10 Delicious Healthy Restaurants for Your Irish Road Trip

Healthy Restaurant

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Ireland is a country rich in quality gastronomic products, because food is an integral part of contemporary Irish culture. Although traditional Irish dishes are not always healthy, restaurateurs have incorporated different dietary requirements into their menus.

More and more restaurants are preparing nutritious and balanced meals to satisfy those who seek healthy and delicious meals at the same time. Whether you are in Dublin, Cork, Belfast or experiencing the Atlantic Way, you can enjoy the best healthy restaurants on your road trip. Here is a list of the 10 best delicious healthy restaurants in Ireland.

Eastern Ireland: Leinster

1. Eathos

One of the most famous healthy restaurants in Dublin is the Eathos restaurant. It’s both a restaurant and a pastry shop. You can stop there for a coffee break, lunch, or a sweet treat. The food is freshly prepared from natural ingredients and of the highest quality. The meals are not only healthy but also colorful and carefully presented.

This is a fabulous local and friendly restaurant with a modern, Middle Eastern inspired style. Enjoy a variety of choices of sandwiches, soups, a line of salads, sweet and savory pancakes, waffles, and other pastries. This restaurant is popular because it offers a wide choice of food, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free dishes and everyone will find what they are looking for.

Healthy Restaurant
Eathos offers a variety of food, from savoury to sweet: Photo by Dana Marin on Unsplash

2. Happy Food

We also recommend this popular healthy restaurant which prepares homemade and above all herbal dishes. Happy Food, located in Dublin, is attracting more and more tourists and is 100% vegan. It offers breakfast, lunch, snacks, smoothies, teas and coffees. It offers you a variety of healthy and vegetable dishes, burgers, poke bowls, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

3. Honest to Goodness

The third healthy restaurant we recommend is also located in County Dublin. Honest to Goodness is a restaurant that offers healthy meals at competitive prices. It offers you a variety of choices: sandwiches, salads, smoothies, burgers, pizzas, omelets, and more! All their meats, fish, cheeses and vegetables are fresh and high quality.

Their dishes are quite minimalist and creative, making sure everyone will enjoy their tasty and healthy dishes. It is a tearoom and restaurant which allows you to go there for breakfast, lunch, wines and craft beers or brunch, especially on weekends when they have a special brunch.

Western Ireland: Connacht

4. Kai

Kai Restaurant is located in Galway City, in the west of Ireland. This is a great choice of a healthy restaurant for your road trip. It uses organic and fresh ingredients from the rich pantry of the West, and revolves their dishes on locally sourced foods. Their cooking methods offer you a wide choice of healthy meals: starters, sides, cheeses, soups, cakes, and seasonal fruits. The restaurant’s décor is in wood and stone for the floor, which gives it a warm and friendly style.

Healthy Restaurant
A warm cup of soup is the perfect fix to a rainy Irish day: Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

5. Greens & Co.

Like Happy Food, Greens & Co. healthy restaurant in Galway City offers plant-based dishes. Their innovative dishes and fresh, original herbal drinks are all made from local ingredients. You will be delighted to see the selection of dishes and drinks they have in store for you. Greens & Co. is one of the best choices for healthy meals on the west coast of Ireland.

Southern Ireland: Munster

6. 143V

Located in County Cork, 143V is a fine dining restaurant that is all about incorporating plant-based foods. This is the only fully vegan restaurant in Cork! The staff are very welcoming and prepare the dishes carefully and with class.

Here, you will find different salads featuring carefully chosen vegetables. 143V cares deeply about the presentation of their dishes and the quality ingredients they use. It’s a superb choice for delicious and healthy meals when traveling to the south of Ireland!

7. Canteen

Canteen is a restaurant in the city of Limerick. This is a great place to have a quick breakfast, lunch or brunch made with fresh, local ingredients. They offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options to enjoy a good, healthy meal. The owners of Canteen think that food should taste good and make you feel good too! With delicious ingredients and reasonable prices, this restaurant is a must.

Healthy Restaurant
Avocado toast has become a popular healthy brunch option: Photo by David B Townsend on Unsplash

8. Paradiso

This wonderful vegetarian restaurant is must-see in Cork. Paradiso is an iconic and gourmet Cork restaurant known even to foreigners. Here, you will find a range of classic starters, main courses and desserts. They work with local farmers and cheese makers to use the best local and seasonal produce.

This restaurant offers you an exciting and enjoyable dining experience while highlighting delicious, organic vegetables, often accompanied by different wines. The restaurant has a chic and original style that will appeal to everyone.

Northern Ireland: Ulster

9. The Boat House

The Boat House is located in one of North Down’s unique and most historically interesting buildings: The Harbour Masters Office. It is well known in Bangor, especially for its seafood and fish dishes. The Boat House features vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options so all tastes and special diets are catered for. It is a gourmet restaurant that offers tasty, healthy and delicious dishes.

10. Slim’s Healthy Kitchen

Slim’s Healthy Kitchen, located in the heart of Belfast in Northern Ireland, offers you healthier alternatives to dishes like pizza, fries or tacos, while also offering salads, rice boxes, grilled meats, smoothies, coffees and desserts. All of their meals are made healthily and cooked smart for a delicious and good meal for all its visitors.

The goal of this restaurant is to allow everyone to continue to eat the dishes they love but prepare them healthier. The service is highly regarded by locals and tourists alike, making it an ideal choice on your trip to Northern Ireland.

Healthy Restaurant
By using local, organic ingredients, comfort foods can be healthy: Photo by Emily Simenauer on Unsplash

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