Are you searching for a park to walk in in London? London parks are known with the beauty they reflect and the green spaces that allow people to walk through them happily. There are a couple of parks which are more famously known in London than the others and one of them is St. James’s Park. St. James’s Park is the oldest Royal Park in London and one of the things that is always making it different is the fact that it is surrounded by three palaces, the most ancient of them is Westminster which has now become the House of Parliament, St. James’s Palace and of course the most famously known now which is Buckingham Palace


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Walking in London - St James's Park London - Best Parks in London - London Parks
Walking in London - St James's Park London - Best Parks in London - London Parks

There's a history behind St. James's Park which took its name from a leper hospital that was opened back in the thirteenth century. St. James's Park was once a marshy water-meadow and then later in 1532, it was acquired as a deer park and that was when Henry VIII built the Palace of St. James's. The journey of the park kept going when Elizabeth I came to the throne and for the love that she held for pageantry and pomp, fetes of all kinds were actually held in the park. The successor of Elizabeth I, James I, took over the journey of caring for the park and improved the water drainage and controlled the water supply, and there was also a road built in front of the park. Finally, Charles II made some changes to the park and redesigned it with avenues of trees planted and lawns laid then he opened it for the public and was a regular visitor who came and fed the ducks.Taking care of this park was in plan for all those who took their roles in London. In the Hanoverian period, Horse Guards Parade was created by filling in one end of the long canal and was used first as a mustering ground and later for parades; the Horse Guards Parade is still held in St. James's Park until this day.The design of St. James's Parade was changed forever when John Nash came and redesigned it in a more romantic way and look; he transformed the canal into a more natural-looking lake and in 1837 the Ornithological Society of London presented some birds to the park to complete that romantic look and erected a cottage for a bird-keeper, which both remain until this very day.


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