sunset. Malaysia

Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur?

Best Hotels for families:

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara (around $81 a night)

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur (around $55 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Kuala Lumpur (around $107 a night)

EQ Kuala Lumpur (around $118 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

The Explorers Guesthouse (around $10 a night)

Agosto Guesthouse (around $18 a night)

A New Experience of Relaxing that You Will Remember Forever: Langkawi, Malaysia

Location: The north side of Kuala Lumpur, in the state of Kedah.

How to reach: The quickest and most cost-effective way to go to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur is to take a flight of around one hour which costs $36. Alternatively, if you do not want to go to the capital, you may book a direct trip to Langkawi International Airport instead.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, you might take a bus from Hentian Duta to Kuala Perlis instead. After that, you’ll board a ferry bus to go to your ultimate destination. The whole trip will take around 9 hours and cost you $20.

Price: A day will cost you around $40.

In Langkawi, you will taste a piece of heaven. It’s a place where you can have a long-lasting beach holiday that will make you wish you were never returning home. Boasting 99 islands, Langkawi is just where you should stay if you are looking for a relaxing getaway close to a pristine beach.

jesse vermeulen LbjcsNneKCY unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Gondola lift in Langkawi, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Langkawi, Malaysia?

One of Malaysia’s most popular tourist locations is Langkawi, which is noted for its unmistakable tropical atmosphere. It’s a perfect break after touring historical monuments and shopping at one of the most fashionable shopping malls in the world; this is the place to go. Langkawi is a cluster of the most beautiful islands in the world, from which you may choose based on your budget and personal preferences. Prepare to spend more time exploring than you anticipated since this location is brimming with wonders that will take your breath away.

Things to Do:

  • Stretch out on one of the most beautiful beaches, bring your favourite tropical beverage with you, or sample one of the native cuisines at a rustic restaurant dotted around the islands. Like seafood? Congrats, what you will get here doesn’t exist anyplace else, ranging from lobster to squid, crab, and barbecue fish.
  • Admire the untouched natural beauty around you, coming with lovely landscapes and picturesque waterfalls. Trust me, just being here is like a dream come true. And I assure you, you’re going to have a great time.
  • You may either join in on a dancing party with other guests or just get a room at one of the luxe resorts for the night.
  • Take a trekking tour through one of the largest animal reserves in the southernmost part of the nation. This trip will include various activities, the most noteworthy of which will be the opportunity to see the splendour of multiple bird species and listen to exotic sounds from wild animals.
  • It seems as if nothing is missing; nonetheless, Langkawi has a lengthy history, during which many prominent figures have chosen this area to rest and enjoy the island’s unparalleled beauty throughout the years. So, there is no surprise to find Galeria Perdana, which has a beautiful collection of gifts and artworks given to Malaysia’s 4th prime minister and historical structures, such as Mahsuri’s mausoleum, including a tiny museum displaying the most critical events in her life. 
m fildza fadzil b24QXnV2dQQ unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
A beach in Langkawi, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • No matter where you travel in Malaysia, do not carry any narcotics with you, even medicinal marijuana, or you may be arrested. It’s illegal, and Malaysia takes it so seriously that anyone who sells or uses drugs might be put to death under the country’s laws.
  • When speaking with the locals, avoid touching someone’s head or simply passing anything over his head. When it comes to Malaysians, the face is considered a sacred part of the body, and you must respect this, even if you are laughing or kidding with someone else. Just make sure you don’t put your hand near his head.
  • Don’t mention anything negative about Malaysian cuisine or be confused with other countries in Southern East Asia. Because the people in this country are pretty enthusiastic about their culinary offerings, they will be offended if you say anything like, “I don’t know… Maybe Thai food is superior!” Oh, this is like a heinous murder scene. If you want to express your dissatisfaction with their cuisine, just avoid discussing it with the natives.

Pro tip: You should avoid being outdoors most of the time because of the high degree of humidity, particularly if you want to trek through its beautiful forests without having at least a bottle of water with you (or maybe many bottles of water). Believe that you will need to be hydrated all along and that water will help you cope with this weather.

More Awesome Things to Do in Langkawi 

  • Embark on one of the most fabulous trips over the green landscapes of Langkawi by cable car, which will take you on a 15-minute tour to admire the breathtaking scenery of the Malaysia islands. It will set you back around $10.
  • Parasailing is an option for those who aren’t interested in the more exhilarating activities in Langkawi. While soaring above the water and soaking in the scenery, you may chill out and enjoy yourself. (Parasailing in Langkawi will cost you around $16)
  • For more amusement, while spending your vacation in Langkawi, we recommend you book a 4-5-hour tour while boarding on a hot air balloon. It’s one of the best activities for tourists as they can admire a lush view over the islands and take excellent photographs. (A hot air balloon ride in Langkawi will cost you around $55… Costly but worthy!) The only advice here is to manage your time to be in the air during sunset.
  • As Langkawi is quite a popular tourist destination for couples, you can find different romantic resorts that fit into a honeymoon vacation. You can just relax, relieving yourself to relish your time as much as possible while letting crystal water immerse you after booking wakeboarding, jet skiing, and more.
beach 4883603 1920 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
The main beach of Langkawi, Malaysia

Where to Stay in Langkawi?

Best Hotels for families:

Camar Resort Langkawi (around $121 a night)

Arch Studio Cenang (around $115 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Maneh Villa Langkawi – Private Pool (around $386 a night)

Royale Chenang Resort (around $168 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Bed Attitude Hostel Cenang (around $7 a night) 

The Concept Hotel Langkawi (around $19 a night)

A Something of Marvellous: Experience Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Malaysia’s Genting Highlands is just 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. You can reach Genting Highlands from Kuala Lumpur by Express Bus, which will take you to Awana Station. Let me be more specific about what Genting Highlands is all about: it’s about being in the heart of a dreamland. It took a lot of granite mountains, surrounded by lush greenery, to come together to become Malaysia’s most picturesque destination. With no expense spared to make up for this wonder, Genting Highlands is home to huge woodlands, entertainment facilities, pleasant restaurants offering different cuisines, and elegant shopping malls. Nothing could keep you from coming up with something to do while you’re here.

And if your next question is regarding where to stay in Genting Highlands, you won’t have to worry about it since the Malaysian city is home to a diverse selection of world-class hotels and resorts. Plan your time carefully as you have tons of attractions that can not be missed and adventures hidden in each corner.

aaron lee 0XWSF3oeBRw unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
A city of wonder, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

That is why this place always comes on top of everyone’s wildest dreams which offers something that appeals to everyone’s taste. 

But if you don’t know where your voyage should start, follow our guide to explore this terrific destination since we will tell you everything you need to know about how to make the most of your time here.

After all, be cautious and get online tickets in advance for attractions you want to visit since they sell out quickly. The long queues that form in front of every entry, especially during the peak season, may be an absolute nightmare.

Catch Me If You Can: Genting Skyway is a Journey to Heaven

Location: the central station at Genting Highlands

How to reach: Once arriving at Genting Highlands by bus, the cable car is right here waiting for you to kick off your journey over the ground.

Price: Less than one dollar.

And this is where you should make it an entry to start exploring Genting Highlands. Conventionally located in the Titiwangsa Mountains, Genting Skyway is a cable car system placed at an elevation of nearly 5,000 feet. Located next to the skyway car station, Genting Highlands resort is widely regarded as one of the world’s top high-end leisure complexes, offering a variety of activities ranging from entertainment to relaxation.

aaron lee vOqqnk8E6Uc unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
A brilliant cable car journey, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Genting Skyway?

Endless reasons and answers can be written under this question, but we tried hard to narrow it down to let you know how much joy is ready for you.

First of all, the site is just packed with restaurants, theme parks, and other fun nightclubs that will suit all types of travellers and pockets. You will find our hand-picked collection of places and activities in Genting Skyway. Many hotels can be found in this area that provide a magnificent view from your room window.

And the best journey of your life will be boarding a cable car tied to the most extended gondola lift in South East Asia. Fasten your belt firmly around your waist and prepare yourself for the flood of emotions and uplifting sentiments that will shower you as this small capsule carries you on a trip more than any other.

And if you are asking about the schedule of cable car trips, again, no worries! There is a trip every 6 minutes, and the only thing left for you is to buy and wait until your car arrives safe and sound.

Things to Do:

  • Board on a cable car and (Bamos!) be ready to admire gorgeous sights around you. 
  • Choose one of the fancy restaurants to have a wonderfully great supper with your family while basking in the views of the magnificent mountains surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Come here at night to explore much more since the whole region is ablaze with spectacular light.
  • Shop at yummy centres offering much more than local products.
  • As this spot has become famous for fruit and vegetable farms, your itinerary should include roaming around these rural communities where you can get to know the locals and learn more about their modest way of life.
oluwakamiye adelemoni syG dHe9Jhs unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t make the mistake of claiming that Singapore is the same as Malaysia, or even worse, claiming that Singapore is far superior. First and foremost, you should be aware that Malaysia and Singapore were formerly one entity and that, after years of political instability and strife between the two countries, Singapore has been able to wean itself off its reliance on Malaysia. Thus, praising one nation over another will be considered insulting to the other. Simply enjoy your journey and absorb the new experience of being in Asia.
  • Don’t walk around with your phone in your hand, especially on narrow streets. Pickpockets may be found anywhere, looking for an opportunity to steal your belongings at any time you seem to be an easy target.
  • Don’t book your trip to Genting Highlands between March and April as they are the rainy seasons, and you are likely not to be able to hop the cable car as it could be out of service.

Pro tip: The Awana SkyWay is a new lift system that can handle double the number of passengers as the previous one while also providing a shorter ride than the Genting Skyway, which will take just 10 minutes.

Other Things to Do in Genting Highlands

  • No city just seems to draw you back time and time again with shed loads of historical sites combined with a breathtaking vista over broad landscapes like the Genting Highlands. That is why we welcome you to come to Chin Swee Caves Temple, which is surrounded by beautiful national parks and has enough intriguing chambers to keep you entertained. The whole ambience will be so enticing that you will be tempted to sit down here and meditate, forgetting about all that has happened in your past life.
  • Put aside all the charming natural surroundings and have fun with your kids (even if you have no kids, this place has a lot to offer for everyone). Moreover, plan to visit Ripley’s Adventure, which is filled with many artefacts and exhibitions along with hilarious events taking place – or maybe horror – often every day, especially in high seasons.
  • Genting Highlands offers a large variety of trips for a family vacation, and one of the things I love most about is the Outdoor Theme Park. If you plan to visit Malaysia as a solo traveller, this park can provide you with a totally different experience than you got across the country. Many enthralling long rides are just right here, which suits swashbucklers very well. Just book a seat at the Space Shot and the Flying Coaster and try not to yell loudly.
  • Make your way to Butterfly Wonderland Genting, a beautiful garden home to millions of exotic butterflies that will give you an extraordinary sensation as you meander over the thick greenery. You may schedule some time to visit Happy Bee Farm to learn more about agricultural secrets for growing organic vegetables. Mainly if you are a fan of animals, you will quickly recognize how incomparably different each of these settings seems.
aaron lee qHsv0Ftc760 unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
an aerial magnificent view over Genting Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Where to Stay in Genting Highlands?

Best Hotels for families:

Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences, Genting Highland (around $74 a night)

Genting View Resort Malaysia (around $117 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Geo Resort & Hotel (around $170 a night)

Geo38 Genting Highland (around $89 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

SCAPES Hotel Genting Highlands (around $48 a night) 

First World Hotel (around $37 a night)

Take a look at a Historical City: Malacca

Location: Southwestern Malaysia

How to reach: Take a KLIA Transit bus from Kuala Lumpur Station to BTS Station for $1.5. Then make your way to TBS Bus Terminal, a 5-minute walk away from your drop-off point. From there you can buy your ticket to Malacca. Pick the best bus company depending on your budget.

Please note that the whole buses offer a somewhat similar pricing package. So, it would be better to choose the higher-cost trip to feel more comfortable while travelling to Malacca. The whole journey will take 2h 30m. 

Price: Spending a night would set you back around $56.

Malacca used to be one of the most important trading centres in Southeast Asia before Kuala Lumpur turned into a promising commercial centre adorned with futuristic skyscrapers everywhere. 

aleksandra khoroshykh 0dKaJBeKPec unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
a fairy cruise in the canal of Malacca, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Malacca?

Feeling like you’re in a totally different country, Malacca will give you insight into the local community of Malaysia. Aside from all the lavish tourist resorts, the city has its vibrant setting in which life is oozing from each nook and cranny. Used to be a Portuguese colony, Malacca has been crowned with distinctive architecture and colourful buildings that offer excellent chances to capture exciting photos everywhere you turn; you can find an eye-catching something to see. And don’t forget to check out Christ Church, a lot of history, and a peaceful setting.

Food in Malaysia is delicious and will not let you down. It seems your tummy wants to express itself “I am hungry!” Don’t fret— there’s a fantastic selection of eateries and local pubs to be found just about almost anywhere. Make sure to sample some of the regional cuisines.

Things to Do:

  • Browse the streets of Malacca. And, to make matters even better, the pricing is terrific! You can literally travel 30 minutes up the road on foot and discover something worth stopping for, whether it’s a picture opportunity or a chance to purchase a domestic antique.
  • Many museums are dotted in the main square of the city. It’s a heaven for art lovers, especially bohemianism fans, like Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, with a rich array of medieval artworks blinding different cultures in one piece.
  • Visit Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, one of the oldest Chinese Buddhist houses. It’s a gorgeous place to know more about their rituals and the concept of some practices.
  • Take a look at the Google map that will show off some popular restaurants around you to have a break after a long historical tour.
  • Christ Church is one of the very best places you must see on your journey around Malacca.
t rr vG nJ69JwfM unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Bandar Hilir, Malacca, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t use your forefinger when talking to someone or directing something. It’s rude in Malaysian culture as it is considered a sign of ordering someone or attacking another for doing a bad thing. Instead, always count on your thumb.
  • Don’t roam around distant cities alone at night. Some tourists have complained about the level of safety here. Remember: there is always a possibility of getting robbed in the narrow lanes.
  • Don’t be frustrated when you see people walking so slow. It’s like a usual norm in Malaysia that people are calm with tranquil minds. It’s not easy to get them angry, and otherwise, they generally have a laid-back attitude.

Pro tip: If you choose to utilize public transit in Kuala Lumpur to travel to the bus station in Malacca, you should avoid using the KLIA Express. The bus does not stop at KL Sentral, and you will not be able to take a bus to TBS Bus Terminal if you do not get off at KL Sentral.

Other Things to Do in Malacca

  • Don’t leave Malacca without taking a stroll along Jonker Street. You’re going to like it since it has such a variety of various feelings, is chaotic, and is eclectic. This street, lined with numerous shops and sellers, is a must-visit if you want to pick up some souvenirs or local costumes.
  • Another place to visit is the Maritime Museum & Naval Museum, which will let you delve further into Malaysian history. There are plenty of historical maps and pieces of renowned ships on show in the museum.
  • It doesn’t make any sense to be in the Venice of the East and not take advantage of a boat tour through the canals, which will provide you with a thorough perspective of this fascinating city.
  • Suppose you are searching for a break from this bustling city; then, head straight to Melaka River Park, a theme park that offers a variety of outdoor activities for all ages. You can also take a ride on one of the capsules of Eye on Malacca, which provides a panoramic view of the entire city.
syahrin seth v2OBvUeVRzs unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
A unique structure of a building, Malacca, Malaysia

Where to Stay in Malacca?

Best Hotels for families:

Holiday Inn Melaka, an IHG hotel (around $55 a night)

QuaySide Hotel (around $62 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melaka (around $70 a night)

Liu Men Melaka by Preference (around $125 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Ola Lavanderia Café (around $7 a night) 

YOTE 28 (around $10 a night)

Welcome to the Good Life: Visit Sabah

A location that will go beyond even your wildest dreams, Sabah is a grand island in Malaysia embracing a number of jungles and stunning pristine beaches, making it one of the best-value destinations in Asia for a honeymoon or even for backpackers. Despite its boundless popularity, Sabah could be missed in your itinerary as you are most likely to be obsessed with Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi.

Yet, Sabah has it all – a rich history, innovative art, stunning views, perfect gateways, and incredible natural parks, an inhabited paradise for many different species of exotic animals and birds.

Also, Sabah is one of the best diving spots in Malaysia, with lovely marine creatures and exquisite coral reefs, along with friendly, laid-back locals. Visiting Sabah is a lifetime experience as you are about to see things that haven’t been offered elsewhere.

pexels jimmy chan 1050597 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
A breathtaking moment during the sunset, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

You can fly directly from your hometown to here if you do not intend to go further or book a flight from Kuala Lumpur. For more adventure, join a cruise trip and sail to the coast of Kota Kinabalu. And plan to stay in Sabah for at least five days, many things are in store waiting for you, and you are invited to embark on one of the exciting excursions. 

Travel on a budget! Easy, we can take you in as well. Sabah is a fantastic destination for travellers of all types since it is home to many superb resorts and hotels. You can locate lodging that is welcoming and family-oriented. A large number of hostels, many of which provide excellent service and are not exclusively for lone travellers, may be found at the same time.

Learn more about the easier way to explore Sabah and join our guide to the best attractions and landmarks you should check out. 

A Special Retreat for Hiking and Biking: Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Location: Kota Kinabalu, a capital city of Sabah

How to reach: If you plan to go to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park from Kuala Lumpur, you have two alternatives for transportation. To begin, take the train from KL Sentral to Klia T1 station. Then take a flight to Kota Kinabalu. To get to the park from the airport, you’ll need to grab an Uber.

Second, you may fly to Labuan and rent a vehicle to drive inside the park. It is the most expensive option.

The first one will cost you between $40 and $110, while the final one will cost you $70 and $170. And we urge that you choose the first option.

And if you are seeking a luxurious option, then pick National airline Malaysia Airlines, which is the main and best airline in Malaysia.

Price: Around $5

Actually, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park is not a typical park. It consists of five islands. You don’t need to check them all. You just need to pick the less-packed one.

haydn golden GRRdN9pM2d4 unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park?

Things offered in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park are so unique and lovely. Each island will get you access to admire beautiful vistas in which mountains covered with green peaks are constantly visible in the backdrop, allowing you to take in the scenery. Without a doubt, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park is a delightful stopover for those who want to immerse themselves in the enchanting islands of Malaysia.

Things to Do:

  • Stretch at one of the sun-drenched beaches and breathe in this unbelievable atmosphere.
  • If you are asking about which part of the country is right for you, I recommend exploring Sulug Island to beat the crowds. Otherwise, if you need to experience all things related to the tropical ambience, make Gaya Island your next destination.
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park will give you a sensory experience of curiosity to go hiking and trekking until reaching these high summits. We encourage you to do so; lace up your shoes, and let’s go.
  • What if you need more! Well, it’s time to sport water. Malaysia is graced with various breathtaking scuba diving sites. Take a deep breath as priceless treasures stretch along the coast of the five islands.
  • Hire a cruise voyage to have a romantic dinner on the ocean. It may be expensive, but trust me when I say that it is a brilliant way to surprise your love, particularly at night when the whole island is illuminated.

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t rely on traffic lights in terms of road rules. Drivers in Malaysia don’t pay attention to these signals and are prone to breaking the law all the time. As far as possible, avoid passing through streets in Malaysia, and if you must, proceed with caution and avoid giving in front of large cars and trucks. Drives become more insane.
  • Don’t shake Malaysian women’s hands if they don’t start with it. It’s not appropriate in Islam to greet a woman you don’t know with your hands.
  • As much of Sabah is a mix of rugged and scenic landscapes, don’t come here without comfortable walking shoes and a raincoat to enjoy hiking journeys without hassle.

Pro tip: Skip crowded beaches, especially in the peak seasons. The beaches are probably not clean with various plastic waste and diapers. Secluded islands are always the best.

An Entrance to Majesty: Kinabalu National Park

Location: the west coast of Sabah.

How to reach: If you stay in Sabah, you can catch an Uber ride to the park. If you come from Kuala Lumpur, it’s obvious that the best option is to fly to Kota Kinabalu. Then take a car to Kinabalu National Park. The whole journey takes 5h and costs around $60-$170

Price: Around $4

Coupled with rolling stretches of landscape, Kinabalu National Park is with wooden and waterfalls, among other things. Beautiful palms lie along the coast, providing a picturesque backdrop reminiscent of the magical locations you see on Instagram and have always wanted to visit.

knobbed hornbill rhyticeros cassidix from sulawesi indonesia rare exotic bird detail e SBI 325326511 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
An exotic bird in rainforests in Malaysia

Why Should You Visit Kinabalu National Park?

Picturesque coves, quaint beaches, and a thriving cultural scene, Kinabalu National Park is an out-of-the-world wonder that you probably have never done or seen before. There are experiences to be held; experiences to go among gigantic trees, experiences to get close and personal with different kinds of wild animals, and experiences of hiking up to the highest summit to admire this breathtaking view. With so many tourists flocking to Kinabalu National Park, it has been known as “the finest thing you can do in Malaysia,” and with good reason.

Once you arrive, you will be able to see it for yourself.

Whether fascinating or shocking, or rewarding, everything around is incomparable. That is why visiting Kinabalu National Park may provide a welcome respite from everything bugging you, including yourself.

Things to Do:

  • Hike up along trails and explore more about the wildlife and how these forests are critical to our ecosystem.
  • When you reach the summit, take a deep breath and let yourself get carried away by the vast green expanse. There are no words to describe how this moment may change you. It will open your heart and your intellect.
  • Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Kinabalu, which comes as part of the park and represents the high-soaring mountain in Malaysia. The hill is one of the Crocker mountain ranges. But bear in mind that this journey could be confusing, educational, or frustrating. However, you can come across much different flora and fauna; you need to know it would be hard for amateurs.
  • Plan to visit adjacent villages and small towns to learn more about genuine culture, absolutely worth your visit. And remember: hidden gems are always the master.
  • Would you want to spend the night? You did a fantastic job! It’s a terrific option to sit under a perfectly clear sky filled with glittering stars or attend a neighbourhood party in one of the rustic cottages.
ling tang TaA3vOBIfow unsplash Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Malaysia
Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t pay money for beggars; you are about to find them in almost all tourist destinations. Bring food to them instead of cash if you are tempted to help them. They could be victims or just fraudulent, but they could take advantage of you as a foreigner and don’t know their reality anyway.
  •  (It could be disgusting) Don’t worry about burping. In Western culture, it’s awkward and unacceptable to make it, especially in public places. In Malaysia, if you are prone to burping, just make it. Burping is a sign of having a great meal.
  • If you are not a hiking enthusiast, don’t head to any natural parks. One journey is more than enough. And be cautious! Some travellers describe Penang Hill as just a tourist trap.

Pro tip: Don’t go hiking on your own. You need a competent guide who can lead you to the most delicate routes and provide you with appropriate advice in the event that anything goes wrong.

Other Things to Do in Sabah

  • No matter where you happen to be, don’t miss your chance to check out Gaya Street, a street that doesn’t sleep. All day long, you can navigate around this lively spot dotted with a plethora of restaurants and bars. It’s a good idea for nightlife in Sabah.
  • When visiting Malaysia for the first time, you should make a point of visiting Borneo, particularly around the sunset. Beautiful hues of pink, purple, and orange stain the horizon, and it’s an excellent time to sit back and take it all in simply.
  • If you’re looking for a more adventurous experience, consider camping on a pristine beach in a distant rural region. This activity, on the other hand, is not for everyone. You must have the will to cleanse yourself of any traces of consumerism and learn to appreciate the pleasures of living with less.
  • Besides hiking, there are a handful of enthralling activities like zipping between islands. The Coral Flyer Zipline spans 250 meters and connects Gaya Island and Sapi in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, travelling across the South China Sea. Even though it is a scream-inducing activity, it is a must-do in Malaysia.
Gibbon Black hand, Malaysia. Lovely creatures are waiting for you
Gibbon Black hand, Malaysia

Where to Stay in Sabah?

Best Hotels for families:

Borneo Beach Villas (around $68 a night)

Tiara Labuan Hotel (around $74 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

The Magellan Sutera Resort – Sutera Harbor Resort (around $178 a night)

Nikgold Garden (around $127 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Toojou (around $33 a night) 

Home Seafront Hostel (around $14 a night)

A visit to Malaysia is more than just a trip to the monasteries and beaches. Keep this page handy for future reference, and don’t forget to tell us about the treasures you found on your recent trip! We’re always pleased to assist you in creating the vacation of your dreams.