10 of the Best Beaches in Italy for an Adventurous Summer Vacation

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Planning to spend a uniquely splendid summer vacation? Italy would be a perfect destination, especially since the beach season in Italy is long. If you are a beach lover, you can spend your vacation moving around from one of the beaches in Italy to another, and the good thing is that you will never get bored. 

Italy has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. They can be found all over the country, from the north to the south and east to the west. In this article, you will get to know 10 of the most picturesque beaches in different parts of Italy. Prepare your swimwear, pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

1. San Fruttuoso, Liguria

You may love to start your trip in the north-western part of Italy by visiting one of the magical, authentic beaches in Italy, in Liguria Region, which is San Fruttuoso. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy that lies precisely between Camogli and Portofino in the Province of Genoa. San Fruttuoso Beach is absolutely unique for its view and historical monuments.

On the seashore lies the mediaeval abbey of San Fruttuoso, which contains tombs of ancient members of the noble Genoan Doria family. In addition, there is a bronze statue of the Christ of the Abyss lying under the sea at a depth of about 18 metres, which was placed in the sea in 1954 by the Costa family. So, it would be a fantastic adventure to dive and discover this historical monument. In brief, San Fruttuoso promises you a wonderful, relaxing experience on the pebbly shore under the sun with a splendid view before your eyes.

10 of the Best Beaches in Italy for an Adventurous Summer Vacation

How to get to San Fruttuoso?

San Fruttuoso beach can only be reached by boat or on foot. You can get there by taking a boat trip from Camogli, Portofino, Genoa and other coastal cities in Liguria. Otherwise, you will have to hike along a pedestrian path inside the Regional Park of Portofino until you reach the sea.

2. Spiaggia di Sansone, Elba Island

You must not miss the island of Elba, Tuscany Region, on your trip to Italy. It is the biggest island in the Tuscan Archipelago and the third biggest one in all Italian islands. One of the must-go beaches in Elba is Spiaggia di Sansone in the central north of the island. Some regard Sansone to be the best of Elba’s beaches.

Sansone Beach has a special beauty with its uniquely clear water and the smooth white pebbles mixed with the sand on the shore. The beach is backed by steep, white cliffs that add to the spectacular view. The water is shallow, making it a good choice for swimming and snorkelling. While snorkelling, you will see brightly-coloured fish and rocks that you will definitely love.

How to get to Spiaggia di Sansone

You can drive from Portoferraio following the road signs to Sansone Beach. At the Enfola-Viticcio junction, you will find a path that leads to Sorgente beach, which is a tiny beach next to Sansone. Park the car and follow the path. Then, there will be a second path that will take you to a small hill between the two beaches. Go a little further along after the hill, and you will get to the beach of Sansone.

3. Marina di Campo, Elba Island

Let’s now move to the south coast of Elba and visit its longest beach, Marina di Campo. It is stretching along the coast for about 1.4 kilometres, and it is perfect for families and friends to spend a day full of fun.

On Marina di Campo, you will definitely enjoy the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere with the charming view across the gulf. The sand is soft and golden, formed from the crumbling granite rocks of Monte Capanne over the years. The water is warm, clear and shallow, making it suitable for swimming and other aquatic activities. Take advantage of everything you can do there, such as kayaking, diving, sailing and windsurfing.

10 of the Best Beaches in Italy for an Adventurous Summer Vacation

How to get to Marina di Campo

From the town of Marina di Campo, it is easy to reach the beach on foot. The town is a 30-minute drive away from Portoferraio. If you are to go there from another Italian city, you can book an internal flight to Marina di Campo Airport. Book a hotel that is, preferably, a few steps away from the beach in order to get there easily and to enjoy the view from your room.

4. Chia Beach, Sardinia

Along 750 metres, Chia Beach is found on “Costa del Sud,” or the south coast of Sardinia. It is regarded as one of the fascinating beaches in Italy. Italians describe the sand in Chia Beach to be the colour of peach.

Chia Beach is known for being sided with the golden sand dunes covered with juniper trees, a key factor in sheltering the beach from wind. You can find pink flamingos on a beautiful lagoon behind the beach. Sometimes, you will be able to spot some dolphins swimming in the sea. The scene of the pure, turquoise water and the clear waves rolling on the golden, fine sand is just magnificent. In addition to swimming in the pristine water, there are many other activities not to be missed on this beach, including snorkelling, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving.

How to get to Chia Beach? 

The nearest airport to Chia is Cagliari, from which you can take a bus to Chia. This journey takes around 2h 8m. In Chia itself, there are so many hotels that you can choose from. Try to book a room overlooking the sea for extra enjoyment.

5. Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

Still in Sardinia? Let’s move to the east-central part, the city of Nuoro specifically, and visit one of the most famous beaches there; Cala Goloritzé. Cala Goloritzé beach is located exactly in the town of Baunei. Not only a good place for swimming, but Cala Goloritzé is also one of the best places for snorkelling in Sardinia, if not the best of them.

Cala Goloritzé is a small yet surprisingly adorable beach. It is edged by wonderful cliffs of limestone. The sand is white and soft, and the water is stunning aquamarine. However, it is not a sandy beach; it is pebbly with endless white pebbles. As a matter of fact, Cala Goloritzé beach was regarded as a National Monument of Italy in 1995 for how special it is.

10 of the Best Beaches in Italy for an Adventurous Summer Vacation

How to get to Cala Goloritzé? 

In fact, it is not easy to reach Cala Goloritzé beach because it cannot be accessed by car. You can get there by boat. Otherwise, you will have to hike on foot. There is a small path located on the plateau of Colgo that will lead you there, and the hike will take you from an hour to two. The nearest airport to Cala Goloritzè is Olbia Airport, and there are two other nearby airports, Cagliari and Alghero.

6. Fiordo di Furore, Campania

Fiordo di Furore is a small beach, or cove, between the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, Campania Region. It is 25 metres long, and it is located exactly halfway under the highway between Amalfi and Positano. This beach is an inlet created by the Schiato torrent that flows between the rocks, creating a valley that opens to the sea.

Fiordo di Furore is one of the most stunning beaches in Italy. Unique rocky cliffs surround the beach, and the fishermen’s coloured cottages add to the beauty of the place. In the summer, you can swim in the sparkling water. During colder months, you can just hike and enjoy the wonderful place. The name means “fjord of fury,” and the beach is named so because of the roaring sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs.

How to get to Fiordo di Furore

You can reach Fiordo di Furore by descending the cliffside stairs from the highway down into the beach. It is not within walking distance of Positano, so you should drive or take the bus to get there. 

7. Tropea, Calabria

Tropea is a magical coastal town in the Calabria Region that is located along “La Costa degli Dei,” or “the Coast of the Gods.” This town enjoys pleasant places as well as rich history. In fact, Tropea is home to the “Santa Maria” church, which overlooks the sea from the top of a hill opposite the old town. Santa Maria church is one of the most exquisite religious monuments in Europe.

Tropea beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy that provides calm, turquoise water and white sand. In fact, it is considered the “jewel” of Calabria. You can spend the day on the beach swimming and enjoying the sun. It would also be exciting to climb the stairs to Santa Maria church and enjoy a spiritual experience.

How to get to Tropea

The nearest airport to Tropea is Lamezia Terme. You can take a taxi or a bus to Lamezia Terme station, from which you can take the train to Tropea. The journey by train takes about an hour. From the south, you can take the train from Scilla, and it takes about 1h 30m to reach Tropea.

8. La Spiaggiola, Numana

Moving to the Marche region on the eastern coast of Italy, you should not miss the beautiful beach of la Spiaggiola. It lies in the coastal town of Numana, Ancona, which includes many other amazing beaches. La Spiaggiola is a picturesque sight and a natural swimming pool in the Adriatic Sea that you will definitely enjoy.

La Spiaggiola is a sheltered cove between cliffs, making you feel like you are in a natural pool. The sea is shallow and always calm, making it not only safe for swimming but also enjoyable. Enjoying the incredible view while on the golden pebbles of this beach will give you a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness.

How to get to La Spiaggiola

La Spiaggiola is easy to reach on foot from the centre of Numana by walking down Cristoforo Colombo Road. You can also take the shuttle bus from the piazza. The nearest airport to Numana is Ancona Airport, from which you can take the train to Numana.

9. Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

The Scala dei Turchi is one of the most visited attractions in Sicily, and one of the most amazing places in Italy. It is located exactly on the coast of Realmonte, near Porto Empedocle, in the province of Agrigento, southern Sicily. It is not only a beautiful attraction but also a great place for swimming, meditating with the sound of the waves, and enjoying the sun on the beach.

The name means “staircase of the Turks,” and it comes from the shape of the cliffs. This place features white, rocky cliffs that look like a staircase and a sandy beach at the foot of the spectacular cliffs. The contrast between the white colour of the cliffs and the pure blue colour of the water makes the beach look magical. Do not forget to take your sunglasses with you as it would be nearly impossible to directly look at the bright white rocks on a sunny day.

How to get to Scala dei Turchi

The nearest airport to Scala dei Turchi Beach is Comiso Airport in Sicily, a 2-hour drive from the beach. There is a shuttle bus from Porto Empedocle to Scala dei Turchi in the summer. You can also take a 30-minute walk from the centre of Realmonte to the beach.

10. San Vito lo Capo, Sicily

Ready for another fabulous adventure in Sicily? Let’s go a little far to the north-western part of the island and visit one of the most famous beaches in it, San Vito lo Capo. Stretching about three kilometres along the coast of Trapani, this beach offers you an amusing day full of activities.

San Vito lo Capo Beach is framed by the towering mountain of Monte Monaco. The sand is white, graced with trees and palms, giving the feeling of a tropical beach. The water is azure, warm, clear and shallow, inviting for swimming. It would also be very enjoyable to sunbathe and to do some aquatic activities, such as snorkelling, diving and wind-surfing.

How to get to San Vito lo Capo

You can get to San Vito lo Capo Beach from Trapani and Palermo airports, either by bus or driving your own car. Take the Palermo-Trapani highway, exit Castellammare del Golfo, and follow the road signs to San Vito lo Capo. Another option is to take a ferry from Naples or Rome to Palermo, then take a bus to San Vito lo Capo.

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