South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

South Sinai

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South Sinai governorate is one of Egypt’s renowned touristic destinations. It is located in the southern part of Sinai Peninsula. Approximately 65 % of Egypt’s tourists visit south Sinai from all over the world. The numbers reach hundreds of thousands even after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

The governorate has diverse destinations that satisfy tourists from all tastes and cultures. It is known for its natural reserves, coral reefs, pure seawater, desert landscape, and famous religious historical places.

Places to visit in South Sinai

The governorate is divided into several small towns and districts. All share the same unique quality of nature and diversity of activities.

1- Visit Sharm El Sheikh Town

South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

Sharm El Sheikh is the first destination in South Sinai that tourists reach through its international airport from all around the world. It is one of the most famous towns in Egypt that is surrounded by the desert from one side and the Red Sea from another. Thus, it is home to multiple activities.

  • Sharm Elsheikh Resorts
South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

The town is famous for its the most high-quality resorts in South Sinai. Their resorts offer private beaches, gymnastic activities, pools, restaurants, and many more.

  • Sharm El Sheikh Aqua Park

Tourists can arrange a trip to Sharm El Sheikh aqua park with their hotel. The town has some of the famous aqua parks in Egypt. Tourists enjoy their day experiencing the multiple water park games.

  • Ras Mohamed Reserve
South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

Ras Mohamed was considered a reserve in 1983. It is famous for its coral shores and reefs. Tourists can see many important animals and birds there like; the Nubian mountain ibex, small mammals, reptiles, and insects. It is home to many sea creatures. It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy snorkeling and diving there.

  • Sharm El Sheikh’s Nightlife

In Sharm El Sheikh there are several amusing activities according to your preferred taste at night as well. One of the most famous destinations is Soho Square. It is an area with unlimited entertainment for nighttime. It features dancing fountains, restaurants, and it is an excellent place to be photographed in. Tourists can arrange their visit to Soho Square with their hotels or by simply booking a taxi.

Another destination that Sharm El Sheikh is famous for is the restaurants that lie in the middle of the mountains. It is where the sea is beneath you and the mountain rocks surround you. There, a person gets to be in touch with nature. But beware, you lose all mobile network connections and just enjoy the scenery.

2- Visit Saint Catherine City 

South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

Visitors can reach Saint Catherine city in South Sinai governorate by booking a bus or a taxi from Sharm El Sheikh.  The region was realized as a natural reserve in 1988. It is famous for having the highest mountains tops in Egypt, adding to being home to many biological plants and animals. The most famous activity in Saint Catherine city is hiking.

  • Mount Saint Catherine:

It takes 4 to 6 hours to hike to the Chapel of Saint Catherine, which is located at its summit. It is considered one of the most famous religious historical destinations in Egypt. Mount Saint Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt. Climbing the mountain is not an easy task but it is definitely a trip hiking lovers would appreciate.

Mount Saint Catherine at sunrise
  • Mount Horeb (Mount Mousa)

It is a holy site to people following the Abrahamic religions (Muslims, Christians, and Jews). It is believed that this is where God talked to his prophet Moses. The mountain contains several beautiful religious destinations like; a small mosque, the Greek Orthodox Christian chapel, and the ancient Christian monastery of Saint Catherine. The monastery is the oldest active monastery in the world. It is also recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

3- Visit Dahab Town

South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

Dahab is considered one of the most important diving destinations in the world. But its beauty does not stop at sea treasures, it extends to land as well. It has beautiful mountains scenery and visitors can do a variety of unforgettable activities that connect them with nature. It is also worth mentioning the hospitality of its people, who are mostly Bedouins. Their hospitality and the beauty of the town inspire some of the people who visit to never leave. As a result, it gathers people from different cultures and backgrounds that all live in harmony.

  • The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole or the “Graveyard of Divers” is a place of attraction to professional divers from all around the world. The first thing one sees on arriving there is the divers’ memorial wall that is updated regularly. Almost 200 professional divers lost their lives in the Blue Hole, and the reasons are only speculations and myths. But do not worry; tourists who cannot dive or even swim can also enjoy the Blue Hole’s underwater beauty through snorkeling with a professional guide. It is a place that people never forget because of its unique coral reefs and sea creatures.

  • Ras Abu Galum

By taking a water taxi from the Blue Hole, a visitor can reach Ras Abu Galum while enjoying a mini water adventure. Ras Abu Galom is another natural reserve in Dahab South Sinai. It is known for its unique coral reefs and underwater wonders. It is considered a perfect spot for snorkeling.

  • Blue Lagoon

It is the place where one is disconnected from civilization and mobile networks and connects only to nature. Tourists book a taxi from Ras Abu Galom to reach the Blue Lagoon. At first sight, visitors are intrigued by its clear turquoise watercolor that is surrounded by mountains. It is a perfect place for sea activities like kite surfing. And to extend the pleasure, tourists can camp and stay the night in Bedouin huts, where they are offered the chance to meditate the stars at night.

  • Three Pools

Multiple activities can be done at this destination. It is reached by taxi, which you can arrange with your hotel or travel company. In the Three Pools, there are marvelous coral reefs and sea creatures, which makes it another excellent spot for snorkeling and diving. Another activity is riding Bedouin camels, which are very friendly. In addition, visitors can book a safari trip to Wadi Geny (the Valley of Geny), where the palms meet the mountains. The safari gives visitors a sense of adventure as they learn to ride beach buggies in the middle of the mountain deserts by themselves.

  • Night life
South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

There are a number of activities that tourists can enjoy during the night in Dahab. First, a walk on Dahab’s famous sidewalk, where there are many cafés and restaurants to satisfy all tastes. It is also where visitors can find many Bedouin shops to buy souvenirs or Bedouins products like their famous tea, herbs, and olive oil.

Another suggestion is booking a taxi to one of the Bedouin camps in the middle of the mountains. There one enjoys Bedouin live songs and eats Bedouin food.

4- Visit South Sinai Canyons

South Sinai canyons are unique and beautiful to see. They are usually part of the safari programs from Dahab or Nuweiba where a skilled Bedouin driver takes tourists on an adventure with 4*4 car in the desert. The most famous canyons are the Colored Canyon and the White Canyon.

  • The Colored Canyon
South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

It is located near Nuweiba town. It is characterized by its narrow valley that is surrounded by a rock wall. The rocks are reddish and different in shape. Tourists are advised to wear the right footwear, as lots of jumping and clambering will be involved amid these rocks.

  • The White Canyon
South Sinai, an Adventure Hub: 4 Captivating Places to Visit

It is found near the oasis of Ein Khudra. The valley in the White Canyon is much steeper than other canyons in the region. Visitors use a ladder and a rope to climb up and down. It is an adventurous trip in the middle of the desert.

In general, South Sinai is an attractive tourists’ destination. It offers a variety of activities that serve a diversity of tastes and cultures. In addition, staying there is affordable compared to other cities in Egypt. Being a sea lover, nature meditator, hiker, or history fanatic, you will be able to find the suitable entertainment for you.

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