Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy

Updated On: November 09, 2023

Visit Rome

The uniqueness of the Italian city of Rome lies in its richness of ancient history and embracing unprecedented beauty. If you never got the chance to visit Rome, maybe this article will give you all the needed reasons why you should do it. There is always something that will pique your interest in this city, whether the rich history, unique culture, beautiful nature, or even its succulent gelato and pizza!

Visit Rome
Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 1

The greatness of the capital city of Italy, Rome, has been acknowledged since the beginning of time. There is a good reason behind the ancient Romans naming it the Eternal City. They believed that throughout the centuries and till the end of time, no matter what empires rise or fall, Rome will always remain on top. This city was destined for eternity. 

Whether you believe in legends or not, we will tell you why you should visit Rome when you get the chance. Check out our long list of some interesting reasons you should “roam” around the Italian streets of this splendid city. 

1. The Rich Roman History

Visit Rome
Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 2

When it comes to rich past tales and long years of history, nothing can beat the ancient history of Italy. It is known to the whole world that this destination has great history embedded into every corner. If you happen to be a history buff, then this is a quite sufficient reason to visit Rome and enjoy its historic landmarks.

Several landmarks have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy, reaching around 51 sites, and, interestingly, 14 of them are found in Rome. Each of them has an enthralling story to tell, and given their abundance around the city, they give you a wide array of options from which you can pick up your next destination.

Needless to say, the Colosseum is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and unmissable spots in Rome. There is so much history hanging in the air passing through the ancient columns. Another site that unfolds thick layers of history is the renowned St. Peter’s Basilica. It embraces a wide range of famous artworks by reputable artists.

2. Impressive Architecture

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 3

Architecture is a form of art that is capable of captivating the eyes of the beholders as well as narrating mysterious tales. The ancient Romans happened to be among the world’s most skilful artists. Not only did they use their bright minds to build up fascinating monuments and constructions, but they also offered the world ones that had great influence and survived for centuries. 

Marvelling at the fascinating architectural art is a good enough reason to visit Rome and admire the sturdy constructions. It is an adventure on its own since there are so many landmarks to see and admire. The historic centre is one of the perfect spots in Rome to venture into and behold the fascinating buildings lining up before one another, creating an architectural masterpiece.

The Via Appia Antica is also another place to observe the artistic work of architects. It is a road that goes way back into ancient times and is still standing as strong as ever. The ancient Romans built this road using pioneering techniques of cobblestone and aqueducts in order to transport water into the city, and in great quantities. 

3. The Ancient Ruins

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 4

One of the most beguiling reasons to visit Rome is to see its own history on display. This city is filled with ancient ruins that lie freely in the middle of modern piazzas and urban structures, speaking loudly of different time periods. The world owes it to the Italians that they managed to proudly keep their history out there for everyone to observe and admire. 

Although signs of archaic remnants are to be found in every turn in Rome, the Roman Forum is one that you don’t want to miss. This forum is found in the city centre of Rome, shaped in a rectangular form where ancient columns and ruins are erect from the ground. 

In ancient times, the Roman Forum used to serve as a regular marketplace. This was only until it transformed into a more functional area, perceived as a political and social hub. Gladiatorial combats, elections, and gatherings of public figures were held there. Nowadays, it is one of the ancient ruins and landmarks that you enter with an affordable ticket and wander around to enjoy sights from the past and tangible evidence from a bygone era. 

4. Home to the Yummiest Gelato

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 5

Gelato is not just a prominent part of Italian culture, it is actually something embedded in its history, going way back in time. The gelateria is to be found in every turn and every corner around Italy, but you can realise the historic impact it has on the capital city. If stories are your thing, then gelato could be just a valid reason to visit Rome since it has the best spots with the most interesting stories behind its foundation. 

There is nowhere in the world that serves a gelato yummier than that of Rome. One thing you will realise about the Italians is that they consume gelato at any given time of the day. Gelato for breakfast is actually a thing, and it is something we all dreamt of as kids. The best part is that as an adult, you are free to grab a chilling scone of gelato whenever you want.

The best gelato in Rome is found in more than a few spots and not just a single corner. They all offer a wide array of milk options that suit your taste. Flavours are presented in a deluxe selection of seasonal fruits and other appetising flavours. Adding a twist to your gelato is optional and you won’t regret the edgy spin added to an authentic Italian gelato. 

5. Got the World’s Best Fashion

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 6

The great thing about this city is that it offers something for everyone, so no matter what interests you have in life, Rome will definitely have room for that. France may be insanely famous for its fashionable experience, but Italy as well doesn’t fall short on that part. Since the 11th century, Italy has been built on fashion given its exceptional designs, craftsmanship, and tailoring.

While Milan is recognised as a fashion capital by most of the world, Rome still plays a major role in being the main fashion centre in Italy. High-end brands reside in Rome as they have always been there. There are a lot of different shopping areas from which you can purchase top-notch designs and luxurious items. 

The best part is that shopping in Rome is not only targeting a specific audience, but it accommodates people from different classes. The Spanish Steps shopping area is one that serves people from all walks of life. It embraces luxurious brands as well as ones that are deemed quite affordable or medium-priced. Rome is basically a fashion paradise for passionate shoppers. 

6. Embraces the Vatican City

Vatican city
Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 7

One of the world’s interesting facts is that a whole country lies within the borders of Rome, the Vatican City. Given its location, it makes the world’s smallest country. The residents of this country may not be that many in comparison to any other country in the world. However, thousands of people enter the state every day.

The Vatican City has a complete dependency on its own culture, government, flag, and even anthem. Since you can easily walk inside the Vatican City and observe its attractions, including the renowned St. Peter’s Basilica. This church plays a major role in the history of the Vatican. The original building goes way back to the 4th century before it was destructed and rebuilt.

Climbing the dome of the basilica may take some time since long queues are lined up during the months of summer. Yet, waiting for a while will reward you with impressive vistas and fascinating views of the exceptional state. Galleries and museums are famous destinations to explore and learn more about the history of the Vatican people.

7. Has the Best Fountains – Some with Drinkable Waters

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 8

Fountains are a thing in Italy and especially in Rome. In fact, a trip around Rome is incomplete if you happen to miss the renowned Trevi Fountain. It is another representation of the famous Roman aqueducts running around the Italian cities. They had been built throughout the period of five centuries or even more. 

The purpose of those ancient underground pipes was to have the water continuously flow all over Rome, creating a wide network of water pipes, delivering to different fountains. Since most of those aqueducts carry the water from fresh lakes or basins, you can come across a lot of fountains with drinkable water. 

It is also safe to say that the presence of fountains adds to the raw beauty of countries. Not to mention that even a lot of them come with fascinating stories that go way back in time as well as exciting superstitions. The Trevi Fountain is attached to a popular superstition that goes as follows, if you throw a coin into the fountain, you will be guaranteed another visit to Rome.

While the Trevi Fountain is the most famous one that people visit Rome to see, there are, definitely, a lot more that are equally unmissable. Those fountains include Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers), Triton Fountain, Fontana Delle Rana (Fountain of the Frogs), and La Barcaccia Fountain. The latter is a fascinating one that embellishes the renowned Spanish Steps, which brings us to the following top reason to visit Rome.

8. Meet Your People at the Spanish Steps

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 9

The Spanish Steps is an ancient monument that makes it on top of the list of the top attractions in Rome. It goes way back to 1725, making Rome a ripe city for its rich history and ancient archaeological remains. 

Besides making for a great Instagram photo, the Spanish Steps are delightful to see, with the giant staircase made of 138 steps and the beautiful fountain sitting at the bottom, complementing the view. This spot now serves as a meeting point, where many people come together to enjoy a Sunday morning on the staircase while chit-chatting. 

2016 was the year of the Spanish Steps where they underwent a huge restoration process that made them as splendid as they ever were when they were first built. The area also provides plenty of spots from which you can grab succulent lunch or an entertaining treat. There are many options that delight the different crowds that come from all walks of life. 

9. The Mysterious Pantheon

Haven’t we already mentioned that Rome embraces many of the world’s oldest and most ancient monuments? The Pantheon is another one that you shouldn’t miss. This masterpiece that is the Pantheon was bestowed upon the world around two thousand years ago. It has always been deemed as one of the architectural wonders of the world. 

This masterpiece managed to survive long years of destructive factors, be it war, earthquakes, or so. However, being one of the oldest monuments that remained well-preserved to this very day makes it worthy of visiting. It is even a good enough reason to visit Rome just to have the opportunity to observe this architectural marvel.

You will recognise it as soon as you lay your eyes on it, especially if you happened to be a Disney fan and watched Hercules during your childhood years. Yes, we know Hercules was Greek, but Zeus Temple was actually inspired by this fascinating Roman building. This beautiful building used to be a church. It houses chapels and tombs of noble figures, including Raphael, the great artist, and Vittorio Emanuele.

10. Appreciate the Italian Food

italian food illustration
Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy 10

Italian cuisine is one that the whole world swears by. You have definitely had one too many bites of pizzas or a spoonful of juicy pasta, but have you tried any from the main source? Of course, taking bites from the authentic recipes where the food originated can be a little different. Food travels the world and gets influenced by the culture’s key ingredients. 

Moreover, there is so much to Italy than just the famous Ps. Bakery is another delicacy to die for and indulge in. Italian street food is a good enough reason to visit Rome and smell the fresh whiff of baked goods and heavenly treats. The best part is that they are found in almost every turn and every corner around Rome. 

If you want to eat like an actual Roman, we recommend you don’t miss visiting the best restaurants in Rome. They are too many to be all included here, but here we will mention the most unmissable ones. Those restaurants would be Trattoria Monti, Pianostrada, Marzapane, and Pane e Salame. Your taste buds will be grateful to embark on an enthralling journey into the genuine Italian food scene.

There are plenty of reasons that will convince you to visit Rome right away. The best part is that the city’s size is small enough to let you see almost everything it offers before you head back home. Rome has something for every taste and every character, so we promise you will have too much fun and will be wishing to come back for more.

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