Dahab Town, a Nature’s Treasure

Updated On: November 08, 2023


Dahab, a town that used to be a Bedouin fishing village, is currently one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt. The word “Dahab” is an Arabic word that is translated into “Gold”. And Dahab’s gold lies in its nature. From sea to land, visitors do a variety of activities and connect to the beauty and wonders of unique natural scenery.  It lies on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, approximately 80 km northeast of Sharm El-Sheikh. Tourists can book a bus from Sharm El-Sheikh airport and reach Dahab in less than 2 hours for less than $10.

6 Places to Visit in Dahab and Things to do

The Blue Hole

Dahab Town, a Nature’s Treasure
Dahab Town, a Nature’s Treasure 1

The Blue Hole is a 120-meter deep sinkhole that lies 5 miles north of Dahab. It has been called the “graveyard of divers”; yet professional divers come to visit it annually from all around the world. Myth has it that divers are charmed by the corals and life down the hole that they misinterpret the time they spend down there and run out of oxygen. It is suggested that almost 200 professional divers lost their lives in the past recent years in the blue hole. Tourists can see the divers’ memorial when they reach the blue hole.

Divers like to go deeper until they reach the arch and attempt swimming under it. This goes as deep as 100 meters below the sea surface. It is beautiful and exceptional; however, it can be perplexing. At this depth, divers experience a condition known as nitrogen narcosis, which causes mental and physical impairment. Therefore, only licensed divers are allowed to go for a diving opportunity in the blue hole.

For most people, this is as close to being an astronaut as you’ll ever get. It’s leaving planet Earth behind and entering an alien world. “, Mary Frances Emmons.

Tourists who don’t know how to dive or swim can enjoy snorkeling with professional guides at the blue hole. This activity is done taking all the safety measures and is not dangerous. The beauty of the coral reefs and sea creatures can be seen from the surface as well. 

Ras Abu Galom

It is another perfect area for snorkeling. Abu Galom is known for its large coral reef spots and underwater life. It can be reached by either booking a sea taxi from the blue hole or riding a camel. Visitors enjoy sitting by the shore in the large beach shacks where Bedouin food is served. 

The Blue Lagoon

It is known for its crystal clear turquoise watercolor. It is marvelously surrounded by mountains. The Blue Lagoon can be reached by taking a water taxi from the blue hole to Abu Galom, a trip that can be adventurous on windy days, and then a taxi to the lagoon. There is barely any mobile network connection there. It will be a chance for visitors to get connected with nature and enjoy the beauty of nature. One of the sea activities that are recommended there is kite surfing. Tourists can also camp in the Bedouin huts and enjoy the night meditation. 

Three Pools

It is one of Dahab’s top snorkeling and diving spots. The three pools are basically 3 holes in the middle of the water aligned to each other and surrounded by corals and sea life. It is an exceptional site to see and photograph. Also, the area is famous for its Bedouin camels. You can take a ride around for a Bedouin experience. The Three Pools is reached by car along the coastal road from El Qura bay.


There are many hiking tours that can be booked in Dahab with a price that starts from $40. Tourists can book a full-day tour with 4*4 cars in the middle of the desert with professional drivers. They can enjoy the hike in Dahab’s canyons and explore the exceptional rock formation.

Other tourists prefer the safari trip, where each rides a beach buggy in the middle of the desert. It can be booked from the Three Pools region. This trip usually ends with a mini hiking experience in Wadi Geny (the Valley of Geny) where the palms intersect with the mountains. 

Night Life

Tourists can enjoy the nightlife in Dahab surrounded by the mountains. A car takes visitors to camps where they can listen to live Bedouin songs, eat bedouin food and enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. Beware, there is no mobile or network connection there. It is a chance to be disconnected from civilization and reconnect with nature.

Another way of enjoying your night in Dahab, is exploring its Bedouin shops and sitting in its cafés and restaurants. Some tourists book a bike to help them go around and explore the city. One of the famous spots is Dahab Bridge. Many visitors like to be photographed there.

Staying at Dahab

Dahab Town, a Nature’s Treasure
Dahab Town, a Nature’s Treasure 2

Dahab stay ranges from camping huts like that in the blue lagoon, hotels, motels, apartments, and resorts. It all depends on the kind of experience you would like to have in town. For those looking for sea activities like kite surfing and swimming may be booking a resort is a better option as guests would have access to a private beach. These resorts are usually away from the heart of town and the more civilized life with the shops and restaurants.

However, for better access to booking different activities and spending the night at the heart of the town, booking a motel or hostel room would be a more valid option. Generally, the stay in Dahab is simple and more in touch with the Bedouin life if compared to fancy hotels in the city. Staying in Dahab is affordable. For example, the average price in a 3-star hotel can start at $70.

All in all, tourists planning on visiting Egypt should definitely put Dahab on their schedule. In Dahab, visitors perform a variety of activities. Whether on shore or in the sea, the treasure of nature manifests. In addition, Dahab’s visit is highly affordable. The whole trip can cost less than $200 including accommodation and transportation.

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