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St. Patrick

St. Patrick

How 7 Countries Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Since the 17th century, St. Patrick’s Day has been a huge holiday for Ireland, and eventually, the world. Today, it seems that all of the countries have their unique way to go green in celebration...

The Valour of San Patricios Battalion

Around St. Patrick’s Day, people begin to witness Irish symbols and colours of green and gold everywhere. One place in history where you might be surprised to see a green and gold Irish-themed military standard is...

Down Cathedral – St. Patrick’s Grave – Northern Ireland

Down Cathedral is located in the town of Downpatrick in Northern Ireland and it carries a history behind which we got to know about from Lee Howard, one of the tour guides at Down Cathedral.

360 Degree Video of ST Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, Armagh

Built in phases between 1840 and 1904 - the Cathedral was to serve the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh - as the original Medieval Cathedral of St Patrick's in Armagh was transferred to the Protestant...

The Globally Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day Construed

Bringing millions of people together from different parts of the world, St. Patrick’s Day is perhaps one of the most hotly-anticipated celebrations of the year. Originally, this religious and cultural event commemorates when St. Patrick,...

Interesting Facts about the Irish Legend of the Children of Lir

Thanks to the continental drift, the world has separated into more than a few continents. Successively, each continent has several countries as well. Before the emergence of technology, the world wasn't a small place. It...