The Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2024: Things to Do While In Europe & Best Places to Stay

Updated On: September 11, 2023

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The Story of Us and Taylor Swift started when it was chill, and it was autumn, and Taylor announced The Eras Tour. Everyone’s breath was caught, excitement was in the air, and we could tell that history was about to be made. Taylor hasn’t toured since her highly successful reputation stadium tour in 2018. Since then, she has released four albums, and her fans (us included) have been waiting with bated breath for her to get back on the road and perform those albums live.

The U.S. leg of The Eras Tour started on March 2023 and will end on August 2023. It is so successful so far that it is said to have boosted the U.S. economy with billions of dollars! So, it only made sense that Taylor would take this brilliant tour worldwide. In June 2023, international dates were announced, taking Taylor on her biggest international tour yet! She’ll be visiting ALMOST every single content (sorry, Middle East and Africa, we love you!) with 48 European dates!

So many dates and options, but getting tickets was so hard it was dubbed The Great War by her fans! However, if you are a Lucky One who got their hands on tickets, then congratulations! You are about to witness history! And because we know how hard you worked to get those tickets, we want you to have as much fun as possible while you’re there.

So if you are travelling for the T-Swift concert, you’ll need to find hotels, restaurants to eat at and fun things to do before and after she blows your mind! We did the work, and all you need to do is find the city you’ll be going to below and find our recommendations for everything from hotels to restaurants to activities.

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Takes on Europe!

The Eras Tour will stop at 18 European cities, including London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Dublin and more! These cities are magical and worth visiting, even without Taylor Swift being there. We will give you recommendations for hotels to stay at and things to do in some of these cities in the order Taylor will visit them. So buckle up, pack your bags, make sure you and your best friend have your tickets and let’s go on a Timeless adventure!

Paris, France

The Eras Tour
The Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2024: Things to Do While In Europe & Best Places to Stay 4

We are in Paris! The City of Love is getting a dose of Taylor Swift on May 2024! Taylor loves Paris so much that she did her only concert of her album Lover in Paris and has a song in her latest album, Midnights, literally called Paris (which we quoted at the begging of this paragraph).

Paris is a huge tourist city with hundreds, if not thousands, of hotels all around the city. But as someone going there for the concert, you probably need something as close to Paris La Defense Arena (where the concert takes place) as possible. Hotels can vary depending on your budget, so here are some recommendations for different budgets:

  • Aparthotel Adagio (Around Є150/night) (Closest one to the stadium!)
  • Acacias Étoile (Around Є200/night)
  • Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile (Around Є355/night)

Paris has no shortage of things to do or places to visit! You will be taken by the view everywhere you go in Paris. We recommend walking down La Seine if you’re in the mood for some free scenic and touristy activity. While there, you can visit Shakespeare and Company, one of the most famous bookstores in Paris, get coffee from Café de Flore, and then picnic at Le Jardine Du Luxembourg. Whatever you decide to do in Paris, we’re sure it will be lovely!

Stockholm, Sweden

The Eras Tour
The Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2024: Things to Do While In Europe & Best Places to Stay 5

Welcome to the Nordic country! You’ll have the best time of your life in Stockholm, a city with so much history, beautiful buildings and great food. This is Taylor’s first time in Stockholm, and we’re sure the locals and visitors are psyched to see The Eras there in May 2024. The Eras Tour will take place in Friends Arena, around seven minutes from Stockholm City. There are so many great hotels in Stockholm, but here are our recommendations for the ones closest to the arena:

  • Quality Hotel Friends (Around Є112/night) (Closest one to the arena!)
  • Hotel Gio (Around Є200/night)
  • Grow Hotel (Around Є300/night)

Stockholm is the largest Scandinavian city. It is packed with museums, water canals and beautiful streets. While there, you must visit Gamla Stan, aka Old Town, where you can walk on cobbled streets and see the gorgeous architecture of Stockholm. If you want to try some original delicious Scandinavian dishes, then Nytorget 6 is the place to go! For some history, visit the Vasa Museum and Fotografiska Musem.

Madrid, Spain

Where do Taylor Swift fans are football fans intersect? Both will be over the moon when they get to enter the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid next year (albeit for different reasons)! May is the damn season for a perfect Spanish vacation. The weather gets warm, and the tourists would still haven’t flooded the city yet. The Santiago Bernabéu is smack in the middle of Madrid, so there is no shortage of hotels around it.

  • H10 Tribeca (Around Є75/night) (Closest one to the stadium!)
  • AC Hotel by Marriott Cuzco (Around Є100/night)
  • Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana (Around Є150/night)

Spain is one of the world’s most famous tourist spots. Even though most people head to Barcelona, Madrid also has much to offer (Ex: The Eras Tour!). If you’re a history nerd, you will find many museums to visit, such as the Prado Museum and the Sorolla Museum. You can’t visit Madrid without taking a guided tour of the Royal Palace and its many exhibitions. Of course, the Santiago Bernabéu itself is a huge touristic spot in Madrid as the main stadium for Real Madrid. But lucky you, you’ll already be there screaming the bridge of Cruel Summer at the top of your lung!

London, United Kingdom

Taylor Swift might not be in love with her London boy anymore, but London will always have a special place in her heart. With six dates in London, including The Eras Tour’s closing night, magic is set to happen in the city, and you do not want to miss it! The concert will take place in Wembley Stadium, 12 minutes from Central London. Here are some of the hotels you can book close to the stadium:

  • Premier Inn London Wembley (Around Є170/night) (Closest one to the stadium!)
  • St George’s Hotel (Around Є140/night)
  • Hilton London Wembley (Around Є200/night)

There is so much to do in London! But as a Swiftie, you already got your guide: London Boy! Trace Taylor’s steps by visiting Camden Market. It’s a stock full of vintage stores, great restaurants and food stalls, and a wonderful place to take an afternoon stroll. 

Visiting Highgate will let you see famous sights such as The British Museum and Highgate Woods, and you can have a classic English breakfast at The Gatehouse Pub. Taylor was all over London when she wrote London Boy. Still, we’ll finish this by recommending a visit to the West End. Book a musical or a play, and make sure you enjoy the excellent performances.

Dublin, Ireland

If this will be your first time in Dublin, prepare to be surprised! The capital of Ireland is such a beautiful city, full of sights, activities and great places to visit. The Eras Tour will take place for two nights in June 2024 at Aviva Stadium, which is super close to Dublin Bay. There is a variety of hotels near the stadium, and we have some of the best right here:

  • Ariel House (Around Є140/night) (Closest one to the stadium!)
  • Grand Canal Hotel (Around Є140/night)
  • InterContinental Dublin (Around Є280/night)

Since the stadium is close to Dublin Bay, the first activity we’ll recommend is taking a cruise there. The Bay is one of the most beautiful natural sights (Ireland is full of those!) with its glimmering water and high hills. After that, you can visit Grafton Street for some shopping, food and free live performances along the street. Dublin Castle is the place to go to add some history to your tour. You can take a guided tour (recommended) or just stroll through it yourself and enjoy the architecture. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

City of Artists, Amsterdam, will add a new excellent artist on July 2024 with Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour finally coming to the Netherlands. Amsterdam is known for its beautiful intricate canals, deep history and great museums. The Eras Tour will take place in Johan Cruyff Arena, home of Ajax AFC. Here are some of the hotels you can stay at close to the arena:

  • Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam (Around Є110/night) (Closest one to the arena!)
  • Jaz Hotel Amsterdam (Around Є120/night)
  • Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam (Around Є150/night)

When you think of Amsterdam, you think of the Van Gough Museum, and you are right to do so! The Van Gough Museum is one of the most beautiful art museums in the world, with its interactive exhibitions of Van Gough’s Gorgeous paintings that will make you feel like you’re inside them. For a unique experience, you can visit the Ice Bar in Amerstradm, where you can sit surrounded by ice and sip your drinks from cups made of actual ice (Brrrr!). You can’t visit Amsterdam without visiting Anne Frank’s House, just know that the lines will be very long!

Milan, Italy

Welcome to Italia! If you choose to see Taylor in Italy, we salute you! Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for a good reason: so many gorgeous cities to visit and so much to do. But first, let’s see where you’ll be staying while in Milan for The Eras Tour in July.

  • B&B Hotel Milano San Siro (Around Є130/night) (Closest one to the arena!)
  • Meliá Milano (Around Є230/night)
  • Sheraton Milan San Siro (Around Є270/night)

Milan might not be the first city you think of when you think of Italy but don’t worry, it has so much to offer, even if it’s not as popular as Rome or Venice. On The Very First Night, we recommend going for a stroll in Milan’s streets and seeing the city from an authentic perspective.

Now, you’re ready for some touristy stuff, aka visiting the Duomo di Milano. The Duomo di Milano is one of the most breathtaking buildings you’ll ever see in your lifetime, and the best thing is that you can feed the tons of pigeons in front of it and take great pictures to include in your memories (alongside the pictures from The Eras Tour, of course!).

Hamburg, Germany

The Eras Tour
The Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2024: Things to Do While In Europe & Best Places to Stay 6

From Gateway Car to the Gateway of the World, welcome Swifties to Hamburg, Germany! This port city has everything, from grand buildings to canals, fancy shopping areas, and ports (obv!). The Eras Tour will occur in Volksparkstadion, one of the city’s biggest stadiums. However, unfortunately, there aren’t any hotels right by the stadium, but we found some not too far away.

  • Mercure Hotel Hamburg (Around Є145/night) (Closest one to the arena!)
  • Bedpark Stellingen (Around Є115/night)
  • Leonardo Hotel Hamburg (Around Є120/night)

You’ll have to move closer to the city centre for fancier hotels.

Are you overtaking tour buses around cities? Good, because in Hamburg, you won’t; you’ll take a boat! When visiting Speicherstadt, you can take a boat through the city canal to almost anywhere! It’s the most beautiful commute you’ll ever make. If you want to look at the whole city, then St. Michaelis (or The Micheal as the locals call it) is where you should head. From the roof of the ancient church, you’ll see a gorgeous view of the Elbe and the city of Hamburg.

Vienna, Austria

Standing in between West and East Europe, Vienna has the best of both worlds. A sprawling city of mesmerising architecture, art, nature and history, the capital of Austria is the perfect place to see Taylor Swift live and then spend a couple of days drawing in the city’s beauty. The Eras Tour will be at Ernst Happel Stadium, which is very close to the Danube River and is surrounded by hotels.

  • Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront (Around Є145/night) (Closest one to the stadium!)
  • Bassena Wien Messe Prater (Around Є100/night)
  • Courtyard by Marriott Vienna (Around Є80/night)

You will be Enchanted by Vienna! To start your magical trip, you must visit Belvedere Palace, one of the city’s most popular attractions, with sprawling gardens, a great interior and a pinnacle of beauty. If you’re still up for more music after the concert, visit the Vienna State Opera House and listen to the most wonderful Opera singers known to man!

These are not the only European cities The Eras Tour will stop at. Many other wonderful cities exist, such as Lisbon, Warsaw, Munich, Edinburgh and more! Wherever you decide to see Taylor next year, we hope you have the time of your life, dancing till your feet hurt and singing at the top of your lungs! Long Story Short, don’t forget to have fun and make all your fighting at The Great War of TicketMaster worth it!

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